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Front-Line Astrophysics:
Unencombered cosmic interventio: At last the Local Group
can be explored indepth through induction generating fractal
enhancement refraction-induced induction generation..
Enigma, Starry Night
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Lower Right: Within the Local Group, Enigma quadrant, upper left, Mordor looms large as red dwarf.
A small star cluster know as the quagmire is scanned and filtered. Enigma is fertile ground within the space of the Local Group.

Fractal interpertation of cosmic imagery has set a new benchmark for clarity of data received. As the next incarnation is being assembled there are newer, faster, filters and virtual image processor cells installed.

Screening out the light of a Super Nova is no easy task; fractal filters interpret data in light intensity gradients. By back loading intended sky sector, the self-activating non-aligned actuation-independent enhanced-spectum refraction-reduced induction generating fractal-interpereting interferometer is able to project void sectors that have recordable light.

The SCARI -- self-activating non-aligned actuation-independent enhanced-spectum refraction-reduced induction generating fractal-interpereting interferometer has been under development for the past decade.

For the past decade Dr. Gustave Omar Kahan and staff have developed interferometric information which has been a major source for gathering data of cosmic proportion. At Nobb Point Station ( Mt. Carmel) high up in Eastern Oregon a dedicated group have developed the first self-activating nonaligned actuation-independent enhanced-spectrum refraction-induced induction generating interferometer worthy of use by any nation hostile to alien invasion. The SCARI interferometer is the first in a series of early warning systems to ring the globe. Among aligned nations this is a major step in the protection of our planetary infrastructure against any or all destructive entities. Monitored by the Supreme Cognitive Entity this system is dedicated to the protection of our global growth projections, and consumption rates.
For those fearful of any disruption in present expansion and productivity, this accomplishment, will bring stability and relieve suffering and doubt as to our stated goals for total economic and technical dominion over this planet and many mor to come..
That said, there is much to be done, as Project Mars is in infant form and needs more resources for habitation and control. As Gus O. Kahan stated, "Our desires outstrip our need but we humans have been afflicted by similar impediments since we swung from the tree -- It's in our Human Nature."

Detail: self-activating non-aligned actuation-independent axis arm with drivers, enhanced-spectum modules and buffer arm are gyro stablized.

Local Group.jpeg

Note Enigma Quadrant --missing

Local group: Image taken in 1995 by an Imager Interferometer at Mt.
Palimar Observatory


Good Science yesterday is Bad Science today.


Good Science is our best Guess

Bad Science is forever.

Charter member of the,
National Astrophysical Sciences Association

Starry Night corse
Detail: raw data of Starry Night unenhanced -- enignma spaceStarry Night fine
Detail: induction generating fractal enhancement of data at Mt. Carmel Observatory. Resolution has increased by a factor of three.
Notice the vail of skree and clutter is lifted through fractal interpertation,
The Starry Night Enigma is easily preceived..

Gus O. Kahan, who is normally self-efacing, said 4/9/03, "We got it, it's now running smooth and steady. Our images are giving us more data than can be possibly analysed." He was visably pleased with the performence of his research project. The Research Staff beamed with accomplishment.

Scari Development Project is having to staff a whole new branch to
keep up with the data streams now compiled by our servers.

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SCARI -- self-activating nonaligned actuation-independent enhanced-spectum refraction-induced reduction generating interferometer.

SCARI, using metaphorical chewing gum and waxed-paper has cobbled together an impressive array of diagnostic equipment.


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