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mormon doctrine makes money

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Since we stooped
to stand from a crawl . . .
The Book of Mormon
has answers.

Beyond Mormanities there is Mormonomics:
And it came to pass,
there it was on the internet, Mormon Branding with Mormon Money in the Religion Making Business

The Salient differences between LDS Mormons and Mormon Fundies appears in the fault-line between feral piety and domesticated Zealotry

Mormon Money takes on a decided dark tone using the power of Mormon Mischief and willful ignorance. Glenn Beck is wholesomely mendacious, bipolar and reliably stupid –– another Mormon Propheteer.

Glenn Beck, is a crusader in God's Army, a minion for deceit in creating an idealized, imagined America.

Through his deeds he's on his way to be scored as one to rise in the Mormon Pantheon of Good Mormon Deed Doers For Grace in his Faith.

2009 update to mormon doctrine makes money, featuring: Glenn Beck and Mormon Symbology with yet more Latter-Day-Taint.

Power of Faith En Medias Res, The Imagined America Mormon Story,
Mormon Fox Glen Beck: FOX NEWS shill
Glenn Beck The Mormon Fox Mission, Witness to the power of faith. When keeping score, Mormons are meticulous for rank in the hereafter.
The Taint of a Latter-Day-Saint, The Mormon Fox keeping the faith. Mormon Exceptionalism is Imagined America on steroids

Mormon Doctrine makes Divine Tender –– prosperity theology Witnessed by-God
So, Follow the Mormon Money:

Just a eight years after receiveing The Priesthood, The Melchizedek Priesthood, in 1837, Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon were buyen and sellen stuff and things, selling land to new converts in Nauvoo and Kirtland. Given the sanctification of the Melchizedek Priesthood granted Joseph Smith in 1829 by John The Babtist and verified by the apostles, Peter, James and John as confirming witnesses, Joe Smith was clearly authorized to mint money from faith alone. And it came to pass, thus sprang –– trompe l'oeil Mormon Money –– profligate religious promiscuity

Mormon Treasury Bill: Mormon money continues, one of the great religious traditions of prosperity theology by Divine Right
MORMON MONEY, prosperity theology
the Joe Smith three dollar bill. The three dollar bill sold to Warren Parrish to sell to someone else again, and on and on; like
the Faith itself it must grow or die. More people –– more money, only people find money attractive, and the attraction is absolute.

Mormon Doctrine by Revelation makes Mormon Money, a Religious Tradition:
Mormon Evolution: Afterlife Insurance Company is born

From Kirtland, Ohio to Far West, Missouri and on to Nauvoo, Illinois, and finally onto Salt Lake City, Utah, Mormon monetary policy has brought the true faith believers to life through Mormon Coin and Currency. Mormon coins, currency, stock certificates, and tokens, signed by early members and leaders of the church played a vital role in converting gentiles to Mormonism. These monetary instruments are used to illustrate and document the need for money whenever religion is involved. Mormon Money demonstrates the economic role in the historic evolution of the LDS Church.

prosperity theology: The History of Mormon Currency
Settling new land was challenging and expensive and after a while in Kirtland, Ohio, Joseph Smith was running out of money for himself and his apostles. What to do? Hold a tent revival? Call an emergency capital fund drive?
No, none of that. Instead, he declared that the Lord, through Melchizedek Priesthood had commanded him to open a bank, a bank to be called an Anti-Bank to skirt Ohio laws. And it came to pass, thus sprang the $3 Mormon tender, a tender not easily divided or multiplied in denominations that one might understand. Divine tender is not tidy when economic dictums come from on high.

In those days, the US government didn't print money; states chartered local banks to do that. This meant any bank that was opened and appropriately chartered by the state could commission plates and mint their own US currency. But in Ohio there was an anti-bank movement (there was far too much money floating around) the state legislature was filled with representatives who thought there were enough banks already and were set to reduce, not increase the numbers of speculators. Seems like a tough situation to negotiate, but not if you are truly chosen and religiously entrepreneurial. Joseph Smith asked his followers to bring their silver and gold (see Isaiah) to endow the bank and when they had enough to appear solvent, the Mormons started the Kirtland Safety Society Anti-Bank, which minted currency. Because it was and Anti-Bank it required no charter, or so they maintained, because it was not a bank but an anti-bank thus keeping with the anti-bank movement. The Mormon tender was backed by one dollar for every hundred printed.
So there was once a three dollar bill, purported equal to $3.00 GOLD Reserve, the only signatories were Joseph Smith and Mormon bank president Sidney Rigdon with Warren Parrish shill to disburse the stuff and THE GREAT MORMON MONEY MACHINE carries on today.

