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passion goddess
Genital talk: product placement, professionalism and Testimonials

We met in a sitting room crowded with divans and coffee tables, the walls were draped with garish tapestries of historic ancestors of her profession. In colorful costume, they objectify themselves: mute muses. She was a trifle plump and a bit past here prime, for me, her motivation seemed misplaced but her enthusiasm was real.

"As a concubine I have lots to do but in my spare moments, those precious snippets of time that I have to myself, I meditate in my sports shoes. Sometimes, among a few of my favored clients, I am encouraged to work in my Nike sneakers; they do give me lots more traction, favoring my johns with much satisfaction. This has economic benefits for me and pleasure for my suitors. I don't know what I'd do without my Nikes, I just do it and blessings smile upon me."

She, reflecting on he lot, reconciled to her role, seemed pleased with her material wealth; her spiritual solace was reconciled by the social norms of her station; the hereafter will afford new opportunity.

Skimpy Kit demands a Racy Skit, the root of all evil. Performance and sexual access within social context leaves many disaffected by abuse as all social constructs have limitations when sexual freedoms are faced by the reality of our human evolutionary legacy.

Yoni Chockalingam



Eunuchs: social pariah or liberated recreationalist

Among the most traumatized of those affected by genital mutilation are the eunuchs.
For Sex Tourists', Eunuchs have a particular mystic. Sex Recreationalists visiting exotic places, find the eunuch to be an object of much confusion.



Genital disfigurement can be fun and decorative

Decorative Disfigurement
Bling Bling

Genital disfigurement can be both fun, decorative and practical. For those of us in the West there are methods for genital beauty that allow for personal expression; design elements can take many directions with flattering, sexy and erotic benefits. This is a personal and not a tribal choice. Rather than having the tribe embellish one's genital region this task can be taken on by your local piercing parlor thus relieving your tribe from the burden of strict rules of protocol and ritual.

bling bling decoration
Bling Bling for The Big Thing

Tribal symbols are essential for fellow members to recognize status and gender roles. Favored tribals have access to priveledge and reward.

Clitoridectomy and Infibulation on African Infants

"She loses only a little piece of the clitoris, just the part that protrudes. The girl does not miss it. She can still feel, after all. There is hardly any pain. Women's pain thresholds are so much higher than men's." "It's only a little piece of skin. The baby does not feel any pain because his nervous system is not developed yet."

"The parts that are cut away are disgusting and hideous to look at. It is done for the beauty of the suture." "An uncircumcised penis is a real turn-off. Its disgusting. It looks like the penis of an animal."

"Female circumcision protects the health of a woman. Infibulation prevents the uterus from falling out [uterine prolapse]. It keeps her smelling so sweet that her husband will be pleased. If it is not done, she will stink and get worms in her vagina." "An uncircumcised penis causes urinary infections and penile cancer. It generates smegma and smegma stinks. A circumcised penis is more hygienic and oral sex with an uncircumcised penis is disgusting to women."
"An uncircumcised vulva is unclean and only the lowest prostitute would leave her daughter uncircumcised. No man would dream of marrying an unclean woman. He would be laughed at by everyone." "An uncircumcised penis is dirty and only the lowest class of people with no concept of hygiene leave their boys uncircumcised."

"Leaving a girl uncircumcised endangers both her husband and her baby. If the baby's head touches the uncut clitoris during birth, the baby will be born hydrocephalic [excess cranial fluid]. The milk of the mother will become poisonous. If a man's penis touches a woman's clitoris he will become impotent." "Men have an obligation to their wives to give up their foreskin. An uncircumcised penis will cause cervical cancer in women. It also spreads disease."
"A circumcised woman is sexually more pleasing to her husband. The tighter she is sewn, the more pleasure he has." "Circumcised men make better lovers because they have no more staying power than uncircumcised men."

"All the women in the world are circumcised. It is something that must be done. If there is pain, then that is part of a woman's lot in life." "Men in all the 'civilized' world are circumcised."
"Doctors do it, so it must be a good thing." "Doctors do it, so it must be a good thing."
Sudanese grandmother: "In some countries they only cut out the clitoris, but here we do it properly. We scrape our girls clean. If it is properly done, nothing is left, other than a scar. Everything has to be cut away." My own father, a physician, speaking of ritual circumcision inflicted upon my son: "It is a good thing that I was here to preside. He had quite a long foreskin. I made sure that we gave him a good tight circumcision."

35 year old Sudanese woman: "Yes, I have suffered from chronic pelvic infections and terrible pain for years now. You say that all if this is the result of my circumcision? But I was circumcised over 30 years ago! How can something that was done for me when I was four years old have anything to do with my health now?" 35 years old American male: "I have lost nearly all interest in sex. You might say that I'm becoming impotent. I don't seem to have much sensation in my penis anymore, and it is becoming more and more difficult for me to reach orgasm. You say that this is the result of my circumcision? That doesn't make any sense. I was circumcised 35 years ago, when I was a little boy. How can that affect me in any way now?"


Chick Lit: Shakti, mother goddess
Chick Lit: Shakti, the mother Goddess, also known as Ambaa (mother), or Devi (Goddess) is considered to be the personification of Cosmic Energy in its dynamic form. It is believed that Shakti is the power and energy with which the Universe is created, preserved, destroyed and recreated (by the trinity of Hinduism Bhrahma, Vishnu and Shiva). Chick Lit would do well to explore this avenue with further investigation into the feminine psyche.


