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Porsche 914
made into a 914.8

914 proweling for fuel
out lurking for love and fuel.

Coming Soon:
Porsche 914 prototype


Queep and his transport
Queep and Rankle Porsche 914.8 Iceberg

Porsche 914 into Porsche 914.8
It's the Rankle Ice-berg porsche 914.8

Porsche 914 modified
Porsche 914 modified

914 porsche prototype
Porsche 914


pop lid with roof stowed
biforcated splined and morticed roof stowed and secured



Porsche 914.2 is the antecedent of the Porsche 914.1


razz-matazzle-toffSlave Table at rest
Automaton Engineering


914 engine well914.2 prototype posterior


914 modidied
modified engine well access with Queep


porsche 914.8 with fuel
Porsche 914. resting next to her fuel supply; the mother's milk of transport.

Its common knowledge: One of the finest engineered production sports cars ever built is the Porsche 914. It is also recognized that among autos on the road the Porsche 914 is one butt ugly auto. In an effort to reconcile the disparity between the handling properties and the aeordynamics we here at Scari.Org have merged our crafts to bring the Rankle 914.8 into being.

grey porsche


porsche with lid popped
rear w/lid lifted


porsche posterior
REAR rankle/porsche 914.2 the green meanie



914 porsche prototype
Porsche 914.8 under road test.


porsche 914 rear deck modified
914 Porsche modified deck




Prototype front
FRONT rankle/porsche 914.2 green meanie

for additional information on the Rankle / Porsche 914.8 contact:

On Queep the CoPilot

I have copilot, "Queep," he endures what no woman or any other critter would tolerate. He refuses to wear seatbelts. He doesn't worry about his hair or whether he's too hot or too cold and he never gets a headache. His anticipation of cornering is superb; when banked into a hard right turn his paw braces against my right shoulder but Queep otherwise requires no assistance. Queep's feel for the road, his astute vision and sense of smell is as valuable as a GPS. He loves the open road and rarely settles into a snooze as his job is to keep alert for the next new big thing. He understands many commands as well as conversational English; his understanding of hand signals is unparalleled. He knows about animals, vegetables and minerals, cows, kitties, tree mice (squirrels) ducks, geese, Frisbees and swims. As for locking the car, Queep is always keeping an eye out for his prized possession so the keys stay in the ignition.

In general Queep is a well rounded road partner that keeps his cool on snaky roads, with snarky drivers and hard handling.


porsche posterior exposed
porsche posterior exposed

Modified Porsche
Modified Porsche with Queep the Co-pilot