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Practicing Necromancer Convicted

Clearing the
Persistence of Doubt

Why why why?
Why disparage The Mormon Brand?
On Mormon Branding
One might Ask, is it the religion making
business or the business making religion?

Soul Scrubbing:
The Sealing Power of Mormon Afterlife, Mormon Eternal Progression, more work more freedom in Heaven; For perfect obedience the Afterlife in Mormonism is a very Material Affair. The Mormon Plan of Salvation

The Mormon Brand with Mormon Thought
Mormonism: Mormons go to Heaven, Arbeit Macht Frei, Gates to Mormon Heaven
Mormons Say,
"Strength in the loins, more work more freedom on Mormon Matters."
the Mormon Apostolic Holding Pen always has room in the tub for more souls to scrub.

Speaking of Faith.Org, interview with:
Apologist Robert Millet mormon extraordinaire
Professor of Ancient Scripture and religious understanding at BYU and the foremost authority on mormonism has much to teach us.
Program Comment, 1/27/08:
Mormon-ism and the many states of grace –– "the religion making business"

I was disturbed by your interview with Robert Millet and his notion of "the religion making business." Krista Tippett sent one slow-pitch softball after another for Mr. Millet to bunt and run with. When speaking of the 1st Revelator of the Mormon Dynasty you make no mention of the basic socialist underpinnings of this Religion Making Business and from whence it came. Mormons subscribe to a socialist notion for themselves while insisting the "Gentile" population must play on a hard scrabble scrum line. You serve up little background on the Spiritualist Movement of the time with regard to influences on Joe Smith's "many visions"and revisions to his visions.

You said nothing of the Pyramid Schemes: of land dealing, counterfeit money, invasion by conquest, war and assinations; there was nothing on that famous visitation by John The Baptist along with Christ's Apostles and of course the Quid Pro Quo of trading Polygamy for territorial recognition. There was no mention of the Mormon Pigmentocracy. Why?
You let Millet wax on pre-existence and post-sustenance without touching on "the nuts and bolts of Mormon Heaven," and there are lots of bolts to be slapped home and nuts to be turned; and, for the record, there are many accountants in Mormon Heaven.
The Mormon sunstone at top of page will carry you off to other places mormons may not want you to think about.
I grew up as a gentile in severe Mormon Country, southern Idaho, and I can testify to the vicious nature of the "Great Mormon Organ."
You blithely pass over such issues as the confusion of what Mormons deem what is sacred and what is secret; they are interchangeable when speaking of Mormon Rights of Passage through their bureaucracy.
What of Mormon Environmentalism? Thrity years ago, I was told by a Mormon Elder, "The Earth is like a rubber ball and will bounce back." Mormons are convinced of the same notion to this day.
My perception of the program was of a Millet, Tippett seance to sell something older than the oldest profession. Perhaps the oldest profession was the priesthood for without the shunning of prostitution, the crime would be left unpunished and unknown. Priests know this on a viseral level.
Please revisit this Business called Mormonism with an eye toward exhibiting truth, for the Mormons think they love truth; thanks to the Melchizedek Priesthood they are Members of the one True Chruch

Thank you, Gus O. Kahan

Professor Robert Millet and The Mormon Religion-making Business:
First Mormon Theolator:
As in the long line of Revelators, Dr. Millet made the revelatory statement regarding his religion. "We are in the Religion Making Business" is as close to an authentic revelation as there has been uttered regarding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As in a Corporate Sporting event the idea is to win at any cost. Religion Making requires a team fleet of foot and a rule book that states as its first axiom; to win at any cost, it's Grow or die. Grow team grow; Team Mormon goes for the gold in the Business of making Religion for the Religion Making Business.

'We can never transcend Joseph Smith'
Robert Millet on the Religion Making Business
in his interview with
Krista Tippett on 1/27/08.

Robert Millet Waxes on profligate religious promiscuity

"I don't think we can ever transcend Joseph Smith"
Ms. Tippett: But that picture, you know, could not stand in greater contrast to the picture that Mormons, Latter-day Saints — of the picture that people have of Mormon families, of Mormon communities, right? Of this, this community that you describe in the beginning, this way of life.
Mr. Millet: Well, I think that's right.
Ms. Tippett: And so I, you know, I guess I wonder is there something that happens in a religious experience — in this religious experience — where the lived religion somehow transcends this person of Joseph Smith, who, who gave rise to it?
Mr. Millet: I don't think we can ever transcend Joseph Smith or consider him to be a valued personality, but now we'll move on. I don't think you'll see that among believers in the faith, because there are too many other things that came from him that are the reasons why we do what we do and we are what we are. That there are unanswered questions, to be sure. That there are things that I'm as anxious as the next guy to learn more detail on, I really want to know. But in the interim, it really doesn't, doesn't trouble me. We're in the religion-making business, as you intimated earlier, only for a short time, I mean, compared to the Christian church, which has been at this for a couple of millennia. We're about halfway to Nicaea. And so, and so in that sense — I remember a very tender moment. I was speaking with — I've been invited to the Salt Lake Theological Seminary, basically an Evangelical seminary, to discuss a book I had done on Jesus. And they had read it, and they wanted me to come and just respond to questions. And it was, it was a very enjoyable couple of hours. The very last question that was asked by one of my friends there was this one. He said, 'Bob, what can we do for you?' And I, I wasn't ready for that question. I said, 'What do you mean?' He said, 'What can we, as Evangelicals, do for our Mormon friends?' And I, I guess my mind could have gone a hundred different ways, but what I came back with was this. I said, 'Boy, I appreciate you asking that. I don't think I've ever been asked that.' But, but I said, 'Try this. Cut us a little slack, will you? Give us a little time. We're in the religion-making business, and this takes time. It takes centuries. And, and trying to explain the faith and articulate the faith, that doesn't come over night. We've really only been about that for 20 or 30 years.'

