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Agri Dagi Turkey
Stasis vs dynamic seems to play some meaningful role in both art and ritual. A cultural aesthetic is played out on the walls as some metaphor for the society as a whole.

Persistent and enigmatic

Enigmatic wall paintings are among the most expressive found by Ephima Morphew and her crew. Articles of daily life uncovered are in many ways among the most diverse. There appears to be a dramatic juxtaposition between dynamic movement and the static. Some figures and groups of figures appear in action while others are stiff and immobile.

Within the chambers there is a sort of conscious attempt to set these forms one against the other with some thematic intention. This is the first of many findings which perplex and dismay the on-site staff.
The human remains are to be found in burial chambers sealed and ritually decorated with the same perplexing imagery.

The quality of artistry is of note, given the grace and beauty of the dynamic figures and the coarseness of the static figure, both contemporaneous, there seems to be some factional conflict within the social construct.

The two school theory was posed as some method to reconcile the difference in aesthetic.

Petroglyph, Agri Dagi