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Exploitation of a
Nation for. . . WHAT?
the Criminal Bush Page
Criminal Bush Cavalcade of Willful Ignorance
Welcome to our Criminal Bush Cavalcade of Willful Ignorance page

The Cardboard Criminal Bush

PAX VOBIS, that's no way to run a country
History teaches us we Human Beings have short memories.



Bush Bloviator

Faith based Prey to Power, Pray for Power, Prey to Prayer. So, is George W. Bush
an Idealist without Illusion or an Illusionist without Ideals?

thanks for the

"When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carring a cross." QED

sinclair lewis

Short Memories
but some recall the real reason for invading Iraq.

"We did it because we could and
he tried to kill my Daddy"
5/1/03 Hostilities Cease



Rapture Ready Paraphernaliastrict constructionist
Crusader Bush
So, is George W. Bush an Idealist without Illusion or an Illusionist without Ideals?

Some say he's honest. Some say he's incompetent. Now, most say he's honestly incompetent. He say, "Let's start connecting the dots for a grave and gathering danger; we don't want to see the silver cloud turn into a smoking bullet for our mushroom guns."

"I hate Nukulur Polifuration, I hate Iran because they don't listen to me, you know what we did to Iraq? Now, we are so happy Saddam is gone –– bring on the mullahs too."

He was born in the image of God –– But some would say, he's fallen so far from the tree –– Knuckle Walking is part of the human experience but that was years ago George.

Red Ink Trickle Down bluesAlan Greenspan, Tom Waits. Tricle Down Blues
the Ownership Society Trickle Down Blues
Alan Greenspan, Tom Waits collaboration


and don't forget
Liberty Lost
with Bush on Mt. Rushmore




Mt. Rushmore, sculpture proposal
sculpture proposal:
for a Classified Meritocracy
"Gutzon Borglum would be proud"


The last word on Regret and the next to the last word on regret and regret's last word goes on and on.

George, The Crusader Bush
speaks on regret 12/01/08

"I regret the intelligence failure on WMD. I wish the intelligence had been different." But George, the intelligence was different, your intellignece was "sexed up" so you could exact revenge and get the man who tried to kill your daddy, and "Saddam is a very bad man."
As you ramped up toward our desired conflict, Paul Wolfowitz spoke with inadvertant candor when he said, "It was the one beaurucratic reason we all could agree upon."

One might be conclude that the regret George W. Bush experiences is his stifling piety when slashing the hell out of truth for the NeoCon Vulcan Agenda, he got caught –– killing young Americans for a lie.


"Mission Accomplished"
transformed into
"Mission Impossible" Posted this image in january of 2004.

Google mounted this image, top ranked, for months until Scari.Org added the text baloon statement, "We did it because we could and he tried to kill my Daddy."
On a Google search this image appeared top ranked on both text and images searches for months through 2004 and most of 2005.
Suddenly –– Poof, the image disappeared along with most of the Scari.Org website. By July 2006, Scari.Org images and texts were erased from Google. Like the invisible hand, Google had wished Scari.Org away in a memory hole.

In fact this page RHYME OF HISTORY has been censored for over a year.
Free speech is not alway fun speech; political satire may get to the sticky goo at the bottom of the pot through irony and mockery or schadenfreude as it must be in a free society.
Take note Google: the Classified Meritocracy is an imagined reality thru incestuous amplification

mission accomplished  5/1/03
"We did it because we could and he tried to
kill my Daddy" 5/1/03 Hostilities Cease

'And now we must enjoy the sweet low hanging fruit
of conquest because, er ah,
we did it because we could. . .


George says: The Angel of duplicity speaks his mendacious mind, Ha, "I regret the intelligence failure on WMD. I wish the intellegence had been different."

But George the intelligence was different, quite different, but the need for revenge was the same. He did try to kill your daddy, not Helen of Troy but he's still your daddy.


Last Chance, claim the Cardboard Jesus

Visionary Vision
Bamboozled by

There are few visionaries that can claim a cardboard likness to adorn most any place at any time, he can be whisked away to places to inspire, to motivate, to lead with idealistic compassion for the Conservative Idoitor. Do not miss this opportunity to collect the last of the heady days of God's Army's claim to supreme guidance by the Great Divider.

You too can experience
the George W. Bush
Cardboard Jesus for all time

"When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carring a cross." QED

sinclair lewis


Paper thin Bush
crusader, explorer, jet pilot and bloviator


thanks for the memories George
Cardboard Jesus with flag

Cardboard Bush, The Great Divider.
It would be interesting to see what's
behind the man?
No don't go there.

please excuse this tacky representation of our most infamous president, George W. Bush, war criminal, liar, deceiver, bloviator, motivation speaker, mountain biker and brush clearer; he was fabricated from whole cloth, the brain child of Turd Blossom's dreams. Thanks for the memories

criminal Bush w/ messianic zeal
President Bush serving up just desserts to his "MEN"
Criminal Bush with AIPAC
Decider Commander Guy

mentorship, leadership, statesmanship



Mt. Rushmore with Bush Bust
George W. Bush: It's great to put a Christian face next to Pantheist Thinkers


externality of hubris
F.O.B. Cargo conveyor in transit

On To The Last Frontier,
Visionary Leadership
on a Cosmic Scale

Plumbing the Heavens

"I shall close with my own prayer that our efforts will be a light unto future generations endeavoring to turn night into day and day into night."

