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Onto the Paw of the Beast
Into the Maw of radical chic.
Every Hindu household has a sacrosanct place for the family deities, in the West it’s a refrigerator.

the Beast and Bugs in da Bushes
So there you are, looking into the glow with the barley audible humm and the whirr of your shrine, a window into the past -- a time when the infrastructures were primitive and emotions were more easily tuned.
You are bathed in the muted light, backlit, shadowed and helpless -- prostrate before the glow. You have found yourself leaning against the refrigerator door before, blank in thought but for the craving -- Oh the horror of banality. Are you still wondering what it's all about, not knowing how you got there, how you arrived in this place? Lost in that moment, unaccounted desires drove you to this spot; a need to scratch the itch, be a part of something larger than yourself. Now you look through the veils of stuff, some orderly, some in chaos and some in the back, too long forgotten -- lingering back there creating new life of its own. This need you have is not a pathology, it's not some symptom needing counseling but the desire to believe in something – a refrigerator perhaps. In other places there are family shrines for deities to reside. This too supplants the same urge with much less infrastructure and far fewer calories.

Looking deeper you can see, it’s a hundred and fifty-thousand years ago and your gang's been fooling with fire for some time.
Your medicine man and his understudies have harvested a seed that makes men see. The elders and initiates are to celebrate fecundity, more babies than can be remembered.
A large beast has been slain and the weather is still warm, given the progression of seasons it’s unusual. In the night, with the fires built and costumes, made of the best material, the evening progresses. Now painted in ash and ocher, in mid evening there is total silence as each takes his place bulging from feasting, the sound of stillness -- then came the chatter of insects, each calling to the other of its kind for natural selectioning. A multitude of species join the fray pleading pleading. The little critters merge into a pulsing rhythm, all finding the space to place their notes.


Agnostic Animus:
The Bane of Atheism and the scorn of Theism; Social Criticism is the pain of faith in a world created by an utterly indifferent supreme cognitive entity who wishes anonymity for copyright liability purposes.




Social Intercourse



Persistence of Doubt



Tao of Excess, Schadenfreude:
In a confusing time, when it hurts to think, THE CONSERVATORY FOR THE PRESERVATION OF THE STATUS QUO is there for you.






Exploitation by Social Biology:
Graphic depictions of the Human Condition. Further inquiry into details from the burden of physics, the, pathology of biology -- self-organized exploitation.





Haute Cuisine:
Unknowable unlocatable flavor, tasty treats for the ethereal palette. Essential aesthetics for the esthete, the affectionado of acquired tastes, shared global awareness and visual angst expressed for exposure to the lumpen.

Bedtime Stories:
A collection of writings to confirm your existence in a world that appears to have no need for any one person, any one thought, any one clue to pursue



Your tribe begins by marking notes of the cicada, then the crickets are supplanted by sticks clattering against stones. Now human voices join in; a moan of joy and pain punctuates the throb, your pulse is sent off into the night sky as elders shake and writhe in trance. Your tribe is bonded into a single unit with all things in the night.
The pulse, a driving sound shouts out a unified beat, some sing high some sing low and some just clap their hands.
Base is thumped form a hollow log, hard sticks clatter staccato and voice is heard pounding out the primal essence of your existence. You are taken away in the rapture, being just a part of the whole -- just one among many -- many as oneness.
A jaunty little melody intrudes, then again. The firelight dissipates into a florescent glow. You feel a buzz in your pocket, your cell continues to quiver, you shut the door, the light is lost, in the dark you answer the phone half thinking it may be a heavenly spirit.
To be continued:

the most unremarkable desire is to be remarkable
to be remarkable is a most unremarkable desire
to desire to be remarkable is most unremarkable



Local Group


Recombination News


The SCARI -- self-activating non-aligned actuation-independent enhanced-spectrum refraction-reduced reduction generating fractal-interpreting interferometer


Genetic Manipulation:
Engineering the future through DNA manipulation for the public good. Through recombination SCARI has made considerable progress.

New World Revolutionary
the Ferro Cochin Story

There is one small problem with the life and times of Ferro Cochin. Records indicate his baptism took place in 1693. Before he left for the new world, there were those rumors of his involvement with members of questionable religious orders, it was alleged that he was trying to consolidate several of the most radical and heretical into a pact to rest power from the Holy Mother Church. There were ad-hoc groups and summary courts traveling about the land seeking denunciations of, and confessions by disaffected devotees –– prosecution of those afflicted by doubt were in danger of exposure by the faithful.

