Rhyme of History, Apocalypse is Beauty
Rhyme of

History teaches us that Human Beings have short memories.

Thomas Jefferson observed,
"People who expect to be ignorant and free expect what never was and will never be."

George Bush
says, "Mormon, Catholic, Protestant, Jew, even Muslim; no matter what faith persuades you to believe, give yourself to me, with Jesus, I have learned to change water to wine while running with scissors."

Chief Justice Roberts with stripes
Chief Justice Roberts in the mold of
Rehnquist, tasked to a new vision for the Judiciary. "I am a uniter, judicial unity by consensus is my task."

"Badges, I don't need no badges, I got Stripes"

"And he, polished up the handle on be big front door."

Roberts Mounts the Bench
as it should be.
Now he must deliver the goods,
the bads and
the uglies.

Alberto Gonzales, a beautiful mind
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in habitat
with clean desk books akimbo but law is safe.

Gonzales: The mendacious recidivist Gonzales is steadfast in his resolve to uphold the transformation of Justice. His ability to obfuscate is unconvincing but, for a minority, his ineptitude has an endearing quality. We expect history will take into account the source for his criminality and not hold all Hispanics culpable for the obfuscation of his sworn oath to protect and defend America from itself.
"At huge cost to our country, I have lived the American Dream."


Gonzales, Spoksman for the People?
Justice Transformation

Transformation of Justice [U.S. Attorney General] Alberto Gonzales spoke before law students at Georgetown Law School today [2006-03-07], attempting to justify illegal, unauthorized surveillance of US citizens, but during the course of his speech the students in class did something pretty ballsy and brave. They got up from their seats and turned their backs to him.
To make matters worse for Gonzales, additional students came into the room, wearing black cowls and carrying a simple banner, written on a sheet.
The banner read: "Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither."
Ben Franklin

Alberto Gonzales Interview: 11/11/05
The Mark Emery Question

"Ah, A question of the Mark Emery Extradition. Mark Emery will be extradited and persecuted to the fullest extent of our laws."
Alberto Gonzales

reporter at large, Simon Chuy Bolivar

Ginni Thomas sleeps with Emperor Jones
who is our Magisterial Justice Thomas
Justice Thomas
Justice Thomas as Emperor Jones. The Constitutional Originalist thinker, unknown to many, is an active thespian
but a Paul Robeson he is not.

Embedded with Bob Woodward or Sleeping with the Chosen

They say history does no repeat itself but rhymes however, now, with the Bob Woodward revelation we find history both rhymes and repeats itself –– Repeating Rhyming History. Woodward has called Patrick J. Fitzgerald a "junkyard dog prosecutor." Fitzgerald has picked quite the junkyard to patrol. Why would Woodward be found lurking in a junkyard.
In the annels of literature, rhyming repeating texts do not hold the interest of the reader: reference the Book of Mormon. And it came to pass. and it came to pass, and it came to pass but I repeat myself.

Sleeze replicates like yeast in a petri dish. Judy miller, the biker chick of the oval office and Bob Woodward pasha panderer, both senographers for the "Bush Administration" have hit new heights for ethics in journalism. Thanks folks.

Ed Morrow would just say, "Good night and good luck."

Stanley U. Goldburg

He Say "I Pray"

He say, " every day I think about Iraq -- I think about Iraq every day." No George, every day you petition the Lord with prayer to have everyting turn out all-right.

Rapture Ready Paraphernaliastrict constructionist
Crusader Bush, War Criminal
So, is George W. Bush an Idealist without Illusion or an Illusionist without Ideals?

Some say he's honest. Some say he's incompetent. Now, most say he's honestly incompetent. He say, "Let's start connecting the dots for a grave and gathering danger; we don't want to see the silver cloud turn into a smoking bullet for our mushroom guns."

"I hate Nukulur Polifuration, I hate Iran because they don't listen to me, you know what we did to Iraq? Now, we are so happy Saddam is gone –– bring on the mullahs too."

He was born in the image of God –– But some would say, he's fallen so far from the tree –– Knuckle Walking is part of the human experience but that was years ago George.

David Addington on rare visit to the museum.
David Addington Unitary Executive
David Addington Visits Goya
David Addington, Dick Cheney's Legal Council and Unitary Executive expert is a great lover of Goya; perhaps for all the wrong reasons, but it is good to see him out of the office.
He can be seen at his newly franchised business, the "Allah Snack-Bar," mixing with the M Street crowd and signing autographs.


