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acquired taste, the
Persistence of
Doubt and the Supreme Cognitive Entity w/ Evangelical Environmentalism

Fundies Unite to relearn the Knuckle Walk with
Creation Care, Godless Cynicism and the meaning of life by the unreliable narrator ,

Yes, we are diddling around, adding to the body of knowledge of our planet in profound ways –– ways not understood else this would not be happening. We did think this was our planet but we were wrong, God even knows, and you know God only knows who owns the development rights.
After many attempts to use faith as a ruler for enlightenment, a frustration to unravel opaque ambigious and contradictory biblical scriptural content leaves many evangelicals fallen from the trees resorting to search for truth using observation and experience not revelation. Release from doctrinal schackles leaves one with a set of new rules that can be measured, quantified and used to build a cogent universe.
Existence in a less structured reality requires courage (it herts to think) in a time when we can see what we have done in the name of God –– or what the need for God has done to us and our world.

Dr. Thaddeus Quella

the moment when haram is halal Why is the beast so mean? Is the Kingdom of God a meritocracy, could the kingdom of god ever be egalitarian?
Is there no hope for one man one vote in heaven? Can heaven be mediated so as to enjoy the pleasures of peace by consensus?
Yahweh says: "Yes, heaven is a monarchy, authoritarian, because it's my deal and that's the way I like it." then a booming roar was heard.
"Only God is God, there is no God but god, and God only knows for sure, god is everywhere, god clings to your soul like sore underwear"
for God's sake change your shorts

Anonymous Magazine presents Michael Jackson, failed transhumanist
Anonymous Magazine –– failed transhumanist
By consensus it is decided we never want to see Michael Jackson again. 6/25/09 Dead at age 50.
Pop is the ongoing effort to scratch an uncontrollable itch. Pop King was covered with welts

misplaced faith: Mormon TEMPLE TALK and Flimsy Charms, Learning to let go of Joe –– Joe Smith Fraud

The Arrest Records of Joseph Smith from 1826 to 1830 are Rediscovered and Given to the Mormon Church.

Subject: Guilty! Next Case!
Joseph Smith's arrest record on glass-looking charges--and Hugh Nibley's warnings about their serious nature, if proven true ( and they are now proven true.)
Sep 17, 2005
steve bensonWhat is particularly damning about these latest press revelations is that they further validate the devastating nature of the crimes that Smith committed--as, in fact, admitted by Mormonism's historically pre-eminent apologist and water carrier, Hugh Nibley.

In 1961, Nibley authored a book entitled The Mythmakers, in which he ventured to boldly debunk assertions that Joseph Smith had committed, or had been arrested for, the crime of "glass-looking." Nibley (in words he probably later wished he could retract) went so far as to declare that if, in fact, Smith was actually proven guilty of such nefarious activity, it would constitute the most damning blow that could be imagined to Smith's claim of divine prophetship.
Derick S. Hartshorn, in his work, Bearing the Testimony of Truth, reviews the history of apologetic denials uttered by Mormonism's stoutest defenders--and then compares those desperate defenses to the actual evidence found--evidence that cuts Smith off at the knees.

Creation Care Triage Fund
5 steps to empowerment
the five steps to empowerment with creation care

Creation Care Triage: Let's fight the sinking of the planet with Creation Care Triage? Why not use Evangelical Environmentalism to patch things up for the end time. Extremism in the name of Faith is no vice.
The Last to Know:
One would think, evangelicals would have been given 'The Word' first.

