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Mormon Assault on Mt. Kailash And it's coming to pass after much planning God's Army marches on Mt. Kailash. Mormons on top of the World looking for more states of grace in the Religion Making Business

Mormons on Mt. Kailash w/Mormon Jesus
And It came to pass
, Mormon Globalism –– The Mormon Movement Plans to climb Mt. Kailash, "Our Mormon Missionary Climbing Team is ready. Planning has been underway for five years, now is the time to make the climb. Our expedition leader Herman Menck has decided that 2013 is cosmically correct for first assent on Mt Kialash, Tibet –– Elevation 21778 ft. Mt Kialash, aka, Mt Gang Rinpoche is not the highest peak in Tibet but its sacred stature is unassailable." MORMON Transhumanists are thrilled at the prospect; part of the Mormon Plan,"a New Jesus to mitigate Perfect Obedience."

Mormons knocking at Heaven's door, as plans move forward on Mt. Kailash
"We Mormons are not interested in mountaineering like most mountain climbers but we want to see what's at the top. A peak so revered by holy men must have special powers. For 3,000 years the Buddhist believe this to be the most holy of all the peaks in the Himalayas and we want to know why; our Mormon Missionary Climbing Team plans on finding the source of this sacred secret to share with all Mormons everywhere. We are committed to bringing back the facts to our people as Joseph Smith delivered the true faith many years ago." It looks like Mormons are one step closer to heaven.


God's Army Brings good Works to Mt. Kailash . . .
Mormons on Kailash to lay claim for LDS Unity
Beyond the Mormon Temple there are many other scared places to occupy, God's Army is prepared and ready to assail the heights of Mt. kailash. Beyond fast offerings, tithing, building fund, missionary fund, ward fund, perpetual education fund, etc. funding or spiritual exploration is essential, Meanwhile, The Mormon Church can drop 1.5 billion dollars on malls, build trade centers, luxury resorts, football practice facilities, buy gaming preserves, cattle ranches, housing developments, surely there must be monies for spiritual expansion. "The Mormon Spiritual Assault on Kailash is but one adventure for our faith."
Thomas S. Monson and Gereral Authorities Dr. Mack Director and Mr. Herman Menck are backing Project Kailash.

Mormon Theologians are convinced, "To summit Mt. Kialash would put the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the avante guard. The conquest adds new vitality to Church Members and draws attention to the Church's ability for conquest –– From Wasatch to Kailash and far beyond."

Mormon Mountaineers
Mormon Climbers on a Mission in God's Army, these Mormon Missionaries are looking for signs of the elusive Wasatch Sasquatch; just another Demonstration of the Mormon Faith.

Mormons make Many
Plans for Youth-in-Asia
Circumnavigation of Kailash (known as a kora) is to be one of the Mormon Eco-tourist destinations. Future tours of this sacred ground will be guided by a permanent staff located in Darchen (Ta'erqin), the nearest village to Kailash. Plans for a future Mormon Temple and hotel (The Joseph Smith Hostel) are already on the boards, designed to be one of our most beautiful, with a distinct eastern influence conforming to Feng Sui sensibilities. Pilgrimages will be fully supported by staff and tour guides.

Background Information:
"Gang Rinpoche or Kang Rinpoche" in Tibetan, has been deemed a holy mountain for over 3000 years. Mt. Kailash is the place where the religion of Bon originated. To Hindus, Mt. Kailash is worshipped as the home of Shiva, the god with highest supernatural power and the highest rank among the 3 gods of Hinduism. Pilgrims from India, Nepal and Bhutan as well as those from around Tibetan areas come here to pay homage to the mountain every year, making Mt. Kailash one of the most important religious mountains in world.; Mormons are soon to join the ranks.

Mormon Youth-in-Asia for the Religion Making Business
"After much practice in the Wasatch Range, our team of Mormon Missionary Mountaineers are prepared to summit Mt. Kailash," A Mormon Missionary Spokesman further stated, "Part of the plan is to transport all gear to the mountain-base in two wheeled carts pushed and pulled by hundreds of young Mormon Missionaries. On Kailash Circumbulance: a troop of God's Army, 500 in all is going to circle Mt. Kailash and cache thousands of Books of Mormon in kerns for future Mormon Pilgrims to refer to for spiritual guidance as they circle our conquest." It's true the highest peak of Gangdise mountian range, Mt. Kailash is a wonder. Several female missionaries on the team have expressed unconditional love for the conquest of such a mission for Jesus and the Prophet Joseph Smith.
Assent to the Locus of the World by Youth-in-Asia
The four great rivers, named after the four supernatural animals in paradise - the horse, lion, elephant and peacock, orginated from Mt. Kailash and flow off in four directions. The Indus runs towards the north conferred the courage of a lion. The Ganges flows toward the south and grants the beauty of a peacock. The Brahmaputra flows towards the east and grants the speed of a horse.The Sutlej runs to the west and confers the strength of an elephant. "And we will capture it all for Jesus."

