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mormon alien:  Cold Fusion Cosmology
elohim's alien worlds

B.Y.U. Cosmology
Further revelations Grow
the faith Beyond Cold Fusion

S.C.A.R.I. -- self-activating nonaligned actuation-independent enhanced-spectrum refraction-induced reduction
generating interferometer

Mirror Planets Discovered: Innovation is our Credo, Intuition is our Guide

the Implication of finding
Mirror Planets, Enigma Quadrant

Fitting doctrine to destiney will be a stretch if it is verified that the Planet KOLOB and Planets OLIBLISH and ENISH-GO-ON-DOSH are infact locked in slave orbits.

The doctrinal implications of having two sets of planets on which God lives sets into play another form of theology. Mormons are prepared for such occasions as the Prophet here on Earth will be able to divine the proper place to direct worship. To ward off untoward interest, most of the revelation is being kept in strict secrecy but this is known, there is a mirror constellation that is a perfect duplicate of the Cancer Quadrant where Kolob is located. Perfectly formed with all light and signal signatures that confirm the status of a duplicate of Kolob; it may be infact impossible to know which is the mirror of the other.
BYU –– thanks to the L.D.S. we have been using refraction-induced induction generation. We have cobbled together an impressive array of diagnostic equipment to demonstrate the veracity of Mormon Doctrine; Interferometeric Interpolation is but one field of reaearch in our dogmalogical tool kit.


Mormon Apologetics

Beyond the sound of one hand clapping there is the Melchizedek Priesthood, the powers of which allows one to keep time with no hands clapping. QED.

Mormon Apologetics
With Scientific Relish, Mormons have new ammunition for their cause.

Foundation for Apologetic
Information and Research

Mormon apologetics are committed to beating back the beast for the good of all mankind and clearing the air for all, true faith believers and those needing a new suit of dogmatogical armor.
It's important to apologize for all the misinformation spread through the world by counter-apologetics.

Mormon Quella: Counterapologetics
Good Science yesterday is Bad Science today, the missing mormon manual on how to undo all the spells, chants rituals and curses is soon to be published.

The Salient differences between LDS Mormons and Mormon Fundies appears in the fault line between feral piety and domesticated Zealotry. "as man is, God once was; God is as man may become"
mormons are back-door humanists, too bad they don't see. QED

Mormon Apologetics
Foundation for Apologetic
Information and Research


Mormons United
to Beat Back The Beast
Defending Mormonism

Of recent interest: there is now a Mormon Apolgetics Clinic for those who wish to apologize for Mormon or L.D.S. tenants and doctrine through dogmatological FAITH alone.

Foundation for Apologetic
Information and Research

Mormon apologetics are committed to beating back the beast for the good of all mankind and clearing the air for all, true faith believers and those needing a new suit of dogmalogical armor.
It's important to apologize for all the misinformation spread through the world.

Spreading misinformation about Mormons and Mormon Doctrine is important to address. Pernicious and distructive, Mormon detractors are at every corner, like Satan himself, spreading disinformation and doubt, gentiles and agnostics are bugs to be squashed.

Apologetics are comitted to the denouncement of any and all malicious impressions that may be alledged concerning the practices of a mystical cult devoted to gathering wealth and power using the gise of faith by use of religious doctrine to hyptonize their prey.

Eyewitness testimonials abound as to the truth of the Good News Mormons sent to the Universe through tin cans connected with string; truth bathed by faith in the light of radient revelations by Moroni and his Kolobian pals.


Reaching for the Stars:
Moroni, Herald to Postmodern Mysticism
Mormon Cosmology
Angel Moroni and friends in special space suits
skittling about in Heavenly Confusion.

Mormon Firmament
Jehovah will return again to the earth that you have organized. Divide the light from the darkness. Call the light "day", and the darkness "night." Cause the lights on the firmament to appear; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night. Cause the stars also to appear and give light to the earth, the same as with other worlds heretofore created. Call your labors the Third Day and bring me word of the panoply of dieties for the inquiring mind to ponder.



