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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
was published as,
Daisy-Head Mayzie
Scary tails hung on Fairy Tales –– Kiddy Litter

ZoBell Prize
Awarded for 2003

IP Smiley Face
Take no prisoners Award 2004

Some info related to Gray Cary Litigators and the Steen painting

August 4, 2001- I emailed Cathy Anne Bencivengo and every laywer at
the Gray Cary with an attachment of my Seuss parody painting entitled
Mayzie McGrew in the act of fornication with the Cat in the Hat and
fellatio with the Grinch. I used the ruling from their own lawsuit to
ridicule their client: Dr Seuss Entereprises. The Painting: ”BEHIND
THE SCENES OF DAISY-HEAD MAYZIE,” was listed on the list of items to be seized by the San Diego Police Dept. on Nov 5, 2003.

This artwork was created as a result of having reviewed a lawsuit
between DSE and Penguin Books USA in November of 1997. Cathy Ann
Bencivengo was the attorney that obtained an injunction prohibiting
distribution of a book infringing Cat In The Hat copyright and
trademark. Penguin had published a parody book written by the ficional
“Dr Juice,” that depicted O.J. Simpson wearing the Cat In The Hat’s
distinctive red and white striped stove-pipe hat, holding a bloody

The court held that because the book ridiculed Simpson and the murder
case, rather than the original work or its author, it is not a true
parody eligible for the fair use defense.

The “fair use” doctrine allows an artist to make a parody of an author
or work, allowing it to be protected from copyright infringement.

The Institute of Children's Literature
'The Pains of Being Pure at Heart' was a story submitted
by Charles Agustus Steen to the Institute of Children's Literature.
'The Pains of Being Pure at Heart' was stolen and made into Daisy-Head Mayzie by Janet Schulman who is head of Children's Literature for Random House.

The Institute of Children's Literature states:
"The Institute of Children’s Literature takes your privacy and security very seriously. We are also very aware of the threats to your privacy and security on the Internet. We appreciate and value your confidence in us and we will work steadfastly to maintain your trust by always providing a safe and secure web site where you can visit us."

Scary tails dangle from Fairy Tales
Rewards for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Gray Cary Recognized

High End Legal Thugs, Gray Cary,
receive the Smiley Face, "Take No Prisoners Award"

Gray Cary –– exploiting weakness
Gray Cary Ad extolling the virtue of fucking people up, hit-um hard, get-um outa da game.

'Gray Cary's litigators are masters at identifying and exploiting weaknesses' – Gray Cary Law is not about justice, it's about fucking people up, hurting folks and protecting those who can get all the justice that can be bought.

"Finding your opponent’s Achilles’ heel
wih Complex Litigation, We find the weakness."

"We find the weakness. Finding your opponent’s Achilles’ heel is the key to successful litigation. Gray Cary’s litigators are masters at identifying and exploiting weaknesses – thanks to extensive trial experience, the application of leading-edge technology and the relentless pursuit of our clients’ best interests. Regardless of whether you are facing complex IP, antitrust, product liability, consumer class action, white-collar criminal defense or securities litigation, Gray Cary has the unique strengths necessary to hit your competition where it hurts."

Gray Cary: Complaint
It's expensive, hard work finding the weakness in The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Gray Cary, Advocates for the Devil if he could only be found, are left to their own devices to divine Intellectual Property and implement the exploitation of weakness.


Audrey Giesel

She volunteers this information to avoid the rap that she’s exploiting Seuss and explains that by creating trademarks in various media, she’s protecting her husband’s creations. Yet some of (Audrey) Geisel’s decisions, notably to publish some material that her notoriously perfectionist husband left unpublished, are difficult even for her to explain.

