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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
was published as,
Daisy-Head Mayzie
Scary tails hung on Fairy Tales –– Kiddy Litter

ZoBell Prize
Awarded for 2003

Karl Zobell has finally made up his mind and decided to award his prize to the Nr. 1 most flagrant thieft of Kiddy Literature.
Awarded to:
Audrey Giesel and Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Inc. for the thieft of the children's Story, "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart" by Charles Augustus Steen.
Charles Steen had his story stolen by Seuss Enterprises, Inc. then published by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Inc as a long lost manuscript by Dr. Seuss under the title Daisy-Head Mayzie.

Laundered through intermediaries to Audrey Giesel who claimed to have found the "Dr. Seuss" manuscript in the bottom of a drawer some twenty years after its, alleged, writing –– the old manuscript in the attic trick.
But the Copywritten story by Charles Steen was submitted to a shell bead organization called The Institute of Children's Literature. He submitted his story to the school for evaluation to see if he had the aptitude for writing children's literature. This process was assured to be in the strictest confidence.
Just how did "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart" by Charles Augustus Steen find itself in the bottom drawer of Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss and laundered into "Daisy-Head Mayzie"?
Karl Zobell knows how and wishes to reward those greed obsessed with yet more garlands of recognition. Intellectual property stolen is the best property.

The Institute of Children's Literature

'The Pains of Being Pure at Heart' was a story submitted
by Charles Agustus Steen to the Institute of Children's Literature.
'The Pains of Being Pure at Heart' was stolen and made into Daisy-Head Mayzie by Janet Schulman who is head of Children's Literature for Random House.

The Institute of Children's Literature states:
"The Institute of Children’s Literature takes your privacy and security very seriously. We are also very aware of the threats to your privacy and security on the Internet. We appreciate and value your confidence in us and we will work steadfastly to maintain your trust by always providing a safe and secure web site where you can visit us."

Scary tails dangle from Fairy Tales

In response to the thieft of his work, Charles Steen wrote a play.


(a play of criticism & parody in two acts / legal document)
Charles Augustus Steen III

Copyright 1991 & 2003 by Charles Augustus Steen III
Library of Congress catalog card number TXu 500-969,
17 USC 107

Steen painting that freaked out our one and only Audrey Geisel

Audrey Geisel with clan
censored for the sake of civility: 4/23/2015

After his story, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, was stolen and published as Daisy-Head Mayzie, Charles Steen the artist, was forced to express his anger, frustration and rage in pictorial form. It is purported that the center figure pulling a train is Audrey Giesel, however any similarity may be purely coincidental. After all it's only art. Why would an extortionist go about his business in pictorial form? What benefit might he gain? Who is guilty of crimes of extortion? The public has been bamboozled by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, extorting geld from the public, laundering the work of others as the work of Ted Geisel.


A larger image of this Seuss-like illustration is available on request. Perfect for the den or bathroom, this image is sure to please any conissieur of the narrative. Contact:

Audrey Giesel

She volunteers this information to avoid the rap that she’s exploiting Seuss and explains that by creating trademarks in various media, she’s protecting her husband’s creations. Yet some of (Audrey) Geisel’s decisions, notably to publish some material that her notoriously perfectionist husband left unpublished, are difficult even for her to explain.

TIME Magazine ‘Seuss On The Loose’ Nov 20th, 2000


Daisy-Head Mayzie
Mayzie looking for love with daisy

the Zobell Prize is much like the Ignobel Prize. The Ignobel Prize rewards bad science, the Zobell rewards unethical behavior in Kiddy Literature.

Review: Daisy-Head mayzie

Reviewed by J.N.E.

