celestial signs by night, Cosmic Signs
bring back the night with cosmic signage

Celestial Signs
Scari Development Project
interferometeric technology

Among our many innovations, our passions have driven to the development of in-retro-visual sensory perception. Pilot project, concepts for the reintroduction of our species, the homo sapian, to cosmic interactivity. For most of us it's been many years since one has seen the heavens. Our cosmic billboard project has taken hold in many cities across the country reingaging humanity with the cosmos.


Minimal advertisement, Minimal footprint and Minimal impact on our consumption habits while providing us awareness of our cosmic role in the greater scheme of things; another green mall concept.

Universal Signage
From Cosmic Dust to Strip Mall, the use of matter in some parts of the universe has taken on the self-organized palor of unrestrained comerce, a commerce that inherits nothing from the galactic economy but to consume for the sake of consumption -- a neurotic need to make more because less in not an option.
These economies are driven by a species that just swung from the tree, a species that just a few years ago could barly rub sticks together to make heat; now our social, political and economic fabric has soured the fundimental reasons for existence.
Cosmic Signs are a small step to bring back the night, celebrate all this sensless beauty without giving up any bargins .

With strip mall light polution at an all time high, Cosmic Signage will keep us in touch with our better angels.

Bringing the vision to you,
Scari Development will keep you in touch with your cosmic origins through Celestial Bulletin updates. If there are cosmic happenings of interest, we will update you no mattter where you shop, no matter how distracted you get by the next new product, your values can remain grounded in your personal survival strategy (enhancing your kit) while retaining a cosmic place in the universe.

Sacred Celestial Signs
Cosmic Signs, cropping up all over the world.

Newly installed Celestial Sign on San Pablo Ave. in Phoenix, Arizona.
Los Angeles will receive thirty Cosmic Bulletin Signages in the months to come.

Japanese are among early adopters of Cosmic Signs

Tokyo Universe
Onada Street Tokyo, Japan


Night is our Love, Signs are our Passion
With minimal foot print Celestial Signs will
deliver to the feeling of being in touch with
your spiritual side while shopping and talking
on your cell.
Remember, you are one with the universe.







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