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Harlequin Diptych –– existential analgesic

nascent meditation
mistaken for extreme
navel gazing

Harlequin Diptych
Men In A Box


the only problem with extreme naval gazing –
when one gets through one still doesn't
know who he/she/it is. It's all about process.

Sturm und Drang

In the Strum und Drang of our contemporary life there are those moments when one falls into that "pathology" of consciousness which affords us the body chemistry to explore our Meaning in this Universe. Extreme Navel Gazing by default is a state of mind in growth mode as our exponential expansion places us in the unenviable position of knowing of our insignificance in the scheme of things while we strut with arrogance to the melody of complacency.

menina box 5"x7" print on paper
men in a box
Harlequin Diptych, men in the box

Harlequin Diptych
men in a box 5"x7" print on paper


Extreme Navel Gazing is not a waste of time, however, those who believe productivity for its own sake is a sign of being gifted with life after death find the activity to be anathema to the human condition. Disapproval of further exploration of the human condition through Extreme Navel Gazing is rooted in the need to make stuff and things, bulk, to occupy space for some territorial imperative to be revealed in the Next Great Here After.

However, if one ponders this hypothesis one can easily see:

the beyond is filled with so much stuff already we can produce practically nothing to the sum total of the whole. Why would one need stuff and things for such a place?
Odd, but our finest thinkers seem to engage in Extreme Navel Gazing inorder to be productive.


"We dream, as we live––alone."

Gus Kahan, The Day the Mirth Stood Still

Man in the Box
the world with grace?
As I stood there the moments were stretched but unlinked, each fused to the next, unbroken and unrelenting. The bond of linear time -- momentary linear time -- conventional time blunders on. I had pissed down my leg again and the sun in my eyes created concentric rings to radiate within my forehead. A throbbing ring in my head shrieked.

Beyond Navel Gazing -- Learn to wag your tail

Beyond navel gazing there is the meditative dicipline of whagging one's tail. You probable already have the requisite skills but lack the knowledge for monitoring and repeating an experiment that will bare fruit. Tail wagging is great social lubricant for cocktail parties.

arc of the covenant