Being the long time Dr. Seuss fan that I am, I was in great
anticipation of reading the ``lost work'' of Mr. Geisel. When I did
finally get the book in hand I dove into it as quickly as I could, not
knowing what to expect from the title, but that is usual for a Seuss
book. Having completed the book, I knew immediately that it never should have been published. At least not this way. Not as a childrens book. Not being called the ``lost work'' as I had seen.
You see Ted Geisel was a perfectionist, and many times in his
life he would start a project and get a rough draft done, and then
(knowing that it was not finished) put it away for later work. Kind of like stepping back and letting the dust settle, then seeing whats there, and what needs to be done. I feel that is where this book was. Not finished. There are too many awkward lines, and Mr. Geisel would quite literally spend hours, struggling over just one line, much less let a book full of the get published.
Yes the idea of the story is very Seussian, and flows just like
many of his books, but you can feel that it is not the same as the rest.
What I feel they should have done with this lost manuscript is
compiled it with all the other unfinished works, and poems, and misc. tidbits, into one larger book, and published all of it that way. It would have been like a gift to all of us loyal fans, and would be telling us, that Mr. Geisel was not finished with these, but here is what he had worked on. Instead I feel some corporate stiff, saw a method to make a buck, finished the script, how they wanted it done, added art work, and slapped the name ``Dr. Seuss'' on it. I just hope this is the last book done this way.



The Public Good vs The Public Goods

The might of legal maneurering does not change authenticity, it skews the ground on which all creativity is based. Rewards to the greedy, the powerful, the corrupt must be recognized; free enterprise, invisible hand marketing, public relations and insider deals are the foundation of our economic system, a system that can not change without changing the paradigmatic base of our society. Its structure is formed to reward those with hubris and punish the creative.

Vexing our neurons, this activity is maneuvering that questions our motive for being alive. Choice is what we crave –– well –– What cost for Kiddy Litter –– priceless.

Stanley Goldburg





Reprinted from the Oregonian
August 19, 2004

The Oregonian: Oh, the sentence he will serve

Somewhere in Con-ville, Charles Steen hatched his plot. He wanted money, and he wanted a lot.