Mormon Climbing team in training on the Wasatch Range
Pushing toward the summit to to secure States of Grace.
Mormons Missionaries have been involved in intense traning on the Wasatch. Hyrum Palmer Smith heads up the the climbing team. "The climbing missionaries are able students; They have the spirit in them to excel in anything they do so climbing for the church is a calling that fits their love for Jesus."
Others in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have grumbled about the expense of such and enterprise, "when there are souls to save all over the land why send Mormon Missionaries to the top of a mountain in Asia? Some Mormon Elders have deep doubts of the need to conquer yet more territory. "It's hard enough defending what we already have."

From Wasatch to Kailash –– More Training
The teams trained to use the famous two wheel handcarts are headed up by Brigham B. Hokum a former dog and pony trainer. His teams work out on the BYU campus in Provo. If you have seen them they are an impressive sight, like lusty steeds, trotting along in groups of two to a handcart in long lines of as many as fifty carts in a row. They have learned many of the old hand-cart hymns so happily sung on the trail to Zion (Salt Lake) so many years ago. Brigham says, "We do our best not to slow traffic too much but the flat and smooth road surface is best to get the youthful missionaries in shape. There are two women in training too; they believe that Mother Gonhorra would expect to see a Mormon Empty Vessel on the team.
There are plans to take the Cart Teams out in the desert soon for realistic conditions. The Mormon Carts to be used in Tibet are already delivered to Lhasa and await the Hand-cart Teams.

BYU Technicians are involved, theological espionage
BYU Faculty are busy with equipment that may add more accolades beyond Cold Fusion.
Faculty is busy calibrating aquired equipment from disaffected Scientologists who have converted back to Mormonism. The Scientolgy Dianetics Metering and Auditing devices are used by Scientologists to measure electric charges eminating from alien matter and detirmine the source of this energy. Defecting Scientologist are happy the BYU scientists can put the perloined Dianetics equipment to good work for God's Army in the Mormon Cause. Mormons gain more wisdom, wisdom by the awful grace of God, the appropiate use of technology and the Mormon Vice Squad .
BYU: Mormon technicians contribute to more advances for L.D.S hegemony.
BYU Technicians promised the Chinese Officials, also tasked, to find a solution for fecal matter.

Mormon Socialism – a tribal act
"some things that are true are not very useful"
some things that are useful are not very true
The Mormon Wars

There were reasons for Mormons to be persecuted. As the persecutors, one could only expect push back.
The following edict was revealed by Joseph smith when setteling Kirtland and Farwest.
It can only be concluded that as Mormons resorted to these means they might expect the counter-insurgency to mount a swift and violent response.
Thus came the Mormon Wars.

Mormon Socialism
mormon social mission

In short: "Mormons moved to Kirtland and bought the land needed at the price they wanted to pay.
If they won't sell, and it does not come to pass then steal, burn and kill to acquire the needed parcel by trechery.
Disinherit the landowner by thieft or death. God has deemed it so. Go forth ye Mormons and do God's Will."

The Mormon scriptures on this topic are written as if God were speaking directly to them, The Mormons, read:

"Purchase this whole region of country...
Let them do this lest they receive none inheritance, save it be by the shedding of blood." (D&C 58: 52-53; emphasis added.) And then later it reads: "Behold, the destroyer I have sent yee forth to destroy and lay waste mine enemies; and not many years hence they shall not be left to pollute mine heritage, and to blaspheme my name upon the lands which I have consecrated for the gathering together of my saints. .I have warriors, my young men, and middle-aged, to gather together for the redemption of my people, and throw down the towers of mine enemies, and scatter their watchmen." (D&C 105:15-16; emphasis added.)

In short: Joseph Smith mounted an inserrection. "Mormons moved to Kirtland and buy there the land needed at the price they wanted. If this did not come to pass then steal, burn and kill.. Disinherit the landowner by thieft or death. God has deemed it so. Go forth."
The Mormon Wars were propagated to some end by this proclaimation. They raised lances and the struggle for Zion Began;
To what end came the wrath of Elohiem and his medium, Josepth Smith.

