Pax Vobis
Rhyme of

"History informs us that Human Beings have short memories." gus o. kahan

"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it."
mark twain

"And Now
It's time for
George to Abdicate
The mumbling fool ejaculates all over us, yet, we keep our cool. We are both civilized, and willfully ignorant –– but
with good genes, I think.
Who would believe our leader's base of support is a bunch of bible thumping crackers, and their confederates.
Oh Karl, what have you done?
Trickster. We have been bamboozled.
It's never again all over again."
Thaddeus Quella 10/16/06

"Jesus, The world would have been a better place had George remained a drunken lout," or as Hugo Chavez said, "Bush is insignificant, a political corpse." What does that make Dick Cheney? Now, Hugo could sit down and say no more. No, Not Hugo.

Goggle Prompt. The statement is:'Who would believe our leader's base is a bunch of bible thumping crackers, and their confederates.' and 'Jesus, The world would have been a better place had George remained a drunken lout.'

Big Bird Me-Publican
Me-Publican, Big Bird with feathers

Rat Racing for Knowledge/Power

Karl Rove now authorized to be rapture readyKarl Rove in prayer
Karl Rove, Angel of Perfidy praying for a better data base, The Angel of Perfidity can speak in many tongues too.

The Karl Rove, Knowledge is Power Rat Racing. Information is knowledge? Rats Know. If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, show me the rat who has so much as to be enlightned. Karl's Rat Race for the better Angle demonstrates the Knowledge is power axiom.

Alberto Gonzales
on security and wiretapping

"We are still connecting the dots for the Silver Bullet and that smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud. Unwarrented wiretapping is but one of the tools at hand for us to find evil doers."
reporter at large, Simon Chuy Bolivar

Embedded with Bob Woodward or Sleeping with the Chosen

They say history does no repeat itself but rhymes however, now, with the Bob Woodward revelation we find history both rhymes and repeats itself –– Repeating Rhyming History.
In the annels of literature, rhyming repeating texts do not hold the interest of the reader: reference the Book of Mormon. And it came to pass. and it came to pass, and it came to pass but I repeat myself.

Judy miller and Bob Woodward, senographers for the "Bush Administration" have hit new heights for ethics in journalism. Thanks folks.

Ed Morrow would just say, "Good night and good luck."

Stanley U. Goldburg

He say, " every day I think about Iraq -- I think about Iraq every day and be sure to join the Ownership Society." No George, every day you petition the Lord with prayer to have everyting turn out all-right.

crusader bush
Crusader Bush inept bloviator
So, is George W. Bush an Idealist without Illusion or an Illusionist without Ideals?
"In the Thirteenth Century we went on a Witch Hunt and we found them. Without illusion there still is evil to battle, witches to burn."
Beyond the Knights of St. John, the Knights of Malta, Crusader Bush is late to the party but the spirit of Saladin lives on. And you're no Richard, you are Crusader Bush the fearless leader of the Ownership Society.

And it came to Pass
The Mahdi Bush and his Mahdi Army raise lances to confront the other Mahdi Army

He was born in the image of God –– But some would say, he's fallen so far from the tree –– Kunckle Walking is part of the human experience but that was years ago George.

Thick as a brick, heavy as lead and crammed with detritus of unremarkable character, we believe it to be left-over from the peace dividend, baggage from the need to find and hold an enemy, any enemy will do.

John Yoo, torture memo manJohn Yoo, Unitary Executive pervaricator
Unitary Executive prevaricator John Yoo
has moved on to other interestes. As a dedicted Sumo Wrestler his talents have followed into World Class Championship Wrestling. His job now done, he's left behind his frivolious interests in Executive Powers and the shaping of a Democracy into another animal, the Bad Boy of Sumo, is now content to square off with competitors under the gaze of a referee to have it out tooth and claw. He now abides by the rule of law.