To the widow of Dr. Seuss, the Portland man e-mailed a threat. "Give me 2.5 million, or I'll do something you'll regret."
He painted a picture, unseemly and lewd, of famous characters in poses no child should view. Horton, Sam, and the Cat in the Hat. And, yes, even little Cindy-Lou Who.
It was extortion! A Grinch-like pinch, you know. This Steen man, this mean man, threatened to put on a show.
But the widow did not bite. She turned the con man in to police, who grimaced at the painting and said, "This just ain't right."
In fact, Portland fraud detectives say, Steen's attempts to squeeze money out of Dr. Seuss' 82-year-old widow, Audrey Geisel, is among the most bizarre cases they have investigated.
"Let me put it this way," said Sgt. Judy Brumfield, "after I handcuffed Mr. Steen, he asked me to make him a cup of tea. That's when I said, 'Whoa! Something's not right in Who-ville.' "
Working with a San Diego high-tech crimes unit, Portland police arrested Steen, 33, last fall at his Northwest Portland apartment.
Steen recently pleaded guilty in a San Diego County courtroom to sending written threats of extortion to Geisel over the Internet. A judge sentenced him to three years' probation and anger-management counseling.
The plea deal also orders him to stop trying to contact the San Diego woman, her attorneys and Dr. Seuss' enterprises.
In a barrage of e-mails late last year, Steen demanded "$2.5 million after taxes" from Geisel, said San Diego police Detective Skip Stephenson.
If she refused, according to police records, Steen said he would "go public" with a painting depicting Dr. Seuss characters engaged in sexual acts.
Police said he sent a digital copy to Geisel's attorneys to prove the painting existed. He said he had friends who ran art galleries.
"He promised that it would be hung in galleries all over the world," Stephenson said.
At one point, Steen also threatened to find a theater that would produce a play he wrote to discredit Geisel and her attorneys, police said. The play was called "The Tragical History of Audrey Geisel, or How the Grinch Plagiarized My (Expletive) Children's Story."
The play's title cut to the heart of Steen's dispute with Geisel, police said.
Theodor Seuss Geisel, who wrote the acclaimed Dr. Seuss books, died in 1991. In 2001, Steen filed a lawsuit in New Mexico against Dr. Seuss' estate, claiming the late author's "Daisy-Head Mayzie" was a rip-off of his unpublished children's book "The Pains of Being True at Heart."
Steen acted as his own attorney. The court wound up dismissing the plagiarism complaint after Steen failed to meet a deadline to file additional paperwork, authorities said.
That is when he started sending the e-mails. Last fall, they became increasingly threatening, prompting Geisel and her attorneys to go to police, Stephenson said.
"She wasn't actually receiving the e-mails," he said, "but they were sharing them with her because the threats were intended for her." Authorities were worried about Geisel's safety.
Steen signed his name to the e-mails. It wasn't long before investigators tracked the e-mail address to Portland.
In November, Stephenson called Brumfield asking for help. She wondered if it was a prank call.
A pornographic Dr. Seuss painting? A play depicting the beloved widow of Dr. Seuss in erotic situations?
"I see a lot of threats and extortion," Brumfield said, "but I'd never heard anything quite like that."
Portland detectives tracked down Steen. When it came time to obtain the search warrant, the San Diego cops said they were looking for evidence of the e-mails, the play and the painting.
Besides finding a copy of the play, detectives said, they discovered some of the threatening e-mails on a computer. In one, Steen wrote, "Sure, my last e-mail seemed crazy, but the Grinch has driven me to this madness," according to police.
He also wrote that he was "the best playwright alive" and said that his grandfather is "the uranium king," referring to a family mining fortune in New Mexico, police said.
Police say Steen attended Portland State University and has lived in Portland for several years. He could not be reached for comment, but his San Francisco-based defense attorney, Erin O'Donnell, said her client never intended to harm Geisel.
He was just angry, O'Donnell said.
"This person felt like he was plagiarized," she said, adding that the situation was a "David and Goliath case" of a little guy trying to be a playwright and children's author.
If Steen gets through probation without problems, the felony will be reduced to a misdemeanor, O'Donnell said.
Prosecutors said Geisel, who also is a philanthropist, asked the authorities not to publicize the case, which started just as "The Cat in the Hat" was about to open on movie screens across America. She could not be reached for comment.
Looking over the case file in her office Wednesday, Brumfield said one thing still bugs her: "We never did find the original artwork."
She saw a copy of the painting. At first glance, it looked very Seuss-like, she said. "Very colorful." But then she noticed what the characters were doing.
"I wanted to confiscate it," said Portland Detective Tim Sukimoto, who also worked on the case. "I hate to think of it out there."
He hopes he never sees it again. Not in a box. Not in a house. And certainly not in a gallery.
"I mean, it's Dr. Seuss and his characters," Sukimoto said. "It was like spitting on the American flag, apple pie and baseball."

Joseph Rose
The Oregonian
Crime & Justice Writer
1320 SW Broadway, Portland, OR, 97201


To Joseph Rose
Before there was Apple Pie and Base Ball, Starbuck's and
Steroids, we embraced the need to find the real story. This is not the real story. As a mouth for a corporate entity you must realize there are other interests in this world beside pumping out profit for your entity and networking with other entities.
Dr. Seuss Enterprises says it all. I don't think Ted Giesel had Dr. Seuss Enterprises in mind when he contributed to children's literature, that is, the love of reading. Karl Zobell is in the business of pumping out product for a corporation; a mindless faceless, amoral machine that has no interest in anything but the bottom line; the children are ancillary to this vision-quest for profit.
You need to revisit this topic with a little more digging. Being tapped "Crime & Justice Writer" obliges one to look into what justice the cirme has wrought, some need to find the crimes of justice.

The real crime is the defense of consumer fraud by the law firm of Gray Cary and Karl ZoBell the minder of Kiddie Litter and those who foisted a sham upon the parent, their children and lovers of Dr. Seuss. Were Dr. Seuss alive, the politics of Ted Giesel would smash the tables of the money changers and burn the temple of greed. The real crime is the crime of defrauding the Public Good. Adding to the body of knowledge is not always a good thing.

Hugo Baltzer


This man knows
who, what, when and where
the evil deeds were done.
One does not have to be Muslim to be an Evil Doer. Where is the Homeland Defense? What protection is there from the 5th column subverting our desire for innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Between his busy work for Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Karl and his pretty wife schmooze at the race track with Dame Tippett. Ah the Good Life. Some race to the top and others are stepped upon in the tumble to the bottom, but that's just business as usual. It's the race that counts.

