expentable youth
F.O.B. Cargo conveyor in transit

On To The Last Frontier

Visionary Leadership
on a Cosmic Scale

Plumbing the Heavens

Having just gotten back from Baghdad George W. Bush, on a knee jerk junket, our unelected president is now ready to do Mars on another knee jerk, he may finally have an authentic circumstance to wear his flight suit. In an attempt to capture the imagination of the American people –– share the fantasy, Karl Rove is now deeply involved in our national space policy. With dedication and vision, this new, (concept) program will utilize our new data bases gleaned from the Patriot Act to find dissidents to the Mars Or Bust Project.
Evil Doers are on hold for some time to come while resources are shifted toward the launch of another bold new project. "Osama will have to wait," Sources say,"By using our intelligence, containment will suffice."
Chief Plumber Karl

For Karl Rove, Flatulence is perpetual and ongoing, so when wearing a space suit, special modifications must be applied. An anal catheter with complex valves and gates is piped to the heavens for elimination. "It's not fun but it works real good."

First Minister of Propaganda

Karl Rove in Space: The Newly appointed head of MOM (Men On Mars) program and MAP (Mars for America Program) is thrilled by his additional responsibility. He has been the Chief Stratagist for PIS (Pigs in Space): an ongoing program designed to place genetic mishaps in orbit.

Karl brings a special set of skills to the job, unusually qualified as a man who knows how to Stick to Principle, his skill set includes many activities that require subterfuge, deceit, deception, obfuscation and duplicity. With digital technology and special effects Karl will deliver the goods with scientific relish,, he'll be up to speed soon; a man who can hit the floor running for whatever goal his pudgy little body wants to deliver.

Stay tuned for Men On Mars soon, plumbing the heavens for America is a can do job for a will do kind-a-guy.

George Bush is now committed to move on the Stars
Mission Creep W/Dubya
Bush goes to space while leaving no child behind.

"unknown knowns are known unknowns that have been forgotten"
Gutzon Borglum-Rushmore
A man to be remembered: Gutzon Borglum sculptor of the D. A. R. (Daughters of the American Revolution) Stone Mountain, Confederate War Memorial and Mt. Rushmore would leap at a chance to do Bush; he would do Stalin or Saddam if there were a budget –– another chance to get it right. A nation wide search for another man of the caliber of Gutzon Borglum is now underway for the execution of Bush in stone.

The Mission: The ultimate goal of the Men on Mars (MOM) project is to research why mars lost its atmosphere and to look back on earth to find what improvement we can make to enhance globalization. When asked for his reasoning, he said, "Yes, it's a real upper to have Mars to look forward to. We've been bogged down here on earth dealing with Nation Building, W.M.D., S.D.I., Evil Doers, Famine, AIDS, Genocide, Corporate Corruption, Poverty, Global Warming, Clean Water, Dirty Air, Ocean Warming, Sewage Treatment, Grey Goo, Toxic Waste, Healthy Forests, Endangered Species, Dirty Bombs, Nukulur Polifuration, Terror with all the Red, Yellow, and Orange alerts, The Patriot Act, Gay Rights, Israel/Palestine, Class Desparity and the man who tried to kill my daddy; It's time we get out of earth orbit and clear our heads of all the niggling details that bedevil us, we need to reach for the beyond, listen to our better angels, remember we are the Party Of Lincoln. Geez, I think that's the longest sentence I've ever uttered."
He went on to say that, "My Chief Strategist, Karl Rove, will be named to head up the Mars for America Project, MAP, a man with vision for the long run and a man to micro-manage puplic relations too; he's my fox in the hen-house that guards against Mission Creep."

logorrhea and W.M.D. with Henny Penny
What is, Grave and Gathering, yet, not Imminent

Chicken Little and Proliferating WMD
When KARL ROVE told Henny Penny to tell Chicken Little, "Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities," he was sure the willfully ignorant would not pass it on to we the unwashed.
Then Chicken Little told Dubya, "Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities." Then George W. Bush told us, "Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities," and now we are all complicit in the proliferation of "Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities."
How does it feel to be complicit in WMD related proliferation?
We here at Scari.Org find our involvement to be unsettling, knowing our only crime is free speech –– dangerous as that is.
The Patriot Act is the one measure to stamp out the proliferation of "Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities." By calling to task, all those involved in "Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities" discussions, there still may be time to stamp out this disease before we, The American People, must declare preemptive war on the planet to save us from ourselves. Only by sticking to principle and signing a blood oath to forget that WMD were not a Grave and Gathering Threat, that is, not Imminent but merely grave and gathering and we did it because we could –– nothing more, nothing less–– our preemptive war got the man who tried to kill his daddy, "it's the one bureaucratic reason we all can agree upon."
Conundrum: Irony and paradox don't fit into the Shibboleths of our current reality but yet the persistence of doubt carries on mindlessly authentic, reconciling confusion with no intention of relenting –– a salient carbuncle on our psyche.

