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G Spot Stimulation
Basic Instinct

Need help in you personal torments?
Is sex an animal torment to be avoided?
Are there places you wish to go, feelings you wish to have?
Do you experience Existential Dread?
Are there needs unmet, potentials untapped?
Do you need libido loss therapy? Do you need a libido at all?
Is there more to life than just thinking about sex?
Are there new moods to be obtained by further education, experimentation, therapy?
Can "Follow your Bliss" save you from wanting more because less is not enough?
Can counseling help?

The Gräfenberg Spot

Image of G Spot through atomic force microscopy (AFM)

G Spot Microscopy
G Spot fully engorged and stimulated
atomic force microscopy (AFM)
detail of G Spot on vagianal wall

Whether service based or do it yourself techniques are applied, G Spot Stimulation improves manual and genital dexterity

G SPOT Counseling and Escort Services
A wide range of stimulation is available
Example: Bethany undertook a regimine of regular sessions under my care. After just four months of stimulation she took possession of her vaginal orgasmic potential. Since her initial therapy she has left her fast track corporate position and become a Personal Trainer for a famous Movie Star," I am a believer." Her needs for personal possessions and social status are now in scale with her spiritual path.

Unaccustomed to G Spot stimulation, Tiffany undertook a regimine of regular sessions under my care. After just two months of regular stimulation she took passionate possession of her erogenous zones. Since her initial therapy she has left her executive position with Donald Trump at Trump Towers to become a sex worker in Amsterdam. Her needs for personal possessions and social power are now in scale with her spiritual awareness.
G Spot counseling does work, G Spot stimulation is the answer.

Hotline Access: The Counselor's Hotline is the last best stop, the last best hope – counseling for counselors. Stay in the loop, if you can't counsel, then atleast you can be counseled to. Our switchboards are open with professional, passionate and caring staff ready to listen to you. As you know, counseling works, give it a try. Listening is our passion, Counseling is our profession.

Stanley U. Goldburg

The Counselor's Hotline: provides assistance in understanding the meaning of life, dealing with career missteps and how to market yourself in a world where there are more counselors than people needing counseling.

The Counselor's Hotline and Scari Escort Services will give to you a new outlook on our social fabric, its functions and how to thread the needle to success.

Are you a counselor? Out of work? Do you have no one to talk to? Call or e-mail the Counselo's Hotline for advice chat and a career changing outlook. You know when there are more counselors than people needing to be counseling the the feed back loop presses to a zero sum game. Being in the now is the first step in making a new break with relaity. Counselors with professional quandries and professional doubt have a place to go for discreet, confidential advise on those issues that bedevil the career dedicated counselor.

The Councelor's Hotline is on the cusp of psychic and carnal healing. When it comes to recovery, our recovery produces results. It's up to you to maintain psychic balance through continued counseling. This may be your last opportunity to take advantage of Celestial Signs interpreted by cosmic experts. Opportunity forgone is opportunity forever lost.

phallic pitfall

Remember what Stanley Goldburg said. "Are you part of the Problem or the Solution? We are all part of the problem, it's a matter of degrees."


G SPOT Counseling and Escort Services

A wide range of stimulation is available

Have you eclipsed penis worship?
Are you beyond naked lust?
Is clitoral orgasam all it's cracked up to be?
Does vaginal orgasam resinate to you?
Is there more to sex than a pro-forma exercise?
Do men understand that role playing is essential?
Are there sex machines designed to repace the services of others?
Can toes and fingers replace the penis?
Is Muggle Jelly safe to use with electrodes?

Hyper Liberated Christians unite to retrieve their sexuality,
their humanity, their love of fellow man –– Agape!

Really it's all about Jesus
Startegic Error: Man, having created Gods in his own image now must relearn animist wisdom. Animists knew when the critters (Animal Spirits) disappear there is penatence to be done. Unfortunately penatence does not reserrect extinct species, penatenence is usless for the reserrection of nature, the habitat of anthropacentrism leaves only political animals inspired by scriptures, like trained apes, to repeat the phrases that created the willful neglect of the real reality. Really it's all about ignorance. We don't need aliens to invade our planet, to take over our minds and bodies, we have ourselves to battle for the moral economic and spiritual higher ground –– "And fare thee well."

vaginal vortex
Vagina Vortex

The Gräfenberg Spot engaging neurotransmitters with subsequent pleasure to the brain. As they say, "it's all in your head" even when one thinks it's coming from somewhere else.

