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Scarification, Exorcism and Pop Culture
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Pop Culture and the
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Posters, Certificates
Collectibles for home, office, memorabilia and
fashion statements, antidotes for sexual indiscretions and conceptual anticipation for those who need radical chic and high camp designs to be on the leading edge of pop culture.

Men's Caucus

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Classic Management


Darwin's Love
Feng Shui

All SCARI designs have garenteed balance for cosmic amplitude and energy awareness.

Darwin's Love Theory, product placement and the collective subjective

Darwin’s Love: Darwin's unconditional love is forever. Darwin Loves you too
Another spiritual reference, much older than any biblical eschatology. If you find affront to the fish on the back of the car that just pinched you off in traffic. If you think that using an automobile as a tool for proselytization is unstoppable, then join in and join us in advertising the oldest story ever told. Darwin’s Love predates the the Old Testament by hundreds of millions of years; the New Testament is still just the New Testament but Darwin's Love is forever. Be assured that our ancestors have had a rather checkered past colored with all those traits that we are best known for, deceit, betrayal, duplicity and love, all for the cause of the species. This is problematic when building a meritocracy. Be confidant in our strategy, we are descended form the best and brightest; many of our relatives did not do so well, thanks to us.

Darwin Loves you too

Darwin’s Love
Darwin's Theory of Love

Darwin’s Love is available in several formats:
sturdy bumper stickers
Tired of having proselytizers on your door step? Get a door sticker.
Window stickers for both home and auto.
If you yourself don’t want to sully your car, you can order stickers as gifts or just have a few on hand for those fits of righteous indignation. perfect to stick on the cars of others...

Darwin's Love, he loves you too
Without Darwin's love you would not be here to be witness to his affections

Darwin’s Love to you
Darwin's Lost theory of Love
w/ carrot

Darwin's love with carrot is a more definitive statement incorporating capitalism into the theorem. Either sticker is very effective, however, Darwin's love w/carrot cost 10 cents more.

Darwin loves you too
Darwin loves you just as you are, he loves you big and small fat and tall; he loves you all


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Men in Box
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