Evangelical Environmentalism with Prosperity Theology

Creation Care Karaoke is the answer
Given our nation's penchant for faith, prayer and belief in the supernatural, it seems appropriate to launch a few pilot projects to capitalize on this new national obsession –– Evangelical Environmentalism
Using faith based initiatives to salve our national deficit; concern for planetary degradation could be fixed through prayer and networking.
A Pilot Project is proposed: with support from our Faith-Based Initiative there should be the establishment of several hundred worship stations or chapels to help turn the corner and ebb the tide of Global Warming (Climate Change) to a level that people of faith can live with.
A Federal initiative for Tax Payer funded Creation Care Parlors or Chapels could establish a new mind-set for good men and women to come together to sing away and pray for Earthly Harmony –– Creation Care,
Using a well establish method for people of good will to feel good about themselves –– Creation Care Karaoke would be a solid step in stemming global warming. Creation Care Karaoke Chapels could turn the tide for global degradation and deliver us to a higher plane. It's not rocket science but Creation Care Karaoke is the last best hope for a unity of faith for the true believer to appeal to their better angels.
A Creation Care Triage Song Book and recordings of creation care songs, chants and praises for Jesus and his love of us would shift attitudes, promote sympathy for dying species, all the little animals and curb robust obsessive consumption into manageable gluttony.
One would think, evangelicals would have been given 'The Word' first. Why are they the Last to Know?

Endorcements: Cufi Leader, John Hagee has his regular orders of special Hagee Rapture Ready Wear. His Super Hagee King-Size wear is popular for those who expects the Lord to do some heavy-lifting.

Mormon Pastoral and the Mormon Prophetic Tradition
New Mormon Art, Joseph Smith with his Flock
Joseph Smith tending to his flock. At the crack of dawn,
in coat and tails, he's out with his charge seeking for a
sign, reveling in the certitude of his rectitude to the exclusion of all others. Mormon Myopia lives on.

In the early days Joe Smith's flock was small but with selcetive breedimg his visions were realized.

Learning to let go of Joe

Under the sub-section, Guilty! Next Case!, Hartshorn exposes the serious nature of the charges against Smith and how they have plunged a dagger into the heart of Smith's claims to divine guidance:
"It was charged that Joseph Smith was accused and found guilt of parting a local farmer from his money in a less than honest scheme, commonly known as 'money-digging' or 'glass-looking.' It was reported to have been an activity that brought him rebuke from his soon-to-be father-in-law, Isaac Hale. It is also historically recorded that he was removed from membership in a local Methodist church because of the activity and trial results.

"Joseph Smith skims over the specific event leading to the trial in the Pearl of Great Price, explaining that he was only a day worker for the man so engaged and not personally involved.
"Mormon writers have continually challenged its doubters to find the records (seemingly lost) and prove Joseph Smith a liar or stop the attacks. Mormon writer Hugh Nibley, the most prolific defender of the Mormon faith, used almost 20 pages in his book, The Mythmakers, in an attempt to discredit this 'alleged' court trial.

Mormon Atonement
New Mormon Inspired Art smacks of the Hudson River School revisited; This image is devoted to clearing-up the mix-up used by the Mormons for some 150 years –– Retro-apologetics is not Counter-Apologegics, Mormons should apologize for insisting their deception is worth the damage done to Global Reality. After self-scrutiny Mormon Apologetics should apologize for their fraud. Now that Mormon Apologetics is through explaining, their job, now, is to apologize for their fraud from the beginning.

Guilty! Next Case! continued: On page 142 we find:
"'. . . If this court record is authentic it is the most damning evidence in existence against Joseph Smith' and would be 'the most devastating blow to Smith ever delivered.' [emphasis added]
"Of course, when that was first published back in 1961, Dr. Nibley undoubtedly felt that after 130 years no such record would turn up in 1971. Once again, the actual evidence, which the Mormon Church had denied ever existed came to light in 1971. You can read about how it was discovered as well as the relevance of other historical documents of that time that Joseph used a 'seer' stone to find money, etc. in the 54=page brochure 'Joseph Smith’s Bainbridge, N.Y., Court Trials.'
"One might wonder why this should be cause for concern among investigators of Mormonism. The fact is the up to then, the Mormon Leaders had denied that there WAS such a trial. Indeed, they claim that the story of Joseph’s arrest was a 'fabrication of unknown authorship and never in a court record at all.'
"The charge that Joseph was known to hunt treasure with 'peep' or 'seer' stones, etc., was serious enough that Mormon scholar Francis W. Kirkham stated that if the court record could be found, it would show that the Mormon Church was false:
"'Careful study of all facts regarding this alleged confession of Joseph Smith in a court of law that he had used a seer stone to find hidden treasure for purposes of fraud, must come to the conclusion that no such record was ever made, and therefore, is not in existence . . .
"'If any evidence had been in existence that Joseph Smith had used a seer stone for fraud and deception, and especially had he made this confession in a court of law as early as 1826, or four years before the Book of Mormon was printed, and this confession was in a court record, it would have been impossible for him to have organized the restored Church.'
"Later, in the same book, Mr. Kirkham states:

