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In this issue: Post-High-Postmodernism
dedicated to men in wigs and other pleasures of deception,
ephemera and footnotes to the passage of time, secrets to wrinkle reduction and Knuckle walking

Music or dead air
Michael Jackson Predation
Rock N Roll
Andy Warhol Redux
Artist-added context –– beauty and knowledge

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Altruistic Alternative
MUSIC MUSIC or dead air

Rolling over my knuckles, no longer using them for walking, I rapped the cues to one of my tribe, a beast tapping a beat.
We Humans love of music; has deep and profound roots. As one sits in the quiet in the dark of the night, off in a wild spot, by a fire, it’s there sounds seem amplified. With few distractions one can hear the callings of fertile insects beckoning for breeding rights. Calling calling in base, and tenor tones, calling tremolo, calling in rhyme, all keeping time. A Pulsing chorus of all manner of sound builds as the evening progresses, a beat suddenly appears as a cross species cooperation for the need to be heard fills the night with a pulse that one can not have in our collective unconscious. Some invertebrates drop out while others chime in. The beat goes on. We in the dark huddled around through collective need to feed the fire, tribal need not to be alone and existential need to share in our collective sameness.
Putting ourselves, or rather our proto-selves into this theorem there is no leap of faith in hearing the chanting, chants that become language, and song; cooperative in both sex and war.
Our ancestors, the insects have instructed us well. When the seasons change, the successful bug goes to bed, but we carry on using our institutional memory to create the pulse, the beat, the tone without instruction.
We carry on toward our own ends.


Empty Ascent

Art empty of specific imagery or artist-added context can attract unwanted
projections because it is so bare -- giving the viewer an opportunity to lay
in any meaning they desire. This provides, in the words of Michael Randles,
of S.C.A.R.I.," a visual vacuum from which to leap, to even higher
rungs of a metaphysical ladder which, for all one knows, is footed in
quicksand - sinking with each step of ascent."


Beauty and Knowledge

A search for Beauty. The pursuit of Knowledge. These dreams die hard.
Indeed, human ingenuity and destruction currently walk hand in hand. What
kind of art can both promote balance and reflect the dissociation of the times?
Good art should not imitate the appearance, but rather emulate the
principles of life. We should not demand the truth, but ask how good the
model is.
Art empty of specific imagery or artist-added context can attract unwanted
projections because it is so bare -- giving the viewer an opportunity to lay
in any meaning they desire. This provides, in the words of Michael Randles,
Systems Anylist, S.C.A.R.I, "a visual vacuum from which to leap, to even higher
rungs of a metaphysical ladder which, for all one knows, is footed in
quicksand - sinking with each step of ascent".
My work deals with imagery of destruction and transformation. The act of
making art can give purpose and regeneration to both material and artist
alike. Since 1993 I have worked with the motif of the Golem, a traditional
Jewish symbol reflecting the human inclination to view creation as a servant
to humans. Often, in stories, the Golem became autonomous and uncontrollable
by its creator. The Golem motif has become a powerful metaphor for art,
technology, and the use of personal vision and responsibility needed when
"giving life" to inanimate material.

Natalie Shifrin Whitson

POP and the public good
Trompe L'Oeil advertorial content included at no cost to you

there should be a homeland
Michael Jackson has a plan –– Michael Jackson is going to jump bail and move to India.
There is growing evidence; The Avatar of Neverland is going to relocate to the land of magic. Sources say, Michael Jackson has entered into negotiations with Guru Sai Baba to joint venture in a new shrine. "There are an infinite number of 12 year old Hindu boys in India." Yes Michael, there are lots of Hindu Boys in India but the number is finite.

The Plan is to move their respective temples to Auroville, the experimental community south of Madras.
Neverland and the Ashram of Sai Baba will merge into a unified theology sympathetic to the goals and ideals of the Aurovillians. The Golden Orb is ready for a makeover and new masters, the devotees are waiting for new leadership and the climate is ripe for a new look.
The Pundit, Mickey Ganesh has long forecast this merger of East and West.
Good luck in you vision quest Michael.
Mickey Ganesh: Pundit


Peter Pan in neverland is our pop icon, we created it so we must live with it. Michael Jackson (Jacko) is an externality in the quest to find the pulse of pop.

