American Peace –– Flaming Goddess
Flaming Goddess

History teaches us that Human
Beings have short memories.

Now Celebrating our 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
8th year of war.
Bush is on the

(war path)
road again
to drum up support for his means to the end.

You break,
You fix.

Thomas Jefferson observed,
"People who expect to be ignorant and free expect what never was and never will b

observation by: Alexis de Tocqueville
"America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great."

Criminal Bush the inept bloviator says:
"Give yourself to Jesus and You can have it all.
"criminal Bush w/ messianic zeal
War Criminal: assault on reason with stifling piety
serving up death and destruction with messianic zeal
our leader w/o a clue remains drunk on stifeling piety

He was born in the image of God –– But some would say, he's fallen so far from the tree –– Kunckle Walking is part of the human experience but that was years ago George.

He say, " every day I think about Iraq -- I think about Iraq every day." No George, every day you petition the Lord with prayer to have everyting turn out all-right.

Thick as a brick, heavy as lead and crammed with detritus of unremarkable character. We believe it to be left-over from the peace dividend, baggage from the need to find and hold an enemy, any enemy will do.


Neo-Nazi Slain and Crucified in Iraq.
As they say backstage, " Go break a leg," the metaphor is not lost on this image. Hate is, and it's not going away; part of the human condition. Arn't we glad to have privatized war for the apocalypse? Now everybody can get a piece of the action. Just call one of the many vetting agents for further instructon. For a fee you can be a part of the eschatological dream. In order to fullfill the scriptures, we can't give back Iraq.

Now caught between Iraq and a hard place. . .

Hadji, Jihadis into Jihotties

Jihadis unite into an organized insurgency now filled with rival groups of Jihotties. Jihotties, the rising stars of our discomfort, now have a Homeland that fulfills our need to have an enemy to distract us from the real, knotty conundrums that bedevil hegemony. Now that Saddam Hussein is no longer a force for evil Jihotties will fill the void; Good and Evil being relative become just vexing details in our vision for Democracy.

On the Jihottie and Ali Baba:
When we can't win their hearts and minds, we torture the infidels by any means necessary and when the accused tries to kill himself we force-feed our charge. hummm Mr. Addington what next.

Mercenaries Dangle

There is more to the story of the grisly mutilation of "Contract Workers." With some thirty-thousand to fourty-thousand soldiers of fortune in Iraq, there is much to keep track of. Mercenaries from South Africa, France, England, Blackwater Security Custer Battle and others from Zimbabwe, etc.; there must be some tension between the notion of privatization of war and pacification. Hired guns are devoid of any notion of fair play, "We are just doing our job" is the same defense the Nazis used in Nuremberg Trials. There appears to be a conflict between work performance and the public good. Guns for hire are called "Contract Workers" and Mercernaries are not in Iraq and Halliburton works for us to do the public good. Dick Cheney, the draft dodger, has now turned war over to the corperate sphere; the externalities will be absorbed by the growth benefit and the invisible hand, "Private Enterprise will provide a profitable means to the end."

Just what is the end? This exportation of Democracy feels like walking on fly paper. Sacrifice Democray here to get it in a place where it has never been so the forces of good can commute in aircondidioned 4WD, upwardly mobile smug comfort –– Remember to support the troops.

One might ask, Where is all the senseless beauty?
Apocalyptic Sects see no beauty,
Apocalypse is the Beauty.

When the apocalyptic forces of Islam meet the apocalyptic forces of Christianity overseen by the apocalyptic force of the Torah there surely must be a winner. Apocalyptic Eschatologists whether Jewish, Christian, or Muslim are joined at the hip, striding with confident swagger to fight the enemy –– and he is us. Either way the forces of good arrayed against the forces of evil will prevail. No matter who is the victor it's a win, win senario.
The forces of Pax America, one would think, have Good on their side, however, Islam is convinced the Satan is from the West. When apocalyptic sects raise lances to engage for the last battle, Armageddon, the number of winners is limited. Might may make right given the social, economic, environmental stakes for the etherial "Higher Ground," in this battle for good, something has dropped out of the discussion —— reasoning HUMANITY.

On Lynching Saddam
"We are so happy now, Saddam is finally gone." Right Track, Wrong Track
Saddam lynching

It is of precious little comfort to see our justice executed ad hoc.
Lynching Saddam Hussein was a very very clunky act to vanquish a villan. The Kurds did have the right to try him to say nothing of the Iranian grevience. It's possible to be on the right track and still get run over. It's possible to be on the wrong track and get squashed like a bug by the oncoming rush of fate.

Knowledge Management is reliant on the Collective Subjective:
"unknown knowns are known unknowns that have been forgotten"

knowledge management -- passion play
BRINGIN HOME THE BACON: "We was jus followin orders."

A VESTIGIAL TAIL. We leave the conclusive calculations to you.

Gus O. Kahan

First: Carpet-bomb then Carpet-bag
Knight of Blackwater: Erik Prince
Prince of Blackwater

complements of free enterprize:
Erik Prince, Knight of Blackwater, from the murk of the Dismal Swamp, into The Heart of Darkness, what a business to privatize for democracy to flourish.