Yes, we are as guilty as two ex-members of the Baath Party talking about those bastard Americans –– how they'd like to nuke'em till they glow

Gus O. Kahan



When Iraq is ready to be rebuilt, we decide when and where –– we will be there. The Rebuild section of our website will include specific needs by area in Iraq, just point and click to find the sector of specialty. We will show you the possibilities for reconstructing this new Nation. Yes, We know this sounds like Nation Building but it's not.
If you are interested in getting a jump start with establishing communication with the minders of Iraq, or would like to speak to us about our consulting services, please visit our contact page.

"Gee, New Bridge Strategies, LLC looks like a great deal, a fantastic place to put capital gains money. tax breakes and my GenTech stock." Donald Trump

the public good and
New Bridge Strategies, LLC
Insider inside the underbelly

From the age of reason to the age of faith
promotion as seen on Fox, the fair and balanced network

New Bridge Strategies, LLC, a unique company that was created specifically with the aim of assisting clients to evaluate and take advantage of business opportunities in the Middle East. following the victorious conclusion of the U.S.-led war in Iraq it's time to line up and and find you niche. Our firm seeks avenues which exploit the flux ridden climate before the creation of free and fair markets in Iraq,
Consistent with the policies of the Bush Administration, the opportunities evolving in Iraq today are of such an unprecedented nature and scope that no other existing firm has the necessary access and experience to effect insider profit both in the United States and abroad. While taxing the American public for the rebuild project why not get in and get a scoop of the foam before the brew settles.
For more information on our efforts call Dick Cheney or:

Joe M. Allbaugh, Chairman and Director: JoeA@NBSllc.org
Ed Rogers, Vice Chairman and Director: EdR@NBSllc.org
Dick Cheney silent partner: DickC@NBSllc.org
Lanny Griffith, Director: LannyG@NBSllc.org

When it comes to selling influence New Bridge Strategies delivers

Classified Ad
to Stock-N-ahA

If we here at SCARI wanted to get to the bottom, stickey goo –– the major players. We"d look at investment in Gas: chem, bio Protection, Armor Vests, Logistics Providers including fuel; We here would like to know who got their tax breaks and threw it all into War Paraphernalia.
Those people should be sent a bill, War Reparation, pain and suffering.

Just Remember: You break it, you fix it.


If National Security Matters?
When will Karl Rove "stick to Principle," cop a plea, fess up to his kinky acts and fall on his swords?

Cynical Pragmatism ––Message to Karl Rove: Karl, even you must believe that pragmatism has gone too far when the willfully ignorant rule?

Ashcroft Recusal

Attorney General John Ashcroft should be interested in his conflicts. We are to. The devil is watching and like Golem, we wince at his momentary flinch of integrity, however, a cynic might pose other senarios for his action. Off the hook, he is back swimming in those deep murky waters of the Penitcostal Marcher, trudging toward his day of reconing with the smug comfort of rightiousness..
Good luck John

Zora Atwell

Gold Standard for Ashcroft
Ashcroft stated,
"I am concerned about just what Arnold did to get those big muscles. It seems to me that all public officials should live by the same standard."

Arnold's only office held was under the Reagan Administration, as some sort of fitness freak he promoted body builting and posturing. His ability to pump iron is legendary, his ability for deep thought is also legendary.

There should be some sort or shake out on this issue within the next few weeks. Arnold was quoted as saying, "That was then, this is now." I love kids and California, I love to make movies and pump iron and I don't need no stinking steroids to run for Govenor, we need leadership. We need strong leadership"

A Neanderthal is not a Girly-Man, a Girly-Man he is not.

"Now that I am governor of
Cal-i-fornya, t
here will be no time for movies or anything else. Being Governor is better than being a movie star."
Put a little hair on his chest.

Neanderthal Elected Governor
As one of his first acts as Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to install a sculpture of one of his ancestors on the Capitol Grounds in Sacramento.

arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold's favorite sculpture of distant relative from the same mountain valley. "I love art and this monument of my ancestor will give California a more diverse view of our contribution to human kind."

George W. Bush says,

"Bring em on."
"Bring em on."
"Bring em on."
"Bring em on."

and they came on and on and on . . .
Everyone gets his wish.
At What cost is –– is all this wish fulfillment?
–– pricless ––

copyright Scari©2004
all rights reserved






The Horror of Banality –– Reality Attacks on the Chosen
Reality has not been kind to either Karl Rove or his Puppet, Georgie The Younger. Dick Cheney is still out there lurking, Donald Rumsfeld has just about warn out his glibness and Paul Wolfowitz has slipped from sight. Richard Perle is still convinced of the rectitude of his certitude and we get the bill for all this duplicity –– Share The Fantasy.