At the races

Mrs. Tippett studies the day's races with Mr. and Mrs. Karl ZoBell.
July 26, 1989.
Courtesy of Barbara ZoBell

Santa Barbara Barbara looks very very upwardly mobile, Mrs. Tippett looks Dame-like and Karl looks like he knows something that we don't. perhaps a photo from the 1950's


Ignobel prize

The Zobell Prize is awarded by its founder each year for flagrant theft of children's literature. To be recognized for the "Zobell" one must not only steal intellectual property but take it to press and receive undeserved economic gain. The more one obfuscates and lies as to the origin of the work, the better the chances one has of getting into the finals. Final decisions are made on content and brazen disregard for originality, however chances are improved by the use of bribery and extortion.


Some info related to the Steen painting.

August 4, 2001- I emailed Cathy Anne Bencivengo and every laywer at
the Gray Cary with an attachment of my Seuss parody painting entitled
Mayzie McGrew in the act of fornication with the Cat in the Hat and
fellatio with the Grinch. I used the ruling from their own lawsuit to
ridicule their client: Dr Seuss Entereprises. The Painting: ”BEHIND
THE SCENES OF DAISY-HEAD MAYZIE,” was listed on the list of items to be
seized by the San Diego Police Dept. on Nov 5, 2003.

This artwork was created as a result of having reviewed a lawsuit
between DSE and Penguin Books USA in November of 1997. Cathy Ann
Bencivengo was the attorney that obtained an injunction prohibiting
distribution of a book infringing Cat In The Hat copyright and
trademark. Penguin had published a parody book written by the ficional
“Dr Juice,” that depicted O.J. Simpson wearing the Cat In The Hat’s
distinctive red and white striped stove-pipe hat, holding a bloody

The court held that because the book ridiculed Simpson and the murder
case, rather than the original work or its author, it is not a true
parody eligible for the fair use defense.

The “fair use” doctrine allows an artist to make a parody of an author
or work, allowing it to be protected from copyright infringement.

A little Bio on Audrey Geisel

Audrey Geisel
Formerly married to cardiologist Grey Dimond with two daughters Lea and
Lark. Audrey and Grey were friends with Ted and Helen Geisel in La
Jolla, California. Despite the fact that Ted was 18 years her senior,
Ted Geisel and Audrey Dimond had an illicit affair which contributed
along with her failing health, to the suicide of Ted Geisel's wife
Helen on October 23, 1967. In less than one year, Ted and Audrey were
married on June 21, 1968. Ironically, Ted Geisel, the greatest
children's writer, didn't care much for living with kids and so
Audrey's two daughters were sent away to school at ages 9 and 14.
Currently Audrey Geisel is CEO of Dr Seuss Enterprises at age 82. In
1992, while remodeling her La Jolla home, Audrey Geisel claimed to have
found the lost manuscript of an unpublished work in the bottom of a
drawer. That manuscript became the book "Daisy-Head Mayzie."
Certified a New York Times Hardcover Bestseller in 1995, the book went
on to sell millions of copies worldwide and was also made into a
feature length animated film in conjunction with Hanna Barbara. The
book Daisy-head Mayzie was registered at the US Copyright office in 1994.

Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel a biography by Judith & Neil Morgan

And finally a great little review of the movie
"The Cat in the Hat" by conservative Bill O'Reilly,2933,104932,00.html

Gray Cary Recognized

High End Legal Thugs, Gray Cary, receive the Smiley Face, "Take No Prisoners Award"
Gray Cary –– exploiting weakness
Gray Cary Ad extolling the virtue of fucking people up, hit-um hard, get-um outa da-game.
Now, Piper Rudnick Gray Cary is moving on into the future thinking lofty thoughts for us.

'Gray Cary's litigators are masters at identifying and exploiting weaknesses' – Gray Cary Law is not about justice, it's about fucking people up, hurting folks and protecting those who can get all the justice that can be bought.