Robert Millet makes the distinction between Mormons and Christians in a flourish of apologetics.
"We're in the religion-making business, as you intimated earlier, only for a short time, I mean, compared to the Christian church, which has been at this for a couple of millennia."
Robert Millet states to the Mormon Enemy, Evangelicals, that Mormons have decided to become Christian only in the last 20 or 30 years.
"We're in the religion-making business, and this takes time. It takes centuries. And, and trying to explain the faith and articulate the faith, that doesn't come over night. We've really only been about that for 20 or 30 years."

Mormon Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith declared that the story of Joseph Smith is so important that Mormonism "must stand or fall" with it, it needs to be examined carefully. He also said if Joseph Smith's claims were built upon fraud, it would be easy to find errors and contradictions. The following is a thought experiment regarding Joseph Smith's claims.

Robert Millet wants it both ways, he apologizes for Mormon loopiness as Mormons are juvenile and only came to Christianity lately. Mormons, having claimed the “True Faith,” after having stolen tenants and doctrine from everywhere, from Egyptology to Frontier Magic and the Torah, including Science Fiction, now Mormons claim they need several hundred more years to sort out the kinks and get it right. I guess Millet’s apology would be that ‘this Religion Making stuff is far tricker than we imagined, we just need to muck about a bit more and we’ll be as main-stream as you wish, we are only in it for the money. Gosh it’s the religion making Business and Mormon Branding just wants its Market Share.’
As I read Millet's excuses, I couldn't help but imagine him wriggling in he dust with his dog-eared Book or Mormon, wrinkling his suit while his upper lip sweats profusely.

doubters persist with the Persistence of Doubt
Professor Millet continued:
On The Religion Making Business: The Mormon Brand

If we are to read Professor Robert Millet as uttered, we would assume, the expert in 'religious understanding' has a cynical view of this world and the religions that here reside, Millet is convinced, "the Business of Religion" requires only time and a priesthood willing to go the extra mile to create authentic Mormon Businesses Modeled for Religion Making. Millet has set his stars on the Latter-day Awakenings of the Mormons, or, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as his brand. His faith has declared the fully reinvested church by Joseph Smith as it was intended before we humans mucked it up..
Professor Millet states as articles of faith, Mormons claim all ground not previously occupied and those spaces the"Enemy," Christian Evangelicals inhabit too.
Millet claims apologetics for theological youth as an excuse for fumbled balls and the penalties of clipping, off sides, etc. Millet pleads, "We're in the religion-making business" and only now "halfway to Nicaea," he says — referring to the fourth-century council at which the New Testament canon was finally formalized and many core Christian doctrines clarified, authoritatively, for the first time.
So Mormons have several hundred more years of fumbling around with the Religion Making Business before Mormon Deities reach maturity. With bated breath and much trembling, we can hardly wait till they get it right and pierce the veil into the radience of full theological and dogmatalogic maturity.
The Latter-day saints that have gone before have no guarantee of the afterlife expected through revelation but must wait in some sort of apostolic holding-pen till it all gets sorted out.

Evangel Nécromancier

Surf's Up for Life On Golden Plates
And the Plan of Salvation
Mormon Deepthroat Robert Millet Redux
Google Search: "Religion Making Business"
Posted to: Life on On Gold Plates, November 25, 2009 11:49 AM

Gus O. Kahan said..
Comment on:
Mormon Perception Management
By the way, throughout your posting you chose to misidentify Robert Millet.
As long as The Mormons are committed to using unreliable narrators for spokespersons in the Religion Making Business there will be unreliable messages sent. Only the elect are able to see beyond the message sent to be divined as truth by the faithful.

Robert Millet’s comment ""We're in the religion making business," bothered me quite a bit. I'm sure the evangelicals used it as proof that it is a man-made religion.”
Even evangelicals fall prey to this axiom: From the beginning, through all time with strength in the loins, all religion is made by man –– it’s called the Religion Making Business.
And the apologetic Reply is:
“In a sense Millet is correct, we are indeed in the "religion making business" if by that he means we help shape and forge an idea of individuality and community, infusing life with meaning and direction, etc.”
Yes ‘infusing life with meaning and direction in the Religion Making Business.’
Was Millet speaking from the bowels of the Church? Was “the Religion Making Business” a gaff, or a mirror into the land of Oz?
Excuse me, but, Free Speech is fundamentally at odds with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. From the invention of Mormonism, free speech has tangled with the Latter-Day Saints, their prophet was executed for suppression of free speech; by the destruction of the Newspaper, “Expositor,” his lot was cast, and it came to pass, General Joe was consumed by hubris, the arrogance of power.
Mormon message control is losing its grip, if you search: “Religion Making Business.”
On the second page there is a curious posting by a blogger: Online cheap viagra » Blog Archive » Online cheap viagra
Jettboy, aka, Blogger of Jared is also, "straight and narrow blog”
So we have Mormon bloggers burying their posts in the Online cheap viagra » Blog Archives?
That’s one way to dump the Religion Making Business in the Mormon Utopia.
Mormon hatred of communism seems ironical as the Mormon Glue is socialist, an idealized communitarian theocracy is socialist tipping to fascism.

I appreciate your post and the concern you show for public relations in Branding Mormonism. Seems there could be a bit more care lavished on the message; the messenger will follow the script in the Religion Making Business.
Suing for peace with the Evangelicals will only lead to mischief and heartache.
November 25, 2009 11:49 AM
Millet spoke of the Plan of Salvation in conference:
"See here, we have to believe in something, why not the Mormonism Plan of salvation?"