Transposon Incarnate
By consensus it is decided we never want to see Michael Jackson again

No comment by The
Andy Warhol Foundation.

Provenance, Newly uncovered
references link Andy to Spam.

Since Andy Warhol noodled with it, Spam has come a long way.
Freshly uncovered in one of Andy Warhol's Time Capsules is a treasure. Snap shots found counfound but confirm the association of Andy to Spam. Art historians are flummoxed.
It is little known that Andy Warhol noodled with Spam before he decided on Campbell's Soup for his Magnum Opus Pop Statement.
Andy Warhol, the most potient and sexy figure of the 20th century is pictured with his favorite snack food. Andy Warhol was influenced by his love spam on white bread.

Members or supplicants of "The Factory" confirmed last week that Andy Warhol was using Spam as conceptual art. Factory Groupies in his underground hideout confirmed last week that Andy Warhol spent weeks stacking and thinking, thinking and stacking Spam tins, using their rectilinear geometry and logo as his template for a construction that spoke to commerce, art and culture –– a critical indictment of consumer culture. Way back in the 60's, Andy Warhol, the visionary, was thinking outside the box and shocking the aesthete with his originality, his curiosity and access to the powerfully influential in the New York Art Scene.

early spammer with product
 Warhol  at the factory
Andy Warhol at The Factory
Warhol admiring his original concept. Warhol was among the first to recognize Spam as a artistic medium.

Andy's favorite meal:
Frenches mustard and lettuce on white bread with Spam, a glass of warm malted milk
and pickles on the side. Some say, he was influenced by his love of Spam as snack food..

"It was only aesthetic considerations that conspired to push Spam from the spotlight of the Avant Garde," said Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground.

When asked about his motivation for the execution of such a provocative piece Andy said. "I did it because it interested me." But now, truth be told that his original concept was abandoned through a complex series of design considerations.

One might postulate: Andy Warhol was unhappy with the horizontal impact of the Spam Cans, The precise meaning of the number 6 and its sentiment to the viewer remains enigmatic. And there was that sense of color, Andy precisely calibrated all his work for balance and harmony, contrast and complement. Yes, Andy made some important choices for his contribution to us, the public.

Had Andy thought more of the complexities of our social fabric, he might have divined the connotation of Spam, the social pun of Spam, the electronic ubiquity of Spam thus confirming his prophetic status as class commentator by the use of Spam. Yes, Andy Warhol blew it by not keeping with his original concept. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the visual arts has discreetly covered up this information for three decades.
Yet the world should know, Since Andy Warhol noodled with it, Spam has come a long way.

When he said, "It interested me," he might have been disingenuous. Had he another go at the same project, he might have kept to his intuition -- the original Spam Can Designs were superior to Campbell's Soup cans. Had he stuck to his original concept he would have eclipsed the moniker of Pop Icon and would be considered a Prophet.

Warhol's Time Capsule uncovers previously unseen image of Andy Warhol inspecting the proportion of his construction. Why he abandoned the Spam in favor of Campbell's Soup cans remains a mystery.

John Cleese, of Monty Python's Flying Circus, was staying with Andy at the time and obviously was influenced by Andy's experimentation. "Spam spam spam spam."

Mining Pop for Public Good ––Turkey to the Troops

Bush Snuck to Baghdad –– Sneaked back too
copyright Scari©2004
all rights reserved Scari.Org

Vegetarians get Tofurky but the president won't touch the stuff.
He said, how important it was to see his guys.
He had to visit the troops for Thanksgiving.
Our Warrior President in the field –– there he is, our man holding a prop, wearing his newly minted uniform "The Commander in Chief Uniform." It's not too military but it is a uniform. We love the V for Victory. Not since Ike do we have the opportunity to adopt a new look. We think he looks great, he looks fresh as deoderant after sleeping all the way to Baghdad..
He just had to see his men in Baghdad. Once there he got bored and flew back a few hours later to Champaign for more money. My god, Michael Jackson likes his boys and Bush loves his men and the public gets spin. Who pays for these dalliances –– what was the cost per second for the two hour photo-op. We don't mind him pushing his new uniform but I think Carl Rove should "stick to principle" find some other way to fund this promotion of the Visionary President, Gorge W. Bush. shameless self-promotion goes to Baghdad for a photo-op, to fly back, same day turn around, We wish he'd gone to Baghdad to "capture one of them Evil Doers" or return looted art. It was reported he dozed and watched movies all the way back. Spreading Democracy is a heady business. Wish we'd get more here.