"'. . . [I]f a court record could be identified, and if it contained a confession by Joseph Smith which revealed him to be a poor, ignorant, deluded, and superstitious person unable himself to write a book of any consequence, and whose Church could not endure because it attracted only similar persons of low mentality if such a court record confession could be identified and proved, then it follows that his believers must deny his claimed divine guidance which led them to follow him. . . . How could he be a prophet of God, the leader of the Restored Church to these tens of thousands, if he had been superstitious fraud which the pages from a book declared he confessed to be? . . . '
"Well, in spite of 140 years of silence, the records did surface. Rev. Wesley Walters discovered the documents in the basement of the Chenango County, New York, jailhouse at Norwich, N.Y. in 1971. The records, affidavits, and other data show conclusively that Joseph Smith was arrested, went to trial, was found guilty as an imposter in the Stowell matter of "glass-looking." It is not a matter of debate, opinion or religious preference. It is a proven historical fact.
"Initially Mormons denied that Joseph ever participated in 'money-digging' activities, saying that would invalidate his claim as a prophet. Now that indisputable evidence confirms that Joseph was a convicted 'money- digger' Mormons have taken a 'so what' attitude. At least one says, now that the evidence proves that Joseph was a 'money-digger' that it really doesn’t matter. (What could a BYU professor say?) Mormon scholar Marvin Hill says:
"'There may be little doubt now, as I have indicated elsewhere, that Joseph Smith was brought to trial in 1826 on a charge, not exactly clear, associated with money digging.' [Fawn] Brodie’s thesis that the prophet grew from necromancer to prophet assumes that the two were mutually exclusive, that if Smith were a money-digger he could not have been religiously sincere.
'This does not necessarily follow. Many believers active in their churches, were money-diggers in New England and western New York in this period. Few contemporaries regard these money-diggers as irreligious, only implying so if their religious views seemed too radical . . . For the historian interested in Joseph Smith the man, it does not seem incongruous for him to have hunted for treasure with a seer stone and then to use with full faith to receive revelations from the Lord.'
"Marvin Hill’s appraisal of the treasure seeking activities make it appear that contemporaries of Joseph Smith treated this enterprise with a casual air. One such contemporary that was closer to Joseph than most, could hardly disguise his disdain. This was Isaac Hale, father of the girl that Joseph would later elope with. In an affidavit signed by Hale and published in the Susquehanna Register, May 1, 1834, Joseph’s father-in-law said:
"'I first became acquainted with Joseph Smith, Jr. in November, 1825. He was at that time in the employ of a set of men who were called ‘money diggers’; and his occupation was that of seeing, or pretending to see by what means of a stone placed in his hat, and his hat closed over his face. In this way he pretended to discover minerals and hidden treasure.
"'Smith and his father, with several other money-diggers boarded at my house while they were employed in digging for a mine that they supposed had been opened and worked by the Spaniards. Young Smith made several visits at my house, and at length asked my consent to his marrying my daughter Emma. This I refused . . . [H]e was a stranger, and followed a business that I could not approve. . . . Smith stated to me, that he had given up what he called "glass-looking," and that he expected to work hard for a living . . .
"'Soon after this, I was informed that they had brought a wonderful book of plates down with them . . . The manner in which he pretended to read and interpret, was the same as when he looked for the money-diggers, with the stone in his hat, and his hat over his face, while the Book of Plates were at the same time hid in the woods.'"