Think tank talk,
Think tank think:
Tank think Talk –– or is it
Incestuous Amplification

Mr."Personal Virtue"
and "Glass Half Full Mentality"Big Dark Dick
Dark Dick doing the people's business
In the absence of vision, there is leadership.
In the absence of both there is Dick Cheney

Remember: The Dark Angler is full of Wisdom, the Purveyor of Personal Virtue

"conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it is not a sufficient basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy. "

He rejected energy conservation and renewable energy sources as major alternatives, promoting nuclear power as good for the environment since it emitted few greenhouse gases, ignoring the problems of nuclear waste disposal. Why and how, Cheney made National Energy Policy decisions remains a mystery of personal virtue but we do know that through his personal virtue, Ken Lay speaks to us beyond the grave. Personal virtue is quite subjective.

Ariel Sharon, Tony Blair, Ahmed Chalabi George Bush and Dick Cheney should join mutual interestes into a cabal of duplicitous interlopers, forming a scatological mutual admiration alliance for study of eschatology. And, come on, get off Rumsfeld's case, he's Defence Secretary.


Dark Dick Cheney
One could carry on about Dick Cheney but a picture is enough. He is the type that has no idea of what the commons means. He is THE TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONS. THE COMMON NATURE OF HUMANITY IS TRAGIC, ORDAINED BY OUR REPTILIAN CHENEY BRAINS AND BETTER ANGELS.


Talking Point:
"It is regrettable that plausible deniability is insufficient in cases like these and deniable plausibility may become the norm in future discussion" –– Like taking the 5th rather than the failure to recall –– absence of memory.
"Keep you eye on the Ball"
We all should remember, we should. On the eve of Gulf War II during the Senate Hearing on war powers for the use of preemptive force. Joe Biden said again and again, "KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL." It was a simple request, keep your eye on the ball. But we, the public, watched as this, unfairly elected, administration double dribbled, clipped, barged at the mark and stepped out of bounds -- yes Joe Biden made a simple request of us and we let him down.

Ariel Sharon's

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will
do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control
America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel
Sharon, October 3, 2001

Rapture Ready Prayer

"Out here, guns, booze and religion is all we got to sustain.
Without The Rapture there ain't nothing good come my way."

Joshua Adams

The Me–Publicans are burning too many tourches, far too much, to a fault
I wait for the day when we put one of our tourches away and restore the rule of law. As we
drew closer, glint on the water, one could hear the roar of the flames as the smoke billowed aloft

On American Exceptionalism
or American Hubris
"That's not the way the world really works anymore. We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality," he said. "And while you're studying that reality, we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors… and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

Yes, "You, will be left to just study what we do as we change water to wine while running with scissors."

2006/ Richard Perle Flip Flop
And now we discover : Victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan with bickering detractors squabbling and sniping as they collectivelivly drown the baby.
Poor baby. No comment by the comdemed, Saddam Hussien, it takes war crimes to prosecute war criminals; but that creates yet more war criminals to prosecute.
In the shake of Two Tatums we have decided to turn the ship, the strategy of making war on terror is now like changing water to wine while running with scissors. Despite massive directed prayer management, divine intervention is not an option.

"We are all so happy now that Saddam is gone."
The Iraqi is now blessed by: Humvees bristling with kids blasting heavy metal seeing to stability.
Now we can imbibe in decadent music, feasting, dancing and lots of very rich food for all the liberators. The liberated may go about their lives as directed by we the liberators and Ahmad Chalabi will minister to the unwashed.

Lynching Saddam is a fitting end to Nation Building, Mission Accomplished.

History's rhyme
Iranian President: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
The Interview on 60 minutes (8/13/06), President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was not pretty but he was lucid. I wish George W. Bush made as much sense as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Since the American puppet was deposed, the Shaw, as it should be, we created an advisary that was not of their choosing; since we have had nothing to do with Iran. We do know this, Iran has not invaded anyone for over a hundred years; if we could make the same claim we would have the moral higher ground, but we can't.
If Bush were to be less petty and more lucid perhaps there would be a more reasonable world. Again we have Fu--ed up. And the credentials for credulity lie with the opposition.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad drew a very clear and lucid appraisal of the situations in Iraq, Iran and Lebanon with ironic insights into the American position, Israel and energy.
Seems that our policies are framed to create hostilities; unless we get our way on our terms all the time. But that has nothing to do with diplomacy, that has everything to do with hegemony. The Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld conceits seem limp in the face of our preceived enemy and the reality at hand.
The more one turns the globe and peers into the facets of the world as it is, the more America appears like a very lame duck flapping its wings to hobble hither and thither -- historically a pitiful looking beast.
Seems like the pitfalls are all of our own making -- snared by our own self absorbed absorption. Had bush replied to Ahmadinejad's letter there might have been some rapprochement. God is on our side but history is not. We know that God has a long record as the unreliable narrator but history is history.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his anti-Semitic rhetoric is over the top given the aid and comfort, historically, Iran has given to Jews from Cyrus the Great to W.W.II. Iran is responsible for saving thousand of Jews from Europe; Ahmadinejad's rhetoric is reactionary as frustration over Palestine and Israel simmers, there are alliances that go deep, when Shiites are maltreated by Israel, the result is understandable. As inflammatory rhetoric goes, we American Jews should get used to such blather as our leader King George dispenses polar epithets describing a world of black and white.

