The Counselor's Hotline:

Need help in you personal torments?
Are you too smart for your own good?
Do you experience Existential Dread?
Are there needs unmet, potentials untapped?
Does your need of therapy for labido loss exceed your love of food?
Is there a relationship between love and lust?
When you say,"I think I love you" what is meant?
Is counseling helpful when dealing with consumer product obsession?
Are you distracted by perception management techniques, market branding and posession acquisition?

man in the box
Man in the Box


Hotline Access: The Counselor's Hotline is the last best stop, the last best hope – counseling for counselors. Stay in the loop, if you can't counsel, then atleast you can be counseled to. Our switchboards are open with professional, passionate and caring staff ready to listen to you. As you know, counseling works, give it a try.

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The Counselor's Hotline: provides assistance in understanding the meaning of life, dealing with career missteps and how to market yourself in a world where there are more counselors than people needing counseling.

The Counselor's Hotline and Scari Escort Services will give to you a new outlook on our social fabric, its functions and how to thread the needle to success.

Are you a counselor? Out of work? Do you have no one to talk to? Call or e-mail the Counselo's Hotline for advice chat and a career changing outlook. You know when there are more counselors than people needing to be counseling the the feed back loop presses to a zero sum game. Being in the now is the first step in making a new break with relaity. beg Counselors with professional quandries and professional doubt have a place to go for discreet, confidential advise on those issues that bedevil the career dedicated counselor.

Mensa Counseling

Mensa Counseling for gifted and exceptional colleagues with special difficulty fitting in to the normal counselor community. We provide a regimen specially tailored to the special needs of the mensa psyche. It's not easy for the gifted to fit into the sturm and drang of the counseling profession.

The Councelor's Hotline is on the cusp of psychic healing. When it comes to recovery, our recovery produces results. It's up to you to maintain psychic balance through continued counseling. This may be your last opportunity to take advantage of Celestial Signs interpreted by cosmic experts. Opportunity forgone is opportunity forever lost.

Remember what Stanley Goldburg said. "Are you part of the Problem or the Solution? We are all part of the problem, it's a matter of degrees."

G spot blast effect

G Spot Blast Effect:
After glow and day after guilt associated with carnal pleasure deminishes over time -- halflife is relative to Blast Effect experienced by tituation of individulal. Experiential affect differs from hemisphere to hemisphere.

Are you concerned about your status on a planet that used to be a perfect sphere, now hammered flat by hubris and willful ignorance? Are you in a place that you don't belong? Is there anything you might do to improve the state of the planet (the have a happy day index)? If not, get in touch with Counselor's Hotline and get help in understanding why you are not having these feellings.

G SPOT Counseling and Escort Services
Unaccustomed to G Spot stimulation, Barbera undertook a regimine of regular sessions under my care. After just three months regular stimulation she took possession of her vaginal orgasmic potential. Since her initial therapy she has left her fast track corporate position and become a recreation counselor on a cruise ship. Her needs for personal possessions and social power are now in scale with her spiritual awareness.

G Spot counseling does work, G Spot stimulation is the answer.

Stanley U. Goldburg

atomic force microscopy (AFM) detail of G Spot in vagianal wall

Hyper Liberated Christians unite to retrieve you sexuality, you humanity, you love of fellow man.


Is it Really all about Jesus?

For many, Jesus is the answer, but the question may not have been framed so as to conclude anything but jingoistic shibboleths that estrange us from the reality that is really at hand; the distraction of "Really it's all about Jesus" may be missing the point when coral reefs are dying and the arctic is melting; being faithful to ones values may not stay the course. Counseling is the answer to "It's really all about Jesus," we here at Counselor's Hotline believe Jesus might look at the present day "Jesus People" and wonder what his efforts have wrought, why willful ignorance is a banner of pride and when apocalyptic sectarianism might find satisfaction in a world that transcends anthropocentrism.
This planet is not a rubber ball ready to bounce back for the next passion play.


Really it's all about Jesus

Startegic Error: Man, having created Gods in his own image now must relearn animist wisdom. Animists knew when the critters (Animal Spirits) disappear there is penatence to be done. Unfortunately penatence does not reserrect extinct species, penatenence is usless for the reserrection of nature, the habitat of anthropacentrism leaves only political animals inspired by scriptures, like trained monkeys, to repeat the phrases that created the willful neglect of the real reality. Really it's all about ignorance. We don't need aliens to invade our planet, to take over our minds and bodies, we have ourselves to battle for the moral economic and spiritual higher ground –– it's really more about sun spots than G spots. -- "And fare thee well."

Counselor's Hotline
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The Jed Barish Story, the Jizz of Success

Jed Barish Recognition: This page is dedicated to Jed Barish, one of the founding fathers of our industry.

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