Gulf War II regrettably still in production

Gulf War II
Operation Iraqi Freedom, still shooting on location

On Location and Rapture Ready

The cast, on location, expresses frustration with the lack of direction, Condi said, "The script is being written as we shoot and the producer has no clue as to set design, "Our budget was not adequate for a full, complete and robust shooting. The footage of film shot has reached astromomical levels as the cast of characters squabble over diologue. Scott McClellan, press agent, the official spoksman, says, "There are a few glitches but the shooting is going forward according to plan. We plan a wrap sometime next spring; departure will be swift and efficient. We will edit for a final cut by spring, screenings are planned for June with release for the mid-summer Blockbuster season,." we all know the devil is in the details. Nagging questions arise as the shooting progresses,
is George W. Bush an Idealist without Illusion or an Illusionist without Ideals?

It is now understood shooting in two locations simultaneously has its drawbacks. Editing a coherent movie from the footage will be problematic, we all know the devil is in the details.

Needless to say Mad Magazine is upset about the budget situation and has sought other avenues for refinance. It is now understood that pre-production had not planned for contingencies, "there was not a clear plan."
Promotion and distribution is still up in the air, we all know the devil is in the details.

Our thanks to Mad Magazine: Mad is reponsible for the prophetic insight, the promotional zeal in the runup to the shooting of Gulf War II. We all hope the ending is an upper, we all know the devil is in the details.

A Thriller of Biblical Dimension Bogged Down
Sexy and filled with intrigue, deception, betrayal, revenge, and lots of love of god and country, Gulf War II is a revisit to the memory of Vietnam and a bridge too far genre of film noir.

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Criminal Bush the inept bloviator says:
"Give yourself to Jesus and You can have it all."criminal Bush w/ messianic zeal
War Criminal: assault on reason with stifling piety
serving up death and destruction with messianic zeal
our leader w/o a clue remains drunk on stifling piety

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Yes, We are still caught between Iraq and a hard place
We have definitely moved beyond the lady in the blue dress, Monica; Impeachment should be reserved for the worthy.

Joe Biden did say. . .

Senate Hearing on war powers for the use of preemptive force. Joe Biden said again and again, "KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL."

October 1, 2003 Beyond the Persistance of Doubt, QED.
"Keep you eye on the Ball"
We all should remember, we should. On the eve of Gulf War II during the Senate Hearing on war powers for the use of preemptive force. Joe Biden said again and again, "KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL." It was a simple request, keep your eye on the ball. But we, the public, watched as this, unfairly elected, administration double dribbled, clipped, barged at the mark and stepped out of bounds -- yes Joe Biden made a simple request of us and we let him down.

Now months later we are busy looking stupid. Bush looks dumb (as usual), Rumsfeld is talking of a slog and preemption engineered by Cheney and his supplicants have forced us to suffer babbling sycophantic platitudes and we, the willfully ignorant, allow the justice of Ashcroft to reign supreme while we send, get well, cards to Rush Limbaugh; the babbling talking head of heads. Meanwhile, like Dr. Henery Kissinger, Dr. Condoleezza Rice the academic pragmatist, spins and spins a dervish credible to no one -- let her fall on here swords.
Why are we, the unwashed convinced we are in the final daze of Pax Amerika.
"Gee Dad we saw the fall of Communism, what's next?"
"New Bridge Strategies, LLC my son that's where the smart money is.
Our War on Terror will carry on through the next century I hope. Good for investors too.
Religious wars are the best wars my son."

Wendell E. Tately

jehovah's witness
lest we forget the source of all this pain
Gulf War II –– FILM NOIR by appletree blog Gordo

Again and again, History reminds us that we Humans have short Memories.
So mindless repetition is our goal . . .
. gok.

A Thriller of Biblical Dimension
Bogged Down

Sexy and filled with intrigue, deception, betrayal, revenge, and lots of love of god and country, Gulf War II is a revisit to the memory of Vietnam and a bridge too far genre of film noir.

Cast Speaks Out

Patrick Stewart plays Osama Bin Laden. He has through the shooting, complained of his limited role in a movie that now is of Biblical proportions. He said, "Osama, Osama, if this film had been about Moses, I'd have something to do beside sip tea off set."

Jack Nicholson, plays Dick Cheney. He is pleased with the mendacious, odious, character of the Vise President and believes he will, as supporting actor, be in line for an academy nomination. He loves the dark persona of the Vice President. "I love Dark Dick. it's my kinda role."

Halle Berry, as Condi, feels her part is complex as a black woman in a white man's world. She believes she has a shot at another Academy Award with yet another prolonged sex scene with the National Security Council . . .

Al Pacino plays Ahmed Chalabi with dignity and charm. He loves the duplicity and mendacity of his charater too. Pacinophiles will love his role.

Donald Rumsfeld, played by Warren Beaty is smart with great orations and deep existential lines.

Danny Glover as Colin Powell, has complained of his dimished part as Sceretary of State.

Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Karl Rove and finds the character he developed in Capote is perfect for the part of Karl.

Anthony Hopkins plays Saddam Hussein in a brief belligerent walk-on cameo, however his character is fully developed, complete and very satisfying. He is hard to recognize in costume and mustache.

Yoni Chockalingam

Plot: Gulf War II impending storm:
Based on a anachronistic and counter-intuitive notion, Gulf War II makes the premise; "The Road to Jerusalem passes thru Baghdad." But everyone knows the road to Baghdad leads thru Jerusalem,
That road through Jerusalem leads to Tehran, Damascus, Cairo, Tripoli, Ahman, Islamabad and even Khartum; perhaps Mecca too.
but, that doesn't fit to scripture, does It?

Ephima Morphew


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Pax to the Max
Ebullient Excess with Pax America



History reminds us,
we Humans have
short Memories.

Gus O.Kahan


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2009 missive
BIBICAL update: 2009
Beautific Osama was created in 2003
Beautific Osama vs The Barak Obama

In 2009,
The Gulf War II Story, still shooting on location.

Barack Obama is no Othello, some say he's made of Jello but with handicap-a-plenty he must move on to serve our every whimsy.











Criminal Bush the inept bloviator says:
"Give yourself to Jesus and You can have it all."

Obama's Gulf War II
blessed with an Obamanation not of his making. Let's work together and get over the Motivational Speaker who petitions the Lord with Prayer, Crusader Bush.

Barack Obama is immersed in a mire created by a slam-dunk fraud.
Gulf War II,  with Obama
The Gulf War II Story, still shooting on location in the Obamanation.
There must be a resolution to our hubris -- be it ever so ugly for all.

Meanwhile: George Bush Ex-President, now motivational speaker for Jesus and the redeeming qualities of having dogs as life companions has hit the speaking circuit to inspire a sense of wonder for messianic thinking. Now relegated to dogs and prayer he is receiving much support for his inspired thinking on techniques for picking up dog poo. He's left his other persuits on hold, War on Terror and Spreading Democracy by sword; misplaced efforts perhaps.

What would Obama-Do with his Obama-Do, Do-run runn Obama-Do run run