Analyzed Data.jpg

Counselor's Hotline

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Further, Beyond the G Spot, many other spots require counseling by the Counselor's Hotline.
Integral to full and robust recovery Rebirthing Debriefing is essential.

Penis Enhancement Counseling

Penis Enhancement gone wrong: Not all penis enhancements bare fruitful results. There are caveats to the many penis enhancement processes, things can go wrong, terribly wrong. For those afflicted by the undesirable after effects of misplaced enlargements, there is help. Counselor's Hotline is there for you.

Remember: this pathology may be reversible in seven percent of cases treated. There is hope but for many learning to live with the distortion of undesirable, irreversible body part enlargements, there is required resignation to one's new status as a survivor of botched penis enhancement therapy; a counter therapy regimen of Liposuction may provide some relief, however there are side effects, loss of libido and listlessness are among the side affects effecting misplaced and undesired enlargements. For those with unmanageable distortion, our clinic can provide the elevation of self-esteem through a network of afflicted patients, regular group therapy sessions can provide some comfort. Reinforcement networking has provided thousands with a happy and fruitful existence no matter what effects afflicted patients may suffer, no matter what ailment affecting one's psychic space, through spiritual sustenance their is hope. The Survivors Network works.

Counseling is the last best hope for a somewhat full and useful life.

Help Support Penis Enhancement Counseling

Penis Enhancement with undesirable ancellary effect. While the patient's penis remained unaffected by therapy, other body parts took on a life of their own. This morphology occurrs in nearly 32% of patients treated, still there are millions who desire a larger penis. This desire stems from a need for men to be loved regardless of character or intellect.

He once had a powerful muscular body with, what he considered, an inadequate phallus. Now his body has changed and he still has the same penis. Don't let this happen to you.

Not all penis enlargments affect the appropiate body part leaving effects undesirable and, frankly, miserable to live with.
While this patient has nipples perfect for piercing, he is not the type to desire bling bling decoration. He once had a powrful muscular body with, what he considered, an inadquate male probe to plumb the depts of her sexuality.

enhancement therapy
click for additional information on other enhancements

Penis Enhanced and extented to maximum potential for the pleasure of the oppisite sex
is not always a happily ever after senario.
This man is on the cusp of unconsciousness.flaccid consciousness
Abe Feltenstein posing with his flaccid penis.


Abraham's Phallus when fully erect (engorged) requires so much blood that lucid conciousness is forgone leaving him unable to perform even the most rudimentary carnal tasks. First, motor control is foregone with dizzyness, then unconsiousness is soon to follow. Once flaccid he again awakes with no memory of his sexual encounter leaving a potential sexual companion or partner flummoxed by his behavior. Through counseling Abe's attitude toward his plight is much improved. Over time, he has learned to engage in foreplay without sexual arrousal leaveing him fully conscious and able to enjoy sexual flirtations with memory of the entire encounter. Coitus is not an option with his condidion, however, he can engage in light foreplay, petting and stroking with little dizzyness. With future therapy, there may be the possibility for Abraham to consider having sex (for procreation only) a full erection and eventual penetration may be possible with sufficient blood tranfusions and intervenious drip solutions while performing.

Penis Enhancement Counseling Continued:

Penis Enhancement Syndrome affects one out of seven men having undegone a variety of penis enlargement regimens.

Penis enhancement even when successful may be more a part of the problem than the solution. While sperm count is usually unaffected, the ability for doners to transmit seminal fluids to a recipient is rendered impossible.

It's not easy, being a man looking for love today. Some have taken their needs to a level that may excite a middle aged obiese mother of twelve but the price paid for that conquest my leave one incapable of normal member balance or wholesome interactions –– happy relationships and a satisfying sex life is forgone for the pretense of sexual performance leaveing the sexually enhanced male as as impotent as a Eunuch.