You Break it, You fix it
Ali Baba, Iraqi Transformation


Populating on screen, yet another Transformation: They used to be called Gooks, now he is Ali-Baba. Transformation is the creation of Ali Baba from Gooks. Orwellian in nature but it's still working. Perception Management allows for digression without appearing to depart from talking points, remember, War is Peace and extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice
"Yes, I see the error of my thinking, I do finally love Dick Cheney."
"Yes, forgive me father for I have sinned."
"War is good if it's a Good War my son."

Deep in the Dismal Swamp resides
the Knight of Blackwater: Erik Prince
Chief Minister of
Mercenary Affairs
Iraq again takes on Biblical Dimensions

Iraq is not Vietnam and history does not repeat itself by rhyming, Oh but the deafening roar, the horror of the rhyme can render one tone deaf –– a moral tin ear is the result of so much myopia.

Ali Baba Sexed Up by Us
Ali Baba, Hadji, aka Gook
Ali Baba, Hadji, Jihadi they are all Jihotties

Apocaliptic farce face off: The Angel of good faces off against the Dark Force, the struggle for the trigger compromises both to grapple in the dust for victory by any means necessary –– TIDY IT IS NOT.

TRUST US, YOU DON'T WANT SCRIPTURE INTERPERTED BY THE MESSIAH BUSH. We all know he has Christ in his heart. We had hoped he was a little more concerned about having humanity on his mind and honesty in his heart. Shibbolehs for the saved is of no comfort to those who haven't taken the leap of faith.

One can only conclude: Intelligent Design is bethind this grapple for the moral higher ground. Our creator through Jesus is responsible for all this sensless beauty. The battle with evil must be joined inorder to save us from facing our moral corruption.

Ariel Sharon, Tony Blair, Ahmed Chalabi and George Bush should join mutual interestes into a cabal of duplicitous interlopers, forming a scatological mutual admiration alliance for eschatology study. And, come on, get off Rumsfeld's case.

Wendell Tately


Hegemofascism and
its brother Islamofascism

Really, to claim we are fighting an Islamofascist insurgency to save the realm?
It would be good to take into account the definition of fascism. We Good God Fearing Folk have contracted to go to battle with a centurion army backed by mercenaries, with an industrial machine coupled to the leadership of our righteous endeavor. We have chosen battle on foreign soil in a foreign land with a corporate profit / loss ledger ruling our actions –– a cost plus war
The Bad God people are convinced the Hegemofascist enterprise is devised to cowe its citizens to belief before understanding; the Hegemofascist is out to exterminate the Islamofacist culture, all for the prize of oil.
Sounds like our enemy is slapping the same behind of the same horse. The battle is over who is facing forward.
Let us get a grip and stop whipping the poor nag: she's been around the block, God Only Knows how many more leagues she is good for. Look up at the darkening sky and think of our poor planet.

Gus O. Kahan

Connecting the dots with a Silver Bullet
requires more than a faith based initative to carry the day. But when in doubt, faith will have to do.

torture for truth
MAN AND DOG, working together in their search for the truth.

Prayer to our better angels for intercession is the best we can hope for. Letting God's will rule is our last best hope. It should be remembered, Jesus was a people person, the right hand of a bipolar God, a God fickle and utterly indifferent. Give Back Iraq -- Give Back Iraq.

The Commander Guy, Criminal Bush Speaks on Abu Ghraib and Torture
"Abu Ghraib requires people to realize that unknown knowns are known unknowns that have been forgotten, and the innocent will be treated accordingly.
I'm the decider and I choose what to decide.
The guilty will confess and realize the full fury of our vengful wrath for the glory of God cause I am the decider commander guy."

President George W. Bush:
The Decider Commander Guy

criminal bush
Decider Commander Guy

mentorship, leadership, statesmanship

Guantanimo Detentions and Extraordinary Rendition

"Guantanimo Detentions and Extraordinary Rendition is necessary to protect our citizens from the unknown whether real or imagined. It's important for everyone to recognize this distinction in the age of Nukulur Polifuration. We are connecting the dots. We are doing this for your own good and remember, every time a soldier dies an angel gets his wings."
copyright Scari©2004
all rights reserved Scari.Org


Bush Speaks on Victory
rapper Bush:

"We will Bring it On, I say
we will surge and we will splurge, till they are done
we will strut and we will fret, for it's the American way
we will sing songs of the Homeland –– till they are gone

we will prey on our prey till it's done –– what fun
we will huff and we will puff till it's all broken
we will blow the evil doers till kingdom come
I have spoken."


Congratulations on your finding,
Google has little people in overalls and shoulder holsters, one with a gun, the other with a bible, looking and making entries, jiggering our perception of calm.
"This site has been picked by agenda driven folk that have our best interest in mind. This site: Scari.Org is classified."
Alberto Gonzales
Scari.Org has experienced an extraordinary rendition for the sake of Homeland and those who foster that notion, known or unknown. When the Homeland Folk censor a site like Scari.Org you know that it's a conspiracy or as the Chimera in "The Fly" said, "Please help me."
We are cosmic beings –– fancy carbon. Let us treat ourselves as such -- we can take it. It's guaranteed, we will all come back as part of something.
Why you may ask? Gus O. Kahan


Bush Whacker