Counter-Apologetics of Morg Apologetics
Without Apologies for Mormon action and practice there would be no Counter-Apologetics. Ex-Mormons are the leading edge of this powerful and diverse movement.
Since there are Apologetics there of course must be Counter Apologetics and so it goes.
Ex-Mormons are authorities on abuse of the human condition, human dignity, human spirit and intelligence.
Mark Twain said it best about the BOM a hundred and twenty years ago,
"The Book of Mormon is Chloroform in print."
Carrying on this tradition are a great number of Ex-Mormon sites devoted to exposing personal experience with an institution that cares not about human compassion but only to keep the herd moving along, moving along in expectation of to that Promised Land; the greener pasture.
The Mormon Pasture is not of this Earth.

"Well, that's just the way Jesus wants it," or "It's beyond our understanding," or, "it's sinful to question -- just believe," or "it's God's way or the highway."


Muslims are Mormons
or Mormons are Muslims

Mormon Elders Council have issued a new decree (encyclical) regarding Mormon association with the Christians. It has been detirmined that neither Protestants nor Catholices, even Orthodox are convinced. Christians remain unconvinced of Mormon Fedelity to Christian Tenants. "Mormons will never be accepted as Christian, "we will never be Christians given our similarity to Muslim doctrine, practice ritual and culture. Our doctrinal alley is Islam. The sooner we Mormons embrace Muslims the sooner Mormons will find world acceptance beyond cult status ."

Mormon Cosmology or LDS Cosmetology?
Which, what is Revealed –– witnessed? Does the Mormon know the difference between Mormon cosmology or Mormon cosmetology? Mormon Cosmology is so quaffed, superficial and anachronistic, arcane; the Mormon notion of The Cosmos is fleshy, supine and gelatinous; moments frozen in time like their frescoes of the spirit world. . .
Mormons view the Cosmos with insistent ignorance that can only be rivaled by the Catholic Church in the "Dark Ages." As Mormons carry on insisting on tax free status for a cult of well scrubbed nuts, it is Mormon Cosmetology that requires protection to keep things looking good. Mormon Cosmetology looks as good as Mormon Art, fluffy and billowy, filled with pastel pinks and blues –– A Donnie and Marie cosmology.


Further Revelations

Further revelations of Mormon Liberation Theology in the L.D.S. Church will expand plural marriage to include both, the sister-wife and the brother-husband. "With Brother-Husbands and Sister-Wives the loop is closed and there will be marital perfection at last. More babies more ofter in heaven and on earth. Just do the math, just do it."


Mormon Prophetic Tradition, Space Doctrine and the Periodic Table are entwined for faith to grow
Noetic Scientist Joseph Smith, prophet and revelator
Revelation: Joseph Smith ponders the meaning of life, before his periodic table he muses and muses*

God's Cosmic Gyre: Interferometeric Probes beyond the Neutron Star to Reveal Mormon Cosmology –– Mormon Mission to the Stars, Proof of the Mormon Pantheon of Supernatural Beings, the Void must be filled –– Mormons know how God abhors a vacuum.

1835, Sidney Rigdon documents Joseph Smith's Unified Field Theory; the most correct theory on cosmology ever recorded.
Joseph Smith is to have been heard after working out a long equation on his everpresent blackboard; a postulate on the position of Kolob using some math he'd been advancing for some time. He stopped, with chalk in hand, his eyes rolled upward, his mouth dropped and with suprise said in a whisper, "Space is Lumpy with Dark Energy" in a questioning tone, as if he were speaking to someone overhead, then he went on with his calculations. His conclusion/question was recorded in the personal diary of Sidney Rigdon from 1832 to 1837.

Breakthrough Cosmology
Mormon Quella
Mormon Firmament
Elohim's worlds without number discovered

Elohim's Home, Mormon Cosmology
Kolob found in Mirror Galaxy

Mirror Planets Revealed
"as man is, God once was; God is as man may become"

Mirror Planets

Mirror Planets Revealed, discovered in the enigma quadrant.

Lower Left:
Within the Local Group, Enigma quadrant, upper left, Mordor looms large as red dwarf.
A small star cluster know as the Quagmire is scanned and filtered. Enigma is fertile ground within the space of the Local Group.

Within the quagmire cluster is a very bright orb. the mirror infrared signature of Planet KOLOB.

Nearby are several planets that have similar charactistics as Planets OLIBLISH and ENISH-GO-ON-DOSH. Inital data was received in 2003 but were only analyzed in early 2007.
Later discoveries of the Mirror of Kolob was only made after exhaustive research. More Data on Kolob confirmation is soon to be released.