"Mission Accomplished" now
"Mission Impossible" with "Mission Creep."

Decider Commander Guy George Bush with stifling piety –– keeper of the public trust as our war criminal.Criminal Bush in baghdad
Criminal Bush: Resolute in his Resolve George W. Bush makes offerings to suppport our troops to beat back the beast.

The Prop, graciously provided by Haliburton was siezed upon by our Commander in Chief for a Photo-Op.
Despite the fact, the poor turkey was underdone, it was served up to his troops anyway. Haliburton added the cost of this photo-op to the cost of reconstruction. When broken down, the cost of the Bush Junket comes to $24,932 per second. Go figure, 120 minutes at $25,000 per second

Studs and Piercings

Studs Terkel says, "Hope Dies Last" –– I think about that when I hear of another suicide bomber extinguishing their hope. The spiritual quality of extinguishing hope is what some would say is the one authentic evil but they are quiet in this meritocracy. I long for those good old days when we were treated to that "Shining City on The Hill." I often wondered if it looked at all like Disneyland, which looks like Neuschwanstein Castle, which was built by King Ludwig who bankrupted Bavaria for his imagined reality. They say he was stabbed, mysteriously murdered in bed by one of his ministers. "I've been to Neuschwanstein and let me tell you, Neuschwanstein is no Shining City on the Hill."
Even when "Hope Dies Last," would Studs Terkle call this "The Good War," or is this obfuscation and subterfuge torn from the pages of George Orwell or more cynically, Henry Kissinger?

Wendell Tately

Neuschwanstein shining on hill


Zobell Prize
Awarded for 2003

Karl Zobell has finally made up his mind and decided to award his prize to the most flagrant thieft of Kiddy Literature to Audrey Giesel and Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Inc for the thieft of the children's Story, "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart"
by Charles Augustus Steen. Now laundered and sold as "Daisey-head Mayzie" the Dr. Seuss story enjoys marketing succuss.

bling bling trophy

Bling Bling Zobell Trophy to accompany the Prize
more on the Zobell Prize

Charles Augustus Steen had his story stolen by Seuss Enterprises, Inc. and laundered through intermediaries (Janet Shulman) to Audre Giesel who claimed to have found the "Dr. Seuss" manuscript in the bottom of a drawer some twenty years after its alleged writing.
The Copywritten story by Charles Agustus Steen was submitted to a shell bead organization called The Institute of Children's Literature for evaluation as to its merit as children's literature.
Just how did "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart" written by Charles Augustus Steen find itself into a bottom drawer of Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss with a new title?
Karl Zobell knows how and wishes to reward those greed obsessed with yet more garlands of recognition.

The might of legal maneurering does not change authenticity, it skews the ground on which all creativity is based. Rewards to the greedy, the powerful, the corrupt must be recognized; free enterprise, invisible hand marketing, public relations and insider deals are the foundation of our economic system, a system that can not change without changing the paradigmatic base our society. Its structure is formed to reward those with hubris and punish the creative.

Stanley Goldburg

The Institute of Children's Literature
'The Pains of Being Pure at Heart' was a story submitted by Charles Agustus Steen to the Institute of Children's Literature. 'The Pains of Being Pure at Heart' was stolen and made into Daisy-Head Mayzie by Janet Schulman who is head of Children's Literature for Random House.

The Institute of Children's Literature states:
"The Institute of Children’s Literature takes your privacy and security very seriously. We are also very aware of the threats to your privacy and security on the Internet. We appreciate and value your confidence in us and we will work steadfastly to maintain your trust by always providing a safe and secure web site where you can visit us."