"Finding your opponent’s Achilles’ heel
wih Complex Litigation, We find the weakness."

"We find the weakness. Finding your opponent’s Achilles’ heel is the key to successful litigation. Gray Cary’s litigators are masters at identifying and exploiting weaknesses – thanks to extensive trial experience, the application of leading-edge technology and the relentless pursuit of our clients’ best interests. Regardless of whether you are facing complex IP, antitrust, product liability, consumer class action, white-collar criminal defense or securities litigation, Gray Cary has the unique strengths necessary to hit your competition where it hurts."

Advocates for the Devil if he could only be found. We saw him and he is. . .


Letter to Joseph Rose
by Talbutt Jefferson

I have to be honest, I'm appalled by the integrity of your article about Steen. This article is biased, the facts are wrong, and the worst thing is that the article appears as though you were paid by Audrey Geisel herself to smear Steen.
I would have expected that you would have done a little more thorough research. Granted, Steen hasn't had a phone number for nearly 2 months making it hard for reporters to get a hold of him but your facts are very skewed. I will elaborate.
In your second paragraph you say Steen e-mailed a threat saying I'll do something you'll regret. That's not actually what is in the email that he sent that the police arrested him for. I know this because I've read the email myself and that very email is sitting in a 3 ring binder in Steve Duin's office right there at the Oregonian.By writing that you are telling readers that that was exactly what he said to Audrey Geisel. Where did you get that information, from the Police? Do you have his written threat of extortion in writing?
Have you seen the police report?
The entire police report is also in the binder in Steve Duin's office. Another fact you got wrong is that you say Police arrested him at his Northwest apartment. The fact is that Steen did not have a residence of his own at the time and he was temporarily staying with his friend Gordon Wilson on SW College St when 5 police officers showed up and ransacked Gordon's apartment and threatened Gordon into telling them that Steen was staying with another friend in a NW Portland apartment. The police also ransacked Amy Williams apartment and caused great trauma to her 2 children under 5 yrs old. They also entered her apartment initially without a search warrant. This is not a critical error but it is still an error. Then you say "in a barrage of emails Steen demanded 2.5 million after taxes from Geisel. This is a critical error. Steen's extortion charge is based on 1 email in which he asked for $2,500,250.50 after taxes, deposited into his Wells Fargo Account.
I'll admit that's a little bit of a smart alec way to deal with big powerful corporate lawyers. Phil Busse editor of the Mercury laughed
when he read the email and said that's how most lawyers talk and negotiate being that he used to be a licensed attorney.
The fact, is that Cathy Bencivengo of the Gray Cary law firm representing Dr Seuss Enterprises phoned Steen in Albequerque, NM and asked him to email her what he thought was an appropriate amount of money to settle this matter out of court. This negotiation was due to Steen filing a copyright infringement lawsuit from New Mexico representing himself Pro Se as his own attorney. Steen even went as far as tape recording the conversation with Bencivengo of Gray Cary.
Cathy Bencivengo baited Steen to send a threatening request for money in order to try and build a case against a guy who is a little
"unconventional." The fact is that the actual email he was arrested for did have a threatening tone and was technically an attempt to extort money on paper. However, the fact remains that the date of that email clearly shows that Steen's lawsuit was pending in New Mexico and he was legally representing himself as his own attorney and was clearly in negotiation with Bencivengo. The facts are that Steen's entire email exchange and New Mexico lawsuites are in the binder in Steve Duin's office.