Penis Enhancement Syndrome

Penis Enhancement is not alway as promised. For some the newly extended member with adequate girth has side effects, affecting sexual permormance. Some men with extreme endowments lose consiousness when sexually aroused. This is frustrating for sex partners and dangerous when attempting masterbation while standing. The affected party often has no memory of the event. Not all penis enlargments affect the appropiate body part favorably, leaving effects undesirable and, frankly, miserable to live with.

 Rasputin: master of Courtly Love
Rasputin deep in thought

Rasputin in Contemplation

Famous stud, Rasputin was rendered impotent after additional enhancement exercises. His fate was directly tied to the fall of the Romanov Dynasty. Penis Enhancement had some influence on the paranoia of the Court of St. Perersburg. His threat to the power of the Tzar was realized as his murder was responsible for the toppeling ot the Romanov Dynesty. Communists were ancillary to the death of Tzar Nicolaus and family. Rasputin's Penis lives on today in pickeling solution, a momument to Courtly Love, the preservation of the myth and a sense of wonder.

Phallic Pitfalls
and Courtly Love,
genital dexterity

Some have not succeeded in carrying on their blood line. Phallus inhacement bore no fruit for Rasputin

Even though Rasputin, throughout his life, had never taken a bath, yet he was in high demand by females of the Romanov Court wishing to use his tool.

Rasputin's early life is shrouded in mystery, and the public fragments come from family oral traditions. At age eighteen he joined the outlawed heretical Khlysty (Flagellants) sect, 'stealing' their mixture of mystical piety and breathless sexual hedonism. Rasputin later travelled to the Orthodox Christian centers at Mount Athos, Greece, and Jerusalem, rapidly earning a reputation as a 'staretz' (self-proclaimed holy man and folk healer) and master hypnotist. This antinomian aspect of Rasputin later influenced 'Church of Satan' founder Anton Szandor LaVey, and counter-pointed the teachings of Graeco-Armenian magus George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff who thaught a severe form of penis enhancement starting from an early age. Rasputin having excelled in his discipline was absorbed into the Russian Royal Court as a lamp lighter; he rose quickly in the Byzantine higherarchy through shred manipulation of his sexual prowess. Rasputin's demise was largely propelled by jealousy and envy.

Rasputin's Penis: This penis is neither erect nor flacid but it's pickled since Rasputin's body was found in the Neva River. His murder was a long and a very dreadful event; he was not cooperative in its execution. In mid winter, Rasputin was finally thrown in the Neva River to be found one week later. His lungs were full of water demonstrating that he continued to live after being poisoned, stabbed and shot, then clubbed to a pulp. His trophy penis is on display in St. Petersburg. One can only hope his soul went to heaven.

sea cucumber
The Penis of Rasputin: In the St. Petersburg Museum is a seminal example of gender obsession gone wrong, ending terribly for the owner of this member..

Rasputin and Phallic Pitfalls

Since the Empress had become so dependent on Rasputin, Prince Felix Yussupov and other members of the family believed murder was the only way to get rid of the monk.
On December 16, 1916 Yussupov invited Rasputin to his home in St. Petersburg. Feeding him cyanide-laced wine and cakes, Yussopov thought killing Rasputin would be easy. He was wrong. Rasputin did not eat sweets. Rasputin collapsed from the poison, but did not die.
Later, the alleged details of the murder came out. Yussopov shot Rasputin in the chest, but still he did not die. One of the conspirators shot him twice as Rasputin tried to flee. The shots disabled the monk, but legend has it, he was still alive as the men threw his body into the Neva River. His body was found one week later. Recent revelations from Russian Archives, however, paint a different picture of Rasputin's death. Turns out he wasn't as hard to kill as the story his murderers told at the time of his death.
Rasputin had made an eerie prediction before he died.

If I am killed by common assassins and especially by my brothers the Russian peasants, you, Tsar of Russia, have nothing to fear for your children, they will reign for hundreds of years in Russia.
...if it was your relations who have wrought my death, then no one in your family, that is to say, none of your children or relations will remain alive for two years. They will be killed by the Russian people...
I shall be killed. I am no longer among the living. Pray, pray, be strong, think of your blessed family.
Grigory Rasputin

Three months after Rasputin's death by the hand of Romanov "relations," Nicholas was deposed as Tsar (March, 1917). Less than two years later, the "mad monk's member" disappeared, now recovered and proberly preserved, Rasputin's phallus is on display for public wonder.