Mormon long history of persecution
Mormons' take umbrage at the perception of being mocked, however Mormons take no interest in self scrutiny to divine the source of this sacred act, mockery that is. When mounting an indefensible preponderant of how things work, Mormons forgot to consider, perhaps, for the sake of argument, existence is still perplexing and we are making it up as we go along.  That's why "THE MORMONS" have to have a "LIVING PROPHET" so when things get sticky when moving on in time there is a fall-back position. Mormon Mockery is born from envy. Gentiles can't understand why Mormons suspend all empirical evidence to embrace ignorance; ignorance being the source of all evil (SATAN). Rational thought drops out of Mormon Tribal Theology –– It's all about FAITH.
Gentiles envy the Mormon embrace of willful ignorance; it's so easy when you don't have to think. Gentiles know it hurts to think, Mormons don't.
"You must remember, like Jews, we Mormons have a long history of persecution." The Mormon Faith requires persecution to defend against influence by rational thought and pressing reality. Mockery is part of the Mormon Brand –– part of the baggage of Mormonism, blessed by the Melchizedek Priesthood.
When having your genitals washed in the temple the priest commands, repeat after me. "Health in the navel, marrow in the bone, strength in the loins and in the sinews, power in the priesthood be upon me and upon my posterity through all generation of time and throughout all eternity forever and ever" Pay-lay-ale, Amen. Mormons insist on inviting mockery –– part of the Mormon Experience

Boyd K. Packer said:
"Some things that are true are not very useful."
As in Packer's simple statement of the Mormon Faith, Robert Millet carries on that religious tradition, "Some things that are useful are not very true." In the Religion Making Business, some things that are useful are not very true and consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds

Yoni Chockalingam

Summa Theologica
Interfaith Dialogue
interfaith dialogue and discussion between
mormonism, evangelicalism and catholicism

Some things that are useful are not very true

July 7, 2010: comment

Mormon Engagement With
the World Religions–Conference at USC

Robert Millet, deep-throat Mormon
Foundation for Interreligious Diplomacy Conference:
Mormon Engagement with the World Religions


The recent statement by the Church entitled “Respect for a Diversity of Faiths” opens up new possibilities for re-thinking other religions and ideologies and what might be learned from them.
Citing Kristor Stendahl’s three rules for religious understanding, the statement encourages us to “leave room for ‘holy envy’ by finding elements in other faiths to emulate.” Mormons Holy Envy springs from realizing their prophet (Joseph Smith) was a charlatan. To learn to let go of Joe would be a great move for the mormons. Stendahl's Holy Envy is pressed to the limit when embracing the Mormon Prophetic Tradition. World Religions will have to look farther than Joe Smith to find redeeming quality in the Mormons. Foundation for Interreligious Diplomacy Mormon Chapter
2010 Inaugural Conference University of Southern California
June 11th – 12th, 2010 In response to increasing acrimony in public discourse, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently affirmed that “the moral basis of civility is the Golden Rule, taught by a broad range of cultures and individuals, perhaps most popularly by Jesus Christ: ‘And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise’ (Luke 6:31). This ethic of reciprocity reminds us all of our responsibility toward one another and reinforces the communal nature of human life.” (“The Mormon Ethic of Civility,”
LDS Newsroom, October 16, 2009)

October 16, 2009:
It is good that Mormons desire to seek reciprocity, however, what can the mormons give in return?Well, how was Mormon Diplomacy? It's July 7, 2010 and so far not a peep from Robert Millet on Mormon/Christian cohabitation of our planet. The conference was designed to explore various perspectives and methods for thinking about Latter-day Saints among the faiths and cultures of world. Its aim will be to connect theology with practice in allowing space for Mormons to think about the activity of inter-religious dialogue and the possibility of mutual transformation. The recent statement by the Mormon Church entitled

“Respect for a Diversity of Faiths”
opens up new possibilities for rethinking other religions and ideologies and what might be learned from them. Citing Kristor Stendahl’s three rules for religious understanding, the statement encourages us to “leave room for ‘holy envy’ by finding elements in other faiths to emulate.” It goes on to affirm that “Latter-day Saints accept all sincere believers as equals in the pursuit of faith and in the great work of serving humanity.” This ethic of reciprocity reminds us all of our responsibility toward one another and reinforces the communal nature of human life.” (“The Mormon Ethic of Civility,” LDS Newsroom, October 16, 2009)
To reinforce communal nature of human life may be a stretch for Mormons, being the "most correct" leaves little room for the lessor correctness of others. Mormons know, this is not the real playing field anyway,
the Afterlife in the here-after is where the real bargaining begins for Mormons. GOK

THE SALAMANDER MURDERS for God and country –– It's alright to do it but don't get caught


Mormon Magic for Mormons only, mormon love of the supernaturalMormon America, Mormon Endowment
Mormon Temple Ordinances: Another shuttle launch from Zarahemla, it's Pay-lay-ale all the way with so much faith to save the day.
For Temple Recomend Mormons Only

Mormon Deep-Space Doctrine

After 17 decades of space exploration, The Mormons have developed standards and practices that have served the Mormon Faith in Heaven and on Earth; maximizing fuel efficiency and payload capacity by employing supernatural means has led to great efficiencies through faith.
Beyond the traditional methods for transport the Mormons have secured exclusive use of methods known only to them. Since the beginning Mormon Space travel has changed little believing, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's Pay-lay-ale all the way.

Terryl Givens, Master of Rebirthing Debriefing has documented that when piercing the veil, "not one sentilla of you will be lost," in the transcendent transferral to Mormon Heaven once tributes are paid. Faith will conquer all when piercing the Veil. Zarahemla ranks high in the Religion Making Business.

Ephima Morphew

Mormon Salamander, Mormon Schisms
Mormon Schisms

The message was the messenger: Ingeel
The messenger was the message: Ingeel
Agape: Pay-lay-ale
"O God, hear the words of my mouth!"
Whatever that means . . . TRY,
Pay-lay-agu-ghe: "O God, hear the words of my mind!"