Thick as a brick, heavy as lead and crammed with detritus of unremarkable character, we believe it to be left-over from the peace dividend, baggage from the need to find and hold an enemy, any enemy will do.

"We are still connecting the dots for the Silver Bullet and that smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud."


Justice Alito hard at work
Justice Alito, strict constructionist, inspecting a multiple hanging in Utah. Invited to be the verifying authority, his speech to the condemned was brief but memorable.




The worm in Bush's Brain leaves its host.
Cut and Run Rove, his just due, Thank You.
Rove in repose, A Humpty Revolutionary Story
Humpty Rove in Repose, now let's find the pieces, try to put our country back together again and forget about glory for God.


The Ownership Society Trickle-down.
Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures,
Extraordinary measures call for extraordinary times.
Thanks to all, now it's time for the Invisible hand to reveal itself. The Ownership Society has finally trickled down, now the Ownership Society-R-Us. Now we are all visited by the Ownership Society Trickling down the crack of each man's ass.

"For the best of all possible worlds choice is the one force that drives the need to have needs. So many choices -- so many needs, the invisible hand is the best hand for demanding supply –– supplying demand."
CD release Party: The Ownership Society Trickle Down Blues

Gus O. Kahan

Apocalypse is Beauty
One might ask, Where is all the senseless beauty?
Apocalyptic Sects see no beauty –– Apocalypse is the Beauty for the Evangelical Dogmatologist

2009 update to Rhyme of History, featuring: Glenn Beck and Mormon Symbology
with yet more Latter-Day-Taint Dogma for The Religion Making Business.

Beyond Evangelical Dogma there is the Mormon Dogmatologist
BRANDING BECK AS BUDDHA, another Mormon Propheteer
The Glenn Beck Mormon Story, Mormon Mischief and willful ignorance. Mormon Fox Glen Beck: FOX NEWS shill
Juvenile Instructor Glenn Beck, The Mormon Fox, Witness to the power
of Faith. Glenn Beck, is a crusader in God's Army, a minion for deceit in
creating an idealized, Imagined America in The Religion Making Business.
SIR , HAVE YOU NO SHAME? Yes, Glenn Beck has no shame.

Apocalypse is Beauty
When the apocalyptic forces of Islam meet the apocalyptic forces of Christianity overseen by the apocalyptic force of the Torah there surely must be a winner. Apocalyptic Eschatologists whether Jewish, Christian, or Muslim are joined at the hip, striding with confident swagger to fight the enemy –– and he is us. Either way the forces of good arrayed against the forces of evil will prevail. No matter who is the victor it's a win, win senario.
The forces of Pax America, one would think, have Good on their side, however, Islam is convinced the Satan is from the West. When apocalyptic sects raise lances to engage for the last battle, Armageddon, the number of winners is limited. Might may make right given the social, economic, environmental stakes for the etherial "Higher Ground," in this battle for good, something has dropped out of the discussion —— reasoning HUMANITY.

More Catholics on the Supreme Court

This page was mounted shortly after yet more Catholics were plopped on the Supreme Court.
I have no problem with catholics; I had hoped there would be a few little 'c' catholics to balance out the Big 'C' folks.
All these Catholics make me relflect on what the Big 'C's' had done in the name of faith (I mean "Big 'F' Faith") in years gone by.
Little 'f' faith can contribute to the body of knowledge too.

Now that the Supreme Court is Jiggered and rigged to supply the needed vision for those who wish to return to an Imagined America; we expect the extraordinary renditions of our rights to expand. We now find the domestic dimension for our paranoia to be sustained by our courts. Municipal dunking pools and stocks in town squares would be a solid start; the rest sould be carried on behind closed doors to spare the public from the means to the end.

A classified meritocracy is without merit but that too is classified.

Hugo Baltzer


Iraq again takes on Biblical Dimensions

Iraq is not Vietnam and history does not repeat itself by rhyming, Oh but the deafening roar, the horror of the rhyme can render one tone deaf –– a moral tin ear is the result of so much myopia. They Say Iraq is not Vietnam and they are right, Iraq is not Vietnam but America is just like America so Iraq is like Vietnam. Both wars were waged under false pretences in the practice of hegemony.


You Break it, You fix it
Iraqi Transformation

Populating on screen, yet another Transformation: They used to be called Gooks, now he is Ali-Baba. Transformation is the creation of Ali Baba from Gooks. Orwellian in nature but it's still working. Perception Management allows for digression without appearing to depart from talking points, remember, War is Peace and extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice
"Yes, I see the error in my thinking, finally, I do love Dick Cheney. I do, I do I love him so, I love Dick Cheney! Yes, forgive me father for I have sinned."
"War is good if it's a Good War my son."