TIME Magazine ‘Seuss On The Loose’ Nov 20th, 2000

A little Bio on Audrey Geisel

Audrey Geisel
Formerly married to cardiologist Grey Dimond with two daughters Lea and
Lark. Audrey and Grey were friends with Ted and Helen Geisel in La
Jolla, California. Despite the fact that Ted was 18 years her senior,
Ted Geisel and Audrey Dimond had an illicit affair which contributed
along with her failing health, to the suicide of Ted Geisel's wife
Helen on October 23, 1967. In less than one year, Ted and Audrey were
married on June 21, 1968. Ironically, Ted Geisel, the greatest
children's writer, didn't care much for living with kids and so
Audrey's two daughters were sent away to school at ages 9 and 14.
Currently Audrey Geisel is CEO of Dr Seuss Enterprises at age 82. In
1992, while remodeling her La Jolla home, Audrey Geisel claimed to have
found the lost manuscript of an unpublished work in the bottom of a
drawer. That manuscript became the book "Daisy-Head Mayzie."
Certified a New York Times Hardcover Bestseller in 1995, the book went
on to sell millions of copies worldwide and was also made into a
feature length animated film in conjunction with Hanna Barbara. The
book Daisy-head Mayzie was registered at the US Copyright office in 1994.

Audrey Geisel: Scary tails,  Fairy Tales
Detail: Mayzie looking for love with daisy

A larger image of this Seuss-like illustration is available on request. Perfect for the den or bathroom, this image is sure to please any conissieur of the narrative. Contact:

the Zobell Prize is much like the Ignobel Prize. The Ignobel Prize rewards bad science, the Zobell rewards unethical behavior in Kiddy Literature.

A larger image of this Seuss-like illustration is available on request. Perfect for the den or bathroom, this image is sure to please any conissieur of the narrative. Contact:

Review: Daisy-Head mayzie

Reviewed by J.N.E.

Being the long time Dr. Seuss fan that I am, I was in great
anticipation of reading the ``lost work'' of Mr. Geisel. When I did
finally get the book in hand I dove into it as quickly as I could, not
knowing what to expect from the title, but that is usual for a Seuss
book. Having completed the book, I knew immediately that it never should have been published. At least not this way. Not as a childrens book. Not being called the ``lost work'' as I had seen.
You see Ted Geisel was a perfectionist, and many times in his
life he would start a project and get a rough draft done, and then
(knowing that it was not finished) put it away for later work. Kind of like stepping back and letting the dust settle, then seeing whats there, and what needs to be done. I feel that is where this book was. Not finished. There are too many awkward lines, and Mr. Geisel would quite literally spend hours, struggling over just one line, much less let a book full of the get published.
Yes the idea of the story is very Seussian, and flows just like
many of his books, but you can feel that it is not the same as the rest.
What I feel they should have done with this lost manuscript is
compiled it with all the other unfinished works, and poems, and misc. tidbits, into one larger book, and published all of it that way. It would have been like a gift to all of us loyal fans, and would be telling us, that Mr. Geisel was not finished with these, but here is what he had worked on. Instead I feel some corporate stiff, saw a method to make a buck, finished the script, how they wanted it done, added art work, and slapped the name ``Dr. Seuss'' on it. I just hope this is the last book done this way.


The Public Good vs The Public Goods

The might of legal maneurering does not change authenticity, it skews the ground on which all creativity is based. Rewards to the greedy, the powerful, the corrupt must be recognized; free enterprise, invisible hand marketing, public relations and insider deals are the foundation of our economic system, a system that can not change without changing the paradigmatic base of our society. Its structure is formed to reward those with hubris and punish the creative.

Vexing our neurons, this activity is maneuvering that questions our motive for being alive. Choice is what we crave –– well –– What cost for Kiddy Litter –– priceless.

Stanley Goldburg


Ignobel prize

The Zobell Prize is awarded by its founder each year for flagrant theft of children's literature. To be recognized for the "Zobell" one must not only steal intellectual property but take it to press and receive undeserved economic gain. The more one obfuscates and lies as to the origin of the work, the better the chances one has of getting into the finals. Final decisions are made on content and brazen disregard for originality, however chances are improved by the use of bribery and extortion.


Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel a biography by Judith & Neil Morgan

And finally a great little review of the movie
"The Cat in the Hat" by conservative Bill O'Reilly,2933,104932,00.html


Alligators, Litigators Gray Cary

This is not a new age law firm, no mediation or negotiation just classical cutthroats. Classical imagery selling what ever it takes to cut the throat, slit the wrist or sever the Achilles. Whatever it takes
Complex litigation is death by a thousand lashes
They find the weakness