Goddesses of
the Arts
and the Vagina dialogues
Viewed through
a Feminist Lens

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The Promise Makers
with the
Men's Caucus For The Women Of The Arts
A gynocentric movement dedicated to The Goddess, her trappings, fertility and creativity.
In the great tradition of
women as Goddess

femme fist



The Goddess,
Feminist Theory, TupperWare and
The Mud Flap Women

Conventional wisdom has pegged the Feminist movement to a fixed date in History.
The earliest stirrings of Popular Feminism began with the TupperWare Party. Few dispute the locus of Feminist Theory that sprung from TupperWare to become a Goddess Cult that Changed the face of the American Landscape. From humble beginnings, both Popular Feminism and TupperWare coexisted for almost three decades. Like most political movements, the Feminists couched their interests in gatherings revolving around TupperWare; Tupperware being the perfect front for organizing and networking, disseminating information and gathering new converts.
Little known: the insignia of the movement was manifest in the watermark at the bottom of the TupperWare Product. When looking at a freshly washed tupper tub, before rinsing, if one holds the object to the light, one can see the profile of Emma Goldman faintly embossed in the bottom of all tupperware products; once rinsed and dried the mark is invisible.
Covert and Conspiratorial: Among the members of the opposite sex this frantic, bordering on manic, movement by normal everyday house wives was perceived as a threat to the authority of members of the male gender.
Counter Revolutionary agents: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Males were driven to react to this challenge to the authority of the Average American Working White Male by any means at hand. The symbolic response first began to appear in the early 1970s in the form of signifying sexual solidarity with the graphic depiction of a female (Goddess) on the backs of their automotive vehicles. Truckers were among early adopters to this attempt to supplicate the female to her prerevoutionary status.
At this juncture in gender roles, the confrontation has reached some level of stasis. Both movements have acquired other symbols for their respective sympathies.
Example: NASCAR has broad male appeal with crossover support among disaffected females. Male Strippers have replaced Tupperware to the disappointment of some but the estatic approval of females sharing the same objectification fetishism as males.
Radical Feminism and the Men's Causus bicker over the nettling details of their gender through discourse and symbolism but the sexual tensions remain, a seeming cosmic complaint of gender in the cast and lot of human existence. This confrontation between genders carries on today but the Feminist Lens has moved far beyond the Radical Feminist brau burning hairy legged lesbian seeking soulmates to convert to kaki pants and work shirts.
Resources for and reference to the Mudflap Woman or Mud Flap Girl are being preserved and cataloged by the Men's Caucus for Women of the Arts.

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Venus of Willendorf
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The Women Of The Arts
The Women Of The Arts -- Men's Caucus 1996, promise makers

Caucus 2004 –– Best Ever


Guest Celebrity, Donald Trump will speak on the meaning of money and its influence on good taste. 'Good Taste and Wealth Creation'

Special topic for discussion: 'Genitile Dysfigurement'

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Within The Feminist Lens
who's to question the articles of faith of others

"The Feminist Lens has moved far beyond the Radical Feminist brau burning hairy legged lesbian seeking soulmates to convert to kaki pants and plaid work shirts.
Now unemployed Prostitutes organize to initiate hunger strike; who's to question the articles of faith of others"

This years Guest Speaker is: Donald Trump


The PROMISE MAKERS are in may ways in direct competition with the PROMISE KEEPERS. The similarity between the two organizations is easily defined. The PROMISE KEEPERS are a lot that keep promises that they never made and the PROMISE MAKERS are dedicated to making promises they have no intention of keeping. This distinction is minor when considering the good they both do. It is important to note there is little affiliation between the two organizations. However, many members of the PROMISE MAKERS are also members in good standing with the PROMISE KEEPERS.

Men's Caucus 1993
Goddesses worship
Goddess worship

Femme Fatal
Men's Caucus 30 year anniversary 1969 -- 1999

For thirty four years the Promise Makers have sponsored the Men's Caucus For The Women Of The Arts in Eugene, Oregon.

This event is the high point of a summer crammed with merry making in Oregon. The Oregon Country Fair, BACH FESTIVAL and Divinci Daze being just three examples of compelling events.

The MEN'S CAUCUS FOR THE WOMEN OF THE ARTS has had such noted guest speakers as Robert Bly, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Ken Starr.

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Last year's Guest Speaker was:
Henry Kissinger

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Audio tapes of the minutes and speeches are now available.

Thirtieth Anniversary poster is of special interest, designed by our inhouse staff on commission by the PROMISE MAKERS for the 1999 event which had as guest speaker, Jesse Jackson. Scari was blessed to contribute to this event.

Goddess worship comes in many forms:
The Mud-flap Women is iconic and profound, a source of renewal and vitality. Most men know of the power of the Mud Flap Women as Goddess on a visceral level but the intellectual processes are ambiguous and less well defined.
The Promise Makers have archived references and linage from the distant past -- icons of the Mud Flap Women. Goddesses come in many forms but relate to the same theme, a source of power –- fecundity. There is a need for much more thought on this topic to clearify feminist doctrine. In order to conclude a unified field theory on the status of the Mud Flap Woman -- the Promise Makers and the Men's Caucus for Women of the Arts has archived a rich body of knowledge. They are tasked to the challenge.


feminist goddess
Promise Makers Archives

Radical Feminists for Goddess Worship

Fertility Goddesses come in many forms, the Mud Flap Lady is just one amoug many but her power to inspire and provoke remains enigmatic, reconciled in counterdiction and confusion.

Promise Makers archives:
"As long as there are mud flaps there will be Mud Flap Ladies."

Have you ever wanted to know what happened to the Mud Flap Women? She's still trucken however her supporters have diminished. There are many reasons for her decline, foremost, is Feminism, a coalition that believes that sex and gender are not objectifiable. The Promise Makers knows better, a campaign has been launched to reserrect the Goddeses, including the MudFlap Women. If the Venus of Villendorf can be worshiped, her powers and symbology is essentially the same as the Mud Flap Women. Directly decentant from fertility symbology, the Mud Flap Women symbol is a icon for mobility in the last century. A Venus of Villendorf, a neolithic symbol, would not fit on a mud flap with any aesthetic perportion or sensibility, thus the Mud Flap Women.
Far less sexist than a Playboy Bunny, the Mud Flap Women is a icon with a long and proud past. "As long as there are mud flaps there will be Mud-Flap Women, they will be there to symoblically reference productivity, reproductivity, fruitfulness, fecundity and fertility,"

The Feminist Lens, In the great tradition of women as Goddesses
a movement centered around the vagina, related regions including the limbic region, amygdala, hypothalamus and those in possession of all essential equipment to qualify. Those without requisite credentials are allowed privileged access upon request. The Promise Makers have gone to considerable effort to provide interested parties archive access.

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