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GOK Dr. Gustav O. Kahan

Dr. Gus
Director of Scari

Gustave Omar Kahan

Soldier, sailor, academic, scientist, artist, author and Humanitarian.
Born of mixed race parents in 1939, in Romania, Gustave Kahan was the eldest of nine children. Most of his siblings perished in W.W.II. One of his parents survived the war to die in a refugee camp in 1947. Gus was taken in by a cobbler and his wife, Otto and Frida Eisenslager. Young Kahan immigrated to the States in the Post W.W.II migration. Living with his gypsy relatives in Detroit for several years, he honed his English and worked as a newspaper boy gradually becoming a copy boy and then a staffer on the Detroit Free Press.
He attended Detroit Night School and transferred to New York City College. In 1958 Gus was given a full scholarship to Harvard majoring in Linguistics under Noam Chomski.
At Harvard his interests expanded into realms of mathematics, law, genetics and philosophy; influenced by Carl Sagan, he receivrd a degree in 1961 and on to MIT for a Masters in mathematics and theater Arts in 1964. A brief hiatus from school took him in an around the world sailing competition in 1965. This was arranged by the urging of William F. Buckeley a friend and fellow sailor.
Upon returning from sea, he seemed a changed man. Entering the New England School of Design, he sought a Doctorate in Painting. Dr. Kahan enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1967 to do a tour in Vietnam as medic, departing from military, in-country, he joined a Para-Military Organization associated with the C.I.A.. After return from service in Vietnam, Gus remained on as faculty at the school of design, teaching color theory until 1977 when he again went to sea.

Gus went back to school at U.C. Berkeley seeking a second doctorate in Marine Biology while teaching Dramaturgy.
Kahan had made many friends with his outgoing acerbic wit and deep insight into the human condition. In the late 70's and early 80's, Dr. Kahan moved to a ranch in Idaho to do research on tularemia in the Northwest Wild Hare. There he fell in love with he mountains and valleys of the Idaho Rockies. Gus met michael Randles who was living in Idaho at the time working on fisheries habitat recovery. The two have been colleagues ever since. Having made some progress in inoculating the rabbits from this dreaded disease, Gus seeing the development of Central Idaho into an annexation of Southern California, dropped his research and moved to Eugene, Oregon. He began to see the need for a Research Organization that would dedicate itself to investigations into the need for humans to grow, expand and claim more than could be reasonably managed. His interest turned to the paradoxes in modern society, its anomalies and conundrums. His interest in some reconciliation between the need to believe and the disconnect with understanding led him to form an organization to address this vacuum. His intention was to do research into the theological basis for contemporary society but as he embraced the issue it grew larger than any one person could manage. Dr. Kahan could only postulate that there is disjuncture between the feeling of being human and the illusion that must me perserved.
He could only reconcile this paradox by giving himself to Synthetic Realism –– one who objectifies the subjective.
In 1985 Gus with a number of colleagues formed the Serene Cultural Alliance Research Institute.


Ephima Morphew
Ephima Morphew



Ephima Morphew

Born 1957 on Long Island Sound and raised in Oregon, Ehpima Morphew went to school at Sarah Lawrence and received a degree in History. She has explored many avenue for success. As a Realtor, she helped subdivide farmland in the Willamette Valley developing large tracts of land around Portland. These early successes gave her the financial independence to pursue directions that would not be available to many. Being the heir to the Morphew Estate has not been a handicap to her interests. Married to Blakeley Winfield Deveroux, she has kept her maiden name for business reasons and a personal desire to keep her research published in her name. Ephima has traveled extensively in search of articles and artifacts; Icons and Idols from the remotest parts of the planet have not been an impediment to her quest for acquisitions. Ephima Morphew is a consummate researcher having degrees from North West Christian College and from Los Angeles School of Business; she has used her education to great effect in collecting and brokering articles with an eye to consumer demand. Ephima has developed a reputation for shrewd and insightful marketing, playing to the vanities of the collecting public.


Her forte seems to anticipate the tastes of the market seemingly to know in advance the movement of the antiquities market, divining the turns of an utterly capricious and completely manipulated brokerage system. Ehpima's association with Martha Stewart goes back to her real estate days. This association has benefitted them both, holding and selling in timely fashion in order to maximize investment. Having worked for both Sotheby's and Christie's, Ephima has gained insider instincts for collecting valuables of all kinds, however, her main interests have been unflinching in uncovering and deciphering significant finds in Mesopatamia. Her research has taken her to the remotest parts of Turkey on the Northwest slopes of Mt. Ararat where she, for the past three years, uncovered extensive articles, artifice and art, artifact as artifice left from a civilization contemporary with the Neolithic Human Migrations of 12,000 BP. Some of her findings are published herein.
Her interests in Artifice as Artifact drive her career.


Wendell  Tately
Wendell E. Tately




Wendell E. Tately

Born into an English diplomatic family in Jerusalem, Palestine in 1947, the Tately Family fled as the occupation of Palestine advanced by Zionist incursions in 1948. Wendell was moved to Great Britain attending preparatory school. He Graduated Harrow in 1968 majoring in Theology and Art History. A teaching position in United states took him to U. C. Berkeley in 1968. There he was exposed to a hotbed of social unrest and social change. He was arrested for antiwar activities and was nearly deported.
Wendell took an advanced degree at Johns Hopkins in Washington, DC completing his degree in Psychiatry in 1974. He practice in his field for twenty years working in various settings from Boston General Hospital to South Dakota State Mental Hospital.
While attending a conference in New York, Wendell met Zora Atwell. Their shared interest overwhelmed their respective careers and brought them to the West Coast to start a new life. Zora quit the Solid Gold Dancers and went back to school while Wendell taught and practiced Psychiatry in Portland, Oregon.
Wendell was introduced to Ephima while looking for real-estate investments in the Portland area. Through Ephemera, Wendell and Zora became a part of a circle of intellectuals who, were all influenced by Gus O. Kahan. As unofficial theoretician for the group Gus postulated a premise by which all associated parties were to subscribe.


The notion that one's sole mission on this planet was to "objectify the subjective" in whatever endeavor one was to follow.
Wendell, influenced by this notion became interested in art and it's therapeutic attributes. His work in this field has been published in many trade journals. Wendell came to Serene Cultural Alliance in 1987 after having a life changing experience. He, Zora and Lee Randles had become close through a group of experimentalists who were working on associations of disparate circumstances that confirm and then influence totally unrelated events. Through this experience Wendell was left for long periods without his professional support infrastructure. These experiences combined to force Wendell to consider a papadigm shift.
After having shifted his paradigm, Wendell and Zora renegociated their relationship and became staff for Now both are doing research in their rsepective fields while enjoying the benefits of outdoor recreation.
A man of many interests, Wendell Tatley's work covers a large arc. Writer, illustrator, clinical psychiatrist, sportsman and adventurer, all are credits to his portfolio of life's experience.


Stephen Heider
S.W. Heider

S.W. Heider

Born in London in 1965, S.W. Heider left 10 months later to avoid a royal scandal. Brought up in the United States, he became known as “hyper” following an emotional incident in grade school with scented marking pens. In the absence of more cultured upbringing, Hyper managed to pursue ethnobotanical studies in the Hawaiian islands until his school chaplain (with whom he also boarded) protested that private mycological collecting was not authorized under the terms of his scholarship arrangements.
Friendless, and without the consolation of religion, he spent several years enrolled at different universities before embarking on the visionary quest that would define the course of his wayward career.

