Temple Now
Alleluja, Hallelujah
now is the time, may it come to pass,
start rebuilding the Beit HaMikdash - the Temple destroyed by the Romans almost 2,000 years ago - rebuild right now.

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:Are you Rapture Ready
Escatological Friends of the rapture

Christians for the Temple NOW
Christians and Jews must join together Build the Temple NOW. Be among the counted
When the rapture arrives, are you Rapture Ready, be among those who helped it come to pass. You risk so little and gain some much when You are among the chosen,
you are Rapture Ready

Epistemological Constructivists
Christians and Jews Unite to fight the evil.
Become Shock Troops in God's Army
Apocalyptic Eschatologist, whether Jewish, Christian, or Muslim are joined at the hip, striding with confident swagger to fight the enemy –– SATAN

Through numerology and Urim Thummim stones one can devine the exact moment of the rapture

Urim Thummim stones available to gift to another believer
Don't forget yours, I have mine and the unwashed don't have a clue.

Are you prepared?
Start now,
join the epoch battle between Good and Evil,
become Shock Troops in God's Army

" Now I want you all to lie or kneel down as if in worship, but this time concentrate as hard as you can and hand your power, your very inner essence, over to me, completely. Then I will show you what can be done. When I hold up my hands, we begin. And we continue until you hear my command to stop. I feel certain you will all be quite surprised at what we can accomplish when we work together. Now let's begin!"

Special message for the Reborn:
Integral to a full and robust recovery, Rebirthing Debriefing is essential.

Now let's begin to rebuild the prophecy by completing the task at hand.

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The Red Heifer is waiting for slaughter

In 2006 Planet X could pass close to Earth, stopping its rotation
A mega tsunami (a wave thousands of feet high) will one day hit New York
Yellowstone Park is a Super Volcano - an eruption would destroy America
30,000 nuclear warheads would be fired at America in World War III
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The Priests are waiting for the Sign

The fruit of the Rapture is waiting for you

Utopia at last

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At last, the Urim Thummim forecast, doom for the unwashed, the jewels of the Rapture are upon us.
Prepare with us for
Heaven on Earth

It's Coming to Pass
Are you ready for the tribulation?
the rapture salvation at last.
Remember Heaven Rocks

Rapture Alert Index

1 False Christs 2 18 Ecumenism 4 35 Date Settings 1
2 Occult 4 19 Globalism 4 36 Volcanoes 3
3 Satanism 1 20 Tribulation Temple 3 37 Earthquakes 4+1
4 Unemployment 5+1 21 Anti-Semitism 4 38 Wild Weather 5+1
5 Inflation 1 22 Israel 3 39 Civil Rights 5
6 Interest Rates 1 23 Gog (Russia) 5 40 Famine 5
7 The Economy 4 24 Persia (Iran) 4 41 Drought 3-1
8 Oil Supply/Price 2 25 The False Prophet 4 42 Plagues 5
9 Debt and Trade 5 26 Nuclear Nations 5 43 Climate 3
10 Financial unrest 3 27 Global Turmoil 4-1 44 Food Supply 3
11 Leadership 5 28 Arms Proliferation 5 45 Floods 3
12 Drug abuse 3 29 Liberalism 3
13 Apostasy 5 30 The Peace Process 2 Rapture Index 165
14 Supernatural 1 31 Kings of the East 5 Net Change +1
15 Moral Standards 5 32 Mark of the Beast 4
16 Anti-Christian 4 33 Beast Government 5 Updated: 5 May 03
17 Crime Rate 5 34 The Antichrist
18 High tides and low tides 5 67 Anarchists
and Bugs 9
19 Low tides, lots of Heaven Rocks found on beaches

1999 High 176 2000 High 172 2001 High 182 2002 High 179 2003 High 177
1999 Low 164 2000 Low 158 2001 Low 160 2002 Low 161 2003 Low 164
Record High 182 Record Low 57
24 Sept 01 12 Dec 93


01 False Christs:
The lack of activity has downgraded this category.
02 Occult:
A new survey finds America's youth have a greater interest in the occult.
04 Unemployment:
The latest job report shows an increase in unemployment.
06 Interest Rates:
The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates by half of a percent.
07 Economy:
The outlook for the economy is looking positive
08 Oil Supply/Price:
All of Iraqi oil fields are now in safe hands.
09 Debt and Trade:
The projected U.S. budget deficit soars.
10 Financial unrest:
The US stock market recovered nearly a 1000 points.
11 Leadership:
Major prophetic events in Europe has upgraded this category