"Yes. War is Good."


Knowledge Management is reliant on Incestuous Amplification:
"unknown knowns are known unknowns that have been forgotten"


Emperor Jones played by Justice Thomas,
a Paul Robeson he is not

Justice Clarence Thomas is in the lead in one of Paul Robeson's most memorable roles. The Capitol Theatre Group is in production, Emperor Jones to open on
November 16. Clarence Thomas says, "Readings are going according to plan, the play has inspired me to learn more of Paul Robson and the story behind Emperor Jones."
Clarence Thomas has had some difficulty with character development, the role has required some effort to convey the essence of Emperor Jones.
After screening a number of film clips of Robert Mugabe*, and Forrest Whittaker's role in "The Last King of Scotland," Justice Thomas found his voice. Justice Clarence Thomas may have found his true calling, a legal thinker he is not, but Ginni Thomas can don his robes and our Magisterial Supreme Court would not skip a beat.

*Note: The website to Robert Mugabe has been blocked for months. One can only guess what fate befell the creator. It was not kindly to Mugabe types.

Gonzales vs Moussaoui

Justice Soviet Style
We've had to endure the schizophrenic Zacarias Moussaoui as the sole perpetrator for 9/11 -- A show trial for a psychopath. Soviet Style persecution of a lunatic gives small comfort to those directly affected, no consolation to the national psyche. Even the jury, embarrassed by the prospect of excecuting a poor player, could not pull the ripcord.
When speaking of Zacarias Moussaoui, what about the families and loved ones that had to endure with resignation their loss by a show-trial for a delusional psychopath.
"We missed cooking down his bones by just an inch."
Thanks Alberto

Right Track, Wrong Track
It's possible to be on the right track and still get run over. It's possible to be on the wrong track and get squashed like a bug by the oncoming rush of fate.

Prayer to our better angels for intercession is the best we can hope for. Letting God's will rule is our last best hope. It should be remembered, Jesus was a people person, the right hand of a bipolar God, a God fickle and utterly indifferent.
Give Back Iraq -- Give Back Iraq.


Doubt and Connecting the dots for the Silver Bullet
Firing the Silver Bullet requires more than a faith based initative to carry the day. But when in doubt, faith will have to do –– " Doubt requires no Faith in Divine Wisdom."

Ephima Morphew


Ali Baba Sexed Up by Us
Sai Baba says, "Lumpen strokes for lumpen folks."

Apocaliptic farce face off: The Angel of good faces off against the Dark Force, the struggle for the trigger compromises both as they grapple in the dust for victory by any means necessary –– TIDY IT IS NOT.

TRUST US, YOU DON'T WANT SCRIPTURE INTERPERTED BY THE MESSIAH BUSH. We all know he has Christ in his heart. We had hoped he was a little more concerned about having humanity on his mind and honesty in his heart. Shibbolehs for the saved is of no comfort to those who haven't taken the leap of faith.

One can only conclude: Intelligent Design is bethind this grapple for the moral higher ground. Our creator through Jesus is responsible for all this sensless beauty. The battle with evil must be joined inorder to save us from facing reality –– a tiny planet with too many people with so many desires; the probabilities go wild.

Rapture Ready: Ariel Sharon, Tony Blair, Ahmed Chalabi and George Bush should join mutual interestes into a cabal of duplicitous interlopers, forming a scatological mutual admiration alliance for eschatology study of the end time just in time.

Wendell Tately


And it came to Pass
The Mahdi Bush and his Mahdi Army raise lances to confront the other Mahti Army.
Too many
Mahdis and so little time. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.


Think Tank Talk, Think Tank Think, Tank-Think Talk: Justice Antonin Scalia, deep thoughtsJustice Antonin Scalia think tank talk and Scarlet Bashing, Howard Stern
Scalia and Stern
at the American Enterprise Institute discussing the progress of American Culture.