MORMONOMICS: Counterfeit Money, Mormon Forgery,
in the trade it was known as Nauvoo Bogus
in the land of milk and money for Moroni
Mormon Money Divine Right
The Changing World of Mormonism: we change
water to wine while running with scissors.

Land and Money –– Money and Land

mormon money: MORMONONICS
mormon sphinx

Of course there is more, this penchant for materialization continues from Farwest and Kirtland to Nauvoo and on to Salt Lake City. The Prophet is gone, martyred, but the lesson was learned, the trick was turned and we are here today with Mormons walking about us doing what Mormons do. If Mormons were replaced by authentic alien beings, I wonder if the aliens would share the Mormon fantasy?

Ephima Morphew

the Melchizedek Priesthood is better than money

By Divine Right the Melchizedek Priesthood empowered Joseph Smith to print money and name apostles, interpret the meaning of life and bless
the world with yet another trompe l'oeil tribal order.

Joseph Smith said: "Anytime you get 'the word'
second hand you know it's from an unreliable narrator," and

"When the prophet has spoken the thinking has been done." and
"I am the Word."

Melchizedek Priesthood, mormon bling
Melchizedek Priesthood
Forever striving to reconcile, the New Unification Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Heaven and on Earth etc. Inc. is formed.

Beyond Religious Tradition and Perception Management, there is MORMON BRANDING
Mormons claim the largest Organ in this World –– truly the Mormon Organ


The Mormon's Mormon Welcoming Inquiry, Beckoning us unto His fold to become part of something
far greater than any of its parts, truly A Pearl of Great Price, the Mormon Rosetta

Pregnant with fecund symbolism Joseph Smith welcomes us unto the alter of the Mormon Organ
Joseph Smith, the Mormon Music Man with Melchizedek Priesthood
Melchizedek Priesthood: Joseph Smith, the Mormon Organ and the Mormon Myth Machine

Joseph Smith
stands by his Organ
pregnant with fecund symbols for the Mormon Mom-Cast.

Yes, mysticism comes magically in many forms. This is but one with attendant shiny objects and sparkly things. The Mormon Organ is one facet of the many on the Mormon Rosetta. A solid symbol to keep and bind The Good Mormon to the faith.

Joseph Smith, with his organ ready to perform for his Sister-wives, stands as a shining symbol of ignorance overcoming enlightenment through adversity.

As prophets go he is better than most given his vision for heaven and earth. He is a thrilling Messiah for his devotees, given that he wishes to share his vision for all to enjoy here and off into his hereafter.

The Organ
When fully pumped to max pressure the World's Largest Organ will blow you sox off, enough to dazzle anyone within several miles and suitably impress all your Sister wives. Without his concept of Sisterwives and his here and there, heaven, his faith may have been a nonstarter but with the sisterwife twist his vision lives on today with gusto for the promise of the fruits of his goodness in heaven.

parson Carson Gallant Charoot

Even Joe Smith agrees, "And it came to pass I too, Lord God, hate figs and I believe in the pigmentocracy also." The Pearl of Great Price

Melchizedek Priesthood is the authority
Religious Tradition confirmed: Aaronic or Levitical Rite –– The Melchizedek Priesthood received through revelation, The Divine Right Rite

And it came to pass, Thank God, Joseph Smith received the Aaronic Priesthood together with Oliver Cowdery from John the Baptist in May 1829. Joseph Smith later stated that they were visited by Christ’s apostles, Peter, James and John, sometime in late June of 1829. Through Religious Tradition, The Chosen, Joseph and Oliver were ordained into a much higher order, the Melchizedek Priesthood, through elaborate ritual and much feasting and dancing. The chorus chanted after each oath sworn in the ritual was: "We'll share the women, we'll share the wine" and "it's alright to do it but don't get caught."