Jed Barish Recognition


This page is dedicated to Jed Barish, one of the founding fathers of our industry..


male militant, snakes pull train
snakes pulling a train

Beyond Kinky Friedman, another
Jew Boy is born in Tyler Texas

The Jed Barish Story, the Jizz of Success
or Snakes Pulling a Train

The story of how the son of a Rabbi became one of the best in porn and phone sex.
The Son of Rabbi Louis Barish and Rebecca Barish has gone from "Basic Jewish Beliefs" to be the Founding Father of Basic Exploitation –– "Phone Sex." Jed's sister, Leora Barish, a noted scriptwriter along with her husband Henry Bean have taken the, relatively speaking, artistic high road while Jed Barish ran with the fundament, fondling the tender parts for profit; giving the world as much sex as could possibly be used.
The brother of Leora Barish has made great strides for promoting MENSA and the Counselor's Hotline.
Jed's father, Rabbi Louis Barish and mother Rebecca Barish are responsible for a son that has made his living creating yet more sexual skree to confuse and befuddle the lonely adolescent, the lost soul, the hard core porn addict than any Biblical Prophecy. Like selling meth to a user, Jed, is one among a timeless many to elevate the genitalia beyond its practical function.

Reprinted from Nevada MENSA
It is noted that Jed Barish is one of a very few Mensa Pornographers. Most Mensanians engage in other persuits inorder to keep from going crazy from bordom.

