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frontline Astrophysics

frontline Astrophysics

Mt. Carmel
Mt. Carmel Observatory at Nobb Point Station, near Halfway, Oregon

National Astrophysical Sciences Association
induction generating fractal
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fractal-interpereting interferometer

Fractal interpertation of cosmic imagery has set a new benchmark for clarity of data received. As the next incarnation is being assembled there are newer, faster, filters and virtual image processor cells installed.

Selflessness and Dedication

Over the last ten years Gus O. Kahan has assembled an impressive number of experts for the SCARI Development Project. Through the decade colleagues have worked tirelessly for the goal of producing a working prototype. As the stakes are high the work long the location desolate but the project has perked the interest of these valuable contributors to the vision.

Staff: Mt. Carmel 4/15/03
Innovation and Intuition

have been the guiding light for development of a front line interferometer

The SCARI -- self-activating nonaligned actuation-independent enhanced-spectrum refraction-reduced reduction generating fractal-interpreting interferometer has been under development for the past decade.

With Scientific Relish
Innovation is our credo. Intuition is our guide

For the past decade Dr. Gustave Omar Kahan and staff have developed interferometric information which has been a major source for gathering data of cosmic proportion. At Nobb Point Station high up in Eastern Oregon a dedicated group have developed the first self-activating nonaligned actuation-independent enhanced-spectrum refraction-induced reduction generating interferometer worthy of use by any nation hostile to alien invasion. The SCARI interferometer is the first in a series of early warning systems to ring the globe. Among aligned nations this is a major step in the protection of our planetary infrastructure against any or all destructive entities. Monitored by the Supreme Cognitive Entity this system is dedicated to the protection of our global growth projections.
For those fearful of any disruption in present expansion and productivity, this accomplishment, will bring stability and relieve suffering and doubt as to our stated goals for total economic and technical dominion over this planet.
That said, there is much to be done, as Project Mars is in infant form and needs more resources for habitation and control. As Gus O. Kahan stated, "Our desires outstrip our needs but we humans have been afflicted by similar impediments since we swung from the tree -- It's in our nature."

Detail: self-activating nonaligned actuation-independent axis arm with drivers, enhanced-spectum modules and buffer arm are gyro stablized.

Mt. Carmel machinery

SCARI, using metaphorical chewing gum and wax-paper, has spun together an impressive array of diagnostic equipment.

SCARI -- self-activating nonaligned actuation-independent enhanced-spectum refraction-induced reduction generating interferometer is not all. SCARI development projects have undertaken interferometeric technology for the benefit of man in space explortation too. NASA has used SCARI technology for the Martian Expedition, Spirit Rover Mission.

Spirit_Rover Project
National Astrophysical Sciences Association –– NASA

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