Had Joseph Smith not received the Melchizedek Priesthood from John the Babtist, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints may not have stood the test of time to become one of the world's great religions. Just one more oath was needed: "Health in the navel, marrow in the bone, strength in the loins and in the sinews, power in the priesthood be upon me and upon my posterity through all generation of time and throughout all eternity forever and ever. Oh God hear the works of my mouth."
And it came to pass, Thus Came the Mormon Organ and all the other stuff that makes Mormonism among the loopiest of all cults to have authenticated the Melchizedek Priesthood through the Divine Right Rite.

Advanced Mormon Studies
Anti-Mormon or is it Post-Mormon or Mormon Counter-Apologetics

Mormon Inquiry: Mormonism, Fundamentalism,
and Absolute Truth.
Mormon truthism and the Mormon

On apologizing for Stillborn Mormon Art
As leading apologist and Mormon theologian Robert Millet proclaims, "Mormons are in the RELIGION MAKING BUSINESS." The Mormon Business model is, by virtue of the business plan, not disposed to the making of art but to make business.
Mormons must keep in mind, the making of art is not making fanciful depictions of what Mormons think the Mormon Afterlife is like or what architecture is most dynamic for placing next to a freeway or Mormon Stories and Mormon Myth but must delve into the essence of the "Faith" looking for truth. Honesty may be the largest impediment to Mormon Inspired Art.
If Mormonism can't stand up to self-scrutiny, all the Arts suffer. Whether Mormon Music or the Mormon Apostles, one can see the Mormons are being watched. The New Inspired Mormon Art being made is, perhaps, best left to the Mormon Counter-Apologetics Movement.
Inspired and testy, Counter-Apologetic Mormon Art is filling the void and we all know Mormons need to fill the vacuum -- "the Void must be filled –– Mormons know how God abhors a vacuum."
Complaints of uninspired Mormon Art are best left to silence. Opening up discussion of the motivation for making Mormon Art might lead to more self-scrutiny; leaving Mormons longing for a sign of affirmation in the Religion Making Business.
After piercing the Veil there is little else to explore; the human condition has little to do with the Mormon Experience; unless there is an inner-exploration and Mormons don't go there.
Dramatic tension is impossible when seeking to inspire "The Religion Making Business."
A revisit to this discussion might yield a new genre of Mormon Art to fill the void or the demise of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, either way it's God's Will in the The Religion Making Business.

there is much much more on
the Mormon Pigmentocracy

post script:

There may be a typo in
The Pearl of Great Price
regarding figs. These fig references
may be directed toward disparaging
homosexuals not biblical fruit.


Advanced Mormon Studies on the tribe: Mormons could join a bigger tribe, after all, The Tribe Are Us.

Mormon Apologetics and the absolute truth
Apologetics, Mormon Symbology -- Evolution
Mormanities: Uggh, Mormon good, Fire Bad.
The Good Mormon relies on Mormon Good.

When speaking to gentiles, Mormons claim to be
misunderderstood, but, we gentiles know Mormons are misunderstood all too well.

Angel Moroni, Herald to Postmodern Mysticism Mormon Liberty through Obedience
Angel Moroni, yes, Mormon Angels look like
shadow puppets. The look is by design to test
one's faith. Voltaire observed, "Those who
believe absurdities will commit atrocities."

Speaking of Faith.Org, interview with:
Apologist Robert Millet mormon extraordinaire
Professor of Ancient Scripture and religious understanding at BYU and the foremost authority on mormonism has much to teach us.
Program Comment, 1/27/08:
Mormon-ism and the many states of grace –– "the religion making business"

'We can never transcend Joseph Smith'
Robert Millet on the Religion Making Business
in his interview with
Krista Tippett on 1/27/08.

deep throat Robert Millet subterfuge
Millet Waxes on profligate religious promiscuity

Professor Robert Millet and The Mormon Religion-making Business:
First Mormon Theolator:
As in the long line of Revelators, Dr. Millet made the revelatory statement regarding his religion. "We are in the Religion Making Business" is as close to an authentic revelation as there has been uttered regarding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As in a Corporate Sporting event the idea is to win at any cost. Religion Making requires a team fleet of foot and a rule book that states as its first axiom; to win at any cost, it's Grow or die. Grow team grow; Team Mormon goes for the gold in the Business of making Religion for the Religion Making Business.