Stanley Goldburg

You Break it, You fix it
Iraqi Transformation

Populating on screen, yet another Transformation: They used to be called Gooks, now he is Ali-Baba. Transformation is the creation of Ali Baba from Gooks. Orwellian in nature but it's still working. Perception Management allows for digression without appearing to depart from talking points, remember, War is Peace and extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice
"Yes, I see the error in my thinking, finally, I do love Dick Cheney. I do, I do I love him so, I love Dick Cheney! Yes, forgive me father for I have sinned."
"War is good if it's a Good War my son."

"Yes. War is Good."

Very nice Condoleezza Rice
Condi lied again and again for "My Husband"
Lying Condi
Condi lies, Condi's lies, Condi lying

Yes, consistency is the hobgogglin of small minds but one must connect the dots before moving on to the next new passion play Condi.

Mama Condi's gotta a brand new bag with "Missles Pointed at no one."

Deep in Putin's Soul is
Vlad the Impaler –– pooty poot
Vladimir Putin has decided to reclaim Georgia for the Russian Motherland.

Vladimir's lust for Georgia Peaches and warm climes has motivated the action. Thanks to western adventurism he was forced to punish those who think Russia is an impotent state in decay. Condoleezza Rice believes she, with her skill and a Cold War Expert, can contain this momentary hot spot, but there are those that believe we have been insulting the russian people since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Some say he's short, some say he's strong and some think he's sinister while others charge him with the future of Mother Russia and beyond.

Now we all can see overreaching has its counterpoint. We can escalate this into something from which on one can escape. If anyone can do it Condi Can. She's an expert at anticipation avoidance, hindsight and thinking inside the box.

First Mistress of Diplomacy
Rice's part of
Da State on Da-Nile

Condoleezza Rice and her increbible nose keeps growing and growing as she sleeps with "my husband" George. When will she fall on her swords. Is she the one who said, "We'd never dream of people flying airplanes into buildings?" Is she the one who forced us to witness "the birth pangs of a new Middle East?" And
Clap her in stocks and dunk her till her nose shrinks. We are sick of the "Grad Student" promoted through smarmy obsequiousness to a position that requires a serious student of history and politics. She is the smoking gun and not dot connecting. silver bullets lie usless on the ground –– perhaps Condi is the nascent mushroom cloud? A Helen she is not.

Vlad the Impaler on holiday, Abkhazia, Georgia
Vladimir Putin the Impaler
Russian Exceptionalism withVladimir Putin on excursion in Abkhazia, Georgia. A little Black Sea paddle, a dip in the soothing Georgian waters before it's off to more the Crimea and on to the Ukraine.

Doubt and Connecting the dots for the Silver Bullet requires more than a faith based initative to carry the day. But when in doubt, faith will have to do –– Doubt requires no Faith.