Justice Scalia and Howard Stern confer on topics affecting the direction and character of our national milieu. Scalia, a Constitutional Originalist and primary spoksman from the Conservatory For the Preservation of the Status Quo and strict interpretation of our traditional God Given right to grant the powerful to retain their moral authority through Constitutional Originalism, put forth a strong case for confering power to those who have power. Stern was helpful in fleshing out the finer points of the Scalia Doctrine but expressed an interest in moderation for salcious speech and adolesent toilet humor with "Scarlet Bashing." Stern further stated the passionate need for Sirius Satellite Radio.
Only a Catholic fruitcake can, with glib arrogant and ruffeled palaver, make a case for our Founding Fathers having thought of all things great and small in one document written over two hundred years ago in a new continent, partially explored, sparcly populated before the industrial age –– Before the advent of the emancipation of both African Americans and Woman, before Darwin, before the perodic table, before the paperback novel, before the machine gun, the A Bomb, DDT and DoD, Charles Lindburgh and Rush Linbaugh, the Spanish Flu, and The Internets –– Scalia does it with a straight face too. The American Eterprise Institute received the speech favorably confering more medals and ribbons to Justice Scalia for his inspired thinking.

Think tank talk, Think tank think:
Tank think Talk –– or is it –– Incestuous Amplification

Addington taking time to reflect on his War On Terror

David Addington is being seen out and away from his boss, Dick Cheney. Recently spotted in National Gallery of Art viewing a collcetion by Goya on loan from the Prado Museum, when asked about his presence there, He said, "I am taking some time to reingage with my true love, Art. My job for the Vice President has taken a huge chunk of time that I normally devote to my water color. I love water color, perhaps that's why I like Goya, he's not a watercolorist but his rough use of color seems to me to be watercolor like; I love raw umber, burnt sienna, and yellow ocher. I love Goya's use of form and color. I have not done much research into his motivation for subject matter but I love his impressionistic style even though he prefigures the impressionists by many years, much like my work for the Vice President, Goya prefigures a potent and much respected era in Art History while I, err, we are reinvigorating the office of the Vice President –– ah, and the President too. Goya anticipated the expressionists by many years just like our retooling of the executive anticipates the New American Century."

Zora Youngblood Atwell

Jihadis into Jihotties

Jihadis unite into an organized insurgency now filled with rival groups of Jihotties. Jihotties, the rising stars of our discomfort, now have a Homeland that fulfills our need to have an enemy to distract us from the real, knotty conundrums that bedevil hegemony. Now that Saddam Hussein is no longer a force for evil Jihotties will fill the void; Good and Evil being relative become just vexing details in our vision for Democracy.
On the Jihottie and Ali Baba:
When we can't win their hearts and minds, we torture the infidels by any means necessary and when the accused tries to kill himself we force feed our charge to be tortured again. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.


The Smell of Sulphur and the Rhyme of History
What would Hugo Chavez do without George Bush?
What would George Bush do without Kim Jung Il?
What would Iraq do without Ahmed Chalabi?
What would America do witout the Axis of Evil?
What would Evil do without the United States?

Stick in the eye:
Home heating oil given to the needy in the U.S.A.
Katrina disaster relief contributor Hugo Chavez to ship fuel oil to the poor and needy it USA. Twelve million gallons fuel to be shipped to needy residents of Boston and New York. In the states, our leader is busy flying about hither and thither, pissing off yet more people no matter what their color or creed. The democratically elected leader of Venazuela has survived the worst assaults by the C.I.A. and keeps on ticking, ticking our notion of democracy. The right is livid with Castro volenteering doctors to help Katrina Victums.

reporter at large, Simon Chuy Bolivar

Rhyme of Time Revelation

Fraudcaster Watch:
The unreliable narrator with the Rendon Group

John Rendon says, "We provide timely, truthful and accurate information for perception managemet to flourish."

I wonder what the Fraudcasters Rush Limbaugh and Rill O'Biley will make of the latest bunch of revelations. As unreliable narrators there should be some powerful spin, their phaylanx of mendacity tastes like metal in the mouth, but they are up for the task. The rhyme of repeated history or is it, the repeating rhyme of of times gone by.

Chuy Simon Bolivar


This I Believe

I believe we all know, Dick Cheney makes these junkets because he cares. When he goes to New Orleans he cares and He cares when he goes to Baghdad and he cares when he goes underground. Then the caring Dick Cheney, with dark cape and long fingernails, shows up in the Senate to cast the deciding vote. He then disappeared into his murky place, a gloom filled room with blacklight and no windows. The Dark force is with him and he is with us.
Dark Dick

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” mark Twain

copyright Scari©2005
all rights reserved Scari.Org

A study in the subjunctive and misplaced probabilities

"unknown knowns are known unknowns that have been forgotten"

the Rhyme of History
with the American Heroic
feb. 22/2005
John Dean
American Hero

Now is the time for another America Hero like John Dean.