Yho-wana-skah-chi Pay-lay-ale Oah ta-na siam

the peril and pleasure of Mormon Afterlife
Answers to be Questioned

All you need to know, the Easy Steps to the Mormon Eternal Progression
it's easy, it's fun and there are lots of papers to sign.
MORMON HEAVEN is a fairly straight forward affair, not too complicated but not too simple either. Mormons know most religions make heavenly attainment too simple to be believed.
First, in order to get into the Mormon Afterlife one must pre-exist. Pre-existence is requisite for moving forward. Once you preexist you are ready to engage in Mortal Life; for many of us this is the existential part. Mortal Life is where one learns about how to get what you want; all the other places the human spirit must go to be among the elect.
Of course as we mortals do, we die and that's when stuff really starts to happen to the Mormon Spirit..
Aside from leaving your now useless mortal body, your spirit is shunted onto a new body that looks just like the old one but also just like all others too. You float down the long cloudy hall to one of two doors.
There is the Fast Track –– Spirit Paradise
If luck is with you, and your report card is a 'C' or above, your spirit moves directly to Spirit Paradise and Righteousness.
There is the Slow Track –– Spirit Prison
If you're not so lucky and Mormon Spirit Spies rat on you, you are shunted to Spirit Prison, Unrighteousness, which for many is not fun and requires many examinations by frowning Spirit Testers challenging your faith, but with perfect obedience, one can rebound from this setback. This is likened to Purgatory for evangelicals. For most Mormons this may condemn one to the Kingdom of the Devil.
But where do we go from there?
So either in Spirit Paradise or Spirit Prison there is a lot of waiting and tribulation until the
Spirit Examiners decide to pronounce the FINAL JUDGMENT.
When judged worthy, one passes through the veil into Mormon Afterlife. One is rematerialized into flesh and blood to propagete beings on other solar systems with the requisite spirit wife (wives).
Comprised of several Kingdoms, depending on the mood of the Spirit Examiners, one can expect one of three prized positions in Mormon Heaven.
1st. Celestial Kingdom: a cool place and nothing to sneer at. Many mormons are here and they are relieved and happy with their lot to be cast as part of the placement at all.
2nd. Terrestial Kingdom: a very groovy kingdom with lots of clouds and glitter. Most Mormons here in the Middle Kingdom, a contrived space between the two other heavens designed to comfort the Lumpen folk..
3rd. Telestial Kingdom: a very elevated space in space with many Select Mormons and lots of clouds, but on a clear day you can see forever. Once obtained by whatever means necessary devotees will be secure from any more pestering by church authorities forever; one is free to bonk and procreate with lusty abandon to build your own personal creation myth with all your spirit-wives.
4th. The Kingdom of the Devil: Satan is in charge and it's just like Hell. perpetual misery, sweaty and stinky, and there is no time for smoke breaks or jokes and the music is ghastly. *
So the tally of spiritual places one may find oneself are seven.
Most Mormons forget to count pre-existence but according to our ledger pre-existence must count for something, while not heaven, it seems to be a state of suspension with no pain and no performance expectations so in its own way it too is heavenly.
After Mortal Life is finished, there are two purgatories, fast track and slow track.
With the big event, FINAL JUDGMENT, you, as Mormon, will find yourself in one of four slots.
Celestial Kingdom, Terrestial Kingdom, or Telestial Kingdom.
If, After all the waiting, trials and testing you fail to sway the Spirit Testers, you hit the wall and are condemned to Mormon Hell or The Kingdom of the Devil, but you are still a Mormon forever.
From that point all Mormon Spirits exist in a levitating steady state for eternity, but for all the procreation one gets to perform in Mormon Heaven; one is duty bound to populate the Universe with yet more Mormons –– and on and on.

* Mormon Hell:
There is no reference to procreation in Mormon Hell but it must be going on behind the Devil's back, or perhaps Satan is entertained by grand copulating heaps of fallen Mormons. It follows, some perverse logic would imply that Lucifer would love to engage in smarmy sex fests with millions of Mormons in Mormon Hell. For certain Satan would love to moderate much discussion on how loopy Mormon Heaven must be, how boring it must be, what with all the singing, courtly ritual, clouds and stuff.
As Mark Twain said, "Heaven is for the climate but Hell is for the company."
It has never been revealed whether Lucifer is a Gentile, just another Fallen Mormon or Jew..

Thaddeus Quella

The Prophet and the Philosopher

A contemporary of Joseph Smith, spoke, after a long dissertation by the prophet –– Joseph spoke of his Religion and its Afterlife. The acquaintance, Mark Twain, listened patiently then said: "Sounds nice but you must know Joe, Heavens is for the climate and Hell is for the Company."

More Mormon Schisms
The Mormon Sunstoner
The Mormon Farmer

SUNSTONE: Mormon Myth Makers
Mormon Sunstoner vs Farmer

6/7/08: a comment by gok to Mormon Matters
Gus O. Kahan tried to post a comment on Mormon Matters discussion group but alas the post was censored.
Gus can only conclude that "Natural Men" are exempted from any thinking on MORMON MATTERS. It must be true, "When the Prophets have spoken the thinking has been done."

discussion on Robert Millet and Mormon Matters
yes, I'm GOD ONLY KNOWS, your warm and fuzzy "Natural Man."
I'm what you call a gentile but you even call a Jew a gentile so I'm in good company.
I bothered to follow your discussion from Robert Millet and his apologetic discourse on "Speaking of Faith" to your squabbles and shibboleths over how many eyes can peep into a hat to read an Urim Thummim stone. Gosh folks, the veracity of conjecture remains the same –– ambiguous, whether a MORMON Sunstoner or a MORMON Farmer it's all based on deciding whether the miraculous was invested in a kid that, with hormones raging, got the WORD from some angel and then was visited by John the Baptist to indemnify the authenticity of an upstate New Yorker Angel and the magic in the new world between the 1st and 2nd awakenings. The baggage carried forward becomes more and more problematic –– that must be admitted.
It's about Millet and the "Religion Making Business." Mormonism is desperate to move beyond General Joe Smith, his brother and the rest of the gang that printed and minted by Divine Right in the name of Elohim. And there is much more too, Holy Dog Poo.
Folks, look to Robert Millet and ponder his divisive attempt to move into the "Religion Making Business."
Save yourselves, Delight enlighten and convert to Prosperity Theology Evangelism or go back to the Pearl of great price, with warts and all.
ps. When kibitzing about decimal point placement the whole numbers are forgotten; but being a gentile, not elect, excludes me from divine right insight. Perhaps you are reconciling the "Mormon Problem" but where is the decimal point?


"Brigham Young is our Mormon Moses with staff and flail"
 Brigham Young is our Moses

Like Brigham, Moses led the (elect) chosen ones into the promised land to explore their Religious Destiny.

Moses feeling the blessing of doubt, seeking guidance on a pensive day, looking for someone to lead, needing someone to follow –– goats not yet milked –– Not Happy.