16 Anti-Christian:
It is very odd that the war in Iraq has not created an Arab led
backlash against Christians.
17 Crime Rate:
The violent crime rate has increased.
19 Globalism:
Political fighting over Iraq has downgraded this category.
20 Tribulation Temple:
A new poll finds 53% of Israelis want to see the Temple
21 Anti-Semitism:
The lack of activity has downgraded this category.
22 Israel:
The unrest in Israel is relatively low compared to any other
time period.
23 Gog (Russia):
Russia is been very critical of the US invasion of Iraq.
24 Persia (Iran):
Iran is working on producing bomb-grade nuclear material.
25 The False Prophet:
The Pope's health has once again become an issue of
27 Global Turmoil:
The reportings of conflict has decreased.
28 Arms Proliferation:
Conventional arms merchants are doing a brisk business.
29 Liberalism:
The liberal media was very successful in forcing Sen. Trent
Lott to give up his position as Senate Majority leader.
30 The Peace Process:
President Bush promised that following a second war with Iraq
he would make the Arab/Israel conflict a top issue.
31 Kings of the East
China is working to build long-range missiles.
33 Beast Government:
The EU has suddenly made a number of moves that bring us very
close to fulfilling the prophecy regarding the revival of the
Roman Empire.
34 The Antichrist:
The political victory in France is a big win for the European
establishment. They are the ones who are actively trying to unify
the continent.
36 Volcanoes:
The lack of activity has downgraded this category.
37 Earthquakes:
Turkey is struck by a deadly quake.
38 Wild Weather:
The U.S. heartland is hit by a series of violent storms.
40 Famine:
Millions of people are at risk in Africa and Asia.
41 Drought:
Much needed rains in drought areas has downgraded this category.
42 Plagues:
The Iraqi conflict has increased the chance of biological warfare.
47 Floods:
The lack of activity has downgraded this category.
48.Beware of Fake Mediums:
George W. Bush thinks the road to Jerusalem leads through Baghdad.

the new theocracy and the final judgment is neigh. We really hope this scares the pants off you.

Rebuild the Temple
Decree –– "Rapture Now"

we are ready –– are you?
The Tribulation come soon.

Are you going to be among the counted? Be Rapture Ready!

Are your friends going to come?
Tell a friend today:

Goys and Yids unite Today

The Temple 2012.jpg
New Jerusalem in 2012

moses the egyptian

The second coming is coming, Christians for Judaism. Jerusalem, the most important city in the world, will host the beginning of the end of days. Become a sycophant for Jesus and be Rapture Ready for the End of Days.


Join us, Apocalyptic Eschatology is a terrible thing to waste
Apocalyptic Eschatologist, whether Jewish, Christian, or Muslim are joined at the hip,
sticking to talking points, striding with confident swagger to fight the enemy –– SATAN

Urim Thummim stones available for the righteous believer.
Stipulate color and size when ordering.

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Contribute all you can –– come to Rapture with us.
Alleluja, Alleluja.

666 is upon us –– beat back the beast



Special message for the Reborn:
Integral to full and robust recovery Rebirthing Debriefing is essential.

Intelligent Design with Irreducible Complexity
FAQ: Our Red Cow Breeding Program

At present we at Temple NOW have many many red cows suitable and ready. Inquire on how you can sponsor your own Red Heifer, or start your own Red Cow herd with our starter stock.
Rapture with the Red Heifer NOW

There is still time as the perfect Red Heifer has yet to be born. There has been some problem with the Israeli Breeding program. Red Heifer
Intelligent Design and Irreducible Complexity is our last best hope for rapture control.


Epistemological Constructivism

Knowledge is not passively received either through the senses or by way of communication, but is actively built up by the cognising subject. The function of cognition is adaptive and serves the subject's organization of the experiential world, until one confronts the ambiguity of the scriptures. It's confusing, at times it hurts to think, don't let that impediment stop you from the tribulation,

Rapture Ready: join the epic battle between Good and Evil
Don't be LEFT BEHIND. To be Left Behind is like nowhere when Heaven Rocks. Remember, Heaven Rocks.

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