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exploitation I.jpg

exploitation I

Social Biology

Unspecified figures, simplicity and elegance, enjoy the persuit of exploitation in its purist form.


Cultural Icon

Mickey Ganesh, meditations and incantations for wisdom and wealth. An icon for these ages. East and West merge into one unified symbol for all time, one puja fits all.


exploitation II.jpg
exploitation II

Cultural Engineering

Wallpaper/desktop pictures nonspecific figures frolic in status. Enjoy the isometrics of exploitation.

Darwin's Love

Enigmatic Insignia

POP is the ongoing effort to scratch an unlocatable itch, a profound reason for the same old thing to be new, to wrestle with a serpent who's head you will never see.

exploitation III.jpg

exploitation III

Details: From the
Burden of Physics

Murals unspecified figures w/nonspecific burdens on the big screen. Murals 4'0" X 5'0" and 4'0 X 4'0".



Search for Truth

As it is there is dutiful homage to hoch-kultur hoch-kunst national international and ethereal exhibits for the advancement of the human condition.