Front-Line Astrophysics:
Unencombered cosmic interventio: At last the Local Group
can be explored indepth through induction generating fractal
enhancement refraction-induced induction generation.

Cosmic Gyre: Kolob and planet Oliblish plasma & sorround

Space is Lumpy
New Ground Broken for Mormons / Mormons Break New Ground
"We had hoped to report more on the composition of Planet Kolob but it's so lumpy up there," Mormons know it's hard to pierce the veil and reveal more substantive data. "It is hoped the weather will change sometime in the next decade or two and expose all the features that have eluded us. We must remember space is lumpy and even Mormon Science suffers from a paucity of hard data in a lumpy universe."
More Mormon Science
In our research Scari.Org has finally discovered a meaningful graphic that properly describes the Mormon Universe. For the uninitiated it's difficult to grasp the scope and breadth of Mormon Cosmology without some scale and ruler.
We hope this link will serve to clear some of the doubts you may have regarding Mormon Science.

Gus O. Kahan
Mormon Apologist and Dogmatologist: Jeff Lindsay is skeptical of the the claims of finding the home of Elohim. He is withholding his blessings until the proof is absolute.

Prepare with Adamic Seminars
This breaks new ground for Mormon Doctrine and instills new hope for faith in the Prophet, we all must practice speaking Adamic for the expected transition through the veil into the light of heaven. Speak to your Stake about starting Adamic Classes for those who are not fluent in the lingua franca of heaven..
Beyond Esperanto or speaking in tongues, we could all be practicing Adamic, Be prepared, "as man is, God once was; God is as man may become". just listen to the lilt of the of language when properly spoken, like the saints in heaven. Remember: one should not covet Elohim's wife, Mother Gonhorra Goddess of Goddesses, mother of all desires and profligate Priestess of Heavenly Confusion and Adamic Languages.

Bubba Hap-Yet Tsut has spoken
The triumph of style over substance
"Neo-Gnostic Mormons unite to relearn the knuckle walk"

Evidence is available to show that it is a man-made production of the nineteenth century, created by Joseph Smith to support his claim among his people to be a 'prophet, seer, and revelator.'... When an individual fails to respond openly and honestly to such a problem it only passes the problem--and the pain of dealing with it--to someone else, multiplying ignorance and hurt in the process.
        "So much potential pain to loved ones and future generations could be avoided! How? By placing truth ahead of convenience, by being honest with ourselves and with others.
        "The question of meeting challenges to our faith really does matter, because truth matters. The Bible gives us the promise that 'the truth shall make you free' (John 8:32)--and that includes being free from delusion.

On Planet Kolob he's called Bubba Hap-Yet Tsut but here on earth we know him as Joseph Smith. He has through quantum teleportation, without illusion, reincarnated himself again and again. 'Man may become as God is –– or words to that effect.'

Was Joseph Smith the first postmodernist revelator?
Deconstruction of Joseph Smith the Gnostic

Deconstructing religion into the essence of faith alone, Joseph Smith demands the leap with no space suit and no fall back position to keep the converted mystically honest.
Given the cobbeling together of mystical notions and Biblical pronouncements along with popular American myth and thundering revelations from on high, Joseph Smith or as he is known on Kobol, Bubba Hap-Yet Tsut (on planet Kobol he is informally known as Bubba Tsutsy) was the very first Postmodernist Gnostic. His analytical insight into all things theological and his interest in dogmatology along with a driven need to lead a crowd drove him to jam together everything from egyptian myth, and biblical conjecture, to the re-reserection of John the Babtist, visitations with Jesus and Yahweh himself into a kluged theology of cunningly devised fables for the unwashed to embrace myth as a perfectly obedient autocratic theocracy –– agape!.

Ephima Morphew

than fiction

The discovery of a mirror of Planet Kolob was an unexpected happy accident. Another important discovery by BYU austromoner Gus O. Kahan in early summer
has spurred further research with interferometric old data. He said, "Space is lumpy." It is hoped by the end of 2015 there will be a whole new chapter written for the Mormon Church, Cosmology
and Theology.

Mormons hope to iron out and put to rest persistent doubts that have dogged The Mormon faith for many many years.