It was on a sailing expedition with Dr. Gus that he realised he could combine his ethnocultural pursuits with studies in astronomy and etymology, and he resolved to write a book that would finally elucidate the hidden principles of physics as derived from the history of western language. When asked to clarify this intent, upon application for further studies at Oxford, he remarked that “God is gravity” and “one needn’t clear the forest to observe the truth inherent in one tree.” While awaiting Oxford’s response, Hyper cheerfully attends to the upkeep of the mainframe at Scari, which gives him plenty of time for mulling over the tragic fate of absolutes in our postmodern culture.
 Zora Youngblood Atwell
Zora Atwell

Zora Youngblood Atwell

Born 1970 in Kingston, Jamaica, and educated in Europe, Lausanne Switzerland, Zora was on a fast track toward a degree in Antiquities Restoration and Anthropology when her family fell upon hard times. She was forced to work in the sex trade on the streets of Paris for several years before coming to the U. S. to be a Solid Gold Dancer. This paid for her schooling and returned her to her true career path. Zora joined S.C.A.R.I. as Curator in 1997 and has been a solid member of our staff, contributing her skill to the sum total of the whole for the last seven years. Working closely with Dr. Kahan, she is largely responsible for the breadth and scope of our explorations into Philately and Pop Culture. She lives with her husband,Wendell Tately and two children in Eugene, Oregon. An avid backpacker and white water enthusiast, she has brought to S.C.A.R.I. a sensibility toward those activities which would ordinarily escape our notice.

Her major focus is events in contemporary society which alter and illuminate our lives. As we know Pop Culture is an all consuming obsession with most of us -- the American engine which fuels our engines and Zora is on top of events and trends that mark change in our national psyche. Working closely with Han Yang she is responsible for exposing many of the leading trends today. "Issues of Pop Culture are all consuming for me."
"Magic Realism is a guiding light for me."
Convinced that Pop Culture is the Solution to all our problems, she wishes, we would stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution.


S. Han Yang
S. Han Yang

Steven Han Yang

Han Yang the great communicator was a natural born pop kultur addict.
Born in Plainfield, NJ of devout Buddhists in 1969, S Han Yang spent his early childhood in the Pacific Northwest before moving on to academic pursuits in Zugerberg, Switzerland and on to schooling in Hong Kong where he was exposed to eastern culture and ritual. Eventually his urge to scratch the unlocatable itch led him to studies in Fine and Applied Art at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. S Han Yang flourished in this diverse arena of hipsters, hippies, neo nazis, artists, new agers, along with other social dropouts outcasts and a strong contingent of The Politically Correct. After a terrible battle with hay fever, S Han Yang eventually migrated outside of Portland, OR. Now living in hermetic isolation, he pursues his profession totally wired.


Armed with a Fine Arts degree, S Han Yang set out to transform Pop Kultur. Working closely with Zora Atwell, S Han Yang has made solid contributions to research into Communications and Pop Kultur. Mr Yang has had his finger on the pulse of pop for Scari while maintaining a flourishing career in constructing neo-buddhist iconography and following the pop-icoographic modes and fashion of the American New Buddhist Movement, a para-military organization devoted to the militant worship to the Buddha and all other things beautiful.


Steven Han Yang of




M. Lee  Randles. jpg
M. Lee Randles

M .Lee Randles

Born 1943, a native to the Northwest.
Separating one’s art from life, as it is today for me, is undoable. I am principally reactive to the tastes and “values" of our time. Once visionary, I now see the bottom line dictates our reality over reason. The messengers field isms to sooth a material popular aesthetic. As a visual artist, I must sift the runes and consolidate an ambiguity that questions the regional, national, global paradigm -----------------growth and progress for its own sake or when “grow-or-die meets Godzilla”— I question the need for more while less is not enough. I am compelled to employ materials designs and symbols that,for me, are not always appealing however their use is imperative to convey my existence as a conscious contributing member of The Planet.

In a time, when it seems, our only function is to “grow the economy,” I, at sixty, am suspicious (cynical) of a mission so bereft of informed consciousness. Having lived in the North West all my life, I have skirted commercial intent knowing that PoP is the tail of a serpent whose head one will never see.
The vagaries of “virtue” is the grist for my effort to define and describe our present condition. Substance w/o style is the product of effort driven by a reductive use of material at hand; discards, consumer decay, detritus is my most effective tool for the product I intend to deliver. Synthetic Reality is the minder of the present.


