Alien 21 a great boat for highspeed travel,
gunkholing and camping

alien catboat under sail
Catboat on Fern Ridge Lake. The Alien 21 is a great looker under sail. She moves well in moderate and heavey air, with spinnaker up the boat screams.

the Alien 21

A rare boat indeed
Sailboat: Alien 21 catboat, looks like an Ultimate 20

The unstayed mast is rigged for spinnaker and headsail for light air. Boat comes with 2 spinnakers, one headsail, and main. All sails are in good condition. The boat is in very good condition, comes with an electric motor, trailer and requisite gear -- trailers and launches like a dream. In Australia the Alien 21 sells from $7,000 to 10,000 US. I have had the alien since 1996 and wish to find a good place for folks to feel the force. I'm getting a little old to sail more than one boat at a time.

alien 21 transom
Alien 21 open transom great for swimming and beaching.


Stepping the mast is a breeze.

With one pin in place and a chock the mast is secure. I have rigged unspreadered shround which serve as lazy jacks. This I did to provide more crew safety when on foredeck. I have installed life lines for the same reason.





aline a beam

The Alien 21 is stiff, muscular, easily rigged, launched and sailed.


A great boat for Hood River

Veteran of the Sea of Cortez, Columbia and mountain lakes. The Alien would be a Great boat for Hood River sailing. A very fast quite stiff beachable boat; I've sailed her at 25 knots sustained for hours and hours. Retracting keel and flip up rudder make the boat great for adventure, exploration and speed.

Sailed down the Baja Coast, beached and camped on the rift islands from Bahia Los Angeles south to Puerto Escondito. A great boat for adventure.

abaft a beam


alien cockpit

Australian built by Richard Swarbrook 1980, the Alien 21 is still an active sailing fleet in Sydney Harbor. A very versatile boat, quick to rig and easy to sail. Beamy and fast, the Alien will get up and plane in 8 knots of wind. Cabin sleeps two with quarter berths aft.



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