Chief Plumber Karl Rapture Ready
Rove in space, Rapture Ready
For Karl Rove, Flatulence is perpetual and ongoing, so when wearing a space suit, special modifications must be applied. An anal catheter with complex valves and gates is piped to the heavens for elimination. "It's not pretty but works real good. Now I'm Rapture Ready."

President Bush speaks of Men On Mars and the Manned Mars Mission:
"Disregarding body odors from men living in close quarters and interminable space suit chafe, our
adventure into the cosmos will be the conquest of places those Muslims would never dream of going."
Bush on Mars
NASA photo of the Manned Mars Expedition.

Karl Rove, First Minister of Propaganda

Karl Rove in Space: The Newly appointed head of MOM (Men On Mars) program and MAP (Mars for America Program) is thrilled by his additional responsibility. He has been the Chief Stratagist for PIS (Pigs in Space): an ongoing program designed to place genetic mishaps in orbit.

Karl brings a special set of skills to the job, unusually qualified as a man who knows how to Stick to Principle, his skill set includes many activities that require subterfuge, deceit, deception, obfuscation and duplicity. With digital technology and special effects Karl will deliver the goods with scientific relish,, he'll be up to speed soon; a man who can hit the floor running for whatever goal his pudgy little body wants to deliver.

Plumbing the heavens for America is a can do job for a will do kind-a-guy. He's a will do kinda-guy that can do most anything to keep us guessing. " Karl, did you know this nation is ruled by a bimbo, and he is you. When you are he, Intelligent Design has gone too far."
Gus O. Kahan


Lost in the Bushes –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Learning the moon walk. George W. Bush Plumbing the Heavens Moon Expedition -- Moon X Prize
Men To Mars "We do not know where this journey will end. Yet we know this:
Human beings are headed into the cosmos." –– President George W. Bush


Gulf War II wrent from the murky blog-o-sphere of
Gulf War II : by scari.opg

Again Thanks for the Memories
Mr. X-President

It will take a decades to recover from the Mis-deeds and Mis-takes and Blunders to our civil discourse, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES

A Thriller of Biblical Dimension
Bogged Down

Sexy and filled with intrigue, deception, betrayal, revenge, and lots of love of god and country, Gulf War II is a revisit to the memory of Vietnam and a bridge too far genre of film noir.


Faith based Prey to Power, Pray for Power, Prey to Prayer. So, is George
W. Bush an Idealist without Illusion or an Illusionist without Ideals?

Ploughshares Fund funding for the last blast
yes Ron and Nancy, the light before the dawn

The Horror
of Banality

Title: a classified meritocracy is without merit but that's classified too.


Condi lies,
Condi's lies,
Condi lying


Very nice Condoleezza Rice
Condi lied again and again for "My Husband"
Lying Condi

Yes, consistency is the hobgogglin of small minds but one must connect the dots before moving on to the next new passion play Condi.


Thanks for the "Memories"

Chilling With the WHIG: White House Iraq Group and AIPAC are perfect partners for
Chalabi. Ahmad Chalabi in conference with Joe Allbaugh, Donald Rumsfeld, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Dick Cheney.

The Horror of Banality –
– Reality Attacks on the Chosen

Reality has not been kind to either Karl Rove or his Puppet, Georgie The Younger. Dick Cheney is still out there lurking, Donald Rumsfeld has just about warn out his glibness and Paul Wolfowitz has slipped from sight. Richard Perle is still convinced of the rectitude of his certitude and we get the bill for all this duplicity –– Share The Fantasy.

Collage Poster created March of 2003 ______ Shock and AWE
Updated on April 19 2003
Updated on December 14 2003

Title: a classified meritocracy is without merit but that's classified too.


"Bring it on." "Yes, he has passionate Christian Beliefs, but, according to clinical specialists, they do not rise to the level of delusion. Yes, he is responsible for his actions, and does understand the level of his crimes and must stand trial. He may have been deluded by those with whom he associates, advisers who have blinded his judgment."

Hadji, Jihadis into Jihotties

Jihadis unite into an organized insurgency now filled with rival groups of Jihotties. Jihotties, the rising stars of our discomfort, now have a Homeland that fulfills our need to have an enemy to distract us from the real, knotty conundrums that bedevil hegemony. Now that Saddam Hussein is no longer a force for evil Jihotties will fill the void; Good and Evil being relative become just vexing details in our vision for Democracy.

On the Jihottie and Ali Baba:
When we can't win their hearts and minds, we torture the infidels by any means necessary and when the accused tries to kill himself we force-feed our charge. hummm Mr. Addington what next?