Zarqawi , shrill screech
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi with hapless prize


The Jizz of Revenge — wish you were here.

It's not pretty,
Poor Nicolas Burg hapless victim of terror: his death has been avenged. We humans are so sensitive. We humans are so plentiful. We humans are so ignorant.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi given the petri dish in which to propagate has now left the scene but his spawn lives on.

$25 million for one head represents a very small fraction of the costs involved in our wars of terror. It's difficult to comprehend the level of devolution this Nation Building adventure has cost. It's now clear, our leader is not really a Nation Builder; his initial statemets of having no interest in Nation Building were accurate, however, he and his minders have managed to reach beyond Nation creation to Nation decimation. Our own lives are now swept up in this avoidable planetary trangression. Witnessed by the entire world, we see our cashe dribbling away like watching life leaving a dying child as we purchase one head at a time.



Shrill Screech

There arn't many civilized people mourning the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, another player who has coumpounded the shrill screech of terror. Reprisal is, perhaps, not the satisfaction that our warriors had hoped. The many headed surpent lives on; a convenience for our Nation Building Leadership. We can carry on with the propaganda of fear, the zenophobic division of our own citizens into sectarian neofascist elements. This gives rise for the potential of secular 5th columnists –– as the oceans rise and the fishes weep we carry on damning and diking spillage of entropy.

Terror and Reprisal

Terror and reprisal attract the the most thuggish of characters. Zealotry is such an easy emotion to use to divert passions to violence from considered applications of civility.

It's too bad Zarkawie didn't even know what hit him. History will take its time with George Bush and Dick Cheney.

It's too bad we have killed such an ineffective agent for Islam. He was despised by all thinking people. Now we have only Bush to recon with, and Allah only knows where Osama is.


The Stifling Piety of faith by the righteous leaves many externalities to recon with; Nicolas Burg is but one. . .

just cause sacrifice

Nicholas Berg as prize
Nicholas Berg hapless victim of Zarqawie, "When it comes to terror, it's all in a days work."

We have definitely moved beyond the lady in the blue dress, Monica; Impeachment should be reserved for the worthy.
Again we will state: Everyone knows, the road to Baghdad leads thru Jerusalem. G.O.K.
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