Nagging Questions

A nagging question confronted by contemporary theologians, the cause of much gnashing of teeth: "Did Moses look like Charlton Heston or Brigham Young?"

The Answer: Within the paradigmatic constructs of contemporary existence, within a postmodern, post-high-postmodern, modern, futurist, transhumanist and liturgical paradigm, Moses and monotheism no longer hold the interest to one who realizes life is nasty nasty nasty and we thank god that it's short so as to limit collateral damage. We pass on our social successes to our future selves self-organized to support the meritocracy.

Moses could not find relief from guilt but "we bearers of arms and iPods" can reconcile all for the sake of willful ignorance and having lots of stuff. The provisional authority over possessions salves us from agape. The Inuit greet by saying, "life is hard," Moses, not Charlton Heston, would agree.

Nagging Questions deserve nagging answers. Like Simetic Tribals, Mormonism is great for nagging too.

Remember: "Some things that are useful are not very true." In the Religion Making Business, some things that are useful are not very true.

What would Mormon banker Mariner Eccles think of this axiom?

Apostles come in many stripes

Mormon Dharma, Mormons in the Apostolic Penitentiary, Mormon Apostles Mormon Apostles with minder
Mormons Apostles in waiting, posing on the steps of their meditation cells;
all part of the Mormon Covenant of Mormonism. Early Mormon Devotees
working on their dharma for the sake of Mormon Karma

Millet and Mormon Reservations
The Mormon–Intellectual is a Oxymoron by Divine Right
Advancing the trope of Mormonology through Mormon Reservations

Teach Mormon Youth (Mormon Elders) double think thought early in life.

1. Robert Millet encourages duplicity:
“We never provide meat when milk will do” or in other words don’t
address their concerns, instead conceal and deceive. This approach
builds trust and loyalty?
2. Dr. Millet promotes obfuscation:
“Answer the question they should have asked”? This is political
(PR) spin 101. This is a deceptive and dishonest approach. Scummy
used car salesman approach.
3. Millet the visionary:
"Declare Christ by the witnessing of Joseph Smith."
He spent his entire talk telling the youth to put on the blinders,
bury their heads in the sand, ignore reason and rely on feelings. I
have lots of friends who believe they have the corner on “Truth”;
funny thing is they also believe God has told them it is true. This
crap makes my blood boil!
4. Bob Millet master of the religious understanding conceit:
He has implanted and is reinforcing a persecution complex. This approach will do nothing
but create additional baggage for these kids, baggage they will some day have to shed.
5. Professor Millet serves up cookies and milk
I love the “don't debate about spiritual things,” teach and
testify –– Heaven forbid. debating may require you to defend your faith,
reason or even worse, you may be exposed to “Anti Mormon ideas”.
"God forbid that you are exposed to anything except for the “milk” we have given you."
For a good part, "the Book of Mormon sounds Bibical"
Ask ask a mormon about Peep-stone Prophecy

Hugo Baltzer

Changing the world one
Mormon at a time through
religious understanding and
Mormon Counter-Apologetics


The Mormon Intellectual is an Oxymoron by Divine Right
Strategic Evangelism: Plan of Salvation

The measures of success on matters of faith: Bob Millet and Greg Johnson Dialogues
One can easily tell how successful a theologian is by his waste-line. Like John Hagee and Daniel C. Peterson, Robert Millet and Greg Johnson are obese theologians. When it's time for the rapture they expect The Lord to do some Extra Heavy Lifting.
The Obese Theologian, it seems, is a double dipper in front of everybody, demonstrating The Faith Axiom of bounty and reward for the deserving.

Strategic Evangelism
Plan of Salvation:
Strategic Evangelism is an attempt to kluge
Evangelical Christianity and Mormonism into a unified Plan of Salvation, Millet and Johnson are on an odyssey for unity in Heaven and on Earth.
Robert Millet and Greg Johnson are seen playing more games of Rock, Scissors, Paper. Millet and Johnson have been playing a running game of Rock, Paper, Scissors for years now with no end in sight. It is rumored that Greg Johnson is ahead by a considerable amount confirming that Robert Millet, on matters of faith, is a gas bag,
My primal question? "I want to know who I am and what (who) it was that made me that way." Mormons don't have an answer as the question is never asked. Mormons have an answer for such questions but it requires perfect obedience to divine their Most Correct Answer to the Plan of Salvation.

Robert Millet and Greg Johnson: dueling theologians
playing more games of Rock Paper Scissors for Jesus.
Strategic Evangelism and the Plan of Salvation
Robert Millet playing yet more Rock Paper Scissors in faith
Strategic Evangelism is kluging both heaven and earth
for a unified Plan of Salvation.

"See Bob, that's the tenth time in a row, let's take a break for a bit and perhaps your luck witll change."
"Humm Greg, this is a hard game."
"Look Bob if you keep throwing rocks, I'll keep throwing paper –– try something different, try scissors, ya-know scissors cuts paper.
"Ready, one, two, three. Ha, see you can change, but, I threw a rock and rock breaks your scissors."
"Let's try again, ready, one, two, three."

When Getting at the Truth, Bridging the Divide may be a bridge too far in the Mormon Religion Making Business.

Morbidly obese religious people are among the most successful in selling the religion making business.
"Too few recognise how important our faith is."
Bob Millet and Greg Johnson's TV show last night
Robert Millet and Greg Johnson play yet another game of rock paper scissors; when played by theologians this simple exercise takes on "Bibical
(Biblical) Dimensions."

Gabriel von Himmel

Is it Convicted Civility or Civility Convicted?

Jews to Mormons we'll tell you what to think
Greg Johnson in his zeal as an ex-Mormon, now Evangelical, promotes religious understanding at the expense of secular intellectual property. Greg johnson in his knee-jerk desire to promote a Mormon / Evangelical merger sees fit to steal intellectual property for his end to the end (Hereafter); his theft leaves our site orphaned of content from context while Greg Johnson's evangelical business plan is to kluge heaven and earth in a cosmic slurry of misbegotten conjecture.