Really it's all about Jesus and
The Shining City on the Hill

Strategic Error: Man, having created Gods in his own image now must relearn animist wisdom. Animists knew when the critters (Animal Spirits) disappear there is penitence to be done.
Unfortunately penitence does not resurrect extinct species, penitence is useless for the resurrection of nature; the habitat of anthropocentrism leaves only political animals inspired by scriptures, like trained apes, to repeat the phrases that created the willful neglect of the real reality. Really it's all about ignorance. We don't need aliens to invade our planet, to take over our minds and bodies, we have ourselves to battle for the moral economic and spiritual higher ground of sustenance
–– "And fare thee well."


Shining City upon The Hill
shining city on the hill
We have always wondered who totes the water and evacuates the poop for this shining city on the hill. Who was compelled by lash to build this shining city?
Who owns the development rights? Why is it there anyway? Who benefits? how is it externalized?

Why Struggles With God? Why is it that the children of Israel don't speak English when they speak of their country? Yes, "Struggles with God" the country, has much to atone for. If the Media would only refer to "Struggles With God" when speaking of Israel, we the unwashed, would have a better understanding of the stakes at play. Oh, Children of Struggles with God.
Sholom Rubashkin, of Agriprocessors will serve as a our guiding light for the Children of Israel.


the moment when halal is haram
Kotel –– Struggle With God in the Holyland –– Gathering Storm

Kotel –– Struggle with God Country
Israel: Struggles with God, circa 1948
Struggles with God continues on today compounding miscalculation upon mistake to create a knot so tight, so heavily loaded that there is no reconciliation to the crimes committed. There is only resignation to the theft by the Tribe of Abraham from the Tribe of Abraham overseen by western complicity -- guilt from the horrors committed to the Jews by other westerners who sought to create a more perfect Arien Nation, for the Pan-Aryan crusade. Why not punish the Palestininan for all of our crimes?

Sharon Occultation
Now that Ariel Sharon is brain dead, I pray he lives three hundred years; he may obtain Biblical status without more war crimes –– demonic actions against a people who have had their lives ruined by his hand..
Perhaps he can become a minor prophet for his faith. But the echo of his deeds lives on.
Anomymous Magazine Celebration: Celebratiing Ariel Sharon now three years in coma.

Ariel Sharon three years steeped in Deep Coma, Go Sharon go.
The man to give Israel Intifada on demand, any time any place he was there sturring the pot.Ariel Sharon in Coma
Ariel Sharon visionary for his people: The thief, thug and war criminal can't remember a thing.
"Don't you understand, If we Jews didn't have the Palestinians to fight, we'd be killing eachother."

Ariel Sharon with Bling can't remember a thing.
Only dog is dog, there is no dog but dog and dog only knows.
The man to give Israel Intifada on demand, any time any place he was there sturring the pot for the chosen. Why must the Jew do to others what has been done to them?
Does Israel present an existential threat to itself by deeds done?

Ariel Sharon's deep ecology manefesto

"Any time you get the word second hand you know it's from an unreliable narrator."

A Modest Proposal
If I were the State Department, I'd withhold all U.S. military funding from Israel until it decides to defend itself by reconciling the dispute over lands stolen from the Palestinians. If Israel refuses to defend itself through diplomacy then the fate of Israel should be given back to Ariel Sharon. We are, all of us humans, confident of his inspired guidance. Being brain dead will not impede progress as Israeli actions are, at present, morally tone deaf so brain death is of little consequence when charting a course with a mythical ROAD MAP . . .

John King, critic


Daniel dennett, lancet fluc, michael persernger
elcetrodes in the brain
evolution and religion ---- evolutionary biology or social biology
social evolution: a requisit to order our species through the mystical experience
the nature of religion can explain science but can religion explain science
religion is like a brain worm, much like a melody that one can't forget
religion is culture's evolution for survival
like stone tools, religion may have been good for people in a time gone by
religion is in our genes –– breaking the spell requires some thought
athiest-thiest or animist, no matter, man needs god more than god needs man
play faith as a trump-card because it has social significance
god is natures creation for man to order society
ordering society craves agents beyond the Classified Meritocracy.
some people have tin ears for religion and religious traditions;
most people are tone deaf when it comes to faith –– most any faith will do

Thaddeus Quella

Left Behind? Left Behind: Don't be left behind

the vetted Mormon rapture readyPerfect Obedience or  Left Behind
Perfect Obedience, Don't be left behind,
Terryl Givens knows what's good for you.
Yes, and Terryl Givens, professor of mormonology, knows how to dance
with the People of Paradox.
" I'm a Green Mormon too."

