Camera feed from space

Rapture Ready
And he stepped out and said, "Pigs In Space?
I never herd of no Pigs In Space."

Portal to the Stars

Space probe discovery redeems Scari from naysayers who claim fraud. But it's true, there are Pigs in Space.

Exclusive photo taken 9/19/2002

Pigs in Space were revisited in 2003 however the last space mission was a scrubb. It's too bad as the Shuttle crew claimed they had great footage of these critters floating just outside the observation deck.


Pigs in Space

For the past four years P.I.S. has filled the skies with swine debris.

There are many websites to be found that claim to be or have or to sell pigs in space but Scari pigs are the most unique in space pigs. Through genetic engineering and mishaps from a process, as yet, not perfected Scari is compelled to loft mistakes somewhere. Thanks to NASA, a contract has allowed us exclusive rights to deposit our failed genetic experiments into the void adding to the already cluttered near- earth-orbit space junk.

1. Is it usual to find pigs in space, really?

2. It's not helpful to advertise pigs in space when the pigs are not really space pigs.

3. We still believe there are no such things as space pigs, however, we do believe in pigs in space. Pigs in space do exist.

4. This claim can be proved by having recorded not just one pig in space but two pigs in space.

5. Our claims are not just unusual but statistically unlikely as these pigs are Siamese Pigs in Space.

6. The pigs found in space are not just Siamese Pigs in Space but Wingéd Siamese Pigs in Space.

7. As Pigs in Space these pigs are Angelic Siamese Pigs that must have some story to tell. SCARI Development has to do something with genes gone wrong.

8. So every time you hear a bell ring it might be Pigs in Space getting their wings.


Further information on Scari Genome Research:

Sanctioned by the National Astrophysical Sciences Association, Scari Genetic Research has an exclusive contract with NASA for the desposition of genetic anomalies in orbit. These undesired genetic experiments are replications gone wrong. They are carried aloft in routine shuttle flights to insure safety to the gene pool here on earth. Once in orbit the fetuses are quick-frozen by natures forces. There they will remain until the genetic information can be pieced together to make a better prototype. Pigs in Space are a direct product of
SCARI Research.

Criticism of Pigs In Space

the best quality of your webpage is the pure visual art. The verbal diarrhea is not nearly so expressive of creative power.
Perhaps those descended from bohemian tastes and trends for a while will feel somewhat out of place in a world truly needful of clarified protocols and rituals of disciplined conduct. The clichés of the future (which of course will be made fun of in the future) will derive from immediately new norms having pragmatic value during the next few decades.
John King, critic

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Human guinea Pigs in Space

pigs in space
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Yes, He is now certified Rapture Ready
Rapture Ready Pigs in Space

Heading up the the Pigs in Space program, Karl Rove
is out in orbit plumbing the heavens for opportunity.

pigs in space photo taken 9/19/2002 15:46 GMT


Karl Rove
First Minister of MAP – Mars for America Program,
A logical spinoff of his Pigs In Space (PIS) program.
Now, with Bush on Mars, the nettling details are swept aside, Looking to a brighter day for P.I.S.

For Karl Rove, Flatulence is perpetual and ongoing, so when wearing a space suit, special modifications must be applied. An anal catheter with complex valves and gates is piped to the heavens for elimination. "It's not pretty but works real good. Now I'm Rapture Ready."
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