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the Serene Cultural Alliance Research Institute Information Machine adds
to the body of knowledge while contributing to the persistence of doubt.

public relations: Coming Soon is a perception management page dedicated to all those pages not yet mounted.
We beg your indulgence for the delay in assembling the data to be published. Analytical compilation of data stream convergence is not a personnel failing but one of, simply, so many complex calculations relevant to corresponding texts and imagery that must be edited and collated into coherent strings of data from disparate sources, sources which are not always easily accessed by an institution not funded by deep pockets and a specific agenda for the shaping of popular opinion, but to research intervening variables and sources for data relevant to the undefined, the ambiguous, the paradoxical streams of information that add to the body of knowledge without having any influence on the data observed or analyzed; the burden of informing without influencing is an objective calling in a subjective world –– a calling we embrace to overcome vulnerability for competitive advantage with scientific relish. Again we beg your absolution for our indulgence in getting our information from the myriad sources that give you the best possible opportunity for your inquiring mind to be fully informed while unencumbered by the passions any specific ism or belief system may impart. Feel free to check this page often for the inevitable surprises that cause change in status.










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You know when you go for the truth and find ambiguous, unverifiable, misleading or unreliable information, Scari.Org is your last best hope for clarity in a dangerous time. Our dedication to the projection of parallax paradigms is unrivaled, our care and concern for reality to be at least a vision that coalesces with the feelings you may have about the perfectibility of humanity will sustain those of us who believe there is more to life than consumption for the sake of growth. When the crunch is at hand and all speech is lost to the greater good, we here at Scari.Org will join with our brethren and provide resistance to the end of irony for the sake of perception management –– we too may fall mute but for thought worth thinking –– hope for our species is reliant on the persistence of doubt.

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Now is the chance for you longtime visitors of Scari.Org, to have a chunk of the rock, be a player, become a part of something much larger than the sum of your parts.

It's time to get off your ass. It's time to believe in something, Shamelessly promote something beside extreme navel gazing. Iconoclastic Iconography may be the last best Logo for the ages.



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