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Ephima Morphew:

just back from the Babha-Dahg Dig with yet more evidence of the worship practices of pre-Neolithic Sapient Sapiens.
Human remains with artifacts of a culture lost for millenia . . .


mododda in pain




Images of our lady, Madonna
of truth invoking freedom for us, for us all with a ticket.
Pax Americana collector's editions and monumental art -- as big as it gets,
as small as you like.


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Bedtime Stories:

Transported to the farmost reaches, ascend the highest peaks, look into deep water and smell the. . .

of the carnal kind
Travel in an unfamiliar land



exploration exaltation
exploration exaltation

The heroic is little understood today. As we trudge in pragmatic footwear, there are those who have done otherwise.

Off to the stars, out beyond the beyond -- Now I see clearly
the spaces between the dots.
There is more, much mor





Symbolism found in recent ancient artifacts appears to resurface in contemporary artifice, there is a disturbing connection in form and sentiment.
Note: several images may be unsettling to some.



Tribe Tribes Tribes:

Visit live action heroes on site. Watch the devotions of those who reclaim that which God gave them for all time.

Images may be offensive to some, confirmation for others.