Serene Cultural Alliance Research Institute
Statistical Mentoring

S.C.A.R.I., a cultural research think tank
located in Eugene, Oregon U.S.A.


Scari Staff:

Director: Gustave Omar Kahan
Development: Ephima Morphew
Archives: Wendell Tately
Research: John King Critic
Research assist: Jesus (Chuy) Simon Bolivar
Analyst: H.B. Houchins
Exhibits: M. Lee Randles
Installations: Yoni Chockalingam
Communications: S. Han Yang
Dramaturge: Jaunita Stubblefield
Curator: Zora Youngblood Atwell
Contributor: Stanely U. Goldburg
Contributor: Marc O'Warman
Acquisitions: S.W. Heider
Webmaster: Julie Barns

Adding to the body of knowledge while contributing to the persistence of doubt, the Serene Cultural Alliance Research Institute has been an active agent on research into the human condition since 1985






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Plying the open sea like a Basking Shark slurping krill and plankton, trolls the Internet scooping up Net-Wackos, Omniphiles and Connoisseurs of Wonder. At present Scari is receiving over 600,000 hits a month. Looking to a brighter day for the Basking Shark too.
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Mission: SCARI is an institution committed to defining and describing our
state, both physical and spiritual; the psychic glue binding our need to make more
because less is not enough -- an ontological need to mark and name. Our research explores relevant links from our past to the possible future. As social beings, our
genetic tags have, over time, developed linkages that relate socially to the confusion
that many feel, in this time/space continuum, today.
Serene Cultural Alliance Research Institute has been an active agent in research into the human condition since 1985.