The Horror:
To be Left Behind is not to be Rapture Ready
Can Mormons be Rapture Ready?
To be left behind may be the worst fate for anyone to suffer. Are Mormons predestined to be left behind in the end times?
Will everyone be left behind but the true faith righteous believer or will there be the possibility to mitigate ones fate. The false believers must be gathered up posthumously for there to be a fuller, happier heaven?
Is there more to being Left Behind than just believing the right thing at the right time? Is there Luck and Right Reason too?
Had there been a wider disbursal of the GOOD NEWS, there might be hope for those People of Paradox Left Behind. Missed opportunity is opportunity lost forever –– or is there hope?
Creation Care Karaoke is the answer.


The Natural Man's trouble with God; why the beast is so mean.

And it came to pass, a booming roar was heard.
"Only God is God, there is no God but god, and God only knows for sure, god is everywhere,
God clings to your soul like sore underwear, I have spoken."

Thaddeus Quella

to be continued: humans have ongoing troubles with God Natural Man struggles with God, God's trouble with Man,
Man's Struggle with God, God's Struggle with Man

More revelations
Grow the Faith

Neo-Orthodox, Mormon Agency

For those who feel their faith slipping away
When time is tight and your are missing temple talk you can now pop into the New Salt Lake City Mormon Drive-in.

Beyond the Mega-Church, the Mormon Drive-In is the latest theological concept to be trotted out by the Mormon Apostles.
Now TBM's can just mail it in and carry on to the golf links or shop at the new mall.

Temple Baptized Mormon Drive In:
The Temple Baptized Mormon Drive-In App, Now Available to Temple Recommened LDS. Mormon Movies
Mormon Cinema, Neo-Orthodox Mormon Movies, By Divine Right Mormon Exceptionalism is Imagined America on steroids


God's Struggle with Man –– Man's Struggle with God

The Natural Man debacle

Had God seen fit to eliminate some of the vexing details of existence, the need to eat, pee poop and procreate, the "Natural Man" would not be held in such disdain. But God in HIS near-infinite wisdom could not figure out how to correct these deficiencies in HIS masterful plan –– thus sprang "The Natural Man," and so the struggle goes on and on ––

History reminds us that we humans have short memories.

This Blank space is sponsored by:
The Conservatory for the Preservation
of the Status Quo, The Ownership Society
The Mormons

Tribals Unite
It is hoped that we humans will leave a planet to people
who will think a little more and breed a little less.


Parallax Beacon of Truth –– Agnostic Animus:
The Bane of Atheism and the scorn of Theism. Social Criticism is the pain of faith in a world created
by an utterly indifferent supreme cognitive entity who wishes anonymity for copyright liability purposes.

Really, it's all about JESUS
The Mormon Jesus

Is it really all about Jesus or the Idea of Jesus oh so long ago.

Fixing Mormon OCD
Mormon obsessive compulsive disorder is fixable.

The Councelor's Hotline is on the cusp of psychic healing. When it comes to recovery, our recovery produces results. It's up to you to maintain psychic balance through continued counseling. This may be your last opportunity to take advantage of Celestial Signs interpreted by cosmic experts. Opportunity forgone is opportunity forever lost.

Remember what Stanley Goldburg said. "Are you part of the Problem or the Solution? We are all part of the problem, it's a matter of degrees."

The question is,
how many


A famous quote from Quentin Tarantino

"Pop is the on-going effort to scratch an unlocatable itch; a profound reason for the same old thing to be new — an urge that will not die. It is to wrestle a serpent whose head you will never see."