Knowledge Management is reliant on the Collective Subjective:
"unknown knowns are known unknowns that have been forgotten"

Beyond Impeachment

"Bring it on." "Yes, he has passionate Christian Beliefs, but, according to clinical specialists, they do not rise to the level of delusion. Yes, he is responsible for his actions, and does understand the level of his crimes and must stand trial. He may have been deluded by those with whom he associates, advisers who have blinded his judgment."

posted on this site: December 14, 2003 by, Dr. Gustave Omar Kahan

Prayer to our better angels for intercession is the best we can hope for. Letting God's will rule is our last best hope. It should be remembered, Jesus was a people person, the right hand of a bipolar God, a God fickle and utterly indifferent. Give Back Iraq -- Give Back Iraq.

posted: December 14, 2003 by, Dr. Gustave Omar Kahan

Ali Baba Sexed Up by Us
Apocaliptic farce face off: The Angel of good faces off against the Dark Force, the struggle for the trigger compromises both as they grapple in the dust for victory by any means necessary –– TIDY IT IS NOT.

who is Yoo, the torture memo man,
cover them with poo john Yoo

John Yoo, Boo Hoo
contributor to the perfect storm for abuse of power
Now, Let's get this straight

John Yoo goes to work for a man solely to invest him with unbridled power in time of war and that man, the Commander in Chief, decides to preemptively use that power, WAR, cause he has the power to act on what John Yoo gave him to wield on behalf of the American People. John Yoo says he is the decider and he, The Decider, knows presidents are not remembered unless they wage war; His daddy did and so should he. He must go in and finish the job his daddy botched.
John Yoo a Constitutional Authority decides to bestow the right to do whatever this unelected President wishes and the rest of us get to watch.
John Yoo, the authority has created a Faustian Monster to stomp and clomp over the planet willy nilly to be the decider for Jesus and freedom to act on those deemed evil doers.
John Yoo a UC Berkeley legal scholar and historian must have never taken a humanities course or a civics lesson yet he has uncritically empowered a Drunk Driver to kill hundreds of thousands, displace millions and destroy cultures in the name of Freedom, Democracy and the American Way.
John Yoo still holds a chair at UC Berkeley for reasons I cannot understand.
John Yoo's scholarship has empowered the Angel of Perfidy to reek waste on us all as we are helpless to act thanks to the invention of the unitary executive of John Yoo –– Boo Hoo.
Yes this President will be remembered for Waging War. The Citizens must pay and pay, the victims will pay and pay –– the world has watched –– We all have had much to watch.
And it came to pass, thanks to John Yoo, George Bush will be the only man in the world, in his retiring years, to need a platoon of body guards to oversee him clearing brush or taking a pee and this is as it should be unless he be hung from the nearest tree. I have spoken
Don't forget to Remember the unforseen: unknown knowns
are known unknowns that have been forgotten John Yoo.

Gus O. Kahan

One can only conclude: Intelligent Design is behind this grapple for the moral higher ground. Our creator through Jesus Christ is responsible for all this sensless beauty. The battle with evil must be joined inorder to save us from ourselves. We are well beyond 'what would Jesus Do,' but every time a soldier dies an angel gets his wings.
Send John Yoo an e-mail and let him know how much you appriciate his work for God and Country.

Wendell Tately

TRUST US, YOU DON'T WANT SCRIPTURE INTERPERTED BY THE MESSIAH BUSH. We all know he has Christ in his heart. We had hoped he was a little more concerned about having humanity on his mind and honesty in his heart;. Shibbolehs for the saved is of no comfort to those who haven't taken the leap of faith, yet, be assured that every time a soldier dies an angel gets his wings.

Jihadis into Jihotties

Jihadis unite into an organized insurgency now filled with rival groups of Jihotties. Jihotties, the rising stars of our discomfort, now have a Homeland that fulfills our need to have an enemy to distract us from the real, knotty conundrums that bedevil hegemony. Now that Saddam Hussein is no longer a force for evil Jihotties will fill the void; Good and Evil being relative become just vexing details in our vision for Democracy.
On the Jihottie and Ali Baba:
When we can't win their hearts and minds, we torture the infidels by any means necessary and when the accused tries to kill himself we force feet our charge.
Well Dick, what next?