Note: Plasma ejaculate Mirror of Planet Kolob data observed 5/07
Elohim's Starry Night, Mormon Cosmology
KOLOB raw data, Starry Night unenhanced ,Enignma Quad

Mormon Pantheon of Supernatural Beings gain dogmalogical status

Detail: induction generating fractal enhancement of data at Mt. Carmel Observatory. Resolution has increased by a factor of three providing more evidence of the mormon pantheon of supernatural beings.
Notice the vail of skree and clutter is lifted through fractal interpertation,
The Starry Night Enigma is easily preceived..

Gus O. Kahan, who is normally self-efacing, said 4/9/07, "We got it, it's now running smooth and steady. Our images are giving us more data than can be possibly analysed." He was visably pleased with the performence of his research project. " My work with noted dogmatologist, Stanley Goldburg bears fruit." The Research Staff beamed with accomplishment and humility. As the data enhancers unrumpled the warp and weft of data.

Mormon Firmament, Welcome to THE DOOR OF CHAOS
Something to get used to, tails in heaven: It is with some difficulty, Mormons must reconcile the ideal and what might well be expected in heaven. You see, Mormons don't know. "We regret to inform, one does not lose one's vestigial tail in heaven."
So, Mormons will have to adjust to that knowledge. Along with all those sealed to them, and it came to pass, while draped in etherial robes they will be sitting on their vistigial tails. Elohim has one and so will you. Mormon Deep Ecology:
"as man is, God once was; God is as man may become"
mormons are back- door humanists, too bad they don't see. QED

Losing God, Gaining Humanity for the ExMormon –– ExMos' Unite

ExMos might take another look at the faith now that there is evidence of Elohim's worlds. The disenchanted ExMo might find it worth their while, grovel their way back to the fold. Now that there is evidence of Heaven, one might want to jump ship and wriggle back to the temple.

Joseph Smith's many visions and revisions to visions

Some say Mormons are a valued part of our Great American Tapestry, as valued as the Quakers, Seventh day Adventist, Penticostals or Catholics but what a cost to share the fantasy. The dogmatologic revelator of the Mormon Cult has some serious character flaws, his methods were sound for the eleventh century but seem a bit loopy for contemporary society to wrap around as a working paradigm for an overpopulated, polluted and fractious planet. As a working premis Mormons know, " The Earth is like a rubber ball and will bounce back" so it's Ok to indulge a few more revelations from the Decider-Revelator.
Remember: "When the Prophet has spoken the thinking has been done."

Thaddeus Quella

Interferometeric confirmation to Mormon Doctrine
The triumph of the will, if Joseph Smith only had Leni Riefenstahl as publicist, just think of the possibilites


Mormon Cosmology
more apologetics?

The Veil of Mormon Cosmology is gossamer
and a bit tattered, the idea is to dazzle one with footwork and begile through mind numming ritual, wilfull ignorance, pier group pressure and lots of magic; but still sufficient to keep the sheep,with sprinkles and glitter,
Sealing Revelation, you know more sealing is more better.

May the Priests be endowed great heaps of umbrage to beat back the beast. Bubba Hap-Yet Tsut has created a 19th century cult following for the 20th century to drag into the 21st cernury to do what; demonstrate the falibilty of man or the gullibility of humanity?

For fruther investigation into the authority and veracity of these postings, please feel free to consort with the source of all this information:


profligate religious promiscuity
Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies


The meaning of: Bubba Hap-Yet Tsut
The cypher in hieroglyphics is from the 6th dynasty: as follows, "He Who Chills with the Hornblower."


Fractal Interpoltation

Fractal interpertation of cosmic imagery has set a new benchmark for clarity of data received. As the next incarnation is being assembled there are newer, faster, filters and virtual image processor cells installed

Screening out the light of a Super Nova is no easy task; fractal filters interpret data in light intensity gradients. By back loading intended sky sector, the self-activating non-aligned actuation-independent enhanced-spectum refraction-reduced induction generating fractal-interpereting interferometer is able to project void filled sectors that have recordable light through filteration interpolation by faith and the use of an urim thummim for the most correct data to be received, stored, documented and recorded by our BYU Cosmology Department.

For the most correct information, More data is streaming in daily.

Mormon Cosmic Gyre, mirror of Planet Kolob enhanced, 9/22/07
THE DOOR OF CHAOS, the Veil Revealed
to the state of order.
Elohim's Space is Lumpy
Detail Enhanced: Planet KOLOB induction generating fractal enhancement of data at Mt. Carmel Observatory. Resolution has increased by a factor of three. Note: the vail of skree and clutter is lifted through fractal interpertation. The Starry Night Enigma is easily is observed in lower left axis, slave orbits are easily seen.

Newly Added Perks: "And it came to pass it will be there for all to see."
Urim and Thummim Stones are to be given to each new convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

It is thought, with the power of the seer stone the new convert will be helpful in adding more insight to Mormon Doctine without asking so many questions.
It will be there for all to see.
Now, Mormons united to relearn the knuckle walk by the Divine Right Rite.

Is the Sacred Secret

Why is it that Mormons continually and consistently confuse the secret with the sacred? Is the sacred confidential as in "secret"? Is the secret so special as to be kept under raps to save gentiles from the knowledge of Temple rites and rituals for fear of mockery or plagiarism?
But who would knock-off a sacred secret; one would be struck dumb by the power of Lord God or Elohim –– Satan or other demons perhaps.
If the Sacred is so special then all humanity should be exposed to the good news. Sacred Good News, if kept secret, deserving souls, black or white, may never know of the blessings of Joseph Smith's revelations.
Elohim say, "The sacred is sacred and secrets –– well, are secrets."

Mormon Deep Space Doctrine

After 15 decades of space exploration, The Mormons have developed standards and practices that have served the Mormon Faith in Heaven and on Earth; maximizing fuel efficiency and payload capacity by employing supernatural means has led to great efficiencies through faith.
Beyond the traditional methods for transport the Mormons have secured exclusive use of methods known only to them. Since the beginning Mormon Space travel has changed little believing, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it,"
it's Pay-lay-ale all the way.

Ephima Morphew

The Most Correct:
answers to be questioned
Revelation confirmed pay-lay-ale:
Do the Math

Beyond the charge emanating from the planet Kolob, one must factor the gravitation of OLIBLISH and ENISH-GO-ON-DOSH, for without this calculation of mass and density the entire faith is voided, purged, by the countervailing acts of the Law of Attraction or Casimir Force contaminating the pure light of form and color spectrum of the sacred medium of Kli-flos-is-es, or Hah-ko-kau-beam's influence on the formula. Counterapologetics will claim this formula is pure bunk, but do the math and you will see these cycles affect universal order in atleast six of our nearest galaxies; the cynics are wrong, the numbers work to the advantage of true faith without stresses to revelation or doctrine. Before we ran the numbers we had no idea that Joseph Smith was such a mathematician. If Mormon detractors would only do a proper job of research on our faith they would quite possibly be our strongest agency: Pay-lay-ale,

Gus O. Kahan, who is normally self-efacing, said 4/9/07, "We got it, it's now running smooth and steady. Our images are giving us more data than can be possibly analysed." He was visably pleased with the performence of his research project. The Research Staff beamed with accomplishment convinced of his cause for the Mormon faith.


SCARI -- self-activating nonaligned actuation-independent enhanced-spectum refraction-induced reduction generating interferometer.

Scari Development Project is having to staff a whole new branch to keep up with the data streams now compiled by our servers. Join us, we must demonstrate beyond doubt that Joseph Smith was right now and forever.

For the past decade Dr. Gustave Omar Kahan and staff have developed interferometric information which has been a major source for gathering data of cosmic proportion. At Nobb Point Station ( Mt. Carmel) high up in Eastern Oregon a dedicated group have developed the first self-activating nonaligned actuation-independent enhanced-spectrum refraction-induced induction generating interferometer worthy of use by any nation hostile to alien invasion. The SCARI interferometer is the first in a series of early warning systems to ring the globe. Among aligned nations this is a major step in the protection of our planetary infrastructure against any or all destructive entities. Monitored by the Supreme Cognitive Entity this system is dedicated to the protection of our global growth projections, and consumption rates.
For those fearful of any disruption in present expansion and productivity, this accomplishment, will bring stability and relieve suffering and doubt as to our stated goals for total economic and technical dominion over this planet and many more to come..
That said, there is much to be done, as Project Mars is in infant form and needs more resources for habitation and control. As Gus O. Kahan stated, "Our desires outstrip our need but we humans have been afflicted by similar impediments since we swung from the tree -- It's in our Human Nature."
copyright Scari©2007
all rights reserved Scari.Org


Groucho Marx and Joseph Smith

A more fitting comparison would be that great line.

