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Porsche 914
made into a 914.8

Coming Soon:
Porsche 914.8 prototype

porsche prototype - road test
Porsche 914.8 under road test.

Porsche 914 into Porsche 914.8
It's the Rankle Ice-berg porsche 914.8
This car and her sister have attracted a huge amount of attention over the last 3 years. Search Google Images for: Porsche Modified or Porsche Prototype or 914 Porsche. You will find her or her sister which is for sale too. These modified 914s have ranked high by popular consensus for the last three years, now they are for sale.

Porsche 914 point 8914 porsche, modified
Rankle Porsche Ice Berg Grey

Queep the traveling sheppard

lift for 914
914.8 pop your lid




prototype porsche
914.8 prototype posterior

Porsche Prototype -- 914 modified ––– $12,000
1976 Porsche 914 2.0 fuel injection, very good milage
One of a kind modified to reduce weight, improve aerodynamics and handling, reduce drag.

914 Porsche Prototype
Porsche 914 point 8

47,000 miles, Spritly, great handling car.
Body clean no rust no dents or scratches, battery tray intact but battery has been moved to rear trunk. Comes with two tops, one bifurcated and stowed in trunk the other for storage.
Great Interior, gray velour fabric seats, performance group, center console of gauges. As one can see these modification to what I consider to be, a beautifully engineered, but a very ugly car have created new life to an old but nasty little car. I've changed the air dynamics to increase high speed handling; one of the glitches of the original 914.
Drive train, great transmission, 5 speed
New Wheels and tires
Motor in very good condition.

Contact: Michael @ 541 345 4099

porsche 914.8
Porsche 914 point 8


slave table
Slave table at work


porsche posterior
Porsche 914.8

porsche rear
914 Rear

porsche posterior
REAR rankle/porsche 914.2 the green meanie


queep ready for passage
Queep is ready to go


Its common knowledge: One of the finest engineered production sports cars ever built is the Porsche 914. It is also recognized that among autos on the road the Porsche 914 is one butt ugly auto. In an effort to reconcile the disparity between the handling properties and the aeordynamics we here at Scari.Org have merged our crafts to bring the Rankle 914.8 into being.




porsche posterior exposed
porsche posterior exposed



Prototype front
FRONT rankle/porsche 914.2 green meanie


Porsche 914.2 is the antecedent of the Porsche 914.1

A Rankle/Porsche 914.3 is presently underway.


914 porsche modified

for additional information on the Rankle / Porsche 914.8 contact: