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Chi sequence and DNA helicases

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Genome manipulation for the good of man through accelerated evolution of a protein in-vitro by Rapid DNA Shuffling.
Scari Development has made considerable progress on genetic recombination, recombination for practical uses in the Human Genome. The implication for the human condition is profound, our host planet is suffering, our institutions are in confusion, our resources are depleted and our social fabric is in tatters. Through SCARI there are options to pursue for the public good.


atomic force microscopy (AFM)
double helix
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Our research is focused on the molecular mechanisms of genetic recombination, with the long-term objective being the reconstitution of in-vitro systems that accurately reproduce the cellular processes. We are characterizing the biochemical properties of proteins essential to homologous recombination, in prokaryotes, eukaryotes, and Archaea.

These ideas are all accepted by the overwhelming bulk of scientists, with the possible exception of gradualism, which in its purest manifestation has been challenged by Gould’s and Eldrege’s concept of punctuated equilibrium. The other ideas now form a set that can justifiably be called the fact of evolution.

Transposons and Retrotransposons
Transpositional recombination is the process that a mobile element is inserted into a target DNA.  It may occur by one of two mechanisms: (1) directly as DNA, (2) through RNA.  The mobile elements that transpose through DNA are called transposons and those via RNA are referred to as  retrotransposons. 

DNA shuffling is a method for in vitro homologous recombination of pools of selected mutant genes by random fragmentation and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) reassembly.

Genetic recombination is the transfer of DNA from one organism to another. The transferred donor DNA may then be integrated into the recipient's nucleoid by various mechanisms. Through Transposon Technology and DNA shuffling a recombination in cell property occurs.

Flp recombinase promotes site-specific DNA recombination in embryonic stem cells and transgenic swine. Broad Flp expression is compatible with normal development, suggesting that Flp can be used to catalyze recombination in most cell types. These properties indicate that Flp can be exploited to make prescribed alterations in both swine and primate genome -- to include the Homo Sapian Sapian..

chafing dish chart
crossover experiment with undesirable results

Frolic in Paradise

Once upon a time there was a big jug of cider sitting in a cool place. In this jug were little yeasties. The yeastie needed to eat. Being hungry for food and procreation, the little yeasties slurped cider sugars and they shat alcohol and they procreated and procreated, as it is, exponentially. These little critters operated as if there were limitless sugars and space to spread their way of life; it was just like paradise. So, by and by, they ate and shat and shat and ate and spread throughout the tasty cider soup until the sugar was gone and they began to drown in their own shit; the alcohol excrement was, of course, poison to the little critters. All the little yeasties died and their little world was turned to shit.
Had the little yeastie been able to forecast the resultant alchemy of this behavior they might have taken a different tack. Had the little yeasties engaged in experimentation and research, intervening variables might have been implemented to change their paradigm.
If the little yeasties were equipped with genetic engineering, they might have programmed their diet to eat alcohol and shit sugar, reversing the process that was their demise. Had the organism gotten a handle on its ability to procreate the cider environment could have supported the frolic and feasting of the yeasty for some length of time. This time would have been valuable to the survival of the little critter; there would have been time for research into exploration beyond the cider jug, exploit other cider jugs and spread the Good News to other parts of the realm. It's through this fairy tale that we at Scari Research Institute have postulated a template for the human condition.
(If this were a anthropocentric story and we being the good guys, this would be where we'd come in to save the day, but it's a story about yeasties)

Conclusion: Had the yeastie been inbued with cognition and science beyond natural selection they could have taken counter measures that would secure their fate, perserve the realm and continue their frolic.

parson Carson Gallant Charoot

  Upon specific stimulation, cells in the G0 phase may re-enter the G1 phase.

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It's not been a bed of roses, we have had setbacks, and miss-steps; not all of our research has born usable fruit. An omnipresent dissapointment has been Large Offspring Syndrome; a condition that is now mitigated by massive doses of steroids and hormone therapy after delivery. For us at SCARI "life starts at conception and ends at birth," we have no interest in postnatal depression responsibilities.


Tagging Errors

1272 bases (including the stop codon) Tagging errors were responsible for our mistaken assurance of success. The result of this miscalculation has caused a reassessment of our original data.

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Subsequent typing has not been so error prone.

Chimeric Blastula

DNA at work: With Scientific Relish we at SCARI Genome have sliced through the helix eliminating the skree and clutter of normal plodding research, adding a level of excitement and intensity of our research, research that would, under normal labrotory norms, be droll and boring.

Tagger reorganization: Taggers employed for sequence annotation have been reorganized into a phalanx of devoted genome sequencing technicians.


extremity micro