Mormon Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith declared that "the story of Joseph Smith is so important that Mormonism must stand or fall with it, it needs to be examined carefully." He also said "if Joseph Smith's claims were built upon fraud, it would be easy to find errors and contradictions." The following is a thought experiment regarding Joseph Smith's claims of Mormon Subterfuge

Important Post-Mormon Movement Information
Remember: Some things that true are not very useful
Ex-Mormon Resources, Legend, Lore and Conjecture
Great general information on Good Mormon Behavior
Practicing Mormon Practicing the Faith
Practicing Mormon, Juvenile Instructor working on
his faith, Mormons mutter on Mormon Matters.
Suppressed documents and symbols uncovered,
ransomed from the Juvenile Instructors.
A Mormon Elder is yet another Mormon Oxymoron.

Mormon long history of persecution

Mormons' take umbrage at the perception of being mocked, however Mormons take no interest in self scrutiny to divine the source of this sacred act, mockery that is. When mounting an indefensible preponderant of how things work, Mormons forgot to consider, perhaps, for the sake of argument, existence is still perplexing and we are making it up as we go along.  That's why "THE MORMONS" have to have a "LIVING PROPHET" so when things get sticky when moving on in time there is a fall-back position. Mormon Mockery is born from envy. Gentiles can't understand why Mormons suspend all empirical evidence to embrace ignorance; ignorance being the source of all evil (SATAN). Rational thought drops out of Mormon Tribal Theology –– It's all about FAITH.

Mormon Symbology,
Mormon Evolution

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Gus O Kahan, attempted to post a comment on Mormon Matters, 10/30/09
Ardi and the Rise of Mormon Symbology

Censorship: Unfortunately on Mormon Matters sponsored by the Religion Making Business is not receptive to any comment counter to Mormon Party Dogma.. First casualty on Mormon Matters is Truth.
As a concerned global citizen I am posting my comment on Scari.Org.
Response to: Mormon Symbology
Mormon Symbology,
In Recognition of Wilted Mormon Dogmatology
Darwin mutters when speaking of mormon matters.

Hellmut, I want to recognize you as one who thinks, an upright knuckle-walking thinker.
I am personally grateful for your comment on Robert Millet; a "Dickensian Character" we both fear.
As a gentile, I'm not suppose to have a horse in this race but; As a native of the Northwest (Idaho), I know there have been influences on "our country" that Mormons insist upon at our peril.
Mormon Symbology: It's a myth that is symbolized by insisting on being the "most correct."
If science did business like Mormons, BYU could dig up the missing link, on campus, and there would be a collective shrug and it would be back to business as usual -- in "the Religion Making Business."

Sacred signs, legend, myth, lore, revelation, cosmology, gods, goddesses, stars and glitter, The Most Correct Decryption of the Book of Abraham from Reformed Egyptian by Joseph Smith.
Mormon Symbology, Book of Abraham, Mormon Science Fiction
Mormon Sealing Mandala: The Book of Abraham, Decryption by Prophetic Insight,
Deciphered Book of Abraham created from beyond the veil by Prophet Joseph Smith

Mormon Symboloby Reconstructed
I am disturbed that Mormons are slow to the gate, lathered and wild eyed, claiming to be mistreated by the other horses in the race.
Mormon Evolution would be to learn to let go of Joe. Learning to let go of Joe would move the Latter Day Saint into many other camps. If that were to be done, there wouldn't be problems with Symbols or Mormons.
You see it's about interpreting symbols but mostly it's about knowing which symbols have meaning worth interpreting and which ones are fluff.