Keep in mind that this is old news. Dozens of copies of this binder have been distributed to members of the media nationwide including executive producers at 60 minutes. I really hope you can get your facts straight and accurate.
The fact of the matter is that Audrey Geisel, her attorney and vice president Karl ZoBell, agent, Herb Cheyette, and Random House
publishing executive Janet Schulman have been collectively exploiting Seuss' name ever since he died. If you bothered reading any of the biographies of Ted Geisel, you would have figured out that Dr Seuss wanted nothing to do with Hollywood or making stuffed animals or having Seuss toys at Burger King. Seuss was only concerned with children's literacy. Teaching kids to read. His books grossed over 1 billion dollars so why did he need to sell plastic toys?
The fact of the matter is that you really missed the heart of the matter here. Janet Schulman conspired to concoct a phony story of the origins of Daisy Head Mayzie saying the completed manuscript was found in a bottom of a dresser drawer by Audrey Geisel after Ted Geisel's death. That's what their press release stated when the book was released. The original press release is also in the binder in Steve Duin's office. Audrey Geisel, Karl ZoBell, Herb Cheyette, and Janet Schulman weren't satisfied with the residual income from the old Seuss books so they plagiarized Steen and slapped Seuss' name on it and sold a confirmed 500,000 copies of that book. They also made the book into an animated video but I have not confirmed the sales figures on that.
The one fact you did get correct was that Audrey Geisel wanted to avoid press before the premiere of the Cat in the Hat which debuted on November 25th of 2003. Steen was arrested on Nov 5. How convenient to arrest him 2 years after the threatening email was sent but only days before their big blockbuster movie that with a combined merchandising deals was set to gross over 1 billion dollars. Ted Geisel would be rolling over in his grave. Just think what would have happened if Steen had filed another lawsuit from Portland and it got into the press before the movie premiere? Did you know that Steen had his box of evidence to be reviewed by the Portland law firm Stoel Rives? Did you know that Stoel Rives has a conflict of interests with Gray Cary, Dr Seuss' law firm? Did you know that Dr Seuss Enterprises Vice President Karl ZoBell is also a Gray Cary attorney? His main duty is to sue people who infringe on Seuss trademarks and copyrights.
What's even more mindblowing is that Stoel Rives told Steen on Nov.4 that he didn't have a case against Dr Seuss Enterprises and they asked him to come pick up his box of evidence. The next day he was arrested and his box of evidence was confiscated by San Diego police and most of those contents have to this day not been returned.
What's even more disturbing is that you state that Steen claimed that Daisy-Head Mayzie was a rip-off of his unpublished children's book "The Pains of Being True at Heart."
You really fucked up that one. Steen's copyrighted children's book is titled: "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart."
Is this a typo or is this an effort to conceal the true title of Steen's book to Oregonian readers? Did you know that if you gave the accurate title of Steen's book, Oregonian readers could go to the US Copyright Office website and verify that Steen's book "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart" was copyrighted on June 21, 1991. Daisy-Head Mayzie was registered on April 10, 1995. Now that you've printed the wrong book title, it appears to everyone that Steen's copyrighted book doesn't even exist! I can only wonder, did Audrey Geisel pay you to write this article?
If you were to do a search on for Daisy-Head Mayzie, you would find that the majority of book reviews say the book is
fraudulent, a fake, and is a clear exploitation of the Dr Seuss name.
I believe you owe Steen an apology for such a poorly researched and poorly executed piece of rotten journalism.
You really ought to double check your facts before you set out to smear an innocent man.