On Satan:
The Mark of Cain and the Pigmentocracy
I have been deceived by the evil one himself –– he has fooled me into believing that he doesn't exist. LOL. Temple Baptised Mormons are not only afraid of him, but they are afraid of NOT being afraid of him (that would mean they are under his spell or he is not there at all but merely ambigious in nature by being neither good nor evil. We Mormons are working on finding the source of this dilemma, some ointment or special glasses that will reveal unto us the source of evil.
Further findings will follow.



The message was the messenger: Ingeel
The messenger was the message: Ingeel
Agape . . .


Mormon World
Es War Einmal

Mormonen Ubermenchen sagt, "arbeit macht frei Und es kommen passiet, Fanatische Christen beschimpfen Schwule
fur beschimpft glauben ubermenchen." Und es war ein mal nachmal, Der Mormonen Ubermenchen sagt, "arbeit macht frei. Die Mormoen Macht Gottes übertragen worden."

Global Mormonism : Mormon Pyramid Schemes around the worldMormon Global, Mormon World
Egyptology, Pyramid Schemes, introduction to the Mormon World
Giza: it was repoted in late 2006 that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was in negociation with the Council of Antiquities in Cairo Egypt.
Global Mormonism: The Newest Zion Pyramid Scheme
Pharaonic Reconstruction
Pyramids of Cheops, Cairo Egypt

Missionary Mormons have proposed to the Council of Antiquities in Cairo a bold idea, to rehabilitate the Sphinx of the Cheops to conform to a revisionist historical view of the world. Beyond Postmodern, the project is touted to increase visitorship to Egypt and its historic sites. It is said to target an untapped market for both psudoscience and mythology for the prophet. The dollars discussed are substantial.
At present the Cairo Museum is doubtful of the success of the project, however, the proposal is on the table and if there are the funds it will be done.
As part of the project, the missionaries have insisted on replacing the traditional camel tours with tours in two-wheeled carts to be pushed and pulled by young Mormon Missionaries. The carts are to symbolize the Great Western Mormon Migration to Salt Lake City of the 185o's.

Latest Sacred Development: 2008 growing the business of faith
Cairo has decided to entertain the prospect posed by the Mormons.
This would mean a whole new tourist destination for Mormon Pilgrims. With the restoration of the Sphinx of the Chipos to Mormon Revisionist Historical Standards, Egypt will be a prime location for Mormon Tourism and connoisseurs of wonder.
The Mormons must demonstrate the efficacy of the project, twenty five two wheel carts are being shipped to Cairo. These will be stationed at the entrance to the Great Pyramids with the requisite Mormon Missionaries to proselytize and pull the carts through the sacred site of Giza. Once the Mormons have demonstrated good faith in the religion making business, restorations on the Sphinx of the Cheops can begin. The sums discussed were not revealed by Church Officials, however, it is assumed to be substantial.

Mormon Global:  tour - sources
Mormon Global ––– Expeditions around the world

Mormon Global
Mormon Global is a committee selected by the Quorum of Seventy to explore potential locations suited for mormon habitation and development–– all over the world. Several pilot projects are now implemented for sounding the potential for the religion making business.
At present preliminary results are promising as we move to partner with other entities for further expansion on the Arabian Peninsula along the Lehi - Nephi trail. The Sultan of Dubai has offered his vast resourses, at our disposal, to promote desinations in Saudi Arabia, Yemen or Djibouti in the Gulf of Aden

Peterha Hamdharaum

If the pilot project is successful there are plans to move more carts and Missionaries to Luxor to tour the Valley of the Kings and carry on the tradition of having many more Mormons in the Holyland for the Religion Making Business.

Mormon Branding and Counter-Apologetics
there we were, in prayer, "Pay-lay-ale" etc. and after an eternity of mumbling the repitition of "Pay lay ale,"
we looked up and falling from the sky was an angel.
We could hear the rush of his wings, all the while the Angel was heard screaming, pay le ale as he hurtled to earth; his horn was lost in the moment. Again and again
"O God, hear the words of my mouth!" until he joined us in our sacred ritual. " like us he was cast adrift with wings akimbo . . .