Ferro, the son of the village butcher, had little education and seemed to be a normal child, apprenticing in his father's shop of meat and flies. Ferro's father a portly man, with close set eyes with moon face and jowls, like the swine he slaughtered, was not known for his honesty and his eye for the cutting of meat; he did not seem to be capable of parenting such an ambitious young man. His mother, Maria, was secretive and little seen; frail and weak, she kept to herself in the small living quarters behind Mauto's meat shop. Her chores were extended to everywhere but the shop itself, her responsibilities reflected a need for cleanliness and order. The alley to the living quarters was clean and always whitewashed, the street in front of the shop was spotless, the shop door and walls were immaculate, all by her hand. But once the double doors were entered the stench and filth of Mauto's management was in force with the incessant flies, summer or winter.


dancing dancing dancing



invisible hand


When message and messenger are tangled into a unified field of confusion and disarray. Big T TRUTH vs. little t truth, a fair and balanced view.




Classical Technique:
The classical approach to allocation of resources, human and natural – still the paragon of efficiency -– the invisible hand is the best hand for demanding supply –– supplying demand


His perception of butchery was casual and had a unserious air, as if it were something that he did by default without ritual or respect; his customers were few and infrequent partially due to his prices and of course his hygiene.
It was 1712 and there were these notions about death and flies, maggots and the like; common wisdom believed stench harbored mysterious spirits, humors, that inhabit evil places to pounce on the unsuspecting, capturing another victim to spread its pestilence as a proselytizer spreads his faith.

Ferro, at the age of twenty set sail on a Barkentine, the Lucia in September; a time of year not considered favorable for safe passage. His landing on December 22nd on the coast of what is now South Carolina was inauspicious but for the ravaged vessel, having sustained considerable damage in storm after storm, the boat was a floating wreck. All cargo was lost or thrown overboard to save the ship and seven of the crew were missing, however the skipper a Fernando Cadiz seemed as if all was well and set about refitting the grounded Lucia for return passage.Their fate was cast, the whim of a trading company and skipper, both used human chattel as lubricant for the new world's potential. Fernando Cadiz was a man that knew life was nasty brutish and short for the many and very profitable for the few. Fernando's boat was lost upon his return.

Ferro would not have been there, in the New World, but for Pilar Ortega; a gypsy living beyond the village in the ruins of Berber defenses destroyed by the siege and routing of the Catalan Arabs the century before.
She was wild, for her adventure was existential experience for some future test in the nether world. Her appetites were many but for her lust was like a hog rooting for truffles. Ferro fell into the flame. Pilar was older and more experienced in the forbidden arts. She was burned and hacked to death after their fling -- her final adventure. They were discovered, found together in the slaughter house with a freshly dispatched bull; they were caught copulating in a pile of warm and steaming animal entrails. Ferro was spared from the same fate by a priest as his faith was not in question by virtue of his youth. The priest had designs for Ferro's absolution through penitence but by grace of need he was spirited away to Malaga and indentured aboard a boat, any boat to anywhere.

Pundit / Culture Quest


The big dig




Conundrum paradox

Cultural Fusion:
Pundit, poet, sage and guru, an Icon for the ages. With the persistence of doubt -- there is an ongoing Kultur Quest to merge and consolidate the need to believe.



Anthropology, Sociology, Archeology:
Exploring the roots or our existence, confirming theory and artifact, uncover cultures long forgotten.





Iconic Paradox:
Symbols and symbolism have powerful influences, forming our attitude and informing our spirit, perpetuating the persistence of doubt.


Ferro disembarked into a settlement at the edge of a swamp. Its people and buildings were sinking into the slime of uninspired siting -- a place that should have never been. His small muscular body, given the passage, was still limber powerful and energetic. He was put to work immediately by the quartermaster slaughtering, butchering and smoking game gleaned from the swamp.
Through his work, he became acquainted with the local tribes supplying food stuff to the colony for trinkets and metal goods.

Tribes of the swamps were migratory, spending spring and autumn by the coast and living inland on higher ground for the winter and summer months. As Ferro's further exploration opened up the interior, through its resources and people, he began to spend most of his time away from the settlement. The sickness and stench of the stockade and its inhabitants was a crucible of death. He did what was demanded, bringing stores to support the decline of adventurous aristocracy, people ill-equipped to flourish in a swamp on the edge of a mysterious continent inhabited by savages uninterested in Gods Word and fealty to the king, any king.
This association with the natives was the turning point for his adventure in the New World. Ferro's religious conversion and radicalization was to change the course of the Americas.
To be continued.
Simon Chuy Bolivar



Temple Now



Order of Battle

Epistemological Constructivism:
Knowledge is not passively received either through the senses or by way of communication, but is actively built up by the cognising subject. The function of cognition is adaptive and serves the subject's organization of the experiential world, until one confronts the scriptures.


