Flowers Bunnies and
Smoke-Damage Furniture™

Abstract Expressionism is not going away but merely
in a state of flux while retaining that state of grace.
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On making beauty with
Flowers Bunnies and
Smoke-Damage Furniture™
Making beauty is hard work when budgetary considerations are imposed.


Trompe L'oeil,
still life with eggplant
Still life with eggplant carries on the long tradition of abstraction with the use of fruits, nuts and blossoms.


Flowers Bunnies and Smoke-Damage Furniture carries forward a decades old use of pedistrian imagery rendered in a style that can be easily judged as art. To some, my work is less absolute and more approachable in the attempt to create works that can be easilly accepted as something that you, the viewer-judge might consider, with a little prompting as hanging on your wall. A pretty thing for fuzzy faces or is it a fuzzy thing for pretty faces –– I can never get it straight.

So, if you have a lumpy couch that you can't bear to part with and you need a new look for your rumpus room a still life abstract painting may be the answer.

mike randles




still life with eggplant, trompe O'eil
detail of still life with eggplant

still life with eggplant, Trompe O'eil
Trompe L'oeil still life with eggplant and avocado: 50"x 64" oil on canvas

Addition and Subtraction is not a Rorschach Test?

Beyond Color: Addition and Subtraction, consideration of facture, texture, brushwork, to say nothing of luminosity; all contribute to the content of a whole work of art. Form and surface-texture can be manipulated to convey a sense of indefinability. Through the use of removal (scraping and scratching) further adds to the look of a work, a look that has been delivered through a right-of-passage by distressing surfaces for an authentic impression of struggle. It is through this right of passage, another void is filled. Another work of art is born.


Trompe O'eil razzle dazzleTrompe O'eil razzle dazzle
trompe l'oeil razzle dazzle