Talbut Jefferson


On Aug 20, 2004, at 4:35 PM.
I just received this from . . .

Charles Steen just had 3 cops with shotguns search his apartment today. Apparently the article hit 40 newspapers today. I don't want the Seuss clan to think that somehow I have some incriminating evidence. Please change to some other name like Talbutt Jefferson or something like that.

And so Talbutt Jefferson wrote to the Oregonian

Second letter to Joseph Rose

> From: Talbutt Jefferson
> Date: August 20, 2004 4:30:10 PM PDT
> To: "Joseph Rose" <>
> Subject: Re: Fantastic Journalism By Rose
> Joseph,
> I apologize for my angry tone of my email. I was in a lousy mood
> being that I was bombarded with dozens of phone calls all day long
> regarding that article and I didn't get anything done that I had on my
> agenda. We are all victims of Cause and Effect. That is the law of
> Karma so you're probably used to it if you get a lot of articles in
> print.
> I wanted to offer you one more intriguing and critical detail.
> March 25 of 2004 was the 100 year anniversary of Ted Geisel's
> Birthday. Audrey Geisel and the entire gang had a big Seussentenial
> celebration and parade in San Diego to celebrate and there was a
> barrage of media, merchandise and television shows regarding the
> legacy of Ted Geisel.
> The other thing planned for the celebration was the release of a big
> glossy color book called: "The Seuss, The Whole Seuss, and Nothing But
> the Seuss." Funny thing is that this is supposed to be a cute play
> on: "The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth."
> The truth of the matter is that the book is supposed to document all
> the Seuss books Ted Geisel wrote. The funny thing is that throughout
> the entire book there is not one single mention of Daisy-Head Mayzie.
> How could that be? Their press release in 1994 stated that Audrey
> Geisel found the completed manuscript in the bottom of a dresser
> drawer after Ted Geisel's death. With such a sensational story and
> discovery like that wouldn't you think that would be worthy of an
> entire chapter in "The Seuss, The Whole Seuss, and Nothing But the
> Seuss?"
> Why would they omit such a startling discovery from a book designed to
> celebrate the history and legacy of the greatest children's writer?
> The reason is that if they were to write about Daisy-Head Mayzie, they
> would have to be accountable about their fraud and lies regarding the
> origins of that story. The fact that they omitted that book also
> proves that they are in fact guilty! They have in effect pleaded
> their right to remain silent. But if they had nothing to hide, why
> wouldn't they re-tell the sensational story of the discovery of the
> lost manuscript?
> That discovery is almost equal to a discovery of a lost Miles Davis
> recording or a lost Picasso painting, or a lost Hemmingway Novel.
> The painful truth is that they are guilty if they wrote about it and
> they are guilty if they didn't.
> If you are the writer on Crime and Justice I would suggest you
> seriously consider reviewing the facts in Charles binder and writing a
> story exposing the fact that Audrey Geisel the widow of Ted Geisel and
> CEO of Dr Seuss Enterprises, Karl ZoBell, VP of DSE and attorney at
> Gray Cary, Herb Cheyette agent at International Creative Management,
> and Janet Schulman, President of Children's Literature at Random House
> are all guilty of conspiring to commit grand larceny by stealing a
> copyrighted work from Steen for the sole purpose of personal financial
> gain. And then, committing Fraud and lying to the international public
> about the origins of the story in order to create a frenzy about a
> lost work in order to sell more units.
> These people hoped that Charles would be locked up in jail forever.
> Charles doesn't have any money to pay lawyers. The reason he took a
> guilty plea is because Erin O'Donnel told him that if he were to plead
> innocent that they would need immediate payment of between
> $10,000-$30,000. Charles had to borrow $20,000 from a friend just to
> post bail and pay Erin to accept a guilty plea. It has been the goal
> of Audrey Geisel and her cronies to bury Steen under a pile of legal
> fees and probation hoping they can bury the truth forever. I hope now
> that you have opened a can of worms, that you will follow up as a
> responsible journalist and Do the Right Thing!
> Talbutt Jefferson

Joseph Rose Reply

> On Aug 20, 2004, at 8:15 AM, Joseph Rose wrote:
>> Talbutt,
>> Thank you for your thorough thoughts on the story and Mr. Steen. I
>> have
>> talked with him and plan to look at his manuscript. I attempted to
>> contact him Wednesday, but his attorney refused to give me his number,
>> saying she didn't want him to discuss the case. She spoke for him. At
>> the same, Mr. Steen is now a convicted exortionist. He has admitted to
>> the crime. And it is public record. Those are now the basic facts of
>> the
>> case. I apologize if you thought the story was unfair and embarrassing
>> to Mr. Steen. I can assure you that wasn't my intent. As for the issue
>> of the apartment, police arrested him at the place he was living,
>> sleeping, bathing and eating -- his residence at the time, according
>> to
>> detectives.
>> All the best

>> Joseph Rose
>> The Oregonian
>> Crime & Justice Writer
>> 1320 SW Broadway, Portland, OR, 97201
>> 503-221-8029


Bling Bling

Three animals love glitter;
bright and shiny objects that catch the light and bedazzle the eye, bling bling. . .

1. Crows

2. Pack Rats

3. Human Beings