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Google Mandate
Supplication Compliance #


this page was created by dictum of Google Inc.

Milton Friedman is dead but his ideals live on.

flaming flag
Pax to the Max

The Invisible Hand is no longer invisible
Pax Americana
Pax Americana

Spreading free enterprise by sword, terror,
by coercion, perfidy and any means necessary.
Pax Americana has become the capricious beast.

The Invisible Hand is on the march to restore equalibriam for planetary competitive advantage.

"For the best of all possible worlds choice is the one force that drives the need to have needs. So many choices -- so many needs, the invisible hand is the best hand for demanding supply –– supplying demand."
Milton Friedman

 Karl in prayer
putti Karl, Perfidious Angel, Rapture Ready



man in a box
man in a box


 fishes weep
while the fishes weep




the spark, where east meets west
ganesh deity
Disneyland India, Ganesh on tour


neocon portraiture

Don Rumsfeld said, "Freedom isn't tidy."
So let's tidy up freedom for the Classified Meritocracy.
Selective Algorithm Filtration is the answer. For those neddling details to the untidyness of freedom, Selective Censorship will be a great start google. Keep it up for the Collective Subjective and your "algoorithm" will be of no use to anybody.


Sob, order of battle
Order of Battle


cosmic signs celestial signs
cosmic signs celestial signs


Dalai Lama,
on meeting the Dalai Lama


Yahweh's tribe
Yahweh's Tribe, Ski Israel



Krakatoa Effect
rat racing –– Creation Care Karaoke




google algorithm
googlism algorithm


crusader bush
crusader for the Ownership Society

the virtue of extreme navel gazing

chest of drawers
extreme navel gazing is on the rise

Rat Racing with Google:
Can, don't do evil, google bestow favor without violating its do no evil credo?

Scari Caveat: Dear Google, good and evil suffer from radical mood swings; like our planet, polarity shifts can happen with little forewarning.
New rules, new genuflections, new ranking, rank rankings and more to come from google;
now we must grab our ankles and wiggle for google. Pop is the on-going effort to scratch an unlocatable itch –– good and evil suffer too.


Scari.Org in compliance with Googlist mandated  registry –– number –– google249116dd03050915

BENIGN? Is Google a CENSOR or a search engine –– Why has Google seen fit to censor this page? Why does google require Scari.Org to mount a registery page then censor the very page required to be posted for their spiders to feel up Scari.Org.

This page is compliant with all google algorithm requisites.
To provide the viewer with fewer freedoms and google with yet more data we at Scari.Org are in total compliance for both google and the Homeland.

copyright Scari©2006
all rights reserved Scari.Org




pax americana

Universal Googlization Credo for Cyberagape, The Googlist Doctrine: Don't Be EViL

On Being Googlers: Google Code of Conduct
Our informal corporate motto is "Don't be evil." We Googlers generally relate those words to the way we serve our users as well we should. But being "a different kind of company" means more than the products we make and the business we're building; it means making sure that our core values inform our conduct in all aspects of our lives as Google employees.
The Google Code of Conduct is the code by which we put those values into practice. This document is meant for public consumption, but its most important audience is within our own walls. This code isn't merely a set of rules for specific circumstances but an intentionally expansive statement of principles meant to inform all our actions; we expect all our employees, temporary workers, consultants, contractors, officers and directors to study these principles and do their best to apply them to any and all circumstances which may arise.
The core message is simple: Being Googlers means striving toward the highest possible standard of ethical business conduct. This is a matter as much practical as ethical; we hire great people who work hard to build great products, but our most important asset by far is our reputation as a company that warrants our users' faith and trust. That trust is the foundation upon which our success and prosperity rests, and it must be re-earned every day, in every way, by every one of us.
So please do read this code, and then read it again, and remember that as our company evolves, The Google Code of Conduct will evolve as well. Our core principles won't change, but the specifics might, so a year from now, please read it a third time. And always bear in mind that each of us has a personal responsibility to do everything we can to incorporate these principles into our work, and our lives.

Contribution by Google and its notion of how not to be Evil through faith in Global Googlism
When all is complete we will have, O Allah Que, attained Cyberagape

Be advised: With the help of Google the NSA monitors and jiggers Scari.Org for protection of the American Way.