Quentin Tarantino

Ironical Creation Care:
Prosperity Gospel /
Evangelical Environmentalism
1509 – 2009 Happy Birthday John Calvin

In just five hundred years your thinking has managed to screw up an entire planet

Finger in the dike with Creation Care
Earth In Hand by Creation Care
Save the Planet Project with Creation Care
Triage, fixing that grievous wound with faith.
They have the whole world in his hands.

The Whole World In Hand

For 2000 years the Jesus People have held dominion over our planet. As stewards, the Christian Evangelicals, arrogantly, now see their thinking might be a touch flawed. So, now the Evangelicals have decided to hold the whole world in their hands, and network and flit about saving us from their earlier handi-work. The effort of undoing what should have never been done seems an exercise taken right out of the sweet low hanging fruit of the Good Book..
It is hoped this flurry of manic penitence will create more consumption by all the singing, dancing, chanting and gatherings. There is a general smugness in knowing that being a part of the solution is also part of the problem. Speaking to the converted (in tongues or not) is of course a must do for Christian Evangelicals networking 'The WORD' while "praying for the end-time is no problem."
Duplicitous, yes, not too smart, yes, fundamentally un-fundamental, yes but what the heck it's the Jesus Movement and "We are the Answer." 'Taa da da ta da da da and Look busy.' John Calvin
Thanks John Calvin where ever you are?

Stay tuned for Creation Care Progress Report.

Think Tank Talk, think tank think:
Tank-think Talk

Of Pandas and People
Over the past century Creationists or Fundies have much to atone for. Attempts to ban the teaching of evolution have been thwarted by the rush of empirical evidence however the Creationist Fundies seem unstoppable when proselytizing the word of their Bipolar Deity.
It must be recognized that faith in a psychopathic utterly indifferent and patently unfair god gives rise to psychotic events by its devotees; Creationism is just one byproduct of misplaced faith.
The Discovery Institute proclaims Evolution is just a theory but the Bible is just a book written by committee. In the latest attempt, the book "Of Pandas and People," a limp attempt to replace "Creationism" with "Intelligent Design" seems to be as unscientific as the burning bush on Mt. Sinai. Joe Smith's, Book of Mormon, a clunky attempt to ape the Bible, would serve the Fundies better as text to convince the doubter; its mere repetition has a mesmerizing effect that turns one's brain to mush. "So much to believe in and so little time before the Rapture."
Thinktank talk, thinktank think:
Tankthink Talk , or –– Incestuous Amplification
Before the American Enterprise Institute Mark Rayland of The Discovery Institute said, "Don't teach Intelligent Design, there is no curriculum developed for it. Teach evidence against Darwinian Theory."
Scant as it may be, given that geology does not give up its dead in a coherent string of events with deep bellowings of "And it came to pass" there will always be gaps in the development of life on this planet and faith in intelligent design will do nothing to fill the voids with Incestuous Amplification. QED

Think-Tank talk, think tank think:
Tank think Talk –– or –– is it
Incestuous Amplification?

Gus O. Kahan

A famous quote from Quentin Tarantino

"Pop is the on-going effort to scratch an unlocatable itch; a profound reason for the same old thing to be new — an urge that will not die. It is to wrestle a serpent whose head you will never see."

Quentin Tarantino

Driving out The Devil

Mecca: Hajj Fundies United
While driving out the devil,
the crush of devotees leaves zealotry with more casualties

look into the eyes of your maker – destroyer
flagellation by flagellum

flagellum flagellation
for the Supreme Cognitive Entity.
Extremism in the name of Faith is no vice

Hard to Visualize
quorum sensing

It's hard for me to visualize all these religious folk together in the same swimming pool. I know, all gods children got a place in the choir,
they are all basically driven by the same desire, some sing low and some sing higher and they all love to clap their hands,
take a bath, eat, sleep and procreate -- some fool around and masterbate.
Sorting through this disarray, finding wisdom by the awful grace of God, some say, "Social Biology must have a role to play."