        By Joyce Patterson-Rogers, Edited by Jed Barish

Those of you who know Jed Barish may be surprised to find out that he was born in Tyler TX. He is just as surprised as you are. Jed's father is a Rabbi and was an army chaplain for 24 years, so his family moved to many different locations.
Jed vaguely remembers that at five years old, his father was assigned to an Army base in Germany. Jed learned to speak German very quickly. His family lived near a ferry boat dock and one day little Jed presented himself to the ferry boat operators and announced that he was working for them and they were to pay him one penny for each ferry crossing. He remembers enjoying crossing the river back and forth as well as receiving his salary. He still has most of the money.
School in Germany was tough on Jed. The kids were always beating up the "little Jew boy" so one day he brought weapons to school to defend himself. Jed was busted and immediately packed off to a nuthouse in NYC, at around age 12. Jed, who became addicted to nicotine with his first cigarette (stolen from a camp counselor when he was approximately 9 years old), was horrified to find out he wasn't allowed to smoke; he quickly negotiated a nefarious arrangement to supply him with cigarettes and things went fairly smoothly for him while he resided on the first floor of this posh institution. However, after the easily manipulated left, Jed couldn't procure cigarettes and as he got angrier, found himself moved from "gen-pop" to "Death Row" on the 7th floor. There they pounded his sad little head with electric shocks. Then they shipped him to the State nuthouse where Jed soon negotiated his way out.
Jed was sent to a private school for crazy but smart children in New Hampshire. He remembers that the headmaster had giant sheep dogs and bunches of cats that slept on top of the dogs. (Jed finds it an irony that the headmaster was prosecuted for sleeping on top of young students many years later). Jed's roommate was an electronic genius, Peter Farnsworth Hebb, who built a television with a remote, a stereo and many other automated devices long before Silicon Valley made these electronic wonders available to the general population. Peter and Jed even tapped into the electricity from a neighboring building and ran a line, burying it underground, to their window; later, the headmaster failed at his attempt to punish them by turning off the electricity to their room. Jed lasted six or seven months in that school. The angry boy was sent to many schools only to be kicked out. What a crazy dude!
At around age 15, Jed started hanging out in Greenwich Village, N.Y. He worked at an employment agency and sold sex in his spare time. Jed has always been an entrepreneur. He tried to start a nightclub for lesbians but when a friend called from Kansas City, extolling its virtues and inviting Jed to come work for an employment agency in Kansas City, he left New York. When the Kansas City employment agency went out of business and stiffed the employees out of their paychecks, Jed broke into the locked office, stole the payroll checks, cashed them all over town and left for Chicago on the night train. "God, that was fun!"
Jed traveled around America for some years, making his living by whoring, cashiering and writing bad checks. Then Jed met a guy who got him a job in the circus. They hitchhiked to Winston-Salem, falling into many interesting adventures along the way. He continued traveling and after spending a month in pre-civil rights New Orleans, Jed ended up in Berkeley to visit a girl he knew from his New Hampshire school days. There, at age 20, he met one of his great mentors, the artist, Tetsu Okuhara.
Jed's mentor told him he should end this ridiculous lifestyle and suggested Jed move to Japan and change his "silly behavior." Jed took Tetsu's advice but he couldn't get a work permit in Japan so he ended up in Korea. It was there that Jed went to work for a military contractor. Jed had never even heard of Vietnam until his employer locked all the employees on the military base for the first bombing of North Vietnam. Jed married his Korean wife, Sun cha, at age 22 just before leaving for Vietnam to do construction work. (Jed and Sun cha have one son, Daniel who lives in Las Vegas). He worked as Assistant Manager at Vung Tao, a resort area. He later became Camranh Bay Site Manager. Managing 1,100 workers taught him many skills; he learned that if he paid people well, with both respect and money, that they'd help him out. Jed learned how to drive in Vietnam. He learned to drive every piece of machinery that was there. He was in charge of building PXs,bathrooms, barracks and tent floors. Jed observed the "trickle up" theory prevailing as Korea became very prosperous while the Vietnam War progressed.
Jed left Vietnam in 1967. He stopped in Bangkok en route to Korea, indulged himself in Sing Ha beer and a hooker and got so sick he missed his flight home to Korea; that flight crashed in Hong Kong Harbor. He got a job and spent a year in Thailand.
Jed was smuggling gold and watches between Korea and Hong Kong for a little less than a year when he got arrested in Hong Kong airport for possession of marijuana. He feels it was a blessing in disguise because it was the beginning of metal detectors in airports. He spent 3 horrible days in a Hong Kong jail for possession of 3 joints. The very worst part, for Jed, was that he couldn't smoke.
Jed went back to Korea, got a resident permit and started exporting handbags, building up a very prosperous business, until 1974. By then son, Daniel, was 5 years old and ready for school. Jed and Sun cha traveled all over the U.S. to figure out where to move. In Las Vegas they found ". . .the most people with the least brains and the most money" and chose to live here for that reason.
In Las Vegas, Jed finally fulfilled a life-long dream of joining Mensa; he joined SNvM in January 1977. Mensa was fabulous for Jed; after being isolated all those years overseas, he finally had friends who "spoke the same language" and with whom he had great fun and adventures. Unfortunately, Sun cha was jealous of the camaraderie Jed developed with his SNvM friends and it triggered a divorce. Jed and Sun cha remain friends and united in parenting their son, Daniel.
After the divorce, Jed indulged in Stan Dale "Sex, Love and Intimacy" workshops, and far too many insipid "bimbo" girlfriends. He started a phone sex business with one of "bimboest" of all of them, who stole money from the business. He restarted the phone sex business and, after a couple of false starts, built one of the most innovative phone sex businesses in the country. Jed created fantasy themes, created jobs for the disabled, paid good wages and made millions. Today, he's no longer in the phone sex business.
Recently, Jed got the bright idea to ignore every rule of business that he learned over the years and opened Umiau, a furniture store on Pecos just north of Sunset, to sell ultra-modern, futuristic furniture that only he and his business partners (but nobody else) love. He's adjusting the inventory and testing the market with a new Italian glass line.
Jed feels he finally has a wonderful balanced life with his platonic partner of 3 years and true love, Monica, whom he believes is a fallen angel and reincarnation of his beloved Seven Cat. Jed, Monica and pet cat, Pu, plan to move to San Francisco for a 3-month trial of continuous hula hooping for charity in Golden Gate Park. If it works out, they plan to make the move permanent. Pu is very excited.
Jed is too old and ugly and tired to return to a life of crime. So don't worry about his soul. He starts Social Security this year. His sister wrote the movie Desperately Seeking Susan. His father wrote Basic Jewish Beliefs. Jed wrote bad porn. Jed wishes more people would smoke. Jed wishes more people bought futuristic furniture. Jed's OK.

genital dexterity is the topic, relief is the question
one must believe
before you can understand,
I am a believer, are you?
rebirthing debriefing