Email sent to:
October 25, 2012 12:28:02 PM PDT
Missive to Greg Johnson
Mission: to kluge Evangelical Christianity and Mormonism
fix this now:
Greg, when the mormons take such liberties with reality, their conjecture is viewed by the naive, the less informed, the superstitious as an authentic avenue for salvation for themselves and wayward relatives.
When liberty is aligned with obedience there are assumptions by the unwashed that lead to other, much more pernicious attitudes toward the gentile and the earth itself. The Manichean Mormon is not helpful to world understanding.
As a Mormon Bishop told me, yes it was a Palmer: "The Earth is like a rubber ball and will bounce back."
All Mormons view non-Mormons as gentiles of which I am but one.
As for the Lords of the World, their conjecture is sketchy as well but they still believe in guilt.
But what is not sketchy is your use of SCARI.ORG's intellectual property.
I applaud your good taste in selecting an image/narrative that expresses your talking point,
Link to source material to place content and context in alignment.
It's like bait and switch or posthumous baptisms and a heaven that welcomes baby grand pianos –– Disneyland is soon to follow.
You know Disneyland is designed around 3/5's scale; I see mormonism falls prey to the same design standard; "Let's make it cute and cuddly after all it's the afterlife and the Amish (socialist) Root is forgotton.
A better image can be found here:
I hope you and Robert Millet are getting all the kinks ironed out for Mormon Neo-Orthodoxy,
Mormon Engagement with the World Religions.
thank you.

Mormon Martyr –– Mormon Myth Maker
 Mormon Vision: Intellectual Scholarship
Joseph Smith, wounded from revised revelations
Mormon Thought is
the Mormon Oxymoron
Learning to let go of Joe: Mormon Intellectuals
are led by their Leading Scholar, Joseph Smith,
the Revelator. So Mormon Intellectuals are significantly infirmed by Mormon Tenents (Tenets) and Doctrine. For Mormonism, a Mormon Intellectual is, in the purist sense, a Mormon Oxymoron. A Mormon intellectual is an oxyMoroni –– that is, in the trade known as, OxyMoronic Mormonism.
AKA: profligate religious promiscuity
For a good part, the Book of Mormon sounds "Bibical"

Mormon Nocebo

Devoted to apologies for counter-apologetic dogma; a space to expose Dogmatological Mormon Doctrine Practice and Rhetoric, a place for Mormon Detractors to find solace; a metaphorical harbor in the storm of feral piety and sycophantic zealotry,
a brief treatise on saving the planet from rampant ignorance for the sake of all mankind, Mormons included, and all the little animals who have fallen under the cursed spell of "our dominion."

Dr. Thaddeous Quella

God's Army, states of grace in that special placeMormon Enlightenment, Cartoon
Mormon Thought –– Steps to Mormon
Empowerment, Shock Troops in God's Army

"The Mormon Enemy"

You know the Mormons think of evangelicals as "The Enemy." If Christ would bother to look down upon them, he say, "Go figure, you guys –– I can't tell which from what -- I'm confused. Einy Meany Miney Moe. . . "
He pause, put his index finger to his lips, looking quizzically and he say, "You guys don't have a clue." Then he shrink into that teeny tiny space called heaven –– POOF.

It's unfortunate but Mormons believe our earth is only a means to the end,
Mormons' War on Terra:
"The Earth is like a rubber ball and will bounce back."

Are you believing too much too often, if so you must be thinking of becoming a Mormon ––  you can be a Mormon too. To believe is to understand. Remember
Mormons worry not about the moral hazard of faith.

Side Effects of suffering with nocebo
Meet the Man:
Meet the man responsible for the death of General Joseph Smith, William Law
An Interview with William Law:



Apologetics for killing Joe Smith

William Law recounts: "Joseph Smith having sent Rockwell to kill Governor Boggs. Let me tell you, that Joe Smith, told me the fact himself. The words were substantially like this, "I sent Rockwell to kill Boggs, but he missed him, it was a failure; he wounded him instead of sending him to Hell." Governor Boggs was out of office but revenge smelled sweet for Joe Smith.
The Mormon Assassin, "Rockwell was the lackey of the house. He used to comb and shave Joseph, blackened his boots and drove his carriage. He would have done anything Joe wanted him to do. I never saw a horse or carriage belonging to Rockwell which you say he got from Joseph for the attempt to kill Boggs."
One might conclude, Governor Ford was to take no chances with Mormon Assassins. Ford had promised Missouri's Governor Boggs protection but failed, the attempted murder by Rockwell was revenge by Joe Smith's Plot of assassination for the Mormon War in Missouri.

mormon ziggurat
Mormon Socialism, Nauvoo Legion
mormon socialism mission

How to assassinate a General Officer, The killing of Joseph Smith,: Atlantic Monthly, December 1869 Excerpt from Cultures in Conflict by John Hay.

The niggeling details, cosmetics are important for the sacred faith to grow. Cosmetology is vital for a well quaffed
faith to flourish.

Robert Millet is the Mormon Deepthroat
And Mormon Neo-Orthodoxy Apologist

Robert Millet, deceptive theologian, is
training a new generation of Ersatz
Christian Cadre in the Religion Making
Business of deceptive theology for Mormon
Branders to create a different kind of Jesus.

mormon pundit
Robert Millet, making mormon business
Hoping for LIFE BEYOND
Robert Millet. Mormon
phrenology specialist

Millet Reconciliation
The talking head says "No Problem"

Mormon Orthodoxy:
Millet has no problem reconciling:

"You already know more about God and Christ and the plan of salvation than anybody who will attack you."
Mormon Neo-Orthodoxy:

"We're in the religion-making business, for a short time, I mean, compared to the Christian church, which has been at this for a couple of millennia. We've really only been about that for 20 or 30 years."

Robert Millet speaks on the irrelevance of Mormon Doctrine –– 'Getting at The Truth'

Neo-Orthodoxy Suggestions to ponder:
'whether it is true or not
may actually be irrelevant.'

Mormons need to gather the tribe and consider what it is that mormons do and why.
Robert Millet master of religious understanding knows what's what and how to get it done while Bridging the Divide by omission.