Gods are created and destroyed every day, look into the eyes of a dying child in Gaza or Iraq or Afghanistan. Their light goes out, snuffed by the vagaries of chance much like Darwin divined (he was a contemporary of Joseph Smith you know) the workings of his earth are nasty brutish and short for most. His, Darwin's thinking, has seemed to hold some water after all these years -- with no revisions to his visions.
Sniping: If Mormons feel persecuted they could look to Charles Darwin and wonder what stuff he was made of to endure and endure for the sake of all man kind, no heaven, a hellish existence to pass on to the next generation to repeat again and again until we arrive at this juncture.
The personal responsibility for the species, Homo Sapian Sapian, the individual and the planet is daunting but Joe Smith spoke nothing of this? For Joe it seemed to be a foggy marsh filled with revisions to visions. And now the dividend has compounded to the point where Robert Millet is suing for peace with the Evangelicals. "Bridging the Divide," is perhaps a bridge too far, or, there are just too few bridges to divide.
The Question: Is Rapture Readiness practiced properly to pierce the veil before the Evangelicals, if so Who Wins?
When it comes to revisions to visions, I bare my guilt looking for authentic symbology too, it seems to be a human failing.
Now: Mormons Unite to relearn the knuckle walk. Hitchens and Dawkins would find your discussion dodgy and would likely not suffer fools well but John Hagee of CUFI would love to find many more vessels half full -- Half Scrubbed and nearly Rapture Ready for the End-Time. Christians United For Israel may be the answer.
Israel means, Struggles with God. What country is named -- STRUGGLES WITH GOD? What do they do for a living in the land of Struggles with God?
Mormon Deconstruction
Seems like this Struggle With God has been going on for a long time and Mormons insist," it will require several hundred more years to get it right –– sorted out, for all time that is."
Gus O Kahan

Mormon Crisis Fixing: Plug-in, A fall-back position –– to cross arms and insist on remaining the most correct. To remain the most corect, Juvenile Instructors engage in co-optation and indoctrination of Mormon Youth in America and Mormon Youth-in-Asia.

Religious Caveat for Mormon
Apostles & Saints, Brothers and Sisters:
Mormon Reservations For the Faith

A Mormon religious reservation is the ability to reserve the truth when truth might be inconvenient to church and affiliates. Church authorities, armed with clerical reservation can omit, redact or otherwise obfuscate whatever inconvenience it might find to be damaging to the authority of the priesthood. Acting on the malleability of truth allows the elect to endure for the sake of religious authority by lying whenever deemed to be in Mormon self-interest.

Gabriel Von Himmel

The Mormon Vessel, A Mormon Sister Speaks
"As an older Mormon Lady, mother of ten, after years of devotion to my faith I know the plan of salvation is measured by having lots of babies, But at my age, I'm getting tired, tired of pushing babies out my butt for the Prophet. Seems fruitless to just make more babies without truly understanding why I have to be part of The Prophet's plan.
Oh God hear the words of my mouth."
Barbara Smith Palmer

Existential Question?
It's true, Mormons have little time for (reflection) navel gazing; what with all the networking, legnd and ritual; there is much to learn and commit to memory to be regurgitated for one's brethren and the curious who hunger for The Light of a True Faith by Revelation in time of crisis or desparation.
Tribalism is clearly not going away till there is some question of what exactly we want to get out of our existence of being human as human's being. Fealty to some distant notion of preceived reality seems too difficult for we the people to grasp without tribal association to a shared mythology. Mormons spin a great yarn with lots of sprinkes and glitter: why not become a
Socialist Theist with dazzeling lore to back the leap of faith.
Why not become a Mormon?
Don't go there, Please, to share the fantasy requires believing too much far to often. To scratch the itch requires too many feathers and beads. After all it's an imagined itch. Like your mommy said, "If you scratch, the itch only gets worse."
Why not become a Socialist Deist, Agnostic or Atheist; God forbid Humanist?
Through the Divine Rite Right anything is possible.


Why is it that Mormons call teenagers Elder?

Mormon Saints live in expectant anticipation of the next moment,
a moment to be filled with expectant rewards pregnant with fecund symbolism.

Mormons call themselves Saints, a monicker for the Holy Departed. Mormons are both living and dead; they dwell in that nether world of Mormonism. Mormons scorn untoward attention as their Mormon World, when observed, is fantasy.

The Salient differences between LDS Mormons and Mormon Fundies appears in the fault-line between feral piety and domesticated Zealotry.

Mormon Bloggernacle


The consensus is after much study by scholars, theologians and dogmatologists, it is agreed that the BOM, Book of Mormon sounds, for the most part, Bibical.
Caveat: It is recognized that Mormons do not suffer criticism well, not a tolerant lot. satire, irony and ambiguity is not The Mormons' strong suit.

rapture dervish
rapture dervish

mormon money
mormon money

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