Beyond body scarification and tatoos
Beyond Genital Mutilation

Genital Warts are the ulitmate in genital disfigurement. Non prescribed treatment of warts is okay for facial, however, not for a vaginal wart or penile wart. The condition is usually caused by human papilloma viruses. Infection affects the skin and mucous membranes; it can occur in any age, but increases at 12-16 years. The disease is asymptomatic, but may cause cosmetic disfigurement and tenderness. Malignant change is rare. No amount of piercing will affect the aflicted area, however, geniatal warts are a large part of tribal discourse. Genital warts can be attractive in rare occasions, depending on the aesthetic of the beholder.

prescribed treatment of warts is okay for facial warts, however, not for the vagina or penile wart. Do not mix medications!

genital disfigurement is not always a handicap for social acceptance or procreation. There are minimal discomforts; trade offs for the benefit of the tribe and the promotion of courtly love.
Rules for Courtly Love

Men's Caucus for women of the Arts
Men's Caucus 30 year anniversary 1969 -- 1999
continuing on in 2004 with more events than ever before.

The Goddess,
Feminist Theory and
The Mud Flap Women

Resources for and reference to the Mudflap Woman or Mud Flap Girl are being preserved and cataloged by the Men's Caucus for Women of the Arts.
Goddess worship comes in many forms:
The Mud-flap Women is iconic and profound, a source of renewal and vitality. Most men know of the power of the Mud Flap Women as Goddess on a visceral level but the intellectual processes are ambiguous and less well defined.
The Promise Makers have archived references and linage from the distant past -- icons of the Mud Flap Women. Goddesses come in many forms but relate to the same theme, a source of power –- fecundity. There is a need for much more thought on this topic to clearify feminist doctrine. In order to conclude a unified field theory on the status of the Mud Flap Woman -- the Promise Makers and the Men's Caucus for Women of the Arts has archived a rich body of knowledge. They are tasked to the challenge.

Promise Makers archives: "As long as there are mudflaps there will be Mud Flap Ladies."
Have you ever wanted to know what happened to the Mud Flap Women? She's still trucken however her supporters have diminished. There are many reasons for her decline, foremost, is Feminism, a coalition that believes that sex and gender are not objectifiable. The Promise Makers knows better, a champign has been launched to reserrect the Goddeses, including the MudFlap Women. If the Venus of Villendorf can be worshiped, her powers and symbology is essentially the same as the Mud Flap Women. Directly decentant from fertility symbology, the Mud Flap Women symbol is a icon for mobility in the last century. A Venus of Villendorf would not fit on a mud flap with any aesthetic perportion, thus the Mud Flap Women.
Far less sexist than a Playboy Bunny, the Mud Flap Women is a icon with a long and proud past. "As long as there are mud flaps there will be Mud-Flap Women, they will be there to symoblically reference productivity, reproductivity, fruitfulness, fecundity and fertility,"



Masters and Johnson
Masters and Johnson with Baker
67"X 42" Oil on Canvas
Heather Maxwell 2/05

Artist conception: Rare intimate moment of Masters and Johnson with Norma Jean Baker
copyright Scari©2004
all rights reserved Scari.Org

Tonsils from Hell

Yoni Attitudes Yoni Aesthetic: The Yoni for the tribe assumes many affectations
Leaving no doubt, these are tonsils from hell
the Scream, Edvard Munch's
The Scream both demonic and beautiful but Edvard Munch would not understand.

Follow Your Bliss
Both playful and threatening this Yoni
is best taken on with a spiritual attitude , triumph of good over evil, demanding one's better angels to control the game at hand. There is no question as to who is boss and who will call the shots. Feminism is a nasty beast when left to the owner to decide the rules of play –– who is boss.

It must be noted, genital enhancement would not be possible if circumcision and clitoridectomy were performed on this female; the effect would not be the same, other design options might be persued, but the possibilities would be greatly limited. Now with her lebias in tact, she is free to follow her bliss –– her quest for individuality. Perhaps in later years as her skin tone and zest for sex is diminished she might look at her work of art and wonder if her men/women are still impassioned by the lust she once engenderd. .


feminist goddess
the Feminist lens by Promise Makers Archives

Radical Feminists for Goddess Worship

Fertility Goddesses come in many forms, the Mud Flap Lady is just one amoug many but her power to inspire and provoke remains enigmatic, reconciled in counterdiction and confusion. "As long as there are mudflaps there will be MudFlap Ladies."


"Bling Bling and the big thing"

Tweens explore non-heteronormative sexuality by role playing:
Among the new product line offerings are games to prepare for that postmodern eventuality. So Sue Me, and Menopause -- Hot Flash are board games designed to provide feminine experience related reality.

The new game, Charge It - Plastic Identity is sweeping a new breed of tween interested in material acquisition and acquiring debt load.

Tweeney games include interesting and educational action games preparing the teen-to-be for the competitive, confrontive and liberated gender roles of the 21st Century.
Grand theft Auto -- girls edition, Cat Fight at the Mall, Tween Talk and Jimmy's Girl are all interactive video games sure to educate.
Tar Pit -- Mud Wrestling, have product appeal for prepubesent goddesses wishing a leg up on adulthood. Girl Talk on piercings, tattoo styles and navel bling bling adornements is popular for those with artistic interests. Tween Genital Modification ideas are available on the Tween channel:

Teens and tweenies have more offerings than ever before.

New Feminist Lens Origional Chick Lit Art by Eric PetersonMeet the devil and the fat lady
The devil and the fat Lady live on in The Chick Lit Drama. Obese babes engage in
erotic pleasures knowing carnal titillation by the pound to be preferred by Satan..

The Feminist Lens
a movement centered around the vagina, related regions including the amygdala, limbic region, hypothalamus and those in possession of all essential equipment to qualify. Those without requisite credentials are allowed priveledged acess upon request. The Promise Makers have gone to considerable effort to provide interested parties archive access.