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Innoculate yourself against Inquiring minds


National Atonement Month is just around the corner, again. Be prepared for the event this time.

Infidelity is a terrible thing to waste when atonement caché will endear you to those with inquiring minds.

Indiscretions can be a fashion statement. Be among the smart set to atone early and often. No matter what gender, no matter what the crime we have pins and buttons that will forgive your crimes. Innoculate yourself against inquiring minds and atone now.

Atonement as marketing tool.

Atonement month is sweeping the nation. Your churchgroup can order posters and buttons for your own ATONEMENT DRIVE. Guilt is a terrible thing to squander.

Be among the first to introduce this new event. Atonement Month has caught on among the newly saved. Your group can capitalize on the vulnerability of the newly Reborn. Don't be left behind...

Atonement is the antidote for Guilt.
Guilt is a powerful tool.

Guilt squandered is not guilt worth having. Invoke Atonement Month and enjoy the benefits of guilt forgiven through absolution and indulgences. Willful ignorance is no protection from living the authentic life.

Invest now in Atonement for the sake of your soul.

Order now: Atonement Now

Atone now: Salvation from guilt has many positive theraputic effects. The affectation of atonement can make the difference when one faces eternity.


Atonement babes
The Atonement Babes, Jo and Sherri

Indulgence of appropriate behavoir is not consideredappropriate in certain cultures. Offer void where prohibited