Standing Order of Battle
When truth are lies, love is hate and peace is war, war is peace. A look into the conflict of peace, the peace in conflict and humanity's needs to make what ever it takes.

Just where are the goal posts?
Who keeps moving them?

standing by watching, helpless, as inexerable forces dice the fabric of reality with blind abandond; a dicipline that no one can bare with dispassion –– no one can see and not care
no one can care and not see

Blind Visonary

Empowerment Icon:
Power is empowerment: a case study in the application of social institutions that are rattled by dysfunction, berieft of purpose but for the moment; however long that might well be.

Martha Stewart and Adolf Hitler

Had Adolf Hitler found a soul mate like Martha Stewart rather than Eva Braun, a nondescript angeneau, just think what might have come to pass. With Adolf's global vision and Martha's penchant for neatness, the world might have been made over into a potpourri of arranged beauty –– enlightened order. Alas, like ships passing in the night Martha Stewart and Adolf Hitler were not to be, the cosmic clock slated their hour upon the stage to be out of order. Still, bringing order to a chaotic world was their single finest contribution to our species. History will record this lapse in synchronistic alignment and morn, with longing, for a more perfect world.
Stanley Goldburg / Eva St.Peron

common tragedy

The Tragedy of the Commons
Lord Bufort Mumford Augustine Tullyrill's Shoe Last (1868 -1928)
The mediocre statesman and pioneer of Central Africa, Lord Tullyrill, with his trading company, was the earliest to drain raw material from the plains and jungles of Uganda, Zaire, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Meaning of Life
Before introducing 'the meaning of life,' we must know what life and meaning means. The word meaning is to have a purpose, or to have a certain entitlement. The word life, in brief we can call God. For centuries people have been trying to find the “true meaning of life,” Gods meaning of life is very very biblical, but before knowing Gods thoughts on the meaning of life, we must believe in god. The LORD God formed man from dust and breathed into his nostrils the breath of Genesis, He (God) rules the broken hearted and binds up their wounds. He determines the number of the stars. Great is our Lord and mighty his power; his wrath has no limit. The LORD tolerates the humble but casts the wicked to the ground. Sing to the LORD with trembling; make music to our God, sing and dance in manic trance. He covers the sky with sprinkles, he sprinkles the sky with glitter. Thus the meaning of life is filled with glittering sprinkles. Genesis 2:7


over time

Navel Gazing to the Extreme
However if one ponders this hypothesis one can easily see: the beyond is filled with practically nothing and getting more nothing-like by the moment. . .

Open up the windows, let the bad air out –– Cut through the Data Smog and Jewish Squatters, aka Jewish Settlers

Intifada Infoganda –– Exculpations
Zionism –– sectarian or secular?

Had God uttered "his" sentiments in other tongues beside Hebrew, this confusion over title to "The Holy Land" might have been avoided. Why does Yahweh whisper in the ears of jews only?

The primary problem:
American Jewry has co-opted this country's policy promoting a vast squanderance of blood and treasure for decades – no end in sight.
Who pays for Fundamentalist Squatters stealing West Bank land? We do, We send Israel billions each year; from the private sector there is an equivalent amount sent to prop up our "Little America on the Mediterranean."
If the U.S. pulled out support for Israel, the Palestinians would have a homeland, like they had before the Zionist invasions in the wake of W.W.II. The hypocrisy of Jews persecuting others is anathema to what has been done to them. It's beyond surreal to consider that after the Berlin wall comes down, there is another resurrected in Palestine to shut out reason, wall off guilt, all for some Jewish Squatters that claim to have a contract with God –– Jews create a new ghetto by edict of Yahweh? Our heavenly master of irony is busy working for his love of man.

Philosophically: If the Jews could make peace with themselves they would have no reason to have the Palestinians to kill and maim, no reason to steal and obfuscate. If God gave the Jew the promised land, why did they leave? They drove themselves out of God's Country because they could not get along among themselves, squabbling theologians bickering and sniping caused their Exodus. Had God just spoken in Arabic this entire matter would not exist.
Advertorial content provided through Perception Management by The Tribe of Abraham
Stanley Goldburg






scared cow







Knuckle walking:
Post-High-Postmodernism and the Provenance of Spam, sneaking to Baghdad and Peter Pan in Neverland with men in wigs and other pleasures of deception.




Sacred Cows:
Yes, there are such things as sacred cows but not of this earth. More public support is needed. Our National Sacred Cow must be fed.




Public Relations:
Coming Soon is a resource page for Knowledge Management by experienced researchers, a valuable tool in the hands of one with an inquiring mind.








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