Maintaining purity of doctrine.
Emphasizing the importance of the family and the home.
Placing all the work of the Church under priesthood direction.
Establishing proper relationships among the organizations of the Church.
Achieving unity and order in the Church.
Ensuring simplicity of Church programs and materials.

Neo-Orthodoxy Manifesto
Salvation Plan:

Robert Millet, Professor of Religious Understanding states in
'Getting At The Truth'

"If the general authorities do not teach something today, it is not part of our doctrine today. That does not, however, mean that a particular teaching is untrue. A teaching may be true and yet not a part of what is taught and emphasized by the Church today. In fact, if the Brethren do not teach it today, if it is not taught directly in the standard works, or if it is not found in our correlated curriculum, whether it is true or not may actually be irrelevant."

- Robert Millet, Getting at the Truth, p. 66
some things that are useful are not very true

Robert Millet Getting At The Truth Caveat:
"Relevant Truth or Untruth is subject to change or reversal by revelation of verifying authorities or priestly fiat."

The Trial:
more good works in heaven
Yes, the Mormon Bureaucracy carries on in heaven. And yes you are being watched; the gatekeepers and sacred rituals confirm each step through the mazes of heaven –– long lines for the chosen, lots of waiting, but the wait is part of the test designed to authenticate Perfect Obedience and Mormon Purity of Faith.
There are certificates to be stamped, lists to check and examinations of faith. The trials are designed to confirm solidarity and unquestioning belief in the prophet and his hereafter in the everafter. It's not easy to wend one's way through the seven levels of celestial radiance, long queues, but for "perfect obedience," the rewards are huge in the religion making business.

Gabriel Von Himmel    
copyright Scari©2008
all rights reserved Scari.Org

Mormon Branders
Mormon Branders or "the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Marketing"
has been crippled by loss of message control; to lose control of their Branding Message is problematic for the Religion Making Business and the Melchizedek Priesthood. The Mormons are still working out the kinks in "the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Marketing Department."



Dickensian Tunes
Millet Bangs on the Mormon Organ

Delight Enlighten Convert
A Fellow Mormon Speaks on Millet

Had Robert Millet lived 150 years ago, he might have become a character in a Charles Dickens novel.
Millet assumes that Mormonism is good for everyone. Therefore he is confident that there is no obligation for full disclosure.
Unfortunately, I know from first hand experience that many converts do suffer needlessly when they relate to Mormon truth claims literally. The fact is the more you believe the missionary discussions, the more likely you are going to make irrational decisions.
In some cases that turns out for the better. Most converts melt away. And then there are some that are trying so hard to be good Mormons that the converts get hurt.
If Millet were selling used cars or insurance then he would go to jail. Since he is in religion, he considers his lack of candor virtuous.
Millet has no idea how dangerous his behavior is because he willfully ignores the consequences of his actions. In reality, he is just another salesman with an unhealthy dose of self-righteousness. When people believe him, folks will get hurt.

Comment by Hellmut — March 23, 2007 # 40


Mormon Branding,
On "the Religion Making Business"
One might Ask?

One might ask why pick on the Mormons and that's a fair question.

One might say because, as a metaphor, it's easy. When shaping a short treatise on self deception to model all organized religion why not choose a no brainer . . .
Mormonism is "in the religion making business," just another franchise
like Starbucks but without the coffee.
Do the math.



mormon myth, page 9
 Mormon Metamorphosis
heavenly mormon phrenology



The Mormons need new and creative revelations for the
faith to grow
The Mormons need a new and creative revelator for the faith
to grow. If I were a Mormon Myth Maker

If I were interested in working within the Mormon myth making business, the Mormon Paradigm,
I would petition to have the Sacred Book of Mormon altered to reflect its present-day relevance.
I would petition to have all 1381 entries of "And it came to pass" altered to "Once upon a time."
A petition for clarity in the Scared BOM would focus the mind and, hopefully, create more myth for the Mormon Church Myth Makers to make Mormom Myth the Most Correct of all Sacred Revelations.
Like the King James Version Of the Holy Bible translated from Latin, the Book of Mormon could stand a makeover to be understood by the average gentile –– lumpen folk .
A Mormon Scholar can choose precious phrases in the Book of Mormon and extract and insert "Once upon a time" where needed and demonstrated the more correct effect.
A Petition for Change could be taken to the Mormon Quorum for consideration. After all it's merely a slight modification to the text, the sacred content remains intact.
It seems a group of dedicated Ex-Mormons could masterfully insert a Protestant infusion of new blood and help create more traction for more Mormon Religious Traditions. We know the Nicean Conference in 332 A.D. did not take place in a vacuum. More religious tradition is more better in the religiom making business.
The Mormons need new and creative revelators for the faith to grow, why can't Ex-Mormons help out with religious tradition by creating revelations too?

Mormons need a New Latter-day Saint Messiah.
It's been over one hundred sixty years since the Mormon revelations have received a messianic boost. It's time for a Present-day Latter-day saint to burst on the scene to direct doctrine, reveal revelations and define Mormon Market Strategy.
The Mormons need new and creative revelations from a Pubescent Myth Maker to be struck dumb and possessed by revelation. By the majesty of Yahweh or Eloheim or Jehovah or God these things are possible through Divine Right.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints craves a new creator (NeoRevelator) to direct the Religion Making Business beyond the old infirmed Mormon Prophets, like Hyrum and Brigham, even Kimball . It is known through the Melchizedek Priesthood, Mormons have exclusive use of the theologic equivolent of Royal Jelly to smear on Potential Candidate Prophets to grow into fledged and flying prophetic radiance. Religious Tradition must "reveal the New Mormon Prophet for all the world to see -- so it will there for all to see."

Ex-Jew and Ex-Mormon, Stanley U. Goldburg


President Joseph Fielding Smith,
the tenth LDS prophet said:

"Mormonism, as it is called, must stand or fall on the story of Joseph Smith. He was either a prophet of God, divinely called, properly appointed and commissioned, or he was one of the biggest frauds this world has ever seen. There is no middle ground. If Joseph Smith was a deceiver, who willfully attempted to mislead the people, then he should be exposed; his claims should be refuted, and his doctrines shown to be false, for the doctrines of an impostor cannot be made to harmonize in all particulars with divine truth. If his claims and declarations were built upon fraud and deceit, there would appear many errors and contradictions, which would be easy to detect."