Free range goose feathers from the mother herself –– Caveat Emptor

Condoleezza Rice and Martha Stewart
"Let them fall on their swords
, or clap them in stocks –– a good drubbing would get at the truth. The scriptures have warned of false prophets, they will see what Hell's Fire of damn-nation does to evil doers"
Jerry Fallwell

Condi Rice and Martha Stewart.jpeg

Condoleezza Rice and Martha Stewart conversing on available alternatives.

Rather than spend the dime and turmoil of punishment in the traditional Western sense, an Eastern approach may be the most efficacious. To fall on one's sword would be efficient and save much in the way of print and hand-wringing. Better yet if Martha Stewart and Condoleezza Rice fell on eath others noses before they grow any longer, would seem, the more pragmatic solution.

"How dare they question my authority, my veracity, my good intentions,
Oh Lord my intentions are good, how could I be so misunderstood."

In an interview with Baba Wawa, Martha Stewart stated, "There's many other people that have gone to prison. Look at Nelson Mandela." There is a parenthetical phrase missing in her statement. It should read, "There are many other people that have gone to prison (for believing in their cause), look at Nelson Mandela."
We know the cause of Nelson Mandela but what of Martha's cause?

Martha goes on to claim political persecution and 'not cheating the little people' just like Nelson Mandela.
Stewart said she was frustrated that a public perception persists that she was involved in an insider-trading scandal. Stewart, the former stock broker was not accused of insider trading, but of lying to investigators and conspiring with her stockbroker Peter Bacanovic to cover up insider trading, a suspicious sale of ImClone stock two years ago. In March a jury found her guilty on all counts — conspiracy, making false statements and obstruction of justice. Sounds like Martha got bad legal advice. Sounds like Martha's appeal might net her more time than she already has. If I were the judge it would be a 'slam dunk.'

With Neslon Mandela having been in prison and Martha Stewart headed there one might conclude that two wrongs don't make a right –– that's Martha's take on suffering for freedom, justice, OmniMedia and " let my people go turn tricks and do deals."
For Christ sake someone give Martha a Gag Order. MarthaTalk is on, there Martha's talk will inform you of just how guiltless and narcissistic her character can be. On, she, Martha will convince you of her authenticity. If this were a public hanging, Martha would twitch and wiggle for hours -- way past sunset. "Martha don't hang good, kick-in and squirming as she dangle, she wiggle too much and take too long to strangle. . ."

Eva Saint Peron

Patriotical Warrior
"bring it on"
Notice: the image below has experienced an extraordinary rendition: censored by google

Resolute War on the Cheap:
"Thank you for a job well done;
Mission Accomplished. Just think what I could do to evil if we had a budget."


Criminal Bushmission accomplished  5/1/03
* "We did it because we could and he tried to kill my Daddy"

"Mission Accomplished"
5/1/03 Hostilities Cease
* Now transformed into
"Mission Impossible"

"We could have made war with more troops but I wanted to save taxpayers the burden of excessive expense when going after the man who tried to kill my daddy."

Resolve, then Resolute

"We remain resolute.
Once we resolve to do something, like take out Saddam Hussein, our resolve in that task makes us resolute in our resolution to believe we are doing the right thing, extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. The world is a better place with our resolutions to rid the world of evil and Saddam Hussein is an evil man."

You Break It, You Fix It.

"The past as prologue does work when looking into the future. Disregarding biblical prohpecy, history is a valuable teacher but for study of the middle east."
Dick Cheney

Thomas Jefferson said it well,
when he observed that
"people who expect to be ignorant and free expect what never was and
never will b