Scott McClellan
American Hero
June 8/2008
Yes there are American Heros
Truth Teller Turns Trick

Amazing as it may seem there are those who wring their hands and think beyond the moment of power-lust and look to the rhyme of history.
As John Dean found with his moral torment over Richard Nixon we have a new generation of Americans that see that virtue can be seen and felt and known by all humanity.

Scott McClellan has bitten the bullet, the tough nut of what is right and what is dumb; for many it's a no brainer but given the present spate of dummies we have had our country taken over as if Aliens were in control. Aliens that have an agenda for the world and empire that does not include us Americans.

Scott McLellen as Press Secretary, for many months, looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an onrushing train. He has wrestled with his demons to deliver a chilling picture of our leadership. A leadership that ignores all oaths of office, all notions of ethics and basic human conduct.

The heroic is yet possible in this Postmodern time of cynicism spun by punditry steeped in navel gazing.
Scott McLellen has moved beyond being a political corpse to be elevated and benchmarked as the man who saw the enemy, an American Hero.

michael randles


We leave the conclusive calculations to you.

Ultimate Toastmaster, Nate McCay
Nate McCay the penultimate Toastmaster
soon transformed into new Press Secretary

Nate McCay man on the move
Nate McCay a San Diego Toastmaster is slated to be the next new Press Secretary.
Nate McCay formally a member in good standing of Toastmasters is now headed from
Del Mar, California to Beltway Insider.
His attributes are, complete ignorance of the real workings of the world, having been a trust-fund baby from cradle to the White House makes him the perfect partner for ringing out the Bush Administration.
Attorney Nate McCay has limited legal experience, his only legal job was to take scissors to the credit cards of Obsessive Compulsive Consumers; as a trust fund baby he has little sympathy for those who live beyond their means.
His boundless enthusiasm for George Bush qualifies him for the post. It's hoped that McCay's vetting will go smoothly so he can seamlessly slip into the job with little notice.
Beyond the long pauses of Alberto Gonzeles or Peter Sellers, Nate McCay is the Toastmaster's Toastmistress; McCay is known to hold a pose for minutes on end without a word uttered.
Overlooking the Pacific from Del Mar is Nate McCay, Del Mar today, tomorrow the White House Press room soon forging ploughshares into swords for God and Country.
Nate McCay knows what you think you want to hear, he's good at "no comment" too, now the toastmaster will soon test his metal.
Toastmaster McCay7/12/08
Conspiring circumstance have conspired to prevent the appointment of Nate McCay to the position of Press Secretary. It's unfortunate, McCay, the ultimate Toastmaster had great exptectations of delivering to the press and public the very best of obfuscation and mendacity with lots of oblique rhetoric. So for now he will he will flit about Del Mar dedicating New Malls for the Ownership Society Trickle Down Blues Society.

F.B.I. J. Edgar Hoover
J. Edgar Hoover with forehead elbow
Justice in a minute, a man to be remembered

"We are all so happy now that Saddam is gone."

Now we can imbibe in decadent music, feasting, dancing and lots of very rich food for all the liberators. The liberated may go about their lives as directed by we the liberators and Ahmed Chalabi will minister to the unwashed.

Bush Bombing Al Jazeera

See, Tony Blair is not such a bad fellow afterall. PRESIDENT Bush planned to bomb Arab TV station al-Jazeera in friendly Qatar,
a "Top Secret" No 10 memo reveals. But he was talked out of it by Prime Minister Tony Blair, a slightly sounder, head of state. Both culprits are guilty of sexed up reasons for the killing of tens of thousands and bogging down planetary machinery for problem solving. Bush said, Bush:
"Bombing Al Jazeera would fix the problem for a while, my guys can take it out with little collateral damage."
"But George, Qatar is a friendly nation, who will be held responsible for the bombing?
"We can claim it's a Weapons Of Mass Destruction attack by Al Qaeda
George, there are no Weapons Of Mass Destruction.
Bush, Pause, "eee,urr. pause, I guess my guys will wait and see."


Fundies Unite to relearn the Knuckle Walk

After many attempts to use faith as a ruler for enlightenment, a frustration to unravel opaque ambigious and contradictory biblical scriptural content leaves many fundies fallen from the tree resorting in a search for truth using observation and experience not revelation. Release from doctrinal schackles leaves one with a set of new rules that can be measured, quantified and used to build a more cogent universe.
Existence in a less structured reality requires courage in a time when we can see what we have done in the name of God –– or what the need for God has done to us and our environment.


