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archeology, kufu illustration
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References to the Icon: The Conundrum Icon appears in many and varied places, these are but a few images of this noncognitive animation. The source seems to be animistic but over time there seems to have evolved a reverence to something beyond animation, a state of being perhaps.. The many derivations from unrelated authors confirms the unconscious presence of this perplexing icon.

monumental sculpture proposalDrawing by Alex Quimby 1968
A remembrance of The Quimby Family, a vacation taken to the Northwest.

 Shanti Markstrom, with muse
Shanti Markstrom protecting her muse
this perplexing icon repeats over and over throught the years.
This Icon must be coupled to the Collective Unconscious through some genetic SocioBiological linkage.
Persitent and enigmatic: A hybridized but clear reference appears in this 1989 sculpture

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animal drawing
sketch by Alice Deveraux 1954






wall painting
conumdrum jumping
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