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Mickey Ganesh, Icon for the Ages

Introducing to you:
the answer to all your doubts about where it’s all rushing to.
The Pundit:
Mickey Ganesh, the putative spiritual leader to hundreds of millions, conveys
the calm and serenity contemporary humanity desires. We, being unaware of our devotion to the hypnotic spiritual powers of the deity, are bereft of the satisfaction of having something to believe in.
Like many Icons, Mickey Ganesh sprung to life, cut from whole cloth -- synthetic cloth. S.C.A.R.I. has devoted thousands of hours of research in confirming the existence of this elusive meditative state. Now confirmed, Mickey Ganesh has emerged, prepared to deliver to you your need to believe in something. Devotees of all races, on all continents, are apostles to the tenets of Mickey Olyphant Ganesh.

Our Mickey Ganesh Calendars prinded on eight and a half by eleven quality paper. Just hang and watch the months roll by.

Be a devotee, collector and proselytizer now, and be secure in your decision to execute choice. Mickey Ganesh loves choice, you do too.
mickey Olyphant ganesh

The 2008 Mickey Ganesh Calendars are, umm, beautiful and compelling with deep meditative quality

Ganesh Calendar
order you Mickey Ganesh Calendar for 2008
The 2008 Calendars are beautiful and compelling when it comes to spiritual guidance

Mickey in the Garden of Earthly Delights


Contemplative, serene and mesmerizing,
Mickey Ganesh sits before his lagoon existing
in this most perfect of all possible moments.
and don't forget to "Do Your Puja."

Mickey Ganesh is proposed for mural status at the U of O. The Design group at Scari: Shami Premdas, Gus O. Kahan, M. Lee Randles, Krishna Rao and Natalie Shifrin Whitson have developed an Icon-Idol-Symbol that embraces the full spectrum of Multiculturalism. The Multicultural mural proposed for the Erb Memorial Union Bldg is an opportunity to break new ground in the understanding of culture mixture.

The Proposal submitted by the Serene Cultural Alliance Research Institute is a large rendering of the Hindu God Ganesh (God of Knowledge) w/Mickey mouse ears (American icon for innocence and obedience); the image is surrounded by symbols of the respective cultures.

Dr. Gus O. Kahan states, “The essence of Multiculturalism has evolved since the 70’s. Mickey Ganesh embraces a commonality of contemporary cultural experience, a commodification of being. Culture itself has taken on a decided Post-modern pallor w/complex balances of an ambiguous nature. Both Idols/Symbols (Elephant Ganesh )(Mickey Mouse) have temples in their respective lands – each; being from opposite ends of the earth make for an authentic Multicultural Visual Experience.”



In the bathroom: framed on the wall,
a Mickey – Ganesh is a sophistocated statement about bathroom humor.
Like many Icons, Mickey Ganesh sprung to life, cut from whole cloth -- polyester.
Inquire: Mickey Olyphant Ganesh

Robert Johnson/ganesh.jpg
Mickey on Exhibition

Mickey on Exhibition: As one can see Mickey Olyphant Ganesh works well in many places.

"Do Your Puja."