This I Believe

I believe we all know, Dick Cheney makes these junkets because he cares. When he goes to New Orleans he cares and he cares when he goes to Baghdad and he cares when he goes underground. Then the caring Dick Cheney, with dark cape and long fingernails, shows up in the Senate to cast the deciding vote. He then disappeared into his murky place, a gloom filled room with blacklight and no windows. The Dark force is with him and he is with us.
Dark Dick

Sharon Occultation

Now that Ariel Sharon is brain dead, I pray he lives three hundred years; he can reach Biblical status without more war crimes –– demonic actions against a people who have had their lives ruined by his hand.
Perhaps he can become a minor prophet for his faith, a Moses he is not but the echo of his deeds lives on. . .
John King, critic
Only dog is dog, there is no dog but dog and dog only knows.
The man to give Israel Intifada on demand, any time any place he was there sturring the pot for the chosen.
"Don't you understand, If we Jews didn't have the Palestinians to fight, we'd be killing one another."
A Modest Proposal
If I were the State Department, I'd withhold all U.S. military funding from Israel until it decides to defend itself by reconciling the dispute over lands stolen from the Palestinians. If Israel refuses to defend itself through diplomacy then the fate of Israel should be given back to Ariel Sharon. We are, all of us humans, confident of his inspired guidance. Being brain dead will not impede progress as Israeli actions are, at present, morally tone deaf so brain death is of little consequence when charting a course with a mythical ROAD MAP . . .

John King, critic

 Sharon Coma
Sharon Occultation with bling; the thief, thug and war criminal can't remember a thing.

It must be remembered, Jews were already thrown out of their promised land because they couldn't get along. Remember, history rhymes but does not repeat thanks to lessons learned. People in this region tamed goats and grain; they have long memories and believe in a karma of sorts. Alexander just passed through not too long ago. As a domesticated people Jews should find a place in the tapestry but why such a course weave? What kind of fabric can one weave from fibers so stiff and brittle -- How durable is such a garmet, what about comfort?
copyright Scari©2005
all rights reserved Scari.Org

Israel's Gift of no hope -- Condi's Dystopia
and the false pregnancies of George's brain children.

Bloody Bully Pulpit
blunt instruments for surgery makes mess
of patient

Watching Lebanon fall into chaos has been like being witness to a schoolyard bully, with his confederate, taunt and torture, after stealing the lunchbox of a small frail classmate. Once the poor kid scratches the bully's face in defense, the bully, call him Israel, decides to dunk the kid in the toilet. He then, call him Lebanon, after more resistance to Israel's abuse, taunts and mistreatment, Israel escalates his torture, with his school chum Usa, he begins to drown the poor boy. As witness, I am helpless but to watch and record my pain of the cruelty heaped upon poor Lebanon. I am helpless, paralyzed, as I peer through the window. I see the the cruelty of a monster and his accomplice torture poor Lebanon to death.
Gus O. Kahan

A VESTIGIAL TAIL. We leave the conclusive calculations to you.
Gus O. Kahan




Fundies Unite to relearn the Knuckle Walk

After many attempts to use faith as a ruler for enlightenment, a frustration to unravel opaque ambigious and contradictory biblical scriptural content leaves many fundies fallen from the tree resorting in a search for truth using observation and experience not revelation. Release from doctrinal schackles leaves one with a set of new rules that can be measured, quantified and used to build a more cogent universe.
Existence in a less structured reality requires courage in a time when we can see what we have done in the name of God –– or what the need for God has done to us and our environment.
As the oceans rise and the fishes weep we carry on damning and diking spillage of entropy.


Rhyme of Time Revelation

Fraudcaster Watch:
The unreliable narrator with the Rendon Group

John Rendon says, "We provide timely, truthful and accurate information for perception managemet to flourish."

I wonder what the Fraudcasters Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Biley will make of the latest bunch of revelations. As unreliable narrators there should be some powerful spin, their work is megalithic but their mendacity is up for the task for the rhyme of repeated history or is it the repeating rhyme of of times gone by.

Chuy Simon Bolivar

Sarah Palin, woman
of Special Needs

10/11/08 Sarah Palin Media Slut exposed.
Sarah Palin, "She's our VP Media Slut to Rally the Base," to our disgrace," for John McCain, her child with very special needs."Sarah Palin Media Slut
Media Slut Sarah, Governer, beauty queen, weather personality and candidate of Vice President has many mouths, for her, two mouths are better than one and that's Ok. With her political wardrobe and more masquara over her tan, our girl of the "Right" winks and blinds, sparks and flashes like a hooker on Wilshire Blvd. Our favorite other media slut Joe Lieberman will schmooze to the tune of willfull ignorance for the roar of the crowd. She could do a fan dance in her routine to further distract Hocky Moms from reaching for more lipstick.

