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. . . . Exploitation III
Ethos or Pathos
Self Organized Exploitation

Selforganized Exploitation:

the Pathology of Biology, Burden of Physics

In a time, when it seems, our only function is to "grow the economy,"
I, at fifty-four am suspicious of a mission so bereft of informed
consciousness. Messengers field isms to sooth a popular aesthetic. I have lived in the Northwest all my life, skirting commercial intent, knowing that POP is the tail of a serpent whose head one will
never see. I can not summon the pristine, to create for those who wish
for works to confirm that everything is Ok and getting better. I must chronicle what we are really about -- the arts included -- a brusk, and unceremonious demise to earth. I have long worked with
"humanity in a box", my newest work -- the Unspecified figures from the
Burden of Physics series -- is the result of a sojourn to the Middle East, India and North Africa. With recycled detritus the work deals with the human condition, equations of power -- to represent the pragmatic selforganized meritocracy -- the material progress of culture with its overpopulation, and loss of personal identity.
My materials, designs and symbols are -- for me -- not always appealing,. However their use is imperative to convey my existence as a contributing member of The Planet. Consider my work as an addition to the body of knowledge.

Michael Randles





unspecified figures from the burden of physics
unspecified figures from the burden of physics 4'x5'
mixed media








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