Speaking of Faith.Org, interview with:
Robert Millet Mormon extraordinaire
Program Comment, 1/27/08: Mormon-ism and the
many states of grace –– "the religion making business"

I was disturbed by your interview with Robert Millet and his notion of "the religion making business." Krista Tippett sent one slow-pitch softball after another for Mr. Millet to bunt and run with. When speaking of the 1st Revelator of the Mormon Dynasty you make no mention of the basic socialist underpinnings of this Religion Making Business and from whence it came. Mormons subscribe to a socialist notion for themselves while insisting the "Gentile" population must play on a hard scrabble scrum line. You serve up little background on the Spiritualist Movement of the time with regard to influences on Joe Smith's "many visions" and revisions to his visions.

You said nothing of the Pyramid Schemes: of land dealing, counterfeit money, invasion by conquest, war and assinations; there was nothing on that famous visitation by John The Baptist along with Christ's Apostles and of course the Quid Pro Quo of trading Polygamy for territorial recognition. There was no mention of the Mormon Pigmentocracy. Why?
You let Millet wax on pre-existence and post-sustenance without touching on "the nuts and bolts of Mormon Heaven," and there are lots of bolts to be slapped home and nuts to be turned; and, for the record, there are many accountants in Mormon Heaven.
The Mormon sunstone at top of page will carry you off to other places mormons may not want you to think about.
I grew up as a gentile in severe Mormon Country, southern Idaho, and I can testify to the vicious nature of the "Great Mormon Organ."
You blithely pass over such issues as the confusion of what Mormons deem what is sacred and what is secret; they are interchangeable when speaking of Mormon Rights of Passage through their bureaucracy.
What of Mormon Environmentalism? Thrity years ago, I was told by a Mormon Elder, "The Earth is like a rubber ball and will bounce back." Mormons are convinced of the same notion to this day.
My perception of the program was of a Millet, Tippett seance to sell something older than the oldest profession. Perhaps the oldest profession was the priesthood for without the shunning of prostitution, the crime would be left unpunished and unknown. Priests know this on a viseral level.
Please revisit this Business called Mormonism with an eye torward exhibiting truth, for the Mormons think they love truth; They are Members of the one True Chruch.
Thank you, Gus O. Kahan

Professor Robert Millet and The Mormon Religion-making Business:
First Mormon Theolator:
As in the long line of Revelators, Dr. Millet made the revelatory statement regarding his religion. "We are in the Religion Making Business" is as close to an authentic revelation as there has been uttered regarding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As in a Corporate Sporting event the idea is to win at any cost. Religion Making requires a team fleet of foot and a rule book that states as its first axiom; to win at any cost, it's Grow or Die. Grow team grow; Team Mormon goes for the gold in the Business of making Religion for the Religion Making Business to Grow the Faith.

doubters persist with the Persistence of Doubt
Professor Millet continued: On The Religion Making Business
If we are to read Professor Robert Millet as uttered, we would assume, the expert in 'religious understanding' has a cynical view of this world and the religions that here reside. Millet is convinced, "the Business of Religion" requires only time and a priesthood willing to go the extra mile to create an authentic Mormon Business Model for Religion Making. Millet has set his stars on the Latter-day Awakenings of the Mormons, or, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as his brand. His faith has declared the fully reinvested church by Joseph Smith as it was intended before we humans mucked it up.
Professor Millet states as articles of faith the most correct faith is the LDS Church. Mormons claim all ground not previously occupied and those spaces, the"Enemy," Christian Evangelicals inhabit too; in the past, conquest of gentiles, has been done simply with the invocation of terror –– For Mormons this carries on today.
Millet claims apologetics for theological youth as an excuse for dropped stitches, fumbled balls and the penalties of clipping, off sides, etc. Millet pleads, "We're in the religion-making business" and only now "halfway to Nicaea," he says — referring to the fourth-century council at which the New Testament canon was finally formalized and many core Christian doctrines clarified, authoritatively, for the first time.
So Mormons have several hundred more years of fumbling around with the Religion Making Business before Mormon Deities reach maturity. With bated breath and much trembling, we can hardly wait till they get it right and pierce the veil into the radience of full theological and dogmatalogic maturity. The Latter-day saints that have gone before have no guarantee of the afterlife expected through revelation but must wait in some sort of apostolic holding-pen till it all gets sorted out. Mormon Intellectuals are working out the details.
Mormon Intellectuals are led by the leading scholar, Joseph Smith, the Revelator. So Mormon Intellectuals are significantly infirmed by Mormon Tenants and Doctrine. For Mormonism, a Mormon Intellectual is, in the purist form, a Mormon Oxymoron, A Mormon intellectual is oxyMoronic.

