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War is peace
Peace is War

Standing Order of Battle


V.F.W. - V.D.W
no guts, no glory


Peace is War - War is peace
Inorder to have peace here there must be war elsewhere.
To have war somewhere else supports our peace, full employment here. Zero sum wins again.

Soldierly Waiting

Standing stiff, our necks strain -- eyes roll,
hazy, breath-stealing steamy heat.

Uniforms, form endless olive furrow --
warm flesh -- beating hearts on parade.
Days of simmering practice come to fruition:
Sweat trickling down, trickles down
the crack of each man's ass
ten thousand drips drop

Perfection to the soldierly (more pawns)
a beautiful sight -- WAR TOYS --
fiber for the soldierly stool:

The Parade Field vibrates with thudding flesh,
a shudder of casualiies fleck the ranks.
The generals inspect for attention to detail,
ocasionally touching "their men," white gloved,
as they drop like flies:

A muffeled fart sounds, in his limp exhaustion,
another recruit withers from the ranks
in a clatter of gun and gear.
The ambulances fill and pull away
loaded with yet more parade field purple hearts:

ECHOING through the platoons
echoing throught the companies
echoed throught the regiments
echos through the brigades:

RIGHT-FACE face--face--face

Nine thousand swing dicks face right
and prepare to face the music. . .

Pass in -- in -- Review, review, review

Losing a modest ten percent leaves
enough bulk to the green gobb to
satisy the military mind.
The snares roll, drumming drummily"

The swinging dicks are off,
soldierly clouds billow, camouflage for
the trailing ribbon of combatants,

Salt-Sweat caked men tramp the dead grass,
soldierly clouds soil the generals gloves
as human fiber passes to their pleasure,
Generasl Dilly and Smulligan stand, detatched
looking over our heads at their distant vision,

Trailing off in the choking haze
we look forward to being confined
in our billets, to swelter
into the muggy wee hours
cleaning guns and gear for the next parade
The Big Parade:


Veteran Memorial
Veteran Memorial S.O.B.

Genetic Needs: Sexual Access, Social Intercourse.

soldierly waiting
territorial imperative

The pack animal becomes complex, using a myriad of strategies for the primal function; a reason to exist.

Now, a pragmatic enterprise, war (battle) is codified in doctrine. The tenants are felt but not known -- it's in the genes. His only weapon is his brain, a brain suffused in chemistry that operates not always according to rules, any rules.

The Standing Order of Battle was an anticipated response to Gulf War I but seems not to have not missed the mark for Gulf War II. The extent of subterfuge in order to commit to this, the latest adventure, leaves no doubt as to the level of play, the obfuscation, deceit required to raise the war ax in order to exact revenge. Revenge, a moral notion to rationalize the irrational, to make moral the immoral, to transmogrify the immoral into the amoral for pragmatic reasons. Pragmatic War. "We will do it because we can."

As an Elk has horns to secure his rut, a rut created by the scent of the female in estrus, drives him wild — as man makes war to secure his access, status and linage at the beckon of the female.
A conspiracy of the sexes, now threatens the ground on which this ancient conflict began.
This drama anticipates Shakespeare by dozens of millennia — an embarrassing condition given the faculties and mechanisms, systems, devised to counter the righteousness of hubris from overwhelming a higher calling for humanity.

However, to be fit for breeding is not necessarily what this planet needs today. With 6.5 billion scratching Homo Sapiens clawing for access to the fruits available makes for a lusty artificial demand for confrontation, conflict, competition.


S. O. B. S.O.B. Standing Order of Battle is a product of the goddess

Text for the innitial exhibition in Sept. 1990.

Standing Order of Battle
soldierly waiting S.O.B.

S. O. B. a state of male—hood. A qued group of heads, hearts, hands, and pricks, mired on pikes.

The impalement:
the involuntary patriarchy produced by the coupling of the rectangle, rooted territory, captured amimals the planted seed, retired the predator form battle with the elements to involuntary involvement then preoccupation with human conflict.
Now organized and perceived profitable with the tally of winners and losers, war has evolved in self-organized progression from responsibility for tribe protection to care and feeding of the corporate/nation.
Pathological couplings form survival strategys that satisfy the struggle ennui: a genetic need for competition and domination of something, anything, everything.
Standing Order of Battle is a rooted part of anthrogenesis (genetic white noise) being our default motivator; S.O.B is visceral — beyond explanation — It just is.

Cast: Standing Army / Soldierly Waiting
General Bliss,
Chaplin Balling,
Col. Sing
Maj. Major,
Capt. Crunch,
Lt. Sophis

Sgt. Major Minor,
Sgt. Slaughter,
Corpral Helmes,
Pvt. Rogers,
Pvt. Night,
Pvt. Freeman,
Pvt. Stubblefield,

Produced by: Scari.Org 1990
exhibitions: Michael Randles
Curated by: Gus O. Kahan



War is Peace is War is Peace is War
Standing Order
An order or rule held to be in force until specifically changed or withdrawn, especially a regulation relating to military or parliamentary procedure.

Usage: {Battle}, {Combat}, {Fight}, {Engagement}. These words
agree in denoting a close encounter between contending
parties. Fight is a word of less dignity than the
others. Except in poetry, it is more naturally applied
to the encounter of a few individuals, and more
commonly an accidental one; as, a street fight. A
combat is a close encounter, whether between few or
many, and is usually premeditated. A battle is
commonly more general and prolonged. An engagement
supposes large numbers on each side, engaged or
intermingled in the conflict.

As an elk has horns, a technology to secure his rut, man makes war to secure his access to status, reproduction –– being –– the female drives the episode by demanding the superior combatant for the superiority of the species .

SOB, standing order of battle
pricks on sticks


A bugler's prayer is meek fare for a life.