I would not be a member of any club that would have me in it.
Ponder: Are you believing too much too often?
Become a mormon and there will be much more to commit to memory for the sake of faith. Unfortunately with Mormonism it's hard to find anything not to mock but that's not a problem for those who worry not about the moral hazard of faith.
Mormons believe our earth is only a means to the end, Mormons are convinced: "The Earth is like a rubber ball and will bounce back," so if you desire more mystical stuff to believe, Mormonism is your last best stop to complicate your life, Theological Mannerism is alive and well for Temple Folk and Temple Talk. To believe is to understand. Mormons know this on a scriptural level.

Inspired Mormon Art, it's a Mormon Thing.
title: Mormon Bucolic, My Servant Joseph SmithNew Mormon Art Matters: Joseph Smith With Flock
The Ideal is expressed in this Portrait of our Prophet Joseph Smith, wandering aimlessly looking for someone to lead, needing someone to follow. With books at hand, Our Prophet Joseph Smith seems to float as if walking on water, but notice how, out of the corner of his eye, he's inspecting every step as if he were being watched. Only a prophet could stroll through a minefield of cow pies without changing his pace and still not soil his shiny black boots. He's seeking the next New Zion.

Is the Sacred Secret or the Secret Sacred
Mormon Encyclical: Deep Schizophrenic Thought or the Unreliable Narrator?

As I sat with my arms crossed looking straight ahead blank in focus, I was repeating along with my brothers and sisters, "I know the Church is true, I know the Church is true." I had no notion of what I was saying, "I know the Church is true." I followed on, "I know God is truthful" and we continued, "Through His literal, begotten son, Jesus Christ, God directs the L.D.S. Church, and none other, through latter-day prophets." We paused,
"The true church, claimed by God as His own, must be truthful, or it cannot be the true church of Jesus Christ." We went on to witness the revelation; a thought experiment of sorts.
"The only true church had better be truthful because God is honest and He is truthful."

Mormonen ubermenchen sagt, "arbeit macht frei."

I feel the Earth move under my feet,
the Roar is deafening, sky come tumblin down.
About to lose control . . .

With major technical advances there is much for Mormons to be pleased about: The Mormon Space Program is well into its fifteenth decade of space exploration. With earth shaking vibration and a blast of blinding light, it's off
–– Just another payload on Hie to Kolob

Mormon Temple, Spaceship, House of God and home of priestley hijinx
Mormonism with Mormon Temple Endowment

Mormon TEMPLE TALK: Mormon Architecture and Space Program, another
Temple Launch into The Cosmic Gyre of Kolob. With more Saints aboard, Mormon
Space Mavens are all about doing what they do to be among the few to climb to the stars aboard the Hie to Kolob for their trip to the everafter in the hereafter forever, express ticket one way, pay-lay-ale all the way. "O God, hear the words of my mouth!"

On the way you will Hie to Kolob, you will sing and chant along with your brothers
and sisters again and again. "Oh gosh let's sing Hie to Kolob again what do ya say?"
And it came to pass Hie to Kolob was sung again, O God, hear the words of my mouth.

If You Could Hie to KOLOB

  If you could hie to Kolob in the twinkling of an eye,
      And then continue onward with the speed of light to fly**,
      D'ye think that you could ever, through all eternity,
      Find out the generation where Gods began to be?
  Or see the grand beginning, where space did not extend?
      Or view the last creation where Gods and matter end?
      Methinks the Spirit whispers, "No man has found 'pure space',"
      Nor seen the outside curtains, where nothing has a place.
  The works of God continue, and worlds and lives abound;
      Improvement and progression have one eternal round.
      There is no end to matter; there is no end to space;
      There is no end to spirit; there is no end to race.

Repeat Hei to Kolob again and again and again until you reach that state of uphoria that all expectant devotees wish to attain. the Mantra Hie to KOLOB does get results for the faithful.