Evangel Nécromancier

Why why why
Why disparage Mormon Branding?

One could resent a ninteenth century fraud based on folk supersticion spun and laundered as authentic to the spiritually needy; a theocracy defined by a bloodline hierarchy of established priests to deliver the truth through revelation. In the year of our Lord, 2007, there are many ways to describe such an organization, most of which are not kind to this leap of dogmalogical faith.
One could declaim that lying to it's devotees and to the outside world is the practice rooted in Mormonism's Masonic-borrowed oaths of loyalty and obedience to the tribe; (Occultic and Masonic Influence in Early Mormonism ) a practice of deception from inception.

New Revelatons from the first dynasty of the martyr and Prophet Joseph Smith.
Branding Mormonism: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the branding monicker for the Mormon Brand. Insistence on placing "Jesus Christ" in the middle of the Mormon Brand or Church of Latter-Day Saints seems to be the best
Mormons can do to Beat Back the Beast and neutralize those niggeling questions
that persist over the veracity of the one "True Church" on earth.
Subscribe Now and enjoy the sacred signs, legend, myth, lore,
revelation, cosmology, gods, goddesses, stars and stripes with sprinkles and glitter. Remember Mormons are now The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
and does a rose by any other name . . . ? Mormon Perception Management
carries on and on –– strength in the loins, mush in the brains.

Robert Millet Professor of Ancient Scripture and religious understanding at BYU is the foremost authority on mormonism and the religion making business.

Mormons reach
for the

Expanding The Mormon Religion-making Business. Mormon Missionaries are not known for their vision-quests. Mormons are not interested in exploring reigions beyond the city limits; after all that's where the converts are, that's where God's Army normally lurks. Mormon Missionaries are normally gathered in groups to make a pitch to unsuspecting gentiles, they rarely stray off the beaten path to explore the essence of spirituality, however, Church Elders have embarked on a new branding event employing the young shock troops in God's Army to stake calim to etherial territory .

The Church hierarchy have decided to conquer Mountains, not just any mountain but the plan is to summit Mt. Kailash in Eastern Tibet. The choice of summit is still a mystery but the plans are going forward for the glory of Mormonism. The plans have been in the works since 2002. There has be considerable preperation for the Mormon Mt. Kailash assault of 2009.

Kolob found in Mirror GalaxyElohim's Home, Mormon Cosmology
Mormon Missionaries reach for
the stars using sacred Mormon Myopia

Mormons Move one step closer to Heaven, The mormons are coming

Mormon Branding
Tibet: Mormon Trek on the New Mormon TrailMormon transport to Mt. Kailash
Mormon handcarts delivered to Lhasa - waiting
Transportation is ready
On the outskirts of Lhasa awaits
the main form of transportation.

New Mormon Pioneer Trekker: Young Mormon Missionary Girl (in the trade thay are called Kailashians) awaiting the rest of her Hand-Cart Crew –– soon to arrive.
The handcarts are to be loaded with provisions for the jog to Mt. Kailash, a trek of some 350 km. Mormon Youth-in-Asia will have a great opportunity to work out the kinks as they travel to Darchen, their base-camp. She shares with Tibetian Natives many of the old hand-cart chants and hymns so happily sung on the trail to Zion (Salt Lake) so many years ago; a part of the Mormon Cultural Exchange.
Provisions are arriving daily. The Mormon handcarts were built in China by Chinese craftsman and constructed to specifications provided by Mormon Historical Documents; they are exact replicas of the Mormon Hand-carts used in the 1850s by English Immigrants. The newly converted Mormons were set on the trail for the winter trek to Salt Lake City; ill-prepared these devotees died like flies in a series of blizzards –– a Mormon form of euthanasia. Innocent women, children and the unborn were to perish along the ragged trail to Zion.

It is hoped the Mormon Youth-in-Asia will succeed where their antecedents didn't. The Mormon immigrants were to starve and freeze on the trail to Salt Lake City but, "Some things that are true are not very useful;" the fiasco was later described as a heroic adventure not as a classic blulnder, a set of bad decisions, abysmal planning and a cynical expenditure of human resource –– another form of Mormon Euthanasia.

Mormon Youth

Beyond the sound of one hand clapping
there is the Melchizedek Priesthood,
the powers of which allows one to keep time
with no hands clapping.



