Coming Soon:
Disneyland India

In a place of where faries are dismissed as minor fare, Disneyland India will be over the top, a place to bring Bollywood to its knees; every Indian will have to go, to see, to believe -- beyond Kitsch.
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Culture Quest

Political Philosophy
and do your puja
Mickey say,
"Do your puja."

One world, one Deity, Testimonials below

fractal Ganesh
Mickey Mandelbrot Ganesh

Transmogrification, Transformation, authentic Transcendence
The destroyer of obstacles can obliterate willful ignorance and secure enlightenment through knowledge management to the devotee, with the wave of a one hand and the lighting of just one little candle the sweet low hanging fruit of Globalization can be yours. Do your Puja and see what will be on the money tree. Secure the fruits of the future by worshiping just One Deity forever more.

Ganesh Shrine, One world one Deity

With the obliteration of obstacles, free market forces are, at last, liberated to unleash their potency on our globe. Icon for the ages -- Mickey Ganesh has devotees in the millions, most of whom are unaware of their passion for this icon of consumption. East and West, both are on the cusp of a new revolution; A revolution that will eliminate the horror of banality, unrelieved toil and nascent navel gazing.
With each Deity having temples in their respective lands, the merger of Mickey and Ganesh is a "ready made" adding authority to post-high-postmodern theory, permission for yet more additions to the body of knowledge. Belief before understanding is essential.

"A Just in Time' Deity in a
Just in Time' world."
Tom Friedman, shill for Globalization

Ganesh Arrives
The Destroyer of Obstacles
is now on our shores

Ganesha: Destroyer of obstacles is to become the market force for globalization. Inorder to flourish, Market Forces and Cyberagape join into one deity.

Every Hindu household has a sacrosanct place for the family dieties –– in the West it's a refrigerator.

With the persistence of doubt -- there is an ongoing Kultur Quest to merge and consolidate the need to believe.

Mickey Ganesh fills the void for the believer to have dieties and for deities to have believers. Once one believes, understanding is understood.

Ganesh, the destroyer of obstacles
and the paragon of western thought,
Mickey Mouse, have through recombination,
joined into one deity -- Mickey Ganesh.

Animists now have an animal deity that conforms to contemporary issues and problems of our planetary

Mickey Ganesh is the pan-ultimate human resource arbitrageur melding all human resources into public relations and managed perception of our need to have needs.
Remember: Milton Friedman Hindu Scholar and Nobel Laureate for economics said,
"For the best of all possible worlds choice is the one force that drives the need to have needs. So many choices -- so many needs, the invisible hand is the best hand for demanding supply –– supplying demand."


Mickey Ganesh a marvel of synchronicity, a visual feast: A "Just in Time' Deity in a Just in Time world."
Mickey Olyphant Ganesh in you place of worship will insure the destructin of obstacles for now and forever, The perfect deity at the perfect time for Cyberagape to flourish.

Testimonials: One world, one Deity

New Paganists for Ganesh and Mickey:

"Dear Mickey Ganesh, I'm a very spiritual person. I have so much faith and now I know weare to put it.
I want to show my love for you. as a new paganist, I find you a compelling diety to add to my personal shirne corner."

Ephima Morphew

"I now have a Mickey Ganesh sculpture in my place of worship. Since the installation, my life has changed. I won the lottery and now I am building a huge house with a special Mickey Ganesh Shrine Hall to insure more destruction of obstacles. Thank you Mickey."

Yoni Chockalingham

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Coming Soon:
Disneyland India

In a place of where faries are dismissed as minor fare, Disneyland India will be over the top –– unbridled kitsch

Red Ganesh
Green Ganesh
Ganesh and Mickey
exculpitory evidence