Simon Bolivar
Jesus (Chuy) Simon Bolivar



Jesus (Chuy) Simon Bolivar

Born in Oxyital, Bolivia in 1964, Jesus Bolivar was the only child of Golda and Octaviar Bolivar. Octaviar a provincial commandant of a paramilitary organization committed to keeping order was a strict disciplinarian domestically and professionally; he was a tough task master demanding the utmost of discipline of his son. Jesus attended private preparatory schools in Lima Peru and then to the University of Columbia in Medellin. He was trained as an engineer but took to sports and parties with passion. He became interested in police work as a part of making easy money while in school. He worked for a Medellin Businessman as bodyguard and courier. Upon graduation from school Jesus Bolivar spent five years with his employer as a paramilitary, protecting international shipments and establishing routes of commerce. This terminated when his Boss died in an untimely fashion.
Simon Bolivar, with some degree of wealth and connections in the US set up an import-export business, importing currency from the United States and exporting highly valued goods from Columbia.
His business was quite successful allowing him the freedom of travel and the pursuit of personal interests. His avid interest in history and research was the motivator for him to return to school and seek a degree in Political Science.

Receiving a masters degree in economics and political science in 1994 at Stanford, he stayed on to work for S. R. I. and the Hoover Institute. At Stanford Research Institute he perused directions that took him to S. C. A. R. I. and Gus Kahan. Chuy Simon Bolivar left S. R. I. and became permanent staff for SCARI in 1996. He has brought considerable talent to the security apparatus as well as research into current political intrigue. Domestically and Internationally Jesus through his considerable talents, has brought to the fore issues that have reached international attention. His acquity in matters of intrigue and duplicity endear him to the staff of SCARI.
As Researcher and Analyst for SCARI, Chuy has made a place in the gathering of data and information convergence that makes getting our information from the myriad sources that give you the best possible opportunity for your inquiring mind to be fully informed while unencumbered by the passions any specific ism or belief system may impart to the inevitable surprises we all share.
He has also organized and runs a private security company that protects the interests of select clients.


H. Houchins
H.B. Houchins




H.B. Houchins

Three weeks after being born in Passaic, New Jersey in May of 1944, young Houchins departed for Southern California; his parents believed he was baby-star material. After five years of fruitless auditions for child parts in the movies, he returned to the east and the metropolis of Manhattan to languish in his crib. There he experienced the schizophrenic worlds of his divorced parents and the dubious joy of lower eastside poverty.

Introduced to the world of the Avant Garde through his artist father's colleagues, Harry received his earliest education at the alter of the Beat Generation. Jackson Pollock, Allen Ginsberg and Claues Oldenberg. Several years of this freedom passed, then disaster in the form of banishment to The Barrens of New Jersey.


Years passed and young Harry traveled around the world looking for the perfect life. Exposing himself to live fire in the Army, faking starvation and frostbite in Canada, schmoozing with the beautiful people in Europe and working with Ross Perot to make IBM the big blue company it is today.
Perhaps due to the smells and sounds in the old Beat haunts of a poorly remembered childhood, he entered the School of Visual Arts in NYC. He learned his craft. He worked with Dick Avedon and other notables in the photography genre of New York, and labored in midtown galleries, looking for the brass ring made of silver nitrate.
A fateful Tuesday night poker game led him to Oregon in 1974; he won a pot full of money and a 1955 Buick. And there he remains to this day -- plying his artistic analytic skills and enjoying the benefits of the out-of-door recreation.

John King
John E. King






John E. King

Born in Berkeley, California. John King grew up in the most literate community (Kensington: this is a fact) in the United States at the time. He developed an intense love for primeval nature, however, there was precious little around to worship. Had a strong aptitude in natural science, but also competing aptitudes in creative writing, music appreciation, and philosophy.

Attended UC Berkeley (as history/philosophy major) during the Free Speech Movement, while UC Berkeley was Number One (surpassing Harvard) on the ledger of undergraduate universities.

Explored the sub-cultures of Berkeley. Had a hard time generating income in a place saturated with unemployed students and quasi-students. Attended some other minor schools in California.

Finally left California, wherein I began to feel alienated, never to return. Went to Alaska.