"Some things that are true are not very useful"
Deep Schizophrenic Thoughts

The following 2000-2001 Priesthood/Relief Society Manual lesson titled
"Liberty through Obedience,"
gives contradictory messages.

A schizophrenic plea for fealty to the prophet.
"We do not preach the gospel of fear. We do not seek to terrorize the souls of men. We do not ask a man to be righteous because of the terrors of the damned. We do not want you to be good because you fear the punishment of the wicked. We do not want you to do right because of the penalty that attaches to the doing of wrong."
"You will suffer the consequences of your own mistakes, of your own errors, though they bring sorrow, or sickness, or death! So, I acknowledge the hand of the Lord in this agency that he has given to the children of men."
"Can you find an organization, ecclesiastical or otherwise, that has the same perfection of government and organization in it as can be found in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, established by inspiration through the Prophet Joseph Smith? And what is the object of that organization? Is it to crush men? Is it to injure you? Is it to bow you down unto the earth? Is it to deprive you of your liberties, of your rights, of your privileges? Is it to make you slaves, menials, and degrade you unto the dust? Or is it to raise you up into the scale of intelligence and of manliness and increase your liberties, for there is no liberty like the liberty of the gospel of Jesus Christ?"
"The free agency of man is a fundamental principle which, according to the tenets of the Church, even God Himself does not suppress."
"I believe that there is not a freer, more independent nor a more intelligent people to be found anywhere in the world, who are more independent in choosing the course which they pursue, in the work that they perform and in everything that they have to do with, than the Latter-day Saints. There is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in good standing, anywhere in all the world today that is not such by reason of his independence of character, by reason of his intelligence, (and) wisdom.."
- Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph F. Smith, 32: "Liberty through Obedience", From the Life of Joseph F. Smith, Page 283

Cosmetics is everything for the quaffed faithpierce the veil, Mormon Experience
Extremism in the name of faith is no vise.
Mormon Cosmetology and the Collective Subjective lives on through sacred revelation, willfull ignorance; its a classified
meritocracy for the Mormon tribes.




To Look Good at any cost

beyond the use of muggle jelly and mormon science there is the problem of excessive use of vibrators. Vibrations are compelling but numbing to the senses, prayer management is the answer.

Placebo – Nocebo

States of Grace with Mormon Thinking Mormon Culture, Youth-in-Asia
Mormon Culture knocking at your door

It's unfortunate but Mormons believe our earth is only a means to the end,
Mormons are convinced:
"The Earth is like a rubber ball and will bounce back."    
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all rights reserved Scari.Org

"Robert Millet is the theological equivalent of Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia."

Robert Millet, deceptive theologian, is training a new generation of Ersatz Christian for the Religion Making
Business of deceptive theology
creating a different kind of Jesus.

Mormon apologist
Robert Millet, making mormon business
millet mormon zeitgeist
He's not a closet mormon


On Mormon Branding
One might Ask

Is it the religion making business or the business making religion?

Boyd K. Packer said: "some things that are true are not very useful."
As in Packer's simple statement, Robert Millet carries on that religious tradition, "Some things that are useful are not very true." In the Religion Making Business, some things that are useful are not very true.



invisible hand Moroni Money
follow the money


A Mormon's comment on Dr. Millet

If Millet were selling used cars or insurance then he would go to jail. Since he is in religion, he considers his lack of candor virtuous.
Millet has no idea how dangerous his behavior is because he willfully ignores the consequences of his actions. In reality, he is just another salesman with an unhealthy dose of self-righteousness. When people believe him, folks will get hurt.
Comment by Helmut — March 23, 2007

Millet Reconciliation
The talking head says 'I have No Problem with Mormon Paradox'

Millet: a Mormon's Mormon on Mormonomics

mormon page 10
SUNSTONE: Mormon Propaganda
Shinehah Shinehah Shinehah


Mormon Branding,
On "the Religion Making Business"
One might Ask?

One might ask, why pick on the Mormons, and that's
a fair question

One might say because, as a metaphor, it's easy. When shaping a short treatise on self deception to model all organized religion why not choose a no brainer . . .
Mormonism is "in the religion making business," just another franchise
like Starbucks but without the coffee.
Do the math.



When speaking to gentils, Mornons claim to be misurderstood, but, we know Mormons are misunderstood all too well.


rapture dervish
rapture dervish
mormon zeitgeist
mormon zeitgeist
Pandora's Boxexcruciation