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Serene Cultural Alliance Research Institute

Adding to the body of knowledge while contributing to the persistence of doubt, the Serene Cultural Alliance Research Institute has been an active agent on research into the human condition since 1985

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Cyberagape: Feng Shui KULTURKAMPF for Global Googlization

The uncertainty principle does not apply to power –– Power Corrupts absolutely and the Law of Unintended Consequences frolics unfettered by thoughtful restraint.

Googlization - Cyberagape

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Serene Cultural Alliance Research Institute
Given today’s collision of isms, a malaise as to personal relevance seems fixed in the fabric of our Modern, Postmodern, and Posthighpostmodern reality. Discoveries of value or quality of existence hang in the balance – neglecting the overview while we grope in myopic minutia only furthers this dislocation. Our committed research stretches beyond the norms of specificity. Our findings reach for poignant benchmarks in finding one’s self. Please enjoy our work and support our ongoing effort to create images and thought that provoke inquiry. We are dedicated to thoughtful pursuit of projects that deliver ideas -- ideas that confirm questions you might have concerning your relevance in this universe.

The mode of iconoclasm which is called censorship does not necessarily take the form of direct assault or removal. Its cunning consists in denying its own operation and leaving no scars.
-Leo Steinberg
the sexuality of christ in renaissance art and in modern oblivion
The issue is not at all anarchy versus organization, nor even centralism versus decentralization, but a calculus or conception of the problems of nondenumerable sets, against the axiomatic of denumerable sets.
-G. Deluze and/or F. Guattari
a thousand plateaus

Iconoclastic Iconography, truth serum for the believer –– a conundrum for the initiated –– the crush of isms in the service of Truth seems limp when naming and marking coveted domains w/o the blessing of doubt informing our reality:
the evolution of paradox, the conundrum that does not go away.
-Wendell Tately

The moment when Grow-or-die Meets Godzilla
Paradoxy surfaces to confront the unknowable. The unknowable is standard stoppage in the search for truth. Truth, a canon subject to change in polarity — like good and evil –– suffers from radical mood swings while paradox remains authentic, reconciled in confusion — virtuous paradox.
‘My interest is the paradox between the feeling of being human
and the illusion that must be preserved: an aesthetic that
relates to the human condition — a once unique condition now
compromised by the tally, [7x10 to the 9th] and counting.’
The story of paradoxy is the stuff of myth, human existence still stands,   anthropocentrically, as the fundamental paradox; locked in the genetic white noise of our vestigial tails.
-M. Lee Randles

The Ambiguous Sampler

"We live, as we dream––alone. . . ." Joseph Conrad
"We dream, as we live––alone. . . ." Gus Kahan

On pressing The Envelope
It’s hard to push the envelope w/o pissing on it occasionally,
everyone makes mistakes. We are making it up as we go along.
-Ephima Morphew

If Patty Chayefsky could see Fox News doing fair and balanced he'd grin from ear to ear, He'd mutter, "Fox News, the more you watch the less you know. And it came to pass. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore?"
Now will Google go the way of Network News? Seems Orwellian –– anymore. ––gok

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On Paradox
: As a state of being paradoxy was recognized and co-opted by the need to believe. To believe is that leap of faith which directs human effort from puzzlement into understanding. Once structured, an ism directs sets of pronouncements of “truth” that mobilizes the economies of growth, acquisition and persecution. The very observation of paradox changed the parameters of existence. Unlike the invention of (big G) God, paradox remains a hobgoblin to those seekers of Truth. Over time, before the condition was named, paradox was one of the observers of the human condition. Humanity, from its beginnings, has struggled to deny the state of ambiguity with little success and no practical result.
Gustave O. Kahan: The day the mirth stood still

The history, and not just in terms of ethnology, of sexual prohibitions: to speak of the constantly shifting and obstinate forms of repression in our own culture, and not to write a chronicle of morality or of tolerance, but to reveal how the limits of the western world and the origins of its morality are its tragic division from the happy world and from desire.
-michel foucault

Principles for a Self-organized Social Construct
‘Pop is the on-going effort to scratch an unlocatable itch; a profound reason for the same old thing to be new — an urge that will not die. It is to wrestle a serpent whose head you will never see.
In an imperfect world, kitsch will live forever; both art and life rely on business with its invisible hand to guide us through and science will always be science. In a perfect world there is less than nothing; Post Pop, business with a conscience, no entropy — order w/o chaos and Frogs always get the Fairy Princess.’

This website is dedicated to Joseph McCarthy and J. Robert Oppenheimer. The two forces which grip us all.

On Scari.Org

Plying the open sea like a Basking Shark slurping krill and plankton, trolls the Internet scooping up Web-Wonks, Omniphiles and Connoisseurs of Wonder. At present Scari is receiving over two million hits a month. Looking to a brighter day for the Basking Shark too.


Googlism: google censorship for government-based reasons

google gobble gobble –– beyond fair and balanced
Restore Scari.Org. You are really pissing off the Scari.Org staff with your selective censorship of images and texts. You have wished away the best of this site for an agenda that benefits no one. Why don't you busy yourselves with your precious algorithm and leave those selective text and image pluckers in the closet. Who is paying you for this manipulation of material? I don't know where you get them but they are really not working in your, "do no evil," public's interest. I hate to complain but there is no way to contact you on the issue of censorship.
One Might Ask Why?
Leave us alone, stop tinkering with our data -- Leave the Propaganda Ministry to its own devices, you are better than that. Yes?
Gus O. Kahan

S.C.A.R.I., a cultural research think tank located in Eugene, Oregon U.S.A.
Mission: SCARI
is an institution committed to defining and describing our state,
both physical and spiritual; the psychic glue binding our need to make more because less is not
enough -- an ontological need to mark and name. Our research explores relevant links from our
past to the possible future. As social beings, our genetic tags have, over time, developed linkage
that relate socially to the confusion that many feel. In this time/space continuum, it's hard to relate to today –– now.
The Serene Cultural Alliance Research Institute has been an active agent on research into the
human condition since 1985.

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Feng Shui KULTURKAMPF for Universal Googlization

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Degrees of Faith by The Beautiful or The Fuzzy and the matter of Truth by the unreliable narrator

Scari.Org has little interest in making fuzzy things for pretty faces or pretty things for fuzzy faces. We are convinced that people and their cargo are a larg part of the problem.
Had we continued to knuckle walk most of the global dilemmas would not exist. We are all part of the problem; it's a matter of degrees.
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