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AIPAC how odd of God to choose the Jews
perception management

State sponsored perception management Struggles with God:
Devotions given to the Wailing Wall –– Kotel -- Kabbalah for Allah, the Tribe of Abraham:
And make no mistake, Jews are the oldest tribe in town. The first cabal was Jewish.

The One
State Solution

Welcome to Israel,
Fifty First State,
our little buddies
on The Med.

"We, like the Nazis, are chauvinist so we have created
Gaza Camp, for containment of gentile miscreants."
Zionist Shtetl is just like the Warsaw Ghetto.
Vermin are vermin and must be dealt with simply, with efficiency and
with vigor. . .

Wall Worship, Kotel, Western Wall
The Tribals carry on today –– Wailing Wall with Devotees, the Supernatural Iron Wall with the usual suspects in the The Intricate Machine

Gaza, wish you were here, it's called: Jewish Wet Work. A two state solution? Ha!"

" If we Jews didn't have the Palestinians to fight, we'd be killing one another."

As worship progresses a devotee sacrifices doubt. Acceptance through faith affords the worshipper understanding. The rights accorded adherents are many, these privileges by fiat allow the believer to claim the righteous higher ground –– having become the keeper of the putative Flame of Truth, Big 'T' TRUTH, to the exclusion of all others -- QED. . .
The Romantic Jew: By edict of Rome, Jews got a birthright. It took "The Romans" to make heads or tails of the "Jewish Problem." When born of a Jewess the child is jewish. –– "THANKS ROME" –– it's a Jewish Romance. . .

Israelis Struggle with God: Why is it that the children of Israel don't speak English when they speak of their country? Yes, "Struggles with God" the country (Israel), has much to atone for. If the Media would only refer to "Struggles With God" when speaking of Israel, we the unwashed, would have a better understanding of the stakes at play. How is it that a nation obsses to the point of calling itself STRUGGLES WITH GOD? Oh Israel!

rapture now -- Christian Zionism

The Ruthless Tribe: The disgrace of Zionist History. Oh Jack Abramoff where are you when you are needed.

high holy daze, Pro-Semitic –– Anti-Semitic and the Holy Gale
Google prompt: so you don't like the phrase, pro-Semitic –– anti-Semitic.

In order for their to be anti-Semites, there must be pro-Semites. Pro-Semites would be, of course, Jews and the God who made them in his image. The rest of humanity must be un-semetic (gentiles): and who was here first? Jews don't proselytize as it's not possible to be Jewish without the requisite blooded struggle -- born to be Semitic. To be born Semetic must mean others are born un-Semitic. Born to be a pro-Semite would imply others are born to be anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitic behavoir is responsive to pro-Semitic behavoir. As God's chosen people, Jews arn't interested in conversions, relying on breeding a population of believers -- Born to be or not to be. Un-semetic peoples are left to deal with the leap of faith without the assumption of being chosen. Being chosen is not the same as being saved. Getting saved is a willful act usually motivated by desparation. The angst of facing the polarity of good and evil without a rulebook is often too great for the average gentile to bare. At least Jews still believe in guilt, a quality that separates us from most other beings. Being saved is a mechanism for transformation or transendance, like trading in old shoes for new, getting a new spouse or a kitchen cleanser that works for those terrible spots on your tumblers. Once the bases are tagged its ticket time and stand in line: that's being saved. Anti-Semitism was created by God as yet another punishment for being chosen, chosen not to be a gentile. Jews, like others, worry not about the moral hazard of their faith, faith in being chosen or being saved; it's all the same when the scribes have dropped their pens.

Gentile = goyim:
heathen, infidel, non-Jew, pagan

Gentile, a moniker placed by a Semite noting the character of one who is other than a Jew.

It's true It's true:
How odd of God to choose the Jew.

Bernard Madoff Part of the Ownership
Society Trickle Down Blues

12/10/08, AIPAC to the rescue
Ponzi Primer:
Rolling over the High Rollers

Bernie Madoff wrongly accused, help defend a true patriot. AIPAC must pull all the strings:
save Bernie Madoff.

Bernard Madoff is a political prisoner.
Please help with the Bernie madoff defense fund.

APB: AIPAC help Bernie Madoff or the homegard will be defenseless.
FREE Bernard Madoff and Jack Abramoff

AIPAC defense fund
Bernie Madoff defense fund

goys and yids unite
Jew -- Gentile
A Jew, being Semitic is not un-Semitic -- a gentile.
Being un-Semitic (a heathen) is not what God's chosen people condone, else they wouldn't be called Gentiles. Semitic Peoples have a hard time with themselves, reference the treatment of other Semitic peoples in Palestine who are deemed pagans (heathens) -- yet they are circumcised and Semitic. Without the proper runes and coda the Semitic Circumcised Arab is still a gentile. Given the Semitic rules, what chance does the un-Semitic uncircumcised human (infidel) have?
Anti-Semitism was created by God as yet another punishment for being chosen, chosen not to be a gentile.
Gentility is not all that was promised in God's Country. To be born in God's image (a bipolar goofball) does have some drawbacks.