So, again the Troopergate coverup exposes the peiitness of human neediness. Another public protector of those things we wish not to know.
Joe Wurzelbacher, the plumber, knows it's like another Rapture Ready Ground Hog day all over again.

Sarah says, It's like we're workin for a world with sustainable toxic waste. The McCain Palin administration is committed to sustainable waste all over the world."

Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably.
Never regret anything that made you smile and don't forget those Long Hugs for Jesus.

Red Ink Trickle Down bluesAlan Greenspan, Tom Waits. Tricle Down Blues
the Trickle Down Blues
Alan Greenspan, Tom Waits collaboration

Breakaway Party soon to be formed from the wreckage of the 2008 campign. The Sarah Palin wing of the Republican Party is soon to declare as "Rapture Ready Me-publicans". A party to secure the realm of heaven by Divine Right.

Proxy War -- Labor Pain of a Bastard
Let me guess, could this be all about oil and bending the will of the Muslim world for Zionist perception management; AIPAC is put to the test for the next war.

Our Department of State has been transformed into a Ham-fisted Bureau of Barbarians. A Dystopia of State with inept and, quite frankly, a weak minded rhetorician femme fatale at the helm, the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is not up to the task -- much like her National Security cacoon of lies and omissions, but I digress.
On July 26, 2006, Condi, typically ebullient said, “What we’re seeing here, in a sense, is the growing — the birth pangs of a new Middle East and, whatever we do, we have to be certain that we’re pushing forward to the new Middle East, not going back to the old one.”
We, with our AIPAC chips in the game massaging the situation with naive abandon; all the while our manipulation is manipulated by our financed proxy manned by Israeli Americans. For our notion of hegemony, our Mediterranean colony in the Middle East, we blindly move with God on our side –– but history is not.
Our unconditional love of Israel has gone too far when we are forced to witness the “birth pangs of a new Middle East” after our years of neglect have promoted the cancer to metastasise. We and our policies have fabricated Hezbollah from the ashes of our deceit.
This slaughter is nuts. Israel must give back Shevaa Farms, the Golan Heights and make reparations for displaced Palestinians, rebuild Lebanon, and deal with the mess of Gaza and the West Bank. Israel must either allow Palestinians the right of return or compensate the offended parties. Without hope there is no hope and no hope leads to despair. Stop despairing the Palestinians.
As for Jerusalem, the city is not owned by anyone -- if there were such a thing as an international city, it is Jerusalem. All Peoples should have the right of pilgrimage to Palestine/Israel, and, evict those Jewish Squatters out of Palestine.
Israel must be responsible, stop playing victim and deal from the top of the deck.
Frankly, I'm tired of Jews demanding attention, sympathy and treasure; too much treasure as they require empathy as the offended people. Israel could not exist without US wealth, manpower and war machines; all given to our midget buddy on the Med because they r us. Palestine/Israel must be treated as equals in a land too long tattered by terror -- terror by all players. Hezboallah was Israel's creation; Ariel Sharon is brain dead and so are his schemes.
Stop the crimes against humanity.
Why must the Jew do to others what has been done to them?
The Road to the Muslim world leads through Jerusalem. Fix it, stop stalling, obfuscating, pay the price, fix the old Middle East -- that will make it new -- open the gates of damascus.
Once the bill is paid we will see how much is left for the Israeli war machine and tacky development.
Fix it now and let Condi's birth pangs be what they are, another false pregnancy of George's children. Christ, it might have been just like Rosmary's Baby. Move both brawlers 5 klicks from the blue line and they must shut up and sit down. Then send in the referee.

Michael Randles


Bush Bombing Al Jazeera

See, Tony Blair is not such a bad fellow afterall. PRESIDENT Bush planned to bomb Arab TV station al-Jazeera in friendly Qatar,
a "Top Secret" No 10 memo reveals. But he was talked out of it by Prime Minister Tony Blair, a slightly sounder, head of state. Both culprits are guilty of sexed up reasons for the killing of tens of thousands and bogging down planetary machinery for problem solving. Bush said, Bush:
"Bombing Al Jazeera would fix the problem for a while, my guys can take it out with little collateral damage."
"But George, Qatar is a friendly nation, who will be held responsible for the bombing?
"We can claim it's a Weapons Of Mass Destruction attack by Al Qaeda
George, there are no Weapons Of Mass Destruction.
Bush, Pause, "eee,urr." pause, "I guess my guys will wait and see."