Turkeys in Baghdad

Game Theory
and the
Collective Subjective While
Cheerleading the Space Cowboy

As a citizen looking for fair play, not pragmatism taken to the level of Grand Theft Auto, I'd be much happier with this discussion given a considered context beside the moment. We got here because we left from where? It appears as if the press prefers the Embedded Status imposed by this administration.
On Bush: For a man who loves his men, why is this man, a Compassionate Conservative, absent for the bereaved families of the lost and maimed soldiers; a fitting place to put sympathy given his responsibility for their fate.
As a reelection stunt at taxpayers expense this sneaking about to appear with turkey in tow is due to the skill of the puppeteer, Karl Rove, pageantry designed to show a sartorial puppet's new uniform with the Big V. Has the audience, the press, not noticed the Big V? It's not a subliminal message.
If Bush's junket were preceded by some admission of manipulation of events leading to his Gulf of Tonkin, the subsequent war and its aftermath by staffers and officials that are no longer working in positions to continue this orwellian ruse, I would applaud his attempt to gather the world community in an effort to redeem missteps that the arrogance of power produces -- a Cold War Hangover –– so many toys soo little time. And,"You know he tried to kill my daddy."
Kenneth Lay of Enron didn't donate his jet for this trip, we, the taxpayers underwrite these fits of whimsy and grandstanding –– Brown and Root provided the turkey.
What are we to make of the abuse of power, bad theater sanctioned as public relations by a press unwilling or unable to distinguish the difference.
Is it willful ignorance that propels a press to prefer the embedded status it now enjoys?

Gus O. Kahan


Road Map not read:
The road to Baghdad leads through Jerusalem.
The road to Jerusalem does not lead through Baghdad.


More Turkeys in Baghdad
tough love and hard luck
from palace to penury

The War on Terror has finally found the Icon for our hatred. The Evil Doer is now done. We all should step back a bit and smugly gloat over our global reach, our hegemony, our ability to spend our way into another morass and consider what price we must pay to buy our way out.

After so many years of living large, Saddam looks like a street person in Santa Monica, Saddam Hussein seems pensive after his discovery while living the life of a quiet recluse. Criminal, tyrant, saddist Saddam has much to reckon for but the man, a clone of Stalin, is now without character references or palaces in which to luxuriate. His career track is undone.

As for the War on Terror, is this man in league with Osama Bin Laden?
Is he responsible for our precious Toppled Towers of Trade?
Is Saddam Hussein Al Qaeda Al Qaida. Al Kaida. Al Caida. Al Qayda. Al Kayda. Al Cayda Al Qayida. Al Kayida. Al Cayida?
Howerver you spell it, Al Qaeda he is not.

We are all so happy now that
Saddam Hussein is gone.

Conspiracy Theory:
It's common knowledge that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis former First Lady and American Icon had a profound
hatred for the World Trade Towers. She fought to keep them from being built. Sources say that Jacqueline Kennedy may have been controlling Al Qaeda from beyond the grave. She may be responsible for the impetus of Al Qaeda to do the nasty and Saddam was just a pawn in the greater scheme of diversions to control the American Psyche. Winning the hearts and minds of a fickle, easily manipulated and utterly self centered group is not easy.

Story of the day
On The Next Survivor: The next episode of Survivor is being negociated with the Bush Administration. To be shot in a Baghdad Prision with Saddam Hussein as one of the contestants, this unabashed existential version is to be a new benchmark in reality television.
Mickey ganesh has long forecast the melding of reality television into a banal amalgam of conspiracy theory and profit motive.
It seems Saddam is not in the best of shape but will bounce back soon, “I need a little rest and conversation and I'll be ready in a couple of weeks.”
The beauty of this kind of programming one executive stated, "one can watch Survivor on the 5:00 o'clock news," a laudable notion, further fusion of media will allow the average citizen more choice. It's all about choice. . .

Mickey Olyphant Ganesh    
copyright Scari©2004
all rights reserved Scari.Org

Congratulations on your finding,
Google has little people in overalls and shoulder holsters, one with a gun, the other with a bible, looking and making entries, jiggering our perception of calm.
"This site has been picked by agenda driven folk that have our best interest in mind. This site: Scari.Org is classified."
Alberto Gonzales
Scari.Org has experienced an extraordinary rendition for the sake of Homeland and those who foster that notion, known or unknown. When the Homeland Folk censor a site like Scari.Org you know that it's a conspiracy or as the Chimera in "The Fly" said, "Please help me."
We are cosmic beings –– fancy carbon. Let us treat ourselves as such -- we can take it. It's guaranteed, we will all come back as part of something.
Why you may ask? Gus O. Kahan

spirit rover
exculpatory evidence

Man in the Box