Gentile –– Goyim, a non-jew does not call himself a gentile (infidel). The Jew by calling (naming) a person, pagan (Goy) creates the environment for Gentiles to take umbrage. And so it goes, the sequesterment of humans into select orders only makes for lurid melodrama –– Isms make Schisms, Isms create Schisms. . .
Kabbalah for Allah –– AIPAC

Ski Israel The Golan is beautiful, the little Switzerland of Israel. If there could be a bit of Noah's Ark found on Mt. Ararat, just think what would be possible.
So if you travel to Israel, be sure to take your skis. The Golan Heights
are lovely any time of year, and Mt. Hermon is great even though it's not in the right country. Summer, winter you can ride to the top and look down on Damascus then turn round to overlook the homeland and dream of the possibilities. And we must ask, why not SKI Syria –– After all it's really about skiing? Ski Israel or Ski Occupied Syria, Skiing is skiing. Why not just Ski Syria?
While in the neighborhood, be sure to drop by the Shebaa Farms and buy some wonderful Lebanese strawberries.
One might ask why Israelis sell Lebanese strawberries?
On the way home to Tel Aviv, be sure to go sailing on the Sea of Galilee.
Dreamy isn't it, life in Israel is just like living in anywhere U.S.A. and Tel Aviv is just like Miami Beach.
We want to thank all 'Believer's of Israel' for minding the store, keep the uncivilized masses from our door -- Palestine seems a distant memory, like shattered glass lying in disjointed shards, it's people tormented and humiliated succumb to our every whim. Oh Israel –– state sponsored perception management struggles with god.

Israel, the American beachhead on the Mediterranean –– Pax Americana –– The Invisible Hand at work.

Israel/Palestine –– A Holyland
The Intricate Machine
Struggles With God

A Modest Proposal:
for the Intricate machine to consider.
If I were the State Department, I'd withhold all U.S. military funding from Israel, including repair parts, until it decides to defend itself by reconciling the dispute over lands stolen from the Palestinians. If Israel refuses to defend itself through diplomacy then the fate of Israel should be given back to Ariel Sharon. We are, all of us humans, confident of his inspired guidance. Being brain dead will not impede progress as Israeli actions are, at present, morally tone deaf so brain death is of little consequence when charting a course with no moral compass or ROAD MAP and Not a clue. The Jew must decide, is it one state or two?

Gus O. Kahan

A simple plan. A Clean Break:
A New Strategy for Securing the Realm

Now, fata compli:
transforming the Iron Wall into
The Iron Cage.

Jerusalem,Western wall, gathering storm 1948In the land of Struggles With God
In the Land of Struggles With God, circa 1948 the winds of time, a gathering storm

overcoming vulnerability
for competitive advantage:
We are so pleased for AIPAC and their interest in persecuting the charity Holy Land Foundation. Too bad they are innocent of any wrong doing. But AIPAC got its way, It's good to shut them down –– The Holy Land Foundation was giving too many blankets and too much food to widows and orphans in Palestine. Congratulations AIPAC for using US prosecutors for persecution.

Wistful Dystopia: Palestine –– Israel Paradox
The fundamental nut of the conflict between Jews and Arabs –– the tribes of Abraham:
For negotiations to move forward, Israel's claim that Palestinians must concede that Israel has the right to exist; this must be acknowledged for further diologue. But, what of Israel's recognition of the Palestinian?
The Palestinians know the reverse is needed, Israel must renounce terror and concede that Palestine has the right to exist before there can be any rational interaction. Chauvinist Israel having stolen the Palestinian Homeland then demands that Israel must be recognized for its shameful actions? The mystical invocation of iron will in the service of martial and chauvinist conquest united Zionist, colonial and fascist ideologues into a phalanx of hegemony; after all the shed blood and waste of life, Israel must acknowledge Palestinians have the right to exist.
The Palestinian is an equal with Israel. The Middle East has two players, two potentials for destiny. Is that possible given Zionist Iron Wall Doctrine? Fascist Zionist Doctrine has driven this fiasco into a global conflict; demanding but not deserving our attention.
Israel must first concede that Palestine has the right to exist: from there one can see the diplomatic ramifications of that fact.
If all parties were to convert to Scientology the problem would be solved and Scientologists would have a homeland in which to frolic. Scientology could vouchsafe the Holy Land in perpetuity.
For how long will the world be held hostage by Zionist Israel and its Rainbow of permutations.

Agnostic Angst: The Bane of Atheism and the scorn of Theism. Social Criticism is the pain of faith in a world created by an utterly indifferent supreme cognitive entity who wishes anonymity for copyright liability purposes.
History teaches us Human Beings have short memories.
Ask ask a mormon about Peep-stone Prophecy

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