Hugo Chavez and the best of all possible worlds

Stick in the eye:
Home heating oil given to the needy in the U.S.A.
Katrina disaster relief contributor Hugo Chavez to ship fuel oil to the poor and needy it USA. Twelve million gallons fuel to be shipped to needy residents of Boston and New York. In the states, our leader is busy flying about hither and thither, pissing off yet more people no matter what their color or creed. The democratically elected leader of Venazuela has survived the worst assaults by the C.I.A. and keeps on ticking, ticking our notion of democracy. The right is livid with Castro volenteering doctors to help Katrina Victums.

8/26/08 - Appeal to the Sisterhood of Traveling Pantsuits.
1/04/08, On Hillary Clinton
Oh Hillary if you want to make your way in the world, you have to show a little more ankle. Wait, don't do it!
Don't go there. Just be content with the Eighteen Million Cracks in the Ceiling of Glass. That's a lotta cracks, with a few million more cracks perhaps a woman will reign in the White House but please not Hillary; I can't bare thinking of Bill Clinton living in the White House again, no matter how many cracks there are.

Ephima Morphew

Agent of Change, the Big 'C' Changeling McCain, the Changeling "filled with flip floppery," is reinventing himself and doing what changelings do to acquire power for Joe the Plumber, the paragon of "American knowledge."
"Good luck John."

Sarah Palin adds more cracks in the glass ceiling, advancing
the feminist cause by adding yet more diversity for God and Country.
"Sarah can lay down the hay where the goats can get at it, it's just business."

It is held on good account

10/12/08 interview with stanch Republican, Wilma Wilson:
"Sarah Palin sees the world more like it is and President Bush was probably a lot
smarter than he seemed."

11/o4/o8: Oh Sarah, how could hitch your brain to a loose cannon like John McCain.
Rememter: newton minnow introduced Michelle to Barack Obama

Karl Rove is Joe the Plumber
Joe the Plumber is out working to plumb the heavens for John and Sarah, more pigs in space.

Coming Soon,
more pigs in space

Some my ask why,
"Why are we subjected to this changeling Sarah Palin thing?"
Who is responsible for Sarah Palin?
Did Karl Rove dream
the nasty dream again?

Now we have Joe the Plumber to deal with; a man who is of particular concern for John McCain. Oooh oooh,
It's like Ground Hog Day all over again.

10/16/08 Hugo Baltzer

10/23/08 Greenspan Mea Culpa
Yes, the opaque Greenspan decides to cop-a-plea. Well Allen, it's no mystery. Your magic wand, reaching down from that mystical cloud did not have the proverbial invisible hand attached after all. Greenspan said, "I forgot to factor in duplicity, mendacity, perfidy and incestuous amplification."He went on to state, "unknown knowns are known unknowns that have been forgotten." So Alan Greenspan has invented the Trickle Up Trickle Down, a blues balad as heart rending as any ever written. Soon to be released, "The Ownership Society Trickle Down" sung by Tom Waits, will explore the scope and reach of Alan Greenspan Verbage.

Alan Greenspan sycophant for Ayn Rand; Alissa Rosenbaum aka, Ayn Rand had her day. Many misguided devotees threw society from the tower as Atlas Shrugged -- it's an American Pathology to learn not from history, to insist on having an invisible hand guide our existence is oxymoronic. "Letting markets care for themselves is like asking a pig to rule the farm.

The Ownership Society Trickle down.
Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures,
Extraordinary measures call for extraordinary times.
Thanks to all, now it's time for the Invisible hand to reveal itself. The Ownership Society has finally trickled down, now the Ownership Society-R-Us. Now we are all visited by the Ownership Society Trickling down the crack of each man's ass.
"For the best of all possible worlds choice is the one force that drives the need to have needs. So many choices -- so many needs, the invisible hand is the best hand for demanding supply –– supplying demand."
Gus O. Kahan

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