On patriotism
The soul and substance of what customarily ranks as patriotism is moral cowardice.

Mark Twain

Medal of Freedom
sticks like flypaper to the
Only the good die young, while Brownie, Tenant and now Donald get the gold Medal of Freedom. For efforts beyond duty's call, George is doing the do for me and you all. We all are grateful for our leaders, their decisions and the "can do" spirit when it comes to striking a blow for freedom and the American way against those evil doers and their miscrient children.
Years from now history will record the sacrifice of our public servants and the trust deserved by us, The People. Public trust is hard earned and the honors must flow when the calling is met.

Gus O. Kahan










Don Rumsfeld goes for the gold –– Medal of Freedom –– just dessertsRumsfeld medal of freedom
Don Rumsfeld and George Bush engaged in self-congratulation accolades. In an intimate Medal of Freedom Ceremony given among close confidants; the witnesses were few but significant.

Medal of Freedom Ceremony: More Metal for more Dedication
Among the witnesses were, ironically, many other potential candidates for the Medal of Freedom. But for now they will have to stand in line while Donald Rumsfeld gets his just desserts.

Metal of Freedom
character witnesses:




Metal of Freedom
Recent Recipients:


Paul Wolfowitz
John Bolton
Douglas feith
Karl Rove
Joe Allbaugh
Richard Perle
Dick Cheney
John Rendon
David Addington
Alberto Gonzales
Condoleezza Rice

Michael Brown (Brownie)
George Tenant
Paul Bremer
Donald Rumsfeld

Bush was heard muttering, "Darn clasp won't work, da-ya think it's busted? Oops, did that hurt?"
It is hoped the honors bestowed are deserved and Donald Rumsfeld will recover from his wound.
Hugo Baltzer

As the oceans rise and the fishes weep we carry on damning and diking spillage of entropy.

"Mission Accomplished"
transformed into
"Mission Impossible"

Scari.org Posted this image in january of 2004.

Google mounted this image, top ranked, for months until Scari.Org added the text baloon statement, "We did it because we could and he tried to kill my Daddy."
On a Google search this image appeared top ranked on both text and images searches for months through 2004 and most of 2005.
Suddenly –– Poof, the image disappeared along with most of the Scari.Org website. By July 2006, Scari.Org images and texts were erased from Google. Like the invisible hand, Google had wished Scari.Org away in a memory hole.

In fact this page RHYME OF HISTORY has been censored for over a year.
Free speech is not alway fun speech; political satire may get to the sticky goo at the bottom of the pot through irony and mockery or schadenfreude as it must be in a free society.
Take note Google: the Classified Meritocracy is an imagined reality thru incestuous amplification

mission accomplished  5/1/03
"We did it because we could and he tried to
kill my Daddy" 5/1/03 Hostilities Cease

On Vlad the Pootie Poot

"Me and Vladmurr? I have looked into the eyes of Vlad the Pootie Poot and I see the heart of a good man. I am sure they are the eyes of Jesus and I am his best friend. We are staying on the offensive. We are workin hard to keep evil at bay."



Apocalypse is Beauty

Apocalypse is Beauty –– Pax Americana is visited by The Little Kid in Crisis, Little Kid in Crisis
Little Kid flag waver, he's changing water to wine while running with scissors


Bush Bombing
Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera gone global
It may have been a good idea to bomb Al Jazeera back when it was merely a thorn in the hide of democracy.
Al Jazeera, now, gone global is more than a thorn. If the powers of good are to take it out it would require the help of Rupert Murdock.


Congratulations on your finding, scari.org. This page is accused of insulting Americanishness and demeaning Americanamania
Google has little people in overalls and shoulder holsters, one with a gun, the other with a bible, looking and making entries, jiggering our perception of calm.
"This site has been picked by agenda driven folk that have our best interest in mind. This site: Scari.Org is classified."
Alberto Gonzales
Scari.Org has experienced an extraordinary rendition for the sake of Homeland and those who foster that notion, known or unknown. When the Homeland Folk censor a site like Scari.Org you know that it's a conspiracy or as the Chimera in "The Fly" said, "Please help me."
We are cosmic beings –– fancy carbon. Let us treat ourselves as such -- we can take it. It's guaranteed, we will all come back as part of something.
Why you may ask? Gus O. Kahan

coming soon pundit
soon to be pundit

Bush at war