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Classic Management Presents:
Manager of the Year Award

suitable for framing
impress your colleagues and associates
with a wall fulled of Classic Management Awards

Classic Management Award

Office Paraphernalia

As an up and coming junior executive, as you know, perception is paramount. Office Paraphernalia can promote that status and largess among senior managers. Leverage your potential with Classic Management Paraphernalia.

Whether your Business Specialty is in, Travel Careers, E-Commerce & Internet,, Finance & Accounting, Franchising Human Resources, Legal Management Marketing & Advertising, Perception Management Operations, Personal Finance Sales, Technology or Women in Business our Classic Management Awards are right for you.

We want to give you the Business, just reach out we have what you want.
No matter what field of management:
Hiring & Firing, Intellectual Property, Internet & Technology, Legal Mergers & Acquisitions, Money & Fundraising. Real Estate/Landlord-Tenant, Sales & Marketing, Starting a Business Business Guides Forms and Seminars.

We are sensitive to New Age Personal Growth Management and the awards needed to breach the horizon.

Classic Management has vital interests in:
Construction, Medical Practices, Restaurants, Retail Trade, Manufacturing Services, and the Wholesale Trade.
Further, Managers in, Human Resources, Accounting, Advertising & Marketing, Computers & Software, Financial Services Internet & Online Management, and Small Business upstarts all benefit from our service.

For further informatin consult our Learning Center Business, Answers for Buyer's Guide and Franchise Directory.
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Classic Management, manager of the year
Classic Management Manager of the Year

Classic Management in conjunction with Scari.Org has been a proud contributor to the business world since 1985. We want to give you the business.

Classic Management Award
Classic Management, manager of the year 2007
Classic Management manager of the year award














One can collect all twenty three Classic Management Awards going back to 1980.
Your walls can be lined with management accolades adding further authority to your presence, confirming you abilities and impressing your associates..    
copyright Scari©2003
all rights reserved Scari.Org