Collage Poster created March of 2003 ______ Shock and AWE
Updated on April 19 2003
Updated on December 14 2003

Title: a classified meritocracy is without merit but that's classified too


"Bring em on." "Yes, he has passionate Christian Beliefs, but, according to clinical specialists, they do not rise to the level of delusion. Yes, he is responsible for his actions, and does understand the level of his crimes and must stand trial. He may have been deluded by those with whom he associates, advisers who have blinded his judgment."

Ancient Hebrew phrase Shak-In-Ah, meaning glory. Among ancient mystics, ShakIn-Ah, power of the Ark of the Covenant.

Schwarzenegger Probed by Justice:
Arnold Schwarzenegger to meet with GOP officials to discuss his need for drug testing.

Ashcroft, Schwarzenegger Face off:
The hearning will be conducted soon: Sources say, the Ashcroft investigation will be conducted in tongues and Schwarenegger is to answer all questions in spanish.

It was disclosed on Friday Aug. 8, that John Ashcroft was disturbed by the possibility that Arnold Schwarenegger may not be the best possible choice to run for Governor of California. "Just what does Arnold do and when does he do it?" It's not easy being a rippling behemoth.

Primitive Ancestor to adorn Capitol Mall

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has done the impossible: For an Austrian from an obscure valley in the Dolomites to Governer of California the body building behemoth is now in control of millions of people in the worlds sixth largest economy. . .

Genetic variation is alive in this rainbow of the right. Governor Schwarzenegger demonstrates the new look of the Republican Party. "Our party is all inclusive, we love diversity and innovation. I am an innovativor and will guide California into the new millenia, with my lovely wife and my friends in movies, we will chart a course that will make our state the sunniest of lands. I won this election fair and square with a mandate to do what must be done."

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is bringing his staff to do the public's work in Sacramento –– his leadership will cut taxes and pull California out of the economic morass that the Democrats created. "I have great ideas and great strength and great goals and good sense, I am a business man who happens to be a movie star so I can do the job, trust me, the task is not any harder than shooting a stunt on camera or memorizing a movie script or having to show up for autograph sessions in shopping malls. I can do the job, a job that will make my ancestors proud."

Governator Update

The Terminator and Governator has gone from saving the world from aliens to a full frontal assault on Gays in Love. Sources say, Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to call out what's left to the Natonal Guard to fight the Queer Nation infestation in San Francisco. Another epoch battle between Good and Evil will ensue for Schwarzenegger the Terminator Governator. . .

Mickey Ganesh
Mickey Ganesh Says
two fisted liberty

Drinking at the trough: Bundlers of Steady Leadership
Yes, you too can help Bundle Bush for us all. Become a Pioneer or Ranger
or just remain willfully ignorant and help continue the fantasy. Run the middle class out of business with simple market forces and deception-duplicity
–– Go tell it on the mountain, Bundling good money after bad does not change the character of the package, smoke damaged goods at the Bundler's Fire Sale is a Tragedy of the Commons; pedistrian greed and intellectual sloth is not new only its trappings.

Gun Smoke,
Seymour Hersh and our national security authenticity, New Yorker, Oct 27.03 brings clarity to murky spin. Praise to investigative reporting. Why is Seymour not poisoned yet? He has single-handedly circumnavigated the darkest administration seen since Nixon.
Talking points:
"It is regrettable that plausible deniability is insufficient in cases like these and deniable plausibility may become the norm in future discussion" –– Like taking the 5th.
"Keep you eye on the Ball"
We all should remember, we should. On the eve of Gulf War II during the Senate Hearing on war powers for the use of preemptive force. Joe Biden said again and again, "KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL." It was a simple request, keep your eye on the ball. But we, the public, watched as this, unfairly elected, administration double dribbled, clipped, barged at the mark and stepped out of bounds -- yes Joe Biden made a simple request of us and we let him down.
Now months later we are busy looking stupid. Bush looks dumb (as usual), Rumsfeld is talking of a slog and preemption engineered by Cheney and his supplicants have forced us to suffer babbling sycophantic platitudes and we, the willfully ignorant, allow the justice of Ashcroft to reign supreme while we send, get well, cards to Rush Limbaugh; the babbling talking head of heads. Meanwhile, like Dr. Henry Kissinger, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the academic pragmatist, spins and spins a dervish credible to no one -- let her fall on here swords too.
Why are we, the unwashed, convinced we are in the final daze of Pax Amerika?
"Gee dad we saw the fall of Communism, what's next?"
"New Bridge Strategies, LLC my son that's where the smart money is."