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Paul Olum Mobile Hemi-Bust

The Paul Olum Mobile Hemi-Bust is designed to draw attention to an iconic figure who allowed the belief in an Ideal to override the pragmatic.  Paul Olum, president of the University of Oregon from 1981 to 1989, made difficult choices throughout his life.
In the 1940s he worked on the Manhattan Project and later saw the error of science gone Teller.
Olum believed that education is a calling rather than a commodity. He gave his all to the University and was rewarded with faculty support and admiration. His candid, forthright and partisan style of management did not, however, endear him to his supervisors. In an interview with the Oregon Daily Emerald, April 28, 1989, he admitted that he was being forced into retirement, though he had never been told why.
Paul Olum received designation as President Emeritus and Math Professor Emeritus in 1989.


Paul Olum Hemi-Bust On the East Side of the Cascade Range, Central Oregon

Olum, as a figure of 20th Century, local yet global, principled and intelligent, should remain in human memory. The Paul Olum Mobile Hemi-Bust is a celebration of the heroic and the tragic. In my opinion a fate which too few share.
As a visual artist my interests are in the paradoxes of our existence; a driving force in a secular world propelled by "The Meritocracy." The Paul Olum Mobile Hemi-Bust is an idea that satisfies my need to confer an intelligent outlook on the complex ambiguities of our brief time on this Earth.
  Michael Randles, designer/fabricator.


Paul Olum Hemi-Bust On the West Side of the Cascade Range, Central Oregon

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