During early 80s experienced a gelling of philosophical synthesis similar to transhumanist ideas now all over the internet. However wished to avoid reductionism and impotent speculation, so stuck to very practical agenda in life. Also took interest in foreign cultural settings. Did some intercontinental travelling.

Tried to once again establish myself in Alaska (environmental consulting firm). I guess I will always be an Alaskan at heart. Had to leave due to economic volatility.

Presently employed in Utah as chemist working in chemical weapons-destruction. Look forward to finally arriving (with money this time) north of 54 degrees latitude to enjoy wilderness setting by 2010.

As per evolved point of view beginning about 1980, still anticipate eventual establishment of dominance of non-human intelligence on earth, to happen by increments, and to be voted for by supportive majority populations. Artificial intelligence/superintelligence to be endowed with initial motivations and basic starting infrastructure of hardware/software by elites of human specialists of course; and much depends on quality of culture transmission during the short span of time when humans still have a say about the process.

Stanley Goldberg
Stanely U. Goldberg




Stanely Ulysses Goldburg

Born in 1949 in Taos New Mexico, Stanley was a poor student but cheerful, even when teased by his classmates for being too clumsy and fat to play school-yard games. For most of his life Stanley was a driven business man turning tricks and doing deals. He was responsible for development of real-estate, shopping malls, mini malls and signage billboards in the Southwestern United States. He, through his connections, got involved in agriculture, taking advantage of desert entry, ground water pumping and agribusiness associated industries. His business employed migrant labor for harvesting tomatoes, potatoes and celery production. Stanley was involved in the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club, a lever for his ascent in the Republican Party, state party chair for four years. Stanley expanded his holding into Texas where he met George Bush and Ken Lay. His talents were for connecting with people with connections; his glad hand and easy ways were lubricant in the Texas environment of the early 1990s.
As well as his many other activities, Stanley became a Talk Show Host of WKRAM radio in 1988, hosting late night talk for the "Truckers of Texas." Successes in Talk Radio further cemented him into the Philosophy of the Right. His connection with the Power Elite in Texas was sympathetic to his wealth acquisition. Aesthetics were the last of his interests.
In 1998 Stanley experienced a crisis in his life. Simultaneous events converged and combined to shift his interests. Stanley was golfing with business associates, including George W. Bush -- long before he had presidential aspirations, his consultant Karl Rove, and Rush Limbaugh, a fellow talk show host.

Governor Bush had just signed the execution orders for 142 men and two women to be electrocuted. Stanley, Karl, George and Rush were engaged in schadenfreude, joking about the fact that the Tax Payers would not have " to pay for the keep of those Criminal Minds any more –– They fry like bacon, ya know," when, at that moment, in broad daylight, a UFO appeared hovering over the 9th hole. Stan and George were musing over this phenomenon, Rush and Karl Rove were not so suprised, when out of the sky a lightning bolt struck Stanley. He was riveted to that spot.

Revived by the golf pro who was their minder, he seemed to recover quickly but his character and personality were as if he were another person. All of his associates were Ah-struck.
He gave up golf, his radio show, and sold out his interests in sports teams, and section 8 apartments; he sold off all of his various dealings in Mexico. He even freed his migrant workers from indenture. He left Texas all together and moved with his dog (Biff) to the Northwest. Since that event, Stanley lives in Goshen, Oregon, he owns a duplex, living in one half, the other half is given over to The Counselor's Hotline, a switchboard devoted to counselors who have no one to talk to. The Counselor's Hotline counsels unemployed counselors throughout the nation, Involved in Mensa Counseling to gifted Counselors that have issues with pier review in the counselor meritocracy, Stanley is in much demand. He attends night classes at the University of Oregon, continuing his interest in the paranormal , specifically Orb Energy. Stanley has made numerous trips to India in search of paranormal activities and spiritual guidance. . .
Today, Stanley uses his considerable wealth to further causes that are chronically underfunded. Stanley still believes the lightning bolt was aimed at Governor Bush. He remains thankful to this day for the misdirection of destiny and the catharthis of that paranormal force on his life.
Stanley makes no claim as to being part of the solution. "Everyone is a part of the problem, I am a part of the problem, but it's a matter of dergees."

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