Mormon Archaeology


Mormon  Bloggernacle

 LDS Bloggernacle Bluster and Buzz
with the usual suspects (9/22/08)

Recent Apologetics postings by Lou Midgley and Dan Peterson in the Mormon Bloggernacle are benign examples of what I mean. I wish there were more discussions on our LDS Psyops and the newly developed LDS, Leaflet Delivery System and its ability to win the hearts and minds of more gentiles. Bickering over Apologetics Strategy is useless when there is a wonderful wide world of gentiles to convert. We must forget about mainstream aspirations and focus on LDS Psyops through our LDS Leaflet Distribution Systems. We need more Predator Drone UAV aircraft for payload delivery.

The future of the church hangs in the balance. Apologetics is a lost cause; it's impossible to explain Mormonism, it must be felt. The Mormon Spirit is fragile and gentiles are so crass; they lack the sensitivity Mormons require for faith to grow, but with our LDS (leaflet delivery system) the full fury of our perception management potential can be realized for more Mormon Converts. We need more UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and larger UAV, Vehicle-Payloads for better leaflet saturation over target areas. Our future lies in effective use of our Leaflet Distribution Systems.

Barbara Smith Palmer


Gift of Holy Ghostliness
The  Mormon Gift of Revelation Conjecture

For a drug induced summary. Conjecture on the Mormon Problem, this link will delight, elighten, to enliven the discussion on
Mormon Apologetics while chronicling the
pitiful decline of Mormon Thought


Preliminary finding released:
The Divine Right Rite
Keen on Fecundity

The Salient differences between LDS Mormons and Mormon Fundies appears in the fault line between feral piety and domesticated Zealotry.
It's like the Fundaliens had landed from the planet Kolob and a few humans sold out to the Fundaliens and beget Mormolians. These Mormolians, more domesticated than their brethern are like no other species.
They call themselves Mormons and they walk the planet and do what they do to further earn honors (chits) to cart off to other constellations, galaxies, hell, nebulae to propagate a personal strain of Mormon. On this planet deeded to the devotee, religious tradition holds this to be done with one's Spiritual Partner for one to propagate progeny to worship you as their creator -- their God (Mormon Fundies get as many wives as they need to turn this trick) to secure an everafter in the hereafter.
The Sacred, not Secret Fecund Mission: It's a growth industry, it's all about growth, making babies, the mission, prosperity, making more babies; it's the full leap –– to faith (NoSpace Suit Needed) regardless of which Mormon Sect, they are off to worlds beyond with full faith and credit from Joe Smith himself.
In a perfect universe, Evangelicals and Mormons would run off together to another planet to do works of wonder and live to conquer gentiles and save souls alturnatly until they eat eachother up.
Howard Hughes and Richard Nixon found Mormons usful and George Bush carries on this religious tradition. Willing empty vessels are handy here because Mormons live for the Great Cosmic Hereafter filled with sprinkles and glitter and fecundity. Unfortunately, this is not Science Fiction or Scientology, it's Mormonism and "The Earth is like a rubber ball and will bounce back."

Hugo Baltzer

The Salient

The Salient differences between LDS Mormons and Mormon Fundies appears in the faul-line between feral piety and domesticated Zealotry.

Between pulpit and Pew
BiPolar Mormon Scholarship
the Manichean Mormon Fantasy

Religious Caveat
for Mormon Apostles:
Mormon Reservations

A Mormon religious reservation is the ability to reserve the truth when truth might be inconvenient to church and affiliates. Church authorities, armed with clerical reservation can omit, redact or otherwise obfuscate whatever inconvenience it might find to be damaging to the authority of the priesthood. Acting on the malleability of truth allows the elect to endure for the sake of religious authority by lying whenever deemed to be in Mormon self-interest.

Get the facts first then you can distort them as you please
then engage in profligate religious promiscuity

July 17, 2010:
late breaking news,
on religious promiscuity

from the Mormon Apostolic Stud Farm:

The Mormon Vessel,
A Mormon Sister Speaks

"As an older Mormon Lady, mother of ten, after years of devotion to my faith I know the Plan of Salvation is measured by having lots of babies, But at my age, I'm getting tired, tired of pushing babies out my butt for the Prophet. Seems fruitless to just make more babies without truly understanding why I have to be part of The Prophet's Plan.
Oh God hear the words of my mouth."
Barbara Smith Palmer


Mormon Atonement

Mormon Neo-Orthodoxy: Retro-Apologetics is not Counter-Apologegics, Mormons should apologize for insisting their deception (fraud) is worth the damage done to Global Reality. After self-scrutiny Mormon Apologetics should apologize for their fraud. Now that Mormon Apologetics is through explaining their faith, their job, now, is to apologize for their apologetics from the beginning.

Mormon History is cultural necrophilia. To keep it simple, Mormonism is just

Strategic Evangelism

the measure of success: On matters of faith, one can easily tell how successful a theologian is by his waste-line.

Morbidly obese religious people
are among the most successful salesmen in the religion business but as reward, they do, they expect The Lord to do some Extra Heavy Lifting.

Strategic Evangelism is an attempt to kluge
Evangelical Christianity and MormonismObese Jesus in the Religion Business
Over time theologians have distorted the idea of
Jesus into Prosperity Theology for the Prophet.
Truly: Drinking A Different Kind Of Jesus



Greg Johnson stole this image for his blogEvangelical Myopia is Mormon Myopia – is it Convicted Civility or Civility Convicted
Convicted Civility or Civility Convicted
Evangelical Myopia is Mormon Myopia


the image you see is from Greg Johnson's site, he still has our SCARI.ORG image on his server.

Greg, please stop stealing intellectual property, Robert Millet might not approve. Bridging the divide may be a bridge too far in the religion making business.



rapture dervish
rapture dervish
mormon zeitgeist
mormon zeitgeist
Pandora's Box