Ephima Morphew

Historic Note:
It must be remembered, Jews were already thrown out of their promised land because they couldn't get along. Remember, history rhymes but does not repeat thanks to lessons learned. People in this region tamed goats and grain; they have long memories and believe in a karma of sorts. Alexander just passed through not too long ago. As a domesticated people Jews should find a place in the tapestry but in what weave?
Alright already, jews are responsible for monotheism, it's their invention. Now do we all have to live with it forever? Monotheists need their own planet to destroy; leave this one for us.
Moving along I hope, our problem is the Thomas Friedman ilk, the gadfly pundit of no reput gets airplay because he has a great pig's jowl for shameless promotion of Globalization while insisting on remaining ethically tone deaf.

M. Lee Randles


Got to ask that old question:

Did God create man or did Man create God, Who has the most to gain? Follow the money.

Creation Care Rat Race, God's Cosmic GyreEvangelical Environmental Rat Racing
Creation Care Karaoke: the rats race on and on, with our parasitic aggregators. Extremism in the name of Faith is no vise.


Rome, Vatican City
(Holy See)

The Catholic Church has recently announced: Indulgences are to be given to those who leave huge carbon footprints. Persons or Corporations with big carbon feet are to be forgiven their transgressions, given the proper offset of gratuity. Carbon footprint indulgence is a recent attempt to gather up new guilt for the Holy Church. Through this process it is hoped their feet will shrink. Religious Conversions by force or by fraud are potent and effective methods to gain true believers.
copyright Scari©2005
all rights reserved Scari.Org

Just a little more Faith

Evangelicals can move easily from camp to camp with, aparently no Cognitive Dissonance from whiplash in faith. There is no conflict for the believer to jump from bed to bed. Evangelical Environmentalism to Prosperity Theology requires no special garmets or incantations,
just a little more faith to seal the deal.Evangelical Environmentalism has troubles with God
from the Natural Man to Creation Care and
on to the treasures of Prosperity Gospel

remember the Heady Days?
I do remember the heady days of Tom Delay's Agenda?
the divine mission of an exterminator. Ah, Terri Schiavo and her attempted salvation, the inspired leadership of Tom Delay the Exerminator –– But They (secular humanists) Pulled the Plug anyways.
I still have a set of enameled Terri Schiavo cuff links.
Those were the days when litmus tests abounded and the glory of the American Way was not in question, when we could almost see that Shining City on the Hill and snarkiness was to be dealt with by swift justice and many stonings. I opine for the need for new leadership; inspiration to tap the deep well of Godliness, Holiness and Obedience. Remember, Extremism in the name of Faith is no vice.

Hugo Baltzer

Mormon Icon
Mormon Icon –– Mormon Meme

Pew Forum, Mormon Statistics gathered on Mormon Belief and Practice. This is an indepth sampling of religious fervor across the faith spectrum. It is hoped this information will be used wizely –– it could be corrupted to no good end.



Is it Really all about Jesus?

For many, Jesus is the answer, but the question may not have been framed so as to conclude anything but jingoistic shibboleths that estrange us from the reality that is really at hand; the distraction of "Really it's all about Jesus" may be missing the point when coral reefs are dying and the arctic is melting; being faithful to ones values may not stay the course. Counseling is the answer to "It's really all about Jesus," we here at Counselor's Hotline believe Jesus might look at the present day "Jesus People" and wonder what his efforts have wrought, why willful ignorance is a banner of pride and when apocalyptic sectarianism might find satisfaction in a world that transcends anthropocentrism.
This planet is not a rubber ball ready to bounce back for the next passion play.


Need help in you personal torments?
Are you too smart for your own good?
Do you experience Existential Dread?
Are there needs unmet, potentials untapped? Does your need of therapy for labido loss exceed your love of food?
Is there a relationship between love and lust? When you say,"I think I love you" what is meant? Is counseling helpful when dealing with consumer product obsession? Are you distracted by perception management techniques, market branding and posession acquisition?

rapture dervish
rapture dervish