**   Revision 6-8-2002

Zora Youngblood Atwell

The triumph of the will, if Joseph Smith only had Leni Riefenstahl as publicist, just think of the possibilites

Karl Marx and Joseph Smith
Das Kapital vs The Pearl of Great Price

Karl Marx and Joseph Smith were contemporaries, with divergent visions for humanity, they tinkered away in their respective workshops; some would say they were the devil's workshops, others believe in the vision they both pursued. The models produced were an attempt to solve problems of the human condition, however, they both seemed to take on a life of their own.
It was Marx that stated: "Religion is the opiate of the masses." But then what happened, Marx had no inkling of the fledgling faith across the sea. Marx thought he understood the social construct but then, Mormons burst on the scene with dazzeling color, dash and daring do. What a scene it was. Joseph Smith invented another economic model, a model that carries on today. Selling realestate in heaven is a scheme that has been tried before yet still remains appealing
Karl Marx was struggling with economic and social dislocation while Joseph Smith was dueling with brewing the Perfect Opiate for the Masses. Joseph Smith's Opiate struggles on today with apologetics by the true believers and the ire of counter-apologetics; both are –– Angels and Apostates

Joseph Smith knew that Religion, his Religion, was the Opiate for the Masses however he embraced many Marxist Principles in forming his model while Marx found no redeeming quality in the Mormon Vision. Had they worked together just think what might have been; they could have worked together in the religion making business for the business of making religion.


Mormon Oxymoron = Oxy-Moroni
Mormon Intellectuals are led by the leading Intellectual, Joseph Smith, the Revelator. So Mormon Intellectuals are significantly infirmed by Mormon Tenants and Doctrine. For Mormonism, a Mormon Intellectual is, in the purist sense, a Mormon Oxymoron –– A Mormon intellectual is OxyMoronic

* Little known fact: It was Joseph Smith who invented the Periodic Table in 1842. It was only later that Dimitri Mendeleev came across some of Smiths preliminary work and expanded the scale of atomic weights. Dimitri Mendeleev went on to claim the creation but Joseph Smith is still celebrated by Mormons for the Prophet's Contribution to science.


Prophet Joseph Smith: New Mormon Inspired Art
The First Bucolic Mormon

Convinced of the certitude of his rectitude, Joe Smith is out in the pastures at the crack of dawn with coat and tails, his books at hand looking for new prospective coverts to sway; New Pastures to plow.
His persuasive presence gives his prospective flock pause; as ruminants the idea of giving up sustenance for a place in the hereafter is a hard sell but the dogmatological shepherd is undaunted by suspicion.
His determination is his only weapon in this battle for heart and soul. His goal is to appeal to all sentient creatures; His flock stands behind, lowing, he is particularly attracted to Holsteins.
Don't ask why, it's a Mormon Thing.
The Mormon past is coloful, The Mormon future is colored with bewilderment as the 19th centurry fades as a faint impression of mystical excesses. Mormon concerns seem silly, or, atleast trivial when faced with the enormity of what has been done in the name of faith.

On Mormon Bucolic: New Mormon Art, reminiscent of the Hudson River School, the portrait of Joseph Smith with lowing cows touches on color and form familiar to those who enjoy the colors of green and blue. Most Mormon Art relies on facture and color of a pedestrian nature but reaches for that unique perspective of ground and field that moves Mormons to religious reverie.

New Mormon Art reaches for the same touchstone as Old Mormon Art.

Good Luck Joe.

Hugo Baltzer



Voltaire observed, "Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities."

Existential Question?
It's true, Mormons have little time for (reflection) navel gazing; what with all the networking, legnd and ritual; there is much to learn and commit to memory to be regurgitated for one's brethren and the curious who hunger for The Light of a True Faith by Revelation in time of crisis or desparation.
Tribalism is clearly not going away till there is some question of what exactly we want to get out of our existence of being human as human's being. Fealty to some distant notion of preceived reality seems too difficult for we the people to grasp without tribal association to a shared mythology. Mormons spin a great yarn with lots of sprinkes and glitter: why not become a Socialist Theist with dazzeling lore to back the leap of faith in the religion making business..
Why not become a Mormon?
Don't go there, Please, to share the fantasy requires believing too much far to often. To scratch the itch requires too many feathers and beads. After all it's an imagined itch. Like your mommy said, "If you scratch, the itch only gets worse."
Why not become a Socialist Deist, Agnostic or Atheist; God forbid Humanist?
Through the Divine Right Rite anything is possible.



The consensus is after much study by scholars, theologians and dogmatologists, it is agreed that the BOM, Book of Mormon sounds, for the most part, Bibical.
Caveat: It is recognized that Mormons do not suffer criticism well, not a tolerant lot. satire, irony and ambiguity is not The Mormons' strong suit.

rapture dervish
rapture dervish
mormon zeitgeist
mormon zeitgeist
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