Building a new Iraq in the Chalabi Vision

Perception Management: New Bridge Strategies, LLC
inside the underbelly with Ahmed Chalabi and John Rendon

Having close ties to Dick Cheney, Ahmed Chalabi, also ethically tone deaf, is our man in Baghdad working out the details of who gets what and when. Ahmed has settled in to the task at hand with passion, and the full faith and credit of the Bush Administraton.

Chilling With the WHIG: White House Iraq Group and AIPAC are perfect partners for Chalabi. Ahmad Chalabi
in conference with Joe Allbaugh, Donald Rumsfeld, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Dick Cheney.
Ahmad Chalabi freedom fighter
Ahmad Chalabi in perception management conference
The close friend of Dick Cheney has made over one of Saddam's Palaces as his own. Petit Pale Chalabi is lush with decor.
A man of sophisticated tastes, Ahmed Chalabi has brought in feng shui (gay eye) metrosexual decorators from New York thanks to The Rendon Group and New Bridge Strategies, LLC, Douglas Feith has arranged all the details

"When it comes to Perception Management, Ahmed Chalabi and Joe Allbaugh have the best of intensions for the future of Iraq."
Dick Cheney

Ahmed Chalabi in conference with Joe Allbaugh, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney. Discussions include the New Bridge Strategies disbursal of funds for rebuilding Iraq through the next fiscal year. Strategies are going according to plan as Chalabi has advised. Joe M. Allbaugh, Chairman and Director of New Bridge Strategies, LLC has the green light to spend on rebuilding the palaces of Saddam Hussein in order to provide a suitable environment for VIP's of the chosen; consultants, contractors and interested parties tapped to share in the contribution to Iraqi rehabilitation. Chalabi, now settled and comfortable in his sitting room, has referbished one of Saadams places to suit his tastes for diplomatic receptions and business conferences. "A comfortable working environment is important when dealing with the infrastructure, yes, I need some modicum of order when attending to the needs of the Iraqi people, despensing power and seeing to the construction of democracy." Chalabi said, "Our Democratic institutions are being built from the top down in order to save time and insure there are no insurgent elements infiltrating our idea of a free Iraq. There is much to do to get the toilets to flush and the phones to ring. Thanks to New Bridge Strategies we have the advantage of working with the best service providers, from crisis counseling to cell phone service, New Bridge Strategies has done a stellar job of recommending to me the best contractors for the jobs to be done."

Man of Taste

Ahmed Chalabi, a Man of Taste and culture has the right balance of cultural refinement and business acumen to attract the confidence of the coalition's power brokers. After having the ear of Dick Cheney, Ahmed Chalabi has come some distance since his days of trotting around Washington with hat in hand helping to develop data with the Office of Special Plans. His vision for Iraq is coming to pass as we move from occupation to democratic independence. Ahmed Chalabi is the one central figure that has the confidence of both the Iraqi Expatriots and the Coalition. His ability with facts and their use are as malleable as George Bush; their respective uses of facts, an amalgam of theory and conjecture, has forged a new vision for the use of Iraq and its people. The Capitalist, free enterprise principle of financial dominance of all sector resources is in accord with the Bush Administration's Ideal of Supply Side Wealth Formation.

As head of the Iraqi National Congress, Chalabi has affected much for the people of Iraq, Working close with his nephew Salem Chalabi and others, associated with Free Market Global, and Iraqi International Law Group, a new vision is being forged with the helpful expertise of Peter Mc Pherson, Jack Kemp, General Tommy Franks, Thomas Foley,

Democracy building is overseen by Owen Kirby of International Republican Institute an organization that has awarded both Dick and Lynn Cheney with the Freedom Award, an annual recognition of Americans that have taken more than they have contributed to our freedoms.
It's important to remember "unknown knowns are known unknowns that have been forgotten." Ahmed Chalabi knows this and uses this axiom to the fullest with the Coalition Provisional Authority as he has done with the Office of Special Plans.
As a closed loop the notion of using federal coffers to fuel private enterprise is not new, however, the naked fabrication of disinformation for that end is unprecedented. Not since Iran-Contra have we seen this cabal at work. The dirty dozen are back with the sequel, "Evil Doers Undone" by the might of right, using what ever it takes. Now, with Iraq stabalized and funding in place, Ahmed Chalabi is our man for a democratic rebirth –– let free enterprise ring for the entrepreneurial spirit.


Why would Ahmed Chalabi, our favored ally in Iraq, be subject to such shabby treatment?
The Palace of Chalabi has been raided and Chalabi himself threatened by our troops -- a gun pointed to his head. Just last month he and his gang were treated to another 350,000 dollars, a stipend he gets every month for services rendered; just to prop up the puppet and provide sumptuous living, we have spent tens of millions.
Now we have changed our view of a man who provided the intelligence to rationalize our invasion of Iraq. Amed Chalabi is now accused of looting but we know Donald Rumsfeld’s and Dick Cheney's sentiment about looting being just an “untidy” aspect of “freedom.” And Chalabi is an untidy man, having fled Jordan in 1992, before being indicted and convicted in absentia, and sentenced to 22 years in prison for fraud and embezzling $300 million from depositors, money from a bank he operated in Jordan. No word yet on whether Jordan intends to invade Iraq based on the U.S. government’s refusal to cooperate by returning “Our man in Baghdad.” Will he return to Jordan to face justice or will he carry on defending his honor and living well.

Amed Chalabi joins a very long list of interlopers who suit our interest until their baggage becomes too prominent and inconvenient to sustain, "in the name of our National Interest the White House Iraq Group is doing the work of the people, for the people." Now the baggage requires some heavy lifting, more that even the "Dark Force" Dick Cheney can carry.

Perception Management: AIPAC the wizard of OZ John Rendon and Dick Cheney master of mendacity.
Ariel Sharon, Ahmed Chalabi and George Bush should join mutual interestes into a cabal of duplicitous interlopers, forming a scatological mutual admiration alliance for eschatology study.

Perception Manager, John Rendon
It is believed John Rendon encapsulated in a speech, his seminal insight into the human psyche, to cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1996. "I am not a national-security strategist or a military tactician," he declared. "I am a politician, a person who uses communication to meet public-policy or corporate-policy objectives. In fact, I am an information warrior and a perception manager." To explain his philosophy, Rendon paraphrased a journalist he knew from his days as a staffer on the presidential campaigns of George McGovern and Jimmy Carter: "This is probably best described in the words of Hunter S. Thompson, when he wrote, 'When things turn weird, the weird turn pro.'"

Don't forget to
Remember the unforseen:
"unknown knowns are
known unknowns that
have been forgotten."
You Break It,
You Fix It.

The American Israel
Public Affairs Committee

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee has just rleased a statment to the press. "We have no knowledge, nor have we ever had any knowledge of using Ahmed Chalabi as a shill for our interests in Iraq. We have no knowledge of information transfere from the F.B.I. to our offices and have no influence on American Policy in the Middle East."

With advice from Peter Feaver of duke Universitey, a Praetorian Guard from the House of Chalabi and the Praetorian Guard of Ariel Sharon are to join to form into a unified force for the good of man to insure peace and stability in the Middle East.

Curve Ball to tells truth

Rafid Ahmed Alwan, curveball, pop flies another mass of information